Nicole Kidman and Slumdog Millionaire

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I tried to keep it quite and hush hush, but it’s all over the news papers today in any case. I am at the Taj Lake Palace Hotel shooting with Nicole Kidman, Arjun Rampal and little Rubina from Slumdog Milionaire. Fascinating cast, even for a commercial !

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  1. It’s like being away on an island…far away from harsh realities. From the moment you step into the boat that whisks you toward the grandeur of the Lake Palace….to the “royal” welcome at its palatial doorstep…with the trumpets and showering flowers…. to the exquisite suites and royal decor…to the invigorating Rajasthani music/dance performances on its open terrace…under a moonlit sky with touches of the cool evening breeze…overlooking the calm lake and grandeur of the Udaipur skyline….it’s all a somewhat surreal (or call it royal) experience!
    Nevertheless, within the palace courtyard, or in the modest dwellings of a local carpet weaver, or in the noisy & narrow bylanes of the city, the quintessential Rajasthani warmth and hospitality is omnipresent.

  2. aha! so you did take this nicole kidman assignment after all:)
    glad you did:) Look fwd to its telecast

  3. Can i be jealous of you? The location is beautiful and you are with Arjun Rampal and little Rubina…how nice 🙂

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  5. This is a beautiful picture of the hotel and surroundings.
    Perhaps it would have been better if you had included Nicole Kidman in it, at least I would have seen her. Of course this is not to say though that it would have enhanced the beauty of the picture, picture is already picture-perfect if it means something lol.

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  7. Oh I really want to go to this Taj.
    I did read about it in the newspaper. BTW, Deepak Chopra is in Mumbai and I am going to attend his seminar tomorrow. I kind of really wanted to meet him.
    Actually you are also someone, who is on the list of people I want to meet. 🙂

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  14. Dear Mr. Kapur:
    I’d love to have your advice before my rep. takes my script to a major LA producer. I like your sensibilities, and your Elizabeth is top of my 10 favorite films, also your comments on the DVD.
    My script is being offered to a major producer here in LA; but before I release it, knowing it can never be re-captured from one so powerful; (The play version described as a “big piece” is also being championed by a playwright’s foundation to Equity Theater in NY and LA) – I’d like your advice as a premier director.
    I do not want to sell outright, though my attorney says I may have to; I’d like to co-produce, to have input on choice of director for the film. If I could get someone I respect, whom I feel could handle this period piece with passion and truth, I would trust to give over to his talent. I admire your instinct in casting, your script improvements, and especially like your chaos style. I also like Fernando Merelles, do you? I have given 6 years of my life to writing this (Also have the novel 1/4 written) I couldn’t bear to have them give it to a director who does not the have the spiritual depth for it.
    I’d relish your, as to whether or not I’m being foolish. If you send me a more direct email or your agent’s, I’ll have my attorney send the pitch and or the script.
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  15. Hello Mr. Kapur,
    My new wife, Vidya, and I met you at the Lake Palace Hotel on Thursday, March 19th just as you had finished your breakfast. We were both very, very happy to meet you and will keep the autograph you gave us in a photo frame in our house for all to see. Best of luck for your new film and your future endevours!
    Vinay Yakkundi

  16. Hello Shekhar,
    I know this comes very late and you might not even read it anymore but I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of that beautiful commercial.
    I am not an avid TV watcher but I was dumbfounded to suddenly see Arjun Rampal appear on my screen in France the other day while family was zapping channels.
    My first reaction was “HIM in a French commercial?!!” with a huge smile on my face.
    Lucky you, filming in such a serene and majestic palace. Lovely place.

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