Water : It’s the new Power

Watch this video , and guess what the story of Paani is ? The last statement in the video is a hint. It’s not the money – it’s the Power. That’s where we are heading – a world where Water is power – and Power corrupts. Of course.

12 thoughts on “Water : It’s the new Power

  1. Power
    Power corrupts
    and absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Let us stand for the basic right
    Free From Nature
    Spoiled living

  2. What you say is so true that most of us who are hiding behind our own lies, may not be able to decipher the truth nomore! sad.

  3. Sir,
    In my own personal belief One thing that can ever trigger use of Nuclear Power would be for the War of Water territories. Nuclear Power may survive all kinds of terrorism and other disputes but may be used to solve the dispute of sharing Water.
    Vinod Agarwal – Water is going to be the New GOLD. Conserve it.

  4. Its awesome that you are shooting a movie with such an important issue like water control and conservation as backdrop. Just read that your female protagonist is French-Canadian. Being a Canadian myself i was wondering why you chose to portray this nationality. Also, a coincidence that recently Guy Laliberte (founder of Cirque du Soleil) was first CANADIAN private explorer in space and the first to engage in a Poetic Social Mission in Space, where he had artists from all over vouch for conservation of water. Incidentally, AR Rahman also represented India in this. And now he is dong the score for Paani. WOW…the world of coincidences 🙂 Would love to hear more details on casting.

  5. Sir,
    I love the concepts you come with. There will be time when all would be fighting for Natural Resources. Global warming would lead to chaos in the near future. Water would be the most important also according to my option the true source of power would always be land. Man is still fighting for land and will continue to do so..Water will add to new age of War…

  6. i saw the blue gold short! its wat we are going to fight for in our future..but if water is power and power corrupts then water is blood…
    i would like to be a part of yuor project paani! being an independent film-maker myself wud love that opportunity…wud also be interested in its cast…

  7. Dear Sir,
    Hope this post won’t escape your attention.Talking about films,i’ve recently read in a newspaper about the lead character of a “desi” boy in your current project PAANI nd that you are giving some serious thoughts on its casting.So,if you hav’nt decided upon anyone yet,i would like to be considered.I’m a 19 yr old chap currently in my 2nd yr of college nd have been an active part of my college plays.Honestly speaking i’ve got no previous experiences of professionally acting in a film,but every actor has got a debut.And since you are in search of a fresh face why not give me this oppurtunity,i won’t disappoint you.Significantly looking forward to your response.

  8. Water is ice, water is liquid and water is gas.-Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state, water vapor or steam.
    Water covers ca. 70% of the Earth’s surface and is vital for all known forms of life (plants, animals and humans).Water is life with which we are familiar.
    The human body contains 6070% of water, plant body up to 90% .

    1.To have power over water means to have power over all forms of life..
    2.To have power means responsibility.

    1.We are guest on earth but we behave ourselves like rulers.Lot of humans want to rule, to have power. But cant handle power without miss using it. So all humans shout have the same rights, especially to water. Not some.

    2.Uruguay is the first country in the world which has got an written right for water.( Good start)
    By learning from each other , to understand, to trust, to love, to have faith in each other , to develop humanity , we have got a chance. Let us share the responsibility
    I’m an optimist.I dont have the possibility to send rain via mail, but I can use water carefully and can take care of my environment.

    When millions of tears vaporize,and this clouds are bringing rain the circle is closed(kind of butterfly effect).

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