Raise your voice against Climate Change at the UN for the 22nd onwards

Do you want to send the political leaders at the UN that are dithering about making the most fundamental changes that are required to save our planet ? If you do, then write back on this blog asap and I will make sure that all the messages are sent to the UN before or during their conference on Climate Change.
Be sure that the rich and powerful will not give up their need for greed and political imperative. Be sure that the interests of short term politics will fight hard against legislation that hurts their positions of power. Also be sure that the common claim that ” Climate change is something that the original polluters of plant (read : the West) have caused and therefore must be responsible to clean up” is stupid.
Climate change will affect Asia the most. Our populations are far far larger here. We need more water from our rivers, more food from our land to sustain us. Our Glaciers are in retreat, and so will be our rivers. Our Forest cover is almost gone, as is our sustainable ground water. Uncertain monsoon patterns are/will wreak havoc with our crop growing patterns and bring down our overall growth.
Be realistic and think. We stand on the brink of social upheavals over water. This is something none of us can ignore as it will be hitting faster than most people realize.
Write, shout, make your voice heard ! Our lives depend on it.

43 thoughts on “Raise your voice against Climate Change at the UN for the 22nd onwards

  1. Hi, I am someone who will be with you at the Rohtang pass when you talk to the world from India. I am so glad that you will be our Indian Alarm 🙂

  2. You are born, you get old, you die, then you are reborn (until you attain self-realization). This concept is applicable to the world as a whole as well (except probably the part about realization). It is commendable for the ones who are involved in this with earnestness and compassion.
    But all the clowns in the world – including the ones in greenpeace – have been, or still are responsible for this at some level. There is nothing wrong in it..it is by design. It is not a man vs nature duel. There are not separate.

  3. A higher call has come to you.Today, “YOU” Shekhar, are the chosen one to be standing at more than ten thousand feet and performing a UNIVERSAL YAGNA.A YAGNA, where with your purest ,deepest core most emotions you are going to be offering gratitude.The Mother that we are all born of needs our protection.Look over your shoulders and can you see all of us -the Universal millions standing behind you. Now,prostrating,and then with our hands folded palm to palm, joining you in this Yagna-in the true spirit of oneness may we nourish each other,may we protect each other.
    Owith few others who are physically present with you. This moment is going to be like a Universal YAGNA.But look over your shoulders and see the millions who are standing behind you.Do you see them?

  4. I really don’t understand one thing. How is it possible for any one to cut the branch on which he is standing? We are very far away from finding life on any other planet. This is the planet we have to save and now is the time before it is too late. But prudent question is how we should go about it? For me we need to redefine the word use. I mean how we use things around us, including relation ship, contacts, and social status. I used to thing there are only two things which can make the whole world unite. One is aliens and other is consciousness. But know we now have Global warming.
    But your comment ” Climate change is something that the original polluters of plant (read : the West) have caused and therefore must be responsible to clean up” is stupid”
    I disagree on this they are major part of the problem and if the problem needs to be fixed they need to take huge step.
    The average number of human use one barrel of oil is 2-5 for G8 nations where as India it is 40.
    Source http://flagcounter.com/factbook/in

  5. Dear Mr Kapoor
    i congratulate you on joining your voice with those who believe that a better world is possible.
    “Cynicism, the line behind which the elite escape their guilt” the title of your another blog very correctly answers the ones like ‘Brahmastra’
    You are different because you decided to see the truth and stand for it.

  6. hey, people who matter – can you act for a change. Sitting and conferencing in airconditioned comfort, causing more harm than ever, could you please pass laws, set standards, arouse people’s passion for this cause and tell us how this evil can be contained.

  7. Today, whether we are politicians or road side cobblers we all see and grim how polluted our cities are. This is 2009. But if it continues at this rate, just imagine in 10 years what’s the state of our India would be. No need to wait for 40 years. Within your lifespan, you would be hit with hard realities that might never be able to change even if you have all the power in this world to act, because we might have entered the point of no return.
    Whether you are west or east, no matter who you are, “STAND UP! and ACT! ACT NOW!”

  8. UN and Everyone HELP Save us our planet
    Clock is ticking and time running out.
    DO something NOW
    Watch “HOME” and also “The Age of Stupid” to be part of the reality.
    End of Life ! ?
    2025 or 2050 !
    Not much time is left !
    Last 10 years to Act and reverse, what we have done to beautiful planet
    Life on earth as we have known …

  9. There is no question that the fight against climate change must start with the citizens of this world, with the common man, with us. In order to present our argument to the political leaders of all countries we must be willing to contribute our share of sacrifices to be credible and cogent in our outcry. Our contribution must be to save energy, to lessen our dependence on non-renewable resources and have an open mind to the reasoned arguments of those who are way ahead on the learning curve to see the dangers of global warming.
    Having said that I want to deliver my shout to all those world leaders whose myopic view of the devastating effects of climate change, paired with their own pitiful agendas of political gain has been an incredible impediment to the kind of progress that is desperately needed to avoid a global cataclysm the like of which cannot even be conjured up in the most spectacular science fiction movies. For eight years, a certain so-called leader of the free world had seen fit to belittle the dangers of the warming of our planet, assisted by gutless and unconscionable scientists for their own, pathetic and unprincipled motives. Eight precious years have been wasted and enough doubt has been stirred up to help sprout the doubt that global warming is only an outgrowth of the fevered fantasies of the liberal segment of our collective societies. When Al Gore had foregone his political aspirations for a career of bringing the horrible effects of climate change to a world audience of rapt and awakened watchers and listeners it had become clear that our fight to save our planet was not just a fad that someday soon would go away again. This is a subject that will stay with us, that in the very foreseeable future will become an ever-increasing concern that will eventually drown out all other sounds humanity is making.
    To those world leaders who are vacillating between getting involved and just comfortably sitting on the fences I say this: Jump off your lofty perch of indifference and think of your own children who will not forgive you when their own lives will face an apocalyptic future and the likelihood of being cut short. If nothing else motivates you, at least do it for them, give them a future, let their lives have a perspective that goes beyond fear, dread and uncertainty. Forget about your political aspirations and the greed of the corporate world that drives your decisions to legislate look warm measures that will not even slow down the juggernaut of rising temperatures, melting glaciers and polar icecaps and the retreat of the Arctic ocean. None of these terrible events promise live and happiness, quite the contrary. Our food supply will dwindle, regions that represented our bread baskets will go dry, the rise in water temperature will make the denizens of the world’s oceans disappear, rain will no longer fall where for millennia it had fallen but will fall over water or sparsely populated areas, all with devastating effects caused by famine and the increasing scarcity of drinking water. Is this a scenario we have borrowed from Dante’s hell, one that will never materialize? Absolutely, emphatically not.
    To the remaining few leaders who possess a social and global conscience and who are not guided by ulterior motives and whose standard-bearer I fervently hope is Barack Obama I say this: Bring the subject of global warming and climate change to the fore-front of your agendas. Be at every summit that speaks of the near inevitability of our earth to lose its battle and become another barren planet and try as hard as you can to shake up the world. Put your political capital at stake and sound the alarm as loudly as the power of your office allows. It is 5 minutes to 12 and there are responsible and credible scientist who believe we have already passed the point of no return.
    We no longer speak of regional problems and the omissions and shortcomings of certain nations, we are talking about a problem the whole world has to deal with and it is the whole world that will owe you more than even the most advanced souls can ever imagine.
    Horst Vollmann

  10. I feel…a short film on the lines of inconvenient truth should be screened for 5-10 mins before starting of any film in a theatre..That would generate awareness among the general public…and obviously it is the first responsibility of political leaders to think and act in a manner which will make our planet a greener one…

  11. I went for a walk, it was very pleasant.
    I came back home, it was unpleasant in my house.
    Reason all the flats around my house had the A/C on. Irrespective of the weather condition, people just like to enjoy the luxury cause they can afford it.
    I know you said that we should not expect from the rich and powerful. But I am talking about the not so rich,but the growing population of young educated millionaires in our country.
    I remember reading an article about ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ in Readers Digest. The former hollywood actor, who is currently in politics, if I am not mistaken the current governor of California, he has instructed his family not to be in the shower for more than 5 minutes.(And in my opinion he is rich and powerful)
    Just because we know that the rich and powerful have thick skin, we should not give up on them. We should keep shaking them and letting them know, that we know what they are doing is wrong and they need to change.
    Well even is one of them changes, it would be worth the effort.

  12. Hello Everyone (UNO, The WORLD)
    Why we, me, my family & children suffer on this planet and global warming ?
    Your unconscious desire, greed created and is increasing the mess, global warming, NOW Please FIX IT.
    Its your responsibility to yourself, your family and the world.
    Bay Area Indo American urges decision makers to act now before its too late.
    We don’t have much time to think. ACT. NOW.
    >>Write, shout, make your voice heard ! Our lives depend on it.

  13. I do know about 350 crore budget for the Complex being built in the middle of the sea along with Shivaji Maharaj,I also I know how much Mamta Banarjee spent on her statues in her state, but I would like to know the budget for forest conservation, afforestation, reforestation in our country.

  14. We need to do everything we can to return as much nurturing and replenishing as nature bestows upon us. We have ignored our subtle balance with nature for ages and continue to choose to be actively destructive or passively accepting of what is a slow and sure world-wide humanitarian crisis. We need to re-attune to our inner conscience to the understanding that our survival depends on an intricate balance with nature and when we destroy it we destroy ourselves. Thankyou Shekhar for raising your voice.

  15. We need to do everything we can to return as much nurturing and replenishing as nature bestows upon us. We have ignored our subtle balance with nature for ages and continue to choose to be actively destructive or passively accepting of what is a slow and sure world-wide human crisis. We need to re-attune to our inner conscience to the understanding that our survival depends on an intricate balance with nature and when we destroy it we destroy ourselves. Thankyou Shekhar for raising your voice.

  16. Because we still don’t know WHY the Saraswati dried up.
    Because we still don’t know WHY Lothal and Mohenjodaro are ghost towns.
    Because THIS ONCE our scriptures begin with “ At the beginning of time, when neither earth existed nor sky….”
    Because planet earth has NO RESTART BUTTON.

  17. What little can we do, is a need to spread awareness of global warming in mind of the future generation by making it a subject to study in class room on regular basis, as the present generation has come far off on the route to materialistic development which is the main cause of prevailing state of planet unless the water start flowing above head I see a bleak chance of humanity taking a serious look to it , how many of us seriously have cut down on fossil fuels, stopped cutting forest for urban lands, ban on plastic bags demands paper bags that again leads to consuming our already diminishing green wealth the inter connectedness of material in our materialistic life style is so complex that it is almost impossible to comprehend on what to cut down, where to start with…what ever little amount of efforts that we take up is so negligible for the restoration ….and after all this is kali yuga the plea of planet today is very well in cyclic form who can stop those cycles of season to occur in Brahmas life ?

  18. Shekhar, why scream at the leaders?
    I wake up, send my kids off to school, catch the train , go to work, read a newspaper which screams the world is on the brink of destruction. I shrug and nod in despair. I recollect how as a kid I won school debate competitions delivering passionate speeches about the climate change. I also see how my life has remained unchanged. The sun rises and sets, weather changes, some summers are warmer than the others. But life seems to carry on. The climate change seems a reality in some future and there are more people saying that will not be so for long. The world as I experience will change for my kids. I still have to go to work today, work to fix the meals, wonder about finding that passion for life. Life seems to go on. I do not see the danger, except in the newspapers. I am being asked to be fearful of things that may go wrong. I am however not sure what I need to do with that fear. Al Gore’s passionate plea and life’s purpose does register itself. But not more than say the suffering I am expected to feel for war ravaged victims in Afghanistan.
    I read your plea on this post. Dig into myself to find that anger with which I am supposed to vent and join in chorus with the rest. Scream loud enough at people I elected. And dig in I do, anger I do find, but it is anger that I can attach with just about anything else, why climate change alone.
    How can you make climate change a daily reality for me. I am numbed by everyone screaming danger.. What can my leaders do to contextualise my daily realities against the backdrop of danger.
    My leaders need to worry about keeping the economy going. Create opportunities. For people like me. Opportunity to rise beyond numbed state of affairs. Do it through my daily living.Can they think harder, smarter at how my daily life can contribute to quelling that fear.
    My leaders understand wealth, they are being pushed by you to understand climate change, can you all come back and tell me how I can do both. Save the planet and make my ends meet while I am it. Is there a profitable way to save my planet? If not I’d rather worry about making it through today. It has to end anyways.
    I hope you find a useful perspective here Shekhar.

  19. Save the earth. There will be no chance to repair our planet once damage is done. Wake Up…
    “WE need to move,
    WE need to wake up,
    WE need to change,
    WE need to shake up…”

  20. what is this all about?…i am too lazy to take efforts to understand such serious issues…
    SAVE THE EARTH!…lol…yeah…SAVE IT…purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i am gonna pull out my bicycle, gonna grease it myself and gonna fuck the road!…that reminds me the poor lady has pretty bad balls…bearing i mean…hehehehe
    who cares if earth dies…my soul s gonna find a better planet any way in next life…

  21. 13-year-old Lucknow girl Yugaratna Srivastava going to address UN climate summit,rightly said ‘involve youth and children in the decision making process’
    Its a process where each age group should invlove and save mother earth for current and future genrations.

  22. Hi, Mr.Kapoor.I am glad that celebrities such as yourself ,are using their power to make sure that world leaders pay heed to the cries of our planet.The major dilemma ,I feel, that leaders of third world or developing nations such as ours face, is to prioritize between development and environmental degradation.For countries such as ours that are in a hurry to catch up with the rest of the world, there is some constraints you cant wish away.For example, for industries to grow, some amount of land is required;the trick is to judge correctly and with least damage ,which land is least productive for agriculture and can be used for setting up industrial units.For this , we need a pan-Indian approach and policy.Unfortunately, many states are irresponsible when it comes to allocation of resources such as land between uses such as agriculture and industry.
    On the other hand, there is some totally mindless development such as proliferation of malls.The NCR
    of Delhi has nearly 230 malls now,and the nos. are still swelling.This is despite global recession and fall in no.of footfalls in malls.All contruction is water -intensive.Not to speak of other resources such as land ,electricity etc. that these malls simply guzzle.Then you have mindless race for self-aggrandizement by way of razing forest land to make barren parks themed around statues of leaders.Do you know that more than 6000 trees[yes, thats right,six thousand and six hundred trees] that were adjacent to Okhla bird sanctuary and home to several visiting birds, were cut for building a Dalit memorial in NOIDA?My kids and I are horrified every time we pass that site on our way home.Its simply unforgiveable!
    The least we can do is raise ur voices and discourage our leaders from destroying our green cover to make way for unproductive purposes that are in no manner contributing to the development of our nation.

  23. Shekhar, I think what is required is a change in perception. An issue is only an issue when people know about it and in our scenario most of the people aren’t worried about it because they have a regular grind of life to worry about but I guess most of us who have been to India in recent years or lived there during peak summers must have discussed people dying because of sun strokes so I guess subconsciously we are aware of what is happening, we all are. The only difference is some of us have given a face to that cause as pollution and deforestation and some just carry on with their lives without showing too much concern about what is happening around the globe.
    I think we can help control or minimize radical climatic changes in future by putting into practice some of these steps:
    1) Construction sector: There must be a building code practiced which would only allow green buildings to be designed in coming future and current building structures must be upgraded to be green structures within a span of next 10 years.
    2) Govt. must grant a small tax rebate for companies going green or implementing carbon footprint reduction steps.
    3) Afforestation has always been an agenda, we just need to make it a buzz word by some youthful marketing campaigns, if organic food can be promoted and become the in-thing why not afforestation..??
    4) Just like promoting NGO’s in various sectors, Tourism Dept. must help and support NGO’s with green causes, hygiene, cleanliness etc. actively.
    Thanks for reading people, would love to see more comments here.

  24. Thank you Shekhar…for being a voice and inspiration to helping the awareness spread to those who are in a place to make a bigger difference in healing the earth. One person caring with a pure heart will also make a big difference…and it sounds like YOU!
    The Michael Jackson video, “Earth Song” came to mind…very powerful message and visually inspiring.
    Om Shanti…and blessings to you, Shekhar
    Earth Song
    What about sunrise
    What about rain
    What about all the things
    That you said we were to gain.. .
    What about killing fields
    Is there a time
    What about all the things
    That you said was yours and mine…
    Did you ever stop to notice
    All the blood we’ve shed before
    Did you ever stop to notice
    The crying Earth the weeping shores?
    Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah
    What have we done to the world
    Look what we’ve done
    What about all the peace
    That you pledge your only son…
    What about flowering fields
    Is there a time
    What about all the dreams
    That you said was yours and mine…
    Did you ever stop to notice
    All the children dead from war
    Did you ever stop to notice
    The crying Earth the weeping shores
    Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah
    I used to dream
    I used to glance beyond the stars
    Now I don’t know where we are
    Although I know we’ve drifted far
    Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah
    Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah
    Hey, what about yesterday
    (What about us)
    What about the seas
    (What about us)
    The heavens are falling down
    (What about us)
    I can’t even breathe
    (What about us)
    What about the bleeding Earth
    (What about us)
    Can’t we feel its wounds
    (What about us)
    What about nature’s worth
    It’s our planet’s womb
    (What about us)
    What about animals
    (What about it)
    We’ve turned kingdoms to dust
    (What about us)
    What about elephants
    (What about us)
    Have we lost their trust
    (What about us)
    What about crying whales
    (What about us)
    We’re ravaging the seas
    (What about us)
    What about forest trails
    (ooo, ooo)
    Burnt despite our pleas
    (What about us)
    What about the holy land
    (What about it)
    Torn apart by creed
    (What about us)
    What about the common man
    (What about us)
    Can’t we set him free
    (What about us)
    What about children dying
    (What about us)
    Can’t you hear them cry
    (What about us)
    Where did we go wrong
    (ooo, ooo)
    Someone tell me why
    (What about us)
    What about babies
    (What about it)
    What about the days
    (What about us)
    What about all their joy
    (What about us)
    What about the man
    (What about us)
    What about the crying man
    (What about us)
    What about Abraham
    (What was us)
    What about death again
    (ooo, ooo)
    Do we give a damn

  25. Not much for the world. A few words for my fellow Indians. We need to realize we cannot copy developed world without putting the entire world to danger. We need to use resources in a limited measure. For example, the ’tissue paper’ culture has flooded Indian cities and is going to hit towns soon. Do we know how many trees will be required to provide tissue papers to all McD’s and KFC’s annually then? Think. Please. We need to think on this.

  26. Hello Mr Kapoor,
    It’s good too see you on this forum as I know u since Doordarshan era. I don’t have any environmental back ground, but I am very keen and passionate about saving earth.
    As we know the impending doom of depleting Himalyan glaciers, would like to talk and discuss about it. There are some precise scientific methods and means through which we can revive those glaciers. Also few very effective yet simple methods to generate green electric for every home. Now it’s time to take action as we know there is not enough time left for discussions. How and where I can meet you to discuss and implement these plans immediately. I live in Vasant Vihar Delhi.
    Regards Randhir.

  27. It is unfortunate that most of us have started talking just like politicians… “Something has to be done, we should raise our voices, earth is melting fast, we should act fast…” Agreed, we should act fast, but what is the action? Why is there so much of preaching only? How many of us strive to do something on the gound level.
    Talking about the UN Summit, there are few points which I would like to mention and request them to “ACT” upon. I’m sure they will do something if they really mean what they say and understand the seriousness..
    First, We are going through a major power crises and the only way to come out of it is alternative sources of energy. we do know that there is wind power, solar power etc. We also know that it is a very expensive mode of energy. I would request the Leaders to please think and devise a strategy so that using alternative sources can be made reasonable- either by subsidising the cost or by some other suitable means.
    Second, the food problem. Lets face it, In India specifically, We can no more rely on monsoons. There are many countries which go for concentrated methods of farming, that is, they use just one-third to one-fifth of the land that we in India require to cultivate same amount of crops. How do they do it? The leaders are humbly requested to share this knowledge because regarding food, we cannot afford to have any kind of competition anymore, people ar starving to death, we need to do something.
    These are some of the cures and regarding prevention:
    For Prevention, its very important to work locally. As far as I know, UN has a body called UNIDO which helps small businesses and industries grow. This exists in almost every nook and corner in the world- even at our place in Rourkela, Orissa. My question is, if UNIDO can penetrate such small corners of a huge country like India, why cant it form an organisation which will help people make aware of the situation regarding Global Warming? Appoint Representatives like UNIDO and form small groups to sensitize them about the whole problem.
    The problem is very big, but not at all impossible to conquer if we all hold hands and work unconditionally and unselfishly. May God be with us.

  28. Not related to this post:
    Dude…just saw PASSAGE…mind blowing visuals…after a long time i saw FEEL expressed visually…
    didnt get the story but fortunately saw ur interview on the same web page…and great u were not trying to tell a story…now i can derive my own personal story out of it every time i will see it…
    one small point- i also saw the making and in the dance sequence shoot what were you doing running here and there? hahahahhaahaha…were you motivating the actors or were guiding them?…u are just amazing…
    please talk more about PASSAGE not in terms of THOUGHT or THEME…but in terms of MAKING!…( how u designed it once the thought was in place? how many days? budget if allowed? shooting ratio? post production? anything everything…i learned so many things just by watching film then interview then making…i always refused to go to film school…because experiences like PASSAGE is like a special course…thanks)
    THE VISUALS are stunning…
    and this time i was mesmerized by the MUSIC and Sound design…wow…just wow…
    i am so overwhelmed that now i dont know what to type…
    FEEL aya boss…FEEL aya…
    thanks again…

  29. Science suggests we need to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 70% till 2050. Otherwise the global repercussions will be cataclysmic. Deterioration of worldwide industrial senario will be the least of our concerns. Sea levels will rise causing floods and other natural calamities. And India has the largest costal population in the world! Needless to say we need to scale down greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, scientifically speaking global GHG emissions should be brought down to 20 gigatons annually. And this is just the tip of the iceberg to “Keep business as usual”. In order to obtain such a substantial change steps need to be taken immediately in terms of sanctions, reforms and laws. Few years back President G W Bush famously rejected The Kyoto Protocol of UNFCC which aimed at reducing GHG emissions by providing a financial incentive to industries. From time to time innovative clean developmental tools such as the Kyoto Protocol for fighting global pollution keep coming and we need to encourage such mechanisms not reject them. Pollution needs to become an important issue for the global industries. Environment needs to be taken into account. It needs to be a part of the equation. It cannot be ignored or taken-lightly anymore. For example, we all pay or monthly electricity bill. Traditionally selling price per unit of electricity comprises of – cost of fuel i.e cost of coal and oil, cost of operation and maintenance and other small expenses. The cost of pollution is never included in cost of power. Any consumer or agency that consumed electricity did not bother about the burden it indirectly created on the society.. Therefore stringent guidlines and proper rules and regulations need to be in place globally in order to effectively control global pollution. We need to shift our energy dependancy from non-renewable resources to renewable resources and aim for sustainable growth and development. And global governing bodies should take the initiative to fight pollution.


  31. Shekhar,
    In a film screening in Seattle, I saw you on the mountaintop with a message to raise our voices regarding climate change. Very powerful and it reminded me once again how much I admire your dedication to what matters most in life. Stay well my friend,

  32. Dear Mr Kapur,
    You are one of the pioneers in making the world aware of an impending upheaval in the form of water scarcity. You exhorted us to write, shout and make our voice heard regarding this grave disaster in the making and with that in mind, I write to you to request your participation at a multi district seminar being organized by Rotary International at Kochi on Water Resources Management on April 17, 2010, entitled ‘Jalam Amritham – Water, the elixir of life’.
    The seminar is supported by the Indian Institute of Architects, the Indian Green Building Council, the Builders Association of India, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Cochin Chamber of Commerce and several others. The audience will be professionals and people from all walks of life, primarily from Kerala. Around 250 delegates are expected to attend.
    It will be indeed an honour, if you could make it convenient to grace the occasion and lend your keen wisdom and vision to this cause. Needless to say, your presence for such an occasion would enthuse public awareness and media interest in the subject, thereby ensuring the important messages are communicated to a wider audience.
    I am a Colonel in the Indian Army who has been silently following your blogs on the topic and was inspired by the content of your messages, including the planned film Paani. Hence, when I heard of such a ground breaking seminar being held in my native Kochi, while I was on leave a couple of days back, my instant response was to suggest your name as the chief guest for the event to Mr V.R.Nair, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Seminar, who is a very dear friend of mine.
    Mr. V. R. Nair (email address: vrn_silverfield@yahoo.com), will contact you directly once you have indicated your availability to him at the email address given above and will make all the necessary arrangements to facilitate your visit, as per your requirements.
    I am positive you will definitely come to God’s Own Country and bless us with your personal audience, despite the short notice. In case there is anything more I can do to facilitate this important event for my beloved Kerala, I would only be all too eager to be of any assistance. Let me assure you, we are all eagerly looking forward to having your gracious presence and words of wisdom.
    Thanking you
    Lt Col D.Purushothaman Pillay

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