Anna Hazare : Is political power to the Civil Society a threat to Democracy ?

There is debate raging, or perhaps more than debate -a revolution -seething in India that could redefine the relationship between a People and it's democratically elected Parliament and Government. Does Power once given to the elected Government and Parliament for it's term ( in India 5 years) effectively take all Power away from the Citizens [...]

Corporate Slavery by Abdul Munim

Corporate Slaves:— I am Lost in the maze of regional rivalries. Exploring the current political and social situation of the world is like putting your head into a washing machine. A lot has been written and said on this subject, but none of it makes sense to me. Role of Media: In the midst of [...]

Anger : sent in by Abdul Munim

A father threw his 10-month-old son to his death from the 14th floor of an apartment block in Shanghai’s Minhang District yesterday, police said. Afterwards, the man, surnamed Zhu, tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. He is recovering from his injuries in hospital. Neighbors said Zhu, 29, and his wife, Wang, 28, were [...]

I am that

I am nothing more but nothing less I am not who you think I am I am not who I think I am I am all that is and all that is not I am neither defined nor definable neither finite nor infinite I am that that was never born or ever died I am [...]

Tree of Life

Art often becomes a victim of it's own genre'. Of the very fashion or new trend it created. and then becomes resistant to change. Film does the same. For too many years it has been stuck in 'meaning'. While meaning is essential to the viewer, surely Art provokes the viewers to explore meanings for themselves. [...]