when we walk

“When we walk like (we are rushing), we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth… Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” ― [...]

We the People

While the world's attention was held by scenes of violence in Libya and elsewhere, it completely missed one of the most significant movements in a Democratic governance any where in the world.  An experiment, if it works will be a model for the rest of the world to follow. An experiment in which Civil Society [...]

Passing of a friend

I went to Jag Mundhra's funeral expecting grief. What I felt was a warmth.  Almost as if the warmth he exuded all his life exploded out and permeated the molecules of the air around us.  I met his wife, Chandra and through her tears her first words to me were " What a history we [...]

when did u leave ?

the wrenching away of your hand the pushing away from my embrace, the scream that rose from deep within the ugliness of words desperate for conviction, the slamming of the door an illusion of permanence your image through the window like a shadow a half self the other half breathing throbbing living loving inside my [...]


searching for imprints that i left when I was with you the imprint that I am now reconfigured as is yours matching imprints of moments of memories like matching waves in an ocean from one moment to the next we together the ocean memories the waves

A mandate to govern or the right to rule ?

There is so much being said on TV and press about the unconstitutional nature of protests over the Jan Lokpal Bill.  It is important for every citizen to read the Constitution to decide for themselves. However the system is not the Constitution. The system is merely an administrative interpretation of the Constitution. So to say [...]