Twitpics new terms

Subsequent to the furore caused by Twitpic saying they own copyright to all pictures that you upload they have changed their terms as follows, which while accepting that you own copyright now to your own pictures, they retain the right to exploit those pictures for their own benefit : "To publish another Twitpic user’s content [...]

A film on Cromwell ?

This came in from Marshall : Hi, On the 30th January 1659, Charles Stuart, King of England, Scotland and Ireland stepped onto the scaffold to face his execution after seven years of civil war in his three kingdoms, conflict that resulted in the death of a greater proportion of our population than in the world [...]

एक रोटी हमे भी दो

एक रोटी हमे भी दो कुछ जीने का हक तो हमे भी दो नहीं मंगाते हम आपकी ऊंची इमारतें थक जायेंगे जहाँ अपने आप को ही ढूँढ़ते ढूँढ़ते छु लेंगे हम भी आसमान को अपनी ही औकात से लेकिन एक रोटी हमें भी दो कुछ जीने का हक तो हमे भी दो आपके बच्चे फलें [...]