The power of Mantra’s ?

Always wondered about Mantra’s. When I was a child i was asked to recite the Gayatri Mantra every night with my parents.  I thought it was a prayer more than combinations of sounds created in a rhythm designed to provoke the universe to give in to ‘intention’.  Well .. I guess that is what a prayer is too, except that a lot of research says that the ‘seed’ sounds of the universe, starting with ‘AUM ‘ have the capacity to accelerate ‘intention’ into something far deeper.  Does that mean that Mantra’s can provoke the universe beyond ‘intention’ ? After all, as a child, what intention is contained in the Gayatri Mantra, the true meaning of which I am still grappling with. For if I did manage to experience the true meaning of it, I would not be asking these questions would I ?

I asked my friend Sanjeev Verma, a well known astrologer in Canada on what he believes ‘Beej’ (Seed) Mantra’s are – do we all have a ‘Seed Mantra’ that is aligned to our astrological charts ?  I have a completely open mind still. .  Ah … the age of reason !


“Beej Mantra” is a combination of two words “Beej” and “Mantra”. “Beej” is a seed which when sown grows into a fruitful tree, whereas “Mantra” is an invocation that produces a set of vibration in the surrounding atmosphere. Thus “Beej Mantra” can be defined as sound vibrations which when performed with full faith results into a fountain of Shakti or Powerful energy.

It is an interesting fact to know that in 360 degrees of Cosmic Universe there are 108 sound vibrations which are always active. These vibrations are an active constituent of not only the cosmic universe but also every individual is born with these sound vibrations which we also call as Beej mantras. There can be up to seven of them having the power to affect different aspects of our life like health, wealth, relationships etc. These Beej mantras are different for each Individual. In order to create a harmony between an individual and the cosmic universe one needs to connect with it through these vibrations only. This synchronization with the cosmic universe can take place either through deeper and higher levels of meditation or by knowing our own sound vibrations or Beej mantras and chanting them and becoming one with them.

Beej mantras given or identified are for the purpose of matching cosmic sound vibration and the vibration of the person with which he or she is born. Once we have identified our own sound vibrations and we start chanting that sound over and again, each sound goes in the cosmic universe and hits at least one of the 108 sound vibrations which is same as itself and harmony takes place. The harmony between the individual and the Cosmic vibrations results in the overall prosperity and well being of an individual, be it in terms of health, wealth, relationships or any other aspect of an individual’s life.

I have noticed that the Beej mantras normally given are matching the mind vibrations only. But there can be Beejas for every aspect of our physical and spiritual existence.

By repeating these Beej Mantars one can create harmony with any aspect of life. Essentially it would tune your vibrations to match the cosmic vibrations to lead a thriving life. I have been researching and experimenting on the Beej Mantras for quite a long time And found them to be extremely effective and life transforming. The best way to find out one’s seed sound or alphabet is by making a birth chart. A Seed Mantra is combination of three words “ OM—your seed sound—Namah.

OM (pronounced AUM) is the most important of all mantras. All mantras generally begin and often also end with OM. OM is the mantra of assent and energizes whatever we say after it. That is why all mantras begin with OM. OM is also the mantra of ascent and causes our energy to rise upward into the infinite. Individual seed sound It both calls the divine down into us and offers our soul upward to the Divine for transformation.

Namah is to bow to the energy of the mantra and thanking it.

There can be up to seven seed mantra for an individual depends on the birth chart. There is one base mantra which is for material and spiritual uplift and there are mantras which are for improving or creating harmony in particular aspect of life like health, wealth, relationships etc.

Sanjeev Verma

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  1. I really don’t know, quite beyond me… but when I recite the Atharvashirsha I feel content, settled.
    There are so many mysteries we let alone, is it not?

  2. ‘aum’ practitioners & music aficionados might appreciate this – 40 minutes of just the Gayatri Mantra in music – rendered by doyen of Indian classical music and playback singer, KJ Yesudas, in 9 different ragas, symbolic of the 9 cosmic planets and ‘oneness’ of divinity.

    Accompanied by Hariprasad Chaurasia on flute, Shiv Kumar Sharma on Santoor…soulful, meditative…

  3. OM is the BEEJ…it is not even a MANTRA!…It is the seed and the tree both!…

    Any MANTRA ,no matter with how much discipline one recites fails to provoke and restore desired effect IF the basic foundation of MIND of the reciter is focused on GAINING something!…

    Constant, continuous, regular reciting of certain MANTRAS at the most give certain SIDDHIS to the reciter but nothing beyond that…

    It is the most dangerous notion that MANTRAS can create or accelerate INTENTION into or towards KUNDALINI!…

    YOG SADHANA is nothing but BHAKTI SADHANA of Intellectuals!…By intellectuals i mean inquisitive minds, minds full of dirt of information!…As far as Yog Sadhana is concerned, the one who is truly searching finds his path ( practice of meditation ) and SUBMITS to it…So in this sense he too is on the path of BHAKTI SADHANA!…in stead of writing hikus or songs…instead of dancing or singing…he uses his technique as a tool!…In short, his MIND has already become so subtle hence pure to an extent , innocent to an extent that MANTRAS start evoking and restoring desired effect…

    For rest, just reciting Mantras is like blind faith, no matter how disciplined they are!…

    Now the question remains if one is made for Bhakti yog then no problem…he will just flow with songs and dwell in music…but what about an inquisitive mind for whom YOG SADHANA is the only way out?…His mind is not at rest…foundation is not yet firm so that building of super consciousness can erect…land is yet not fertile…then how to make it fertile without help of any technique?…and if he is not going to use any technique as it wont help him to begin with then how his mind will become fertile?…well catch 22 situation there for an inquisitive mind!…

    well, answer as all the answers lies within!…being an inquisitive mind , it already knows MANY things!…a moment comes when logic fails to satisfy…then comes a moment when rationality too fails to understand TRUE nature of existence!…And then a moment comes when even rationality drops down and ACCEPTANCE sets in…this state is where the rational mind STOPS judging!…And OBSERVER starts growing up!…

    Till now the MIND was active…now the person or SOUL becomes active!…When judgement stops be sure SOUL is at work!…because judgement is of mind!…SOUL has no need to judge!…

    But MIND is still there and far more cunning…But since the observer has taken birth, he now naturally chooses A TECHNIQUE!…And MANTRAS are useful only and only to such being!…

    It is least important how, when and with how much discipline one is following a certain ritual(technique or reciting of Mantras)…But it is of utmost importance WHY one has to follow certain ritual !… And only OBSERVER is capable of answering to himself WHY!…neither an inquisitive mind, nor a logical mind, not even a rational mind is capable of doing so…because these are all stages of MIND!…While OBSERVER is SOUL!…

    So MANTRAS accelerate the INTENTION of an observer and help him transform or attain realization!

  4. “cosmic vibrations” affecting people’s lives….quite beyond me too. 😀
    I understand the OM part though-when you say OM you release all your negative energy and absorb positive energy from the Universe.

  5. The original seed is what science calls singularity (coming into existence at the end of each universal cycle) and the original mantra – may be this is what Gayatri Mantra really means though I have not read it – is to remember/accept/surrender to the environment or flow of energy beyond which germinates that seed through big bang and thus creates our universe.

    The seed in our case becomes the sum-total of our mental tendencies coming from behind or as a part of the universal evolutionary scheme of things and the mantra becomes to remember/accept/surrender to/invoke/pray-for that part of the original energy which has now become our lot.

    We are like whirlpools in the flow of river of energy and our seed is what caused the whirlpool and our mantra is to remember and surrender to the flow of river of energy thus remembering always that it will carry us through and throughout to our final destination whatever problems may come on the way.

    For a series of some like questions/answers visit and keep visiting: Spirituality of an Atheist – 1,2,3…on my blog (click my name).

    However, here is the latest: Spirituality of an Atheist – 3

  6. Mantra Yoga

    Mantra Yoga is an exact science. ‘Mananat trayate iti mantrah’—by the Manana (constant thinking or recollection) of which one is released from the round of births and deaths, is Mantra.
    Every Mantra has a Rishi who gave it to the world; a Matra or metre which governs the inflection of the voice; a Devata or a supernatural being; the Bija or seed which gives it a special power; the Sakti or the energy of the form of the Mantra; and the Kilakam or the pillar which supports and makes the Mantra strong.
    A Mantra is Divinity, Mantra and its presiding Devata are one. The Mantra itself is Devata. Mantra is divine power, Daivi Sakti, manifesting in a sound-body. Constant repetition of the Mantra with faith, devotion and purity augments the Sakti or power of the aspirant, purifies and awakens the Mantra Chaitanya latent in the Mantra and bestows on the Sadhaka Mantra Siddhi, illumination, freedom, peace, eternal bliss, immortality.
    By constant repetition of the Mantra the Sadhaka imbibes the virtues and powers of the Deity that presides over the Mantra. Repetition of Surya Mantra bestows health, long life, vigour, vitality, Tejas or brilliance. It removes all diseases of the body and the diseases of the eye. No enemy can do any harm. Repetition of Aditya-hridayam in the early morning is highly beneficial. Lord Rama conquered Ravana through the repetition of Aditya-hridayam imparted by Agastya Rishi.
    Mantras are in the form of praise and appeal to the deities, craving for help and mercy. Some Mantras control and command the evil spirits. Rhythmical vibrations of sound give rise to forms. Recitation of the Mantras gives rise to the formation of the particular figure of the deity.
    Repetition of Sarasvati Mantra ‘OM Sarasvatyai Namah’ will bestow on you wisdom and good intelligence. You will get inspiration and compose poems. Repetition of ‘Om Sri Mahalakshmyai Namah’ will confer on you wealth and remove poverty. Ganesha Mantra will remove any obstacle in any undertaking. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra will remove accidents, incurable diseases and bestow long life and immortality. It is a Moksha Mantra too.
    Repetition of Subrahmanya Mantra ‘Om Saravanabhavaya Namah’ will give success in any undertaking and make you glorious. It will drive off the evil influences and evil spirits. Repetition of Sri Hanuman Mantra, ‘Om Hanumanthaya Namah’ will bestow victory and strength. Repetition of Panchadasakshara and Sodasakshara (Sri Vidya) will give you wealth, power, freedom, etc. It will give you whatever you want. You must learn this Vidya from a Guru alone.
    Repetition of Gayatri or Pranava or Om Namah Sivaya, Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, one and a quarter lakh of times with Bhava, faith and devotion will confer on you Mantra Siddhi.
    OM, Soham, Sivoham, Aham Brahmasmi are Moksha Mantras. They will help you to attain Self-realisation. Om Sri Ramaya Namah, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya are Saguna Mantras which will enable you to attain Saguna realisation first and then Nirguna realisation in the end.
    Mantra for curing scorpion stings and cobra bites should be repeated on eclipse days for getting Mantra Siddhi quickly. You should stand in the water and repeat the Mantra. This is more powerful and effective. They can be recited on ordinary days also for attaining Mantra-Siddhi.
    Mantra Siddhi for curing scorpion sting, cobra bites, etc., can be attained within 40 days. Repeat the Mantra with faith and devotion regularly. Have sitting in the early morning after taking bath. Observe Brahmacharya and live on milk and fruits for 40 days or take restricted diet.
    Chronic diseases can be cured by Mantras. Chanting of Mantras generate potent spiritual waves or divine vibrations. They penetrate the physical and astral bodies of the patients and remove the root causes of sufferings. They fill the cells with pure Sattva or divine energy. They destroy the microbes and vivify the cells and tissues. They are best, most potent antiseptics and germicides. They are more potent than ultra-violet rays or Roentgen rays.
    Mantra Siddhi should not be misused for the destruction of others. Those who misuse the Mantra power for destroying others are themselves destroyed in the end.
    Those who utilise the Mantra power in curing snake bites, scorpion stings and chronic diseases should not accept any kind of presents or money. They must be absolutely unselfish. They should not accept even fruits or clothes. They will lose the power if they utilise the power for selfish purposes. If they are absolutely unselfish, if they serve the humanity with Sarvatma Bhava, their power will increase through the grace of the Lord.
    He who attained Mantra Siddhi can cure cobra bite or scorpion sting or any chronic disease by mere touch on the affected part. When a man is bitten by a cobra a telegram is sent to the Mantra Siddha. The Mantra Siddha recites the Mantra and the man who is bitten by a cobra is cured. What a grand marvel! Does this not prove the tremendous power of Mantra?
    Get the Mantra initiation from your Guru. Or pray to your Ishta Devata and start doing Japa of the particular Mantra, if you find it difficult to get a Guru.
    May you all become Mantra Yogis with Mantra Siddhi! May you all become real benefactors of the world by becoming divine healers through Mantra cure! May Mantra cure, divine healing centres be started all over the world!

  7. Nada = vibration, wave, ( not sound).
    Brahm = impersonal light attribute of the divine
    Para = beyond the percievable universe.
    Atma = subtle, spirit.
    Bhagavan = personality of the divine.

    To reach , touch, contact Bhagavan, one has to experience paramatma( para + atma), parabrahm ( para + brahm), during and over many lifetimes of spiritual evolution.

    ParaBrahm = Nad Brahm.

    Mantra is a representation of Nad Brahm.

    Aum is Mantra.

    Repeat it, to know what it is . There is nothing to discuss. Just do.

  8. Oh my God, Shekhar, now you have done it. You are a celebrity and in India celebrities talking of anything Hindu let alone proudly exploring its virtues is branded communal. Sad, since until now you had a clean image, now the pseudo-seculars will come after you and your article on Beej Mantra will be declared a fundamental threat to Indian muslims. May God help you.


  9. I actually never knew what the meaning of Mantra was. I did hear about the name ‘mantra’. This was some very interesting information. I’m very interested in the question why we are on this world and the things we still don’t know. If mantra’s would really would help your life get more harmonie in it. Than this only prove to me that mankind still doesn’t have a clue of this whole universe and mankind itself.

  10. Gayatri Mantra is power of mantra . and the biggest thinks is you . Your post is like is God word . I like your Posting .

    Nisha Singh
    Loan Emi

  11. Om is catalyst to all mantras. Once added to any mantra, it multiplies the mantra’s power to its capabilities. I haven’t observed or heard of any mantra without OM.

  12. Dear Sir,
    It is miracle & unbelievable. By the grace of God Lord SIVA, since 28 years a person named as Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh is serving/curing snake bite victims in Orissa & India and also abroad with 100% honest either in physical or over Mobile Phone. 99% of victims have not seen. It is very simple, only victims name is required. Then Mantra will be applied in his/her name immediately. Within few minutes he/she will cure wherever he/she may be. He refers every body to go for medical treatment. After blood investigation, no poison will be found. Thousands of victims have been cured. Only two to five minutes is required, no need any delay for hospitalization. While he was 18 years, his father gave him this Mantra at his eleventh moment at SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack, Orissa in Nov 1983 who died in Cancer disease. Since then he has dedicated his life towards this noble service to the human being with free of cost. Though he is a science Graduate & a Govt. employee in Forest Department, Orissa he is also surprised himself what is behind it. His Mobile Phone Number is 9338039119.
    In my presence, so many victims have been cured over Mobile phone through this Mantra. In this scientific age it is really very surprise. My request, please response this astonish matter.

    With regards
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  13. I like your style in this article, one realist at once that you know well the subject and that tempts to put a lot into a project. I sent a tweet to my friends so that they come to read your site. Comments allow the visitors to express their opinion and it is a good thing for the discussion.

  14. you know any possible reason why a vashikaran mantra lose its power? i also was practicing a sadhana of a particular vashikaran mantra, and i really noticed its powerful effect for a few years, but then eventually it became weaker and weaker and i can not notice its effect anymore.. could it be possible that its power is gone? is there any way to regain its power, if in case its gone? thank you.

  15. you know any possible reason why a vashikaran mantra lose its power? i also was practicing a sadhana of a particular vashikaran mantra, and i really noticed its powerful effect for a few years, but then eventually it became weaker and weaker and i can not notice its effect anymore.. could it be possible that its power is gone? is there any way to regain its power, if in case its gone? thank you. please reply to me at …that is my email ad.. any reply would be much appreciated..thank you..

  16. Name: Durlabh Shukla from M.P. I want to say u aum bija matra is the path where we walk to get god,money,health,name,whole things in the universe. says:

    The power of aum is the healing of whole problem of the body,mind&emotion.aum is the great guru to meet with the god, doing regular chanting,then u got ur precious aim as come in the motherland.

  17. The effectiveness of mantra has to do with many facts,like karma samskaras intention will number of recitations, merits faith right ritual concentration.etc but there is no doubt that behind mantra there is a deity and depends on the grace of the deity you can achieve your goal,its the deitys will what counts

  18. Hypnosis typically involves an introduction to the procedure during which the subject is told that suggestions for imaginative experiences will be presented. The hypnotic induction is an extended initial suggestion for using one’s imagination, and may contain further elaborations of the introduction.

  19. Hey Everyone I stumbled on this site for another reason and read this guy KEDAR saying that if you are looking for results mantras do not work. This guy besides his unraveled waterfall of wordsounds is full of ignorance regarding “mantra science”, and Veda. Let all the seekers of results, that maybe honest people trying to find out a way out certain distresing conditions DO NOT GET DISHARTED BY THIS FANATIC BHAKTI PREACHER.
    1) krishna says is Geet: “ye yatha mam prapadyate thams tathaiva bhajamy aham” – in the way they surrender to me I reward- He also mentioned that there are 4 types of devotees, NOT just this type of pure ISKCON bhaktas, in a good mahadasha period, The Lord acknowledges in Geet – “Chatur vidha bhajante mam…. artha jijñasur artharthi, jñanica bharatarshabha” Being arthaarthi the ones that look for benefits artha! This is the first.
    2) PROBABLY EVERYBODY HERE had read some purana or other…. ALL ASURAS HAVING THE DESIRE TO CONQUER the world, and actually everyone that makes tapasya for any duration of time IS SAID TO GET RESULTS NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK FOR. NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK FOR. As per KARMA LAW decreed.
    3) To finish AT ONCE because I can go along so much more, The Lord Shiva explains in the Shiv Puran, Vayaviyasamhita Section, Chapter 10 (called Devotion to Lord Shiv) Verse 62: “O pious Lady, I am the bestower of fruits in accordance with the extent of devotion even to him who, though seeking fruits, keeps his mind well stablished in Me”

    Now, it is no great secret that you must listen to the mantra of focus the mind and the BEST is having attraction for the Lord Himself, but what is clear is that you may DO THE SADHANA OF THE GREAT GOD mahadeev with some ulterior motive which IS NOT BHAKTI FINALLY. In the following verses He separates those devotees from SAkama (accepted) ones.
    Hey!!! Wasn’t that was Krishna Himself who adviced Aarjun to do Pashupati vrata to acquiere a weapon or entrance to heaven??? (I do not recall fully) ISN’T THIS SAKAMA VRATA????
    Wasn’t the same KRISHNA that letter on told the Same Aarjun to Invoke MAHASHAKTI DURGA to get blessings for the war, even when Pashupati Vrata was a success????


    You can work for God for you own benefits. Wasn’t Aansuya the wife of Atri that did terrible penence to get ¿¿¿sons??? and got trideevs…. but wanted something!!!

    Yes it is and the Lord rewards for your efforts. Pay attention… This “bhakti cult people” want to monopolize “high and purer” preaching or siddhant!!! Do not take it from me JUST FEEL IT.

    Om tat sat.

  20. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that
    isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  21. Gayatri mantra is one of the most popular and powerful mantra used in India and all around the world for worship, mediation and yoga. Goddess Gayatri is also called “Veda-Mata” or the Mother of the Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Saam and Atharva – because it is the very basis of the Vedas.IT was written in Sanskrit about 2500 to 3500 years ago and the mantra may have been chanted for many centuries before that. By Gayatri manta chanting, keeping it in your mind and heart, your life will be full of happiness.

  22. An interesting artilce on efficacy of mantra shakti. Beej mantra or seed mantra contains power of a deity ! Seers and yogis believe that bestows immense blessing on its practitioner.

  23. Mantra recitation is considered to be the mother of meditation. With the recitation of a mantra, the mind promptly concentrates on a solitary thought expediting transcendence. By presenting the mantra, smooth meditation is upgraded even while doing ordinary tasks.

    Through mantras, one can truly experience it to be an extension of mantras and simultaneously aids us reach the state of euphoria. But one can’t simply practice mantra by reading it out of a book. It is advisable to learn the art of mantra chanting with the guidance of a guru as they will be able to help us understand better the most correct way to recite.

  24. With a view to verify the effectiveness of mantras, let us try to answer these questions

    ** Can one mantra be effective for multiple purposes ?
    ** What is the source of power of any mantra ?
    ** What is the correct way of using a mantra ?
    ** What matters the most – The sound, the tone and rhythm of reciting a mantra, the meaning of the words used in the mantra, or the procedure prescribed?

    ** By performing a Mantra can any one be able to escape from experiencing the fructification of Karma?
    ** How does ‘offering’ of a mantra by a Siddha makes a difference?

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