So did we say a prayer today ?

For who ? For ourselves. Did we do something, some ritual that affirmed our faith today ? In what ? In ourselves. Our ability to connect with our inner selves. For if we do not, who is this person that is working, loving, talking etc. It’s certainly not you.

It’s an everyday search for me. For that something that can put me in touch with myself. My connection to consciousness. My connection to loving nature.
Of course many people have faith. Which is a wonderful ability. I don’t have blind faith. I am more of a searcher. Questioner. Good, bad ? I don’t know. No value judgements on any faith or the question of faith. Or on myself.
Some people do it with meditation first thing in the morning. I have never been able to do that. I have to connect to something, however small, however little, to loose my sense of individuality. That’s the daily struggle. Against my own exaggarated sense of myself. I am so used to it. I have relied on it for so many years. So tough to let go now. Not that I have never questioned it before. But now, it is really important for me to be truly ‘active’ rather than ‘reactive’, which is what I have done most of my life. And how do I know what that ‘true’ action is ? Unless I am constantly in touch with something larger, more immense, more universal than myself ?
Yes I know. By letting go. By allowing yourself not to be addicted to the result of your action. By allowing chaos to invade your life. Yes, I agree. All of that. I do allow chaos to prevade in my life. I am impeteous (spelling). But then the individual in me fights back hard.
It’s an everyday battle. This battle to let go of one’s addiction to one’s sense of individuality.
Yet, the smallest of things can provoke the sensing of my flowing into something much much larger. Something infinite.
This morning it was my 5 year old daughter waking me up with a loud ‘Peekaboo’ and the tinkling of an early morning laugh.
Sometimes it;s just getting up early enough to watch the first shades of dark blue brush across the sky. Something deeply stirring about that.
Sometimes it’s unexpected gestures of affection that were not sought. Or given so instinctually that you were not aware of them.
Sometimes, it’s writing a poem. But only if the words are coming from somewhere else. As if something is flowing through you, a river of emotion you can physically feel that flows through your being.
But it is always so unexpected. So much that I am constantly aware now. My senses hightened. Waiting for that unexpected moment.
When something deeper will reach out and engulf me, and give my life, and all my actions, however small, a deeper and all encompassing context. On a daily basis.
So say a prayer for me. And for yourself.

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  1. “We give thanks for all those who are moved, in their lives, to heal and protect the earth, in small ways and large. Blessings on the composters, the gardeners, the breeders of worms and mushrooms, the soil builders, those who cleanse the waters and purify the air, all those who clean up the messes others have made.

    “Blessings on those who defend trees and who plant trees, who guard the forests and who renew the forests. Blessings on those who heal the grasslands and renew the streams, on those who prevent erosion, who restore the salmon and the fisheries, who guard the healing herbs and who know the lore of the wild plants.

    “Blessings on those who heal the cities and bring them alive again with excitement and creativity and love. Gratitude and blessings to all who stand against greed, who risk themselves, to those who have bled and been wounded, and to those who have given their lives in service of the earth.

    “May all the healers of the earth find their own healing. May they be fueled by passionate love for the earth. May they know their fear but not be stopped by fear. May they feel their anger and yet not be ruled by rage. May they honor their grief but not be paralyzed by sorrow. May they transform fear, rage, and grief into compassion and the inspiration to act in service of what they love.

    “May they find the help, the resources, the courage, the luck, the strength, the love, the health, the joy that they need to do the work. May they all be on the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

    “May they bring alive a great awakening, open a listening ear to hear the earth’s voice, transform imbalance to balance, hate and greed to love. Blessed be the healers of the earth.”

    ~Starhawk from The Earth Path

  2. Dad, I love you,
    Thank you for teaching me
    for taking care of me
    for loving me
    for giving me my first steps on the journey of drumming
    for helping me to understand the wisdom in “outside of the box thinking”
    for just being my dad

    I’m sorry
    Forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

    10 years ago…your body left us…
    your spirit lives on….


  3. while we are all busy trying to define, in our own subjective ways what

    freedom of speech

    right to respect

    etc. etc.

    what about accountability for our choices?

    what about…do to others what you would like done to you?

    I don’t know…

  4. …it is Friday, 13…there

    it is Thursday, 12…here

    what does it matter?


    because when I look to the sky
    the moon
    the sun and the stars…

    it is the same

  5. …try to avoid something, and it will find you somehow, somewhere…sometime

    Well, since I read about the movie, Bandit Queen, on this site, years and years ago,
    I made an effort to avoid watching it and reading more about it because the
    subject of “rape” came up, and there must be an intense sensitivity about “rape”
    and what it symbolizes, for me. So I avoided watching the movie, reading more about
    it, and even skipped seeing the words when it came up on the side scroll, on this website.

    10 years or so later, a lady acquaintance came to one of my close friends birthday celebration
    at my home, last week. Many of my friends are artists of some kind, and we were playing
    music…jamming, singing. When we were done, this lady came up to me and asked if I would play
    drums at a fundraiser for a documentary. Long story short…yesterday, I asked her to send me the name of the person who the documentary is being made about, so I can research and find out about her.
    Well, today when I checked my email…the name Phoolan Devi came up. I googled her name, only to find that she was known as “Bandit Queen”. My jaw dropped! Was this the same person in the movie by Shekhar, that I have been avoiding all these years? Nah, I said. Well, to my surprise, she turned out to be the one and the same, Poolan Devi, Bandit Queen!!!
    So next month, I will be supporting this fundraiser, Friday, March 13, 2015, here in Toronto, for the completion of the documentary about her.
    The film is being done by
    Co-Director, Gillian Greenfeld (

    While I am a small unnoticeable glimpse in all of this, the impact I felt when this came across my path, again…is no small unnoticeable glimpse.

    So today, I read more about it…felt quite uncomfortable reading some of the information and what this Being endured…and now I am learning, again, how to deal with…face and find the lessons I need to learn…about “myself” in all of this. One moment at a time.

    Thank you, Shekhar…for being, expressing and loving life, the way you do.



  6. this dance…

    as I watch you move across the universe


    there in the shadows of light

    you move with such grace and devotion

    spilling the essence of movements upon a glimmer of faith

    for this is all that is needed to …know

    you ARE Shiva

  7. Welcome to Toronto, Shekhar.
    Hope your stay here is warm and inspiring!
    Bundle up, it’s freezing, indeed!

  8. …I forgot

    I didn’t

    I just misplaced it

    it was never forgotten

    just in a place where I wasn’t thinking about

    I misplaced me

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    My birthday gathering is on March 20, you are invited
    to attend if you are still in Toronto.
    We would be most honoured,

  10. …to the light, to the love…to another dimension, my aunt has gone

    she shown courage beond what i could talk about

    and her spirit soared above the tremendous pain and suffering

    she said…”can’t complain”


  11. ((( Nepal ))) in love and prayers all who are affected by this earthquake and other disasters around the world…

    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  12. I gaze, from out of time
    To see the edge of wonder, your sublime
    and perfect manifestations fall and arise,
    In mirth and sadness, play the part of my disguise
    All while worshiping my ever calm One, Beloved, within.

  13. It is my wish and my blessing that this Kumbha Mela should become a huge step in that direction, to awaken the world to this possibility.



  14. July 12, 2017


    saw her last night

    felt her

    heard her

    smelt her

    tasted the sound of her voice as she whispered into my ears

    we hugged

    to be and not to be

    perhaps it is

    the answer

  15. what are we doing dancing with all of these words?

    sometimes we just fall helplessly in love with them, that we keep on repeating them over and over,

    and by the same expression,

    sometimes we try our hardest to avoid and even run from them

    because we can’t stand for what they stand for

    the avoidance may seem unlike a dance, perhaps, it is

    as intense a dance as the one so deeply in love…?

  16. what if are traveling through time as if

    we were going through a tunnel, and all of the scenery

    are the experiences we come across in our own unique journeys?

  17. for Kundra,

    a prayer, an offering of hope, love,

    peace, good health, healing and well being.

    Aum shanti shanti shanti Hari Aum

  18. Climate Crisis

    real or not?

    maybe just step outside

    look to the sky

    smell the air

    see if horizon is clear

    after a rainfall, look at the dust left back after it’s dried

    notice notice notice

    the signs are showing up

    even if you don’t watch tv, have a radio or any other means of communication

    the evidence , the planet is sending the messages

    we just need to listen

    and act accordingly

  19. Honouring all FemiNINE Energy,

    on this Navaratri


  20. Praying for my daughter, Anjalee, clarity, balance, strength, love, awareness,
    that she listen to her inner voice of wisdom and reason to overcome any unhealthy
    obstacles manipulating her from being healthy, safe and well, I love you always forever, mama,
    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  21. to mask or not to mask

    what happens in our minds for us to think it is better to have the choice and right to not wear a mask over being safe or doing something that would keep others safe?

    does ‘safety and good health’ take a back seat over ‘rights and choices?’

    is the virus making people think in an unhealthy way making them choose not to wear a mask? Does the virus have such control over people without them knowing or being aware?

    I wonder!

  22. searching
    oh, i found something
    another question
    what question?
    the one that never ends

  23. praying

    thinking about what thoughts are directed in the stream of intentions

    are they connecting with an energy source that takes them to a processing center

    and the collective energies there are what sends the intentions to their destinations

    and they are carried out

    but plays out not in a way that was originally intentioned?


  24. it’s confusing

    some wearing masks

    others not

    both think they are right

    both have findings to support their view


    one is exercising safety

    the other is exercising their right to choose

    would you choose your right to choose over being safe?

  25. Sending Loving prayers to my sister, Carol,
    for healing and recovery of her injuries, and good health to continue blossoming in her Being and Body. Peace and Blessings, Always Forever, I love you
    your Sister
    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  26. a prayer for

    my daughter and son,

    they are healthy Beings, and have the means and abilities to journey on with love, presence, awareness, balance, strength, courage, compassion, understanding, and a sense of humour…


  27. “So say a prayer for me. And for yourself.

    Sending love and prayers for you and for all of the world and it’s life forces,
    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  28. yes, we said a prayer today, and on most days,

    sometimes consciously

    and other times


    the heartsoul moves in mysterious ways


  29. a prayer offering,

    dear all

    you’d already know what i’m about to say because you are All

    but me saying it is for me to say even though you are All

    still, i offer this prayer of intention and purposefully placed thoughts


    i love you
    i thank you
    for All


  30. i have seen you walking along the roadway

    hand out asking for some change

    your asking is an opportunity for me to visit myself and see how i would respond

  31. atonement




















    just…be 🙂

  32. One who holds a job with huge responsibilities

    also holds a place of immense influence and shaping the contours of what becomes visible,

    audible, felt, impacts and effects on the mind heart and soul of billions of people.

    When such a position lands in the lap of One who has such openness and creative juices,

    the world will be a better place,

    for what holds true of this being will emerge through this portal,

    simple, natural, free, playful, humble, integral,

    a quantum leap

    God’s speed


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