So did we say a prayer today ?

For who ? For ourselves. Did we do something, some ritual that affirmed our faith today ? In what ? In ourselves. Our ability to connect with our inner selves. For if we do not, who is this person that is working, loving, talking etc. It’s certainly not you.

It’s an everyday search for me. For that something that can put me in touch with myself. My connection to consciousness. My connection to loving nature.
Of course many people have faith. Which is a wonderful ability. I don’t have blind faith. I am more of a searcher. Questioner. Good, bad ? I don’t know. No value judgements on any faith or the question of faith. Or on myself.
Some people do it with meditation first thing in the morning. I have never been able to do that. I have to connect to something, however small, however little, to loose my sense of individuality. That’s the daily struggle. Against my own exaggarated sense of myself. I am so used to it. I have relied on it for so many years. So tough to let go now. Not that I have never questioned it before. But now, it is really important for me to be truly ‘active’ rather than ‘reactive’, which is what I have done most of my life. And how do I know what that ‘true’ action is ? Unless I am constantly in touch with something larger, more immense, more universal than myself ?
Yes I know. By letting go. By allowing yourself not to be addicted to the result of your action. By allowing chaos to invade your life. Yes, I agree. All of that. I do allow chaos to prevade in my life. I am impeteous (spelling). But then the individual in me fights back hard.
It’s an everyday battle. This battle to let go of one’s addiction to one’s sense of individuality.
Yet, the smallest of things can provoke the sensing of my flowing into something much much larger. Something infinite.
This morning it was my 5 year old daughter waking me up with a loud ‘Peekaboo’ and the tinkling of an early morning laugh.
Sometimes it;s just getting up early enough to watch the first shades of dark blue brush across the sky. Something deeply stirring about that.
Sometimes it’s unexpected gestures of affection that were not sought. Or given so instinctually that you were not aware of them.
Sometimes, it’s writing a poem. But only if the words are coming from somewhere else. As if something is flowing through you, a river of emotion you can physically feel that flows through your being.
But it is always so unexpected. So much that I am constantly aware now. My senses hightened. Waiting for that unexpected moment.
When something deeper will reach out and engulf me, and give my life, and all my actions, however small, a deeper and all encompassing context. On a daily basis.
So say a prayer for me. And for yourself.

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  1. Happy Birthday to my husband, Davanand,
    peace love and blessings
    to this man who
    has taught me, and is teaching me
    so much
    about myself…


  2. Happy Children’s Day…to all who raise the future on light and love,
    balance, peace and inclusiveness…

  3. A note to teachers…including parents, educators, caregivers, support workers, and anyone in a role where younger ones are your responsibility…

    children learn more from the example we set than probably anything else…


  4. On March 20, I will have journeyed in this body for 18,628 days,
    translated into 51 years.

    In gratitude to all the Ones who have…

    been themselves

    Namaste…blessings…A u m

  5. how can a 777 jet airplane go missing for more than 2 days
    without being found in this world of high technology?

    Is it really missing?

  6. when we say sorry and feel sorry for having done some act of regret or unkindness…

    probably the hardest part of committing that act is having to live with it.

    a u m

  7. …and then,

    we have the choice to embrace what we have done,

    coil ourselves into a darkness of blame and guilt…

    use the experience as a lesson of learning and then passing it on to others

    so that they may also learn from it…

    let go and let it be…

    forgiving of the self is most difficult…

    a u m

  8. Shakespear…Shekhar…hmmm

    The world is indeed a stage


    who the players are … is yet to be discovered, by themselves

  9. Dear Readers,
    Here’s a little survey I am conducting to get some feedback.

    Which term would you choose to be called, if you had some sort of
    condition that presented a physical, emotional, and/or mental (intellectual) challenge?

    1. disability

    2. special needs

    3. developmentally delayed

    4. challenged

    5. specific needs

    6. other______________________.

  10. heard this on the radio the other day…

    “Young children is…the golden age”

    Classic 96.3 FM

  11. …anybody reading this message?

    not that it’s all that important,


    it looks as though I am the only one writing to myself here…

    so in essence, perhaps this is what

    “Zen Thoughts”

    are designed for . . .

    self awareness, not

    other’s awareness…


  12. …it’s been two months since the last visible post.

    However, I continue to write…where does it go?

    Is it like the invisible thread that weaves through time…

    and no one really sees it but it’s out there somewhere…

    does it wait for someone to see it?


    is it just suspended in the passage of space…with no wants no desires…no anything,

    it is



  13. stuck on 10?

    Happy Father’s Day…to all the ones who fill that role…as DAD’s, friends, guides, teachers, mentors.


  14. finished the last course at Humber College, one placement to go…I feel numb and exhausted

  15. Thank you…who ever you are
    that brought my post up to date…
    I was learning many lessons by not seeing them here…


    here is another BIG lesson, now seeing them again

    there is hope!

    Aum ShalAum Shanti Aum

  16. …what are we really doing?

    in schools, we are teaching children to use their words to solve problem.

    what are the adults doing?

    why are we teaching this concept in schools but the reality of what is happening in the world today

    is not about solving conflict by using words…it’s about who can control others by means of weapons, fear,

    and manipulation.

    if we are teaching children in Canada about using words to solve conflicts…and other countries are

    not doing the same, what is the solution here?

    some are being armed with weapons…others are being armed with words.

    how many of us are equipped with the ability to talk a person down from using a weapon?

  17. …hare Krishna

    …hare rama

    hare hare

    you are the space that lives in between each breath of step

    we take

    in each other’s … devotional embrace

    with eyes seeing beyond the sight

    with ears hearing pass the sound

    it is within the deepest reaches of


    where that which is nothing

    is everything




  18. i am where you are

    we see the same moon

    the same sun

    and when we close our eyes

    we see each other

    you are the same of me

    even in the most distant of places

    we feel the other

  19. I have let go . . .

    if we are letting go, then we are still holding on

    to let go . . . means there is no longer that attachment,

    but is there such a thing?

    we are all connected . . . physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually . . .

    where is the letting go?

    letting go of what?

    an illusion of consciously holding on?

    because we really are all CONNECTED . . . whether we feel it or not

  20. You not only walked the earth…you left some impressions

    in the word devotion, there you live

    in the word love, there is a sound, it is your playing

    the sound is eternal…as you are


  21. Handing in my finals, marking the near closing of a 2 year journey in College . . . what was one of the most outstanding lessons?

    Even though it was not taught in most of the courses, and only lass than a handful of professors convey the message, I feel it is

    “how we feel” . . . how others are treated, and how we are treated, is what will remain most prevalent
    in our beings.

    If we are to improve communication and inclusive relationship building qualities in children, we need to begin with ourselves…FIRST

    What we say is of little inspiration if we don’t back it up by what we do.

    Blessings in Love and Gratitude,


  22. what is this language?

    is it the words that give it meaning? or the intentions behind the words?

    my father used to say, “you can be saying “yes…but the way you say it sounds more like…no”

    surely, we can read into the energy of the words, more than what the word IS….but rather the

    intention behind the words.

    this is just my thinking for now.

  23. what is this language?

    is it the words that give it meaning? or the intentions behind the words?

    my father used to say, “you can be saying “yes…but the way you say it sounds more like…no”

    surely, we can read into the energy of the words, more than what the word IS….but rather the

    intention behind the words.

    Funny thing happened when I pressed the enter button to submit this comment…
    It said that my post is a duplicate and it looks as though I talked about this before…huh?
    I wonder if it was the same words that the computer detected…or the intention?
    ahahahaha ha ha aha

    this is just my thinking for now.

  24. in the past week, a child pointed to me, a few times,

    and said “You are from Utopia”

    I said, o k …and I was born in Trinidad.

    He said “Your ancestors from millions of years ago were from Utopia”

    I said , o k.

    What did I do?
    I came home and researched “Utopia”
    Now I know, it was an island in the Atlantic Ocean, created by Sir Thomas More, in his book, Utopia.
    Also, a town in Ontario, Canada, named Utopia, after Sir Thomas More’s book.

    This makes me wonder…

    What does it look like when we connect all the dots together…the ones that stand out and we recognise as “connections”.

    Just as in the past month, the word “Pilgrimage” has been showing up frequently…as
    the numbers

    as well as,

    Santiago, Camino, St. James

    are they guides? do they lead to the next sign post?

    where did the journey begin? or did it?

  25. the trees…

    they take in the toxic stuff and give out the healthy stuff

    can we even begin to comprehend such compassion?

    and they ask for nothing…

    yet, we end their lives to supplement our own

    and what do we really know?

    we are actually killing ourselves by killing them

    are we to understand this and act accordingly?


    is this the process of Kali Yuga?

  26. I love to read…my eyes got worse in the past two years because of all my college stuff, but I still love to read. I was taught to read in a very strict and unpleasant way, but I still love to read.

    for those who love to read, or like to read, or just looking for a more economical way to get books online…here it is

  27. Diwali coming soon…

    first time, fasted for 3 days, no food…was at the Krishna Temple yesterday, and I felt more connected to the energy of devotion than most times I’ve gone there.

    this devotion energy is quite the sacred space to be aware of…it rides across the realm of any particular deity, saint, angel…it is in the now, it feels like connecting with everything and everyone at the same time…

    was it Krishna who inspired this, or was it just my belief and choice to bring myself into that vastness?

  28. Dr. Emoto … brought a whole new awareness about the power of “water”

    flow in peace…aum

  29. I lost my friend today

    not that he died, but the friendship did


    the friendship was rich…in conversation, flavours of philosophies, moments in the unknown,
    depths deeper than the farthest reaches of this universe…and yet, it came to an end today

    today, Monday, October 27, 2014

    what do we have left?

    probably the most meaningful part of the friendship…

    the spiritual connectedness
    the feeling of, I know we still love each other, even though we will never talk again

    because the quality of conversations that transpired between us

    will linger on…for an eternity

    So, I honour you my friend, I will probably think about you more now, as I know you will of me.

    At least, that part cannot be taken away.

  30. Happy Birthday Bill Gates, 59 today!

    Making shifts on a larger scale, and growing small ideas in the garden of innovation…


  31. The significance of ceremony, tradition, cultural ritual…what is the purpose of all of this?
    Somewhere, in the heart of devotion, hard work, endurance, determination, and survival…there is a space of stillness and consciousness that rises to the occasion out of the “will” and the “need” to embrace what is, and isn’t…yet words will not emerge to express this experience, because it knows nothing other than the passing … the letting go … the indescribable essence of nonbeingness. Perhaps, this is what the culmination of a particular point of this journey of life reveals when ceremony, tradition, cultural ritual is undertaken in a space of consciousness…perhaps.

    After 2 years of College while working fulltime in Kindergarten, taking care of family and grabbing some moments with friends…Convocation has arrived.

    On November 11, 7pm (EST, Toronto), I will be graduating with my colleagues.

    The ceremony can be viewed online for anyone who might be interested and cannot make it in person.

    Here is the link…
    You are invited to attend in person, or view the ceremony Live stream.

    The following links will provide you with the information.

    Live Stream (for technical support)

  32. …9 year anniversary coming up

    that is the span of space filled between then and now

    of this virtual thread of thoughts, prayers, love, offerings, muse…and other forms of expression

    …in deep gratitude for having this space to expand on what we experience

    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

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