Did Strindberg denounce Miss Julie’s actions himself ? How is Miss Julie relavant to India today ?

Has the west finally achieved the egalitarian society it boasts about? Does the class and gender war only exist in Asia and Africa? In that context, is a 19th century Swedish play, relevant to 21st century India?  Social preoccupations and prejudices find a place in August Strindberg’s most popular play, Miss Julie. The daughter of a count, living in a [...]

We speak of Darkness

We speak of darkness as we speak of light we speak of darkness as if it arises and radiates like light, forgetting as cold is the mere absence of warmth dark is the mere absence of light and in creating walls of prejudice roofs of fear windows of hate doors of ignorance we breed the [...]

Why I killed Tina (In Mr India)

Good god.  Can you imagine making a film and being responsible for the characters almost 20 years after you have made it ? I cannot count the number of times that people have stopped me on the streets , and now asked me on twitter or on my blog "why did the little girl Tina [...]