The Great ‘Who Me ?’ Dancing Master.

Early every morning all the Jungle would wake up to the distant wail

‘whooooooooo meeeeeeee ? ‘whooooooo meeeee’ ?

It was time for the great dance to begin. The wind would whip up to the call of “Whooooooo Meeeeee” and the trees would begin to sway to the opening rhythms of the  thundering tapping of the animals on the ground, to the chattering of the monkeys, the twittering of the birds and the rustling of the leaves. Then as the sun’s rays would emerge from behind the great mountain, it was time to stop the dance. And yet a great wail would come from somewhere in the mountain

“Whoooooooo Meeeeeeeeeee ? Whoooooooooo Meeeeeeeeeeee ?

It was then time for the creatures to go about their daily business. The earthworms that were out all night would see this call as the time to scurry home and burrow into safety, as this was just the time the birds would wake up hungry, and even the little sparrows would look for a delicious breakfast of a slower than normal baby worm. Animals would go around searching for food, mothers would protect and feed their babies, young baboons would show off and fight over pretty young things showing more of their red parts than they ought to, often admonished by their mother’s saying ‘ stand up straight, you little hussy !’

As the afternoon set in came the ‘happy hour’, where the animals would joyfully go to the great Watering Hole. The centre of gossip where no animals were allowed to kill each other, but just drink the cool water and trade gossip. The monkeys were the greatest gossips of all, followed closely by the twitterati of the Robins and other birds. They would tell stories to each other, but non was more hotly debated than the the story of the Great ‘Who – Me’ Master.

It is said that The Who-Me? Master was once the greatest of all Dancing Masters. It was said that He was the most beautiful of all creatures. A Pelican radiating with the brilliance of every possible color. It is said that when The Great Master would dance, his wings would spread out as if an embrace of nature itself. A dance worthy of worship. After all the Great Dance between the animals, the birds and the trees and the wind was what kept Nature in balance. It’s what kept the Jungle alive.

The jungle needed a Dancing Master. The great teacher. For  how else would the animals teach their young that the The Great Dance was what kept the Jungle going and growing?  Without the great dance the winter would not turn into summer. The great migratory birds would not arrive with their fresh gossip from other lands. The young female baboons would not feel the urge to love and elope with the young strutty male. The summer would not turn into spring. The joy of a new leaf replacing one that fell in autumn would turn to grief rather than a celebration.

And yet since the “The Great Who Me Master’ went, the whole jungle was no longer dancing in unison. There was disharmony creeping in as the young un’s would not find an inspiration, someone to follow to dance. And without the great dance, the jungle would wither away.

The Master was once merely called just ” The Dancing Master”. But one day the Master forgot how to dance. No one knew why. Least of all The Great Dancing Master himself. Tried as he might, he did not, could not , get one step in harmony with another. He lost his smile , his radiance, and looked around and said

” If I cannot dance, then Who Me ?”

The black twaterring Monkeys with their spidery claws and quick staccato speech caught in an alphabet of 140 letters revelled in it. For they were the only creatures that did not dance. They did not nurture the forest. They were the scavengers. They stole the eggs of the young mothers and would watch with glee at her agony. They plucked the little saplings that even hungry baby birds knew to leave alone. For without nurturing birth the cycle of life and nature would cease. The Great Dance would come to an end. They were bad. And they did worse. They got the the Great Master addicted to their wicked brew. What they themselves survived on.

And so, gradually the Great Master lost everything. Filled with the poison brew. Flopping around in his once beautiful Pelican Body, he forgot who he was, what his purpose on Earth was. So all he would do is moan all day and night ‘ Who Me’ ?

Finally one day, The Great Master just disappeared. and no one ever saw him again. Yet every morning and every night before the jungle went to sleep, there was this great moan that spread from the mountain, across the red sky , through the shivering fearful leaves ..

Whooooooooooooo Meeeeeeeee ?

34 thoughts on “The Great ‘Who Me ?’ Dancing Master.

  1. Surreal writing at its best.

    Sir, please update us on the progress of Paani. Your fans are waiting for you to get back behind the cameras.

  2. Shekhar,the master storyteller mesmerises once again with his tale of mythical dancer.a world devoid of harmony and rhythm is a sad place indeed.

  3. i am strucked and stucked on the black twattering monkeys.
    are they me? is it an irony of the tragic apathy of people?
    who is WHO ME? Is he the heartly joy forgotten by the human species?
    do we know the dance anymore?
    i am bewilderd.

  4. The parable of the ‘lost’ tenth man.

    Ten foolish men forded a river, and on reaching the other side they wished to make sure that all had crossed safely. So all of them began to count the number of persons on the shore, but since each one forgot to count himself, they all counted only nine. Believing that one of their companions must have drowned, they all began to weep, until a passing wayfarer who understood the situation asked each one to count himself, whereupon they realized that they were always ten men, both during the time of their seeming loss and after their ‘finding’ the missing man. Similarly, when we attain Self-knowledge, The Great Dancing Master finds himself, once again, all the notions of losing, disappearance, forgetfulness, were all only illusions, mistake, error, ignorance,

    The Dancing Master ever is, it only seems as if it is not there, like the clouds hiding the glorious Sun!

    Happy Hour is here and Now. The Great Dancing Master Smiles once again.


  5. Disharmony and chaos……..will continue.
    Orwell,s Animal Farm……been turned into this “form”.
    I have been hopeful……

  6. A truly good read with the under tones of the situation of the world we are living in.

  7. Reminds of a poem by Rumi…

    “What is to be done?
    for I do not recognize myself.

    I am not of the East, nor of the West, nor of the land, nor of the sea;
    I am not of Nature’s mint, nor of the circling heavens.
    I am not of earth, nor of water, nor of air, nor of fire;
    I am not of the empyrean, nor of the dust, nor of existence, nor of entity.

    I am not of this world, nor of the next, nor of Paradise, nor of Hell;
    I am not of Adam, nor of Eve, nor of Eden and Rizwan.

    My place is the Placeless, my trace is the Traceless;
    ‘Tis neither body nor soul, for I belong to the soul of the Beloved.
    I have put duality away, I have seen that the two worlds are one
    One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call.”


  8. hello shekhar,
    i m a writer from chandigarh and have a screenplay i want to share with you..please advice how to share …””

  9. rustle and rhythms
    chatter and chirps
    swaying and tapping
    to ‘meeeeeeee thaaaaaat’

    When I dance, I am That. If I cannot dance, then Who Me?

    the dance of flames & fire
    the dance of swords & spears
    the dance of stars
    and the dance of space
    and then
    the dance of flowers in the wind

    When I dance, I am That. If I cannot dance, then Who Me?

    ~ Kahlil Gibran [adapted]

    So, dear Story Master,

    With another story, light a fire, will you?…breathe some life, could you? into the soul
    of the Great Dancing Master…so the dance of harmony returns…with its all-embracing magnificence, to the yearning heartbeats of the jungle…spinning to the call of Whoooooooo meeeeeeeeeeee…….Meeeeeeee thaaaaaaat

    Is the Great ‘Me That’ Dancing Master coming? 🙂

  10. Who meeeeee…..? Who meeeeeee….?

    I am He…. and I am thee….


    Who am I?
    What am I?
    What will I be?

    Nothing am I,
    Nothing was I,
    Nothing will I be…

    And in this nothing, lies everything!

  11. My interpretation: Using nature as a metaphor for social culture, and the circle of nature as one, when undivided; is not only brilliant, dear Shekhar; but profound, poignant.. an in depth view of the circle of life.. and how easy it can be, to become lost in oneself; thus, becoming divided from nature’s circle of life and thrust into a lost world.. a void, a paradigm, a pandora’s box…!! Many smiles to the story teller!! Donna

  12. A story that holds many levels of meaning. It is Nature ravaged and ecologically unbalanced that needs to re-establish its homeo-statis.Dance needs rhythm and that is lost therefore there can be no dance or joy – just a ghostly reminder of what once was.Pollution has poisoned all and the Lord of Nature himself falls prey to it. A grim and frightening scenario indeed.

    On another level, the piece is very Zen-like.While living a life of plenty, we revel in it– even let ourselves sink to a level where we are totally disillusioned. The Great Master is there as always, but we are too inebriated to see him. A faint echo of his call, however, lingers somewhere within. But once we can recover our awareness of Him, He is where he has always been – but because we have now realized Him – He is no more as the distinction has disappeared.

  13. A very good story in deed. I think we should replace the animal characters with human character and you will find a great philosopher in Whooo Meeee? Socrates.

  14. Interesting satire on the contemporary lives we all live. Reminds me of the “Chronicles of Narnia”.

    Just at dawn we can see the calm of the world and with the first sun ray hitting the earth, the whole natures wakes up to embrace it. But alas then we get lost into our mechanical lives,lose ourselves in the complexities we have build around us.

    But then we seek liberation from the mess, the stress we have created for ourselves. We seek to rediscover ourselves again i this cacophony we have constructed. We fail to discover it. Yet at every sunset and sunrise we are reminded of what we have lost.

    Just my take..

  15. Jabardust!!! and then all birds and animals have their twitter account. lovely ummahh!!! when will next coming? mujhe to pahle hi lagta tha ki aap kuch to karoge ha ha ha.

  16. Once upon a time there was a lonely person. To his knowledge he was the only one on the planet. He decided he will call it earth. As he grew he realized that he was immensely creative. He did many things with his creativity and surprised himself. This is how he spent his time. He played with his powers until he was not bored.
    But how long would this continue. He was bored finally and the realization dawned upon him that if he wants to be happy he needed to share it. He made weird creatures. Kept experimenting. Until one day he was successful and was able to clone himself. Of course he kept his powers with himself. How can he have fun with the clones he created. He wanted to master them. He wanted them to love him. To respect him. To acknowledge his powers. To feel like almighty. Yes you have guessed it right, i am talking about GOD!

  17. The earth is gonna scorch,but night we need a torch.
    WhoooooMeeeeeee….not me i said.
    Not a drop to drink ,but earth is gonna sink
    WhoooooMeeeeeee…not me i said.
    Air is not fit to breathe,but you will get your wreath
    WhoooooMeeeeeee….not me i said.
    Earth is raped for greed,but you will never breed
    WhoooooMeeeeeee….not me i said.
    World will soon come to end,but you will never mend
    WhoooooMeeeeeee….not me .. I will never mend.


    In a small hut lived the little boy
    along the lake of blue water
    he played and made statues of soil
    where his dad worked as a fisherman.
    one day while the boy sat along the shore
    watched the sun paint the sky
    with varied shades of color,
    his dad came back dejected
    as he didn’t catch a fish
    and had nothing for dinner to offer.
    the boy got close to his father
    pulled his finger and asked a question
    “why papa are you not smiling”
    his father eyes were full with tears
    who loved his son from far and near
    he could not bear this night
    with his son not eating a food-bite.
    he told his son
    that he couldn’t catch a fish today
    and all vessels in hut are empty
    they will have to spend the night
    with their stomach not getting a food-bite.
    the son laughed and showed his teeth
    his father got inquisitive
    when asked the reason for this
    the boy casually replied
    “oh papa meals don’t matter much
    you didn’t catch a fish today
    as they decided not to eat your bait
    when fishes can stay hungry for this night
    let’s join the fishes this time”

    sir have a screenplay…:)

  19. As the master became disenchanted
    Night after night
    He wondered off into the darkness
    To suddenly sight


    A maiden in the moonlight
    Floating upon the lagoon of mystic melodies
    She was full of the magical potion
    Ancient and sacred as the sea


    His past had been of pleasure
    And of this he knew beyond well
    Yet, his dreams became cloudy
    Desire was not of Soul and hard to tell


    She sung softly in silence…
    “To dance you must feel the beat
    Allowing the energy into treat…”


    “…the movement of your body into Soul
    Allowing no complications to come into control…”


    The wind continued her song to say…


    The innocent freedom of dance
    Lover’s care less of any circumstance…


    As they just move to the feelings
    And flow within all light
    They kiss and find the passion
    Uncontrollable to fight


    Allowing the desire of love to lead into passion
    For pleasure lead adventure lacks sight a Soul’s Fashion


    In other words….


    The Master of Dance must have…
    The freedom of Soul’s Touch
    Passion of purpose
    And Tender Feelings of such


    Lead by love into the pleasure of mind
    Unfolding the body’s feelings in time


    To dance as the Master
    The mind as not a dance in it to free
    The movement is evoked without coaching you see


    Spirit awakens within the notes of all songs
    One at a time
    The foot starts to pat along


    Then the hips move
    Almost suddenly by themselves
    And the arms enjoy the movement they are dealt


    It becomes a symphony in rhythm and rhyme
    Each to his own
    But magically together in time


    Focus is never upon the dance itself
    But upon the feelings the body
    Without the mind
    Unfolds as dealt


    Within the magical moonlight and tunes of sweet soul
    This dance of fearless flight
    Becomes the ancient love stories forever told


    The wind disappeared as fast as it had come
    And the master found himself wrapped tightly under her thumb
    She rose from the moonlite water
    Bathed within his beastly desire of freewill


    And he followed her walk
    Far up into the ancient hills….


    To be continued by YOU!


    … it is your turn 🙂

  20. Story from my daughter, Sakshi Shrivastava when she was in second grade. Entirely her effort with no inputs from parents.

    A Bear’s Christmas

    Brownie the Bear flopped down onto her quaint leaf bed. The bed was cozy and warm. Brownie was not too excited. There was a long hibernation ahead of her. The thing that excited her most was Christmas. “I hope I will get the twig tiara I asked for!” Brownie thought. She couldn’t wait to get her tiara from Santa Claus!

    Brownie walked out of her cave to visit Caramel the Squirrel. “You said you don’t want to hibernate?” Caramel said. Whoever heard of a bear-or a squirrel-who doesn’t hibernate? Even Azura Bluebird migrates!” “I guess so.” Brownie said. “Why do we even
    have to hibernate?” asked Brownie. “Important reasons.” Caramel replied scientifically. “What do you want for Christmas?” Caramel suddenly asked. “A twig tiara!” Brownie said dreamily. “What do you want?” “A wood bracelet with flower designs!” said Caramel as if it was obvious. “I hope I get it, though.” Caramel added.

    After saying goodbye, Brownie went home feeling good. It was Christmas Eve, after all. She went home and immediately fell asleep. Suddenly, “Merry Christmas, Brownie!”! Brownie woke up with a start. All her friends were standing at the entrance of the cave- holding presents! Brownie laughed. This was the best Christmas ever!

    The End

    Also the link to the story at google docs-

  21. The Dance of the Great Master never ceases though it seems to be so to the black twattering monkeys at certain stage of their life – when in fact they are at the peak of their socalled reason/intellect and lost in its labyrinths feel totally cut-off from Nature.

    Alternatively, from the perspective of the Great Master/One/Oneness the Dance never stops though further within, it seems to have stopped for a while for the species Homo Sapiens. It is actually the Archtypal Homo Sapien who asks Who Me? Or Who am I? and not the real Great Master.

    Below I have tried to explain the why of it in terms of my four basic forces or interactions theory of evolution in a story from my book Self Designed Universe:

    Excerpt from my book (Basically I am explaining consciousness of duality and of Oneness):

    A certain prince lived in a state called Oneness with his King-Father. One day the King-Father put before him an interesting proposition. He told him that He will make him the King of the State of Oneness if he would successfully travel through four specially built towns named Gravitown, Electrotown, Strongtown and Weaktown and come back to stake his claim (The towns represent four basic forces or interactions of Gravity, Electromagnetic, Strong and weak and hence four basic phases going through which comprises all life’s including ours whole evolution at many cycle levels).

    He warned him that each of the first three towns will be more labyrinthine/complex than the previous one, and it will be only the last, the fourth one which may be of some help to him.

    The prince agreed, thanked the King-Father and embarked on the proposed journey.

    He did not face much difficulty in passing through the first two towns – the Gravitown and Electrotown (Imagine childhood and youth at individual level and species Plants and Animals at species level). But he found himself overwhelmed by the intricacies involved in the construction of the third one, the Strong town (imagine our middle age at individual level or species homo sapiens at species level).

    This town seemed more inside than outside, more full of virtual mazes than actual, more full of illusive mazes than real (Imagine our complex minds and its created world ). He at once knew that he will have to study it thoroughly to get out. Brilliant as he was in his college days, he put himself on the job of learning all the facts about the town with complete confidence.

    Soon he was lost even to himself so to say in the study of the town, more so because the town’s intricacies so fascinated him (Just as except for real sages we all are lost on our world of make-believe).

    Anyway, after a certain time he had studied it so thoroughly that he knew it inside-out so to say. He became conscious of every actual and virtual aspect of it, even every actual and virtual brick used in its construction. He became sort of a specialist of this town. He thought there was left really nothing more in it for him to know (He has reached the peak of consciousness but dual consciousness. Our science has reached here, philosophy in the form of rational philosophy even before it).

    But alas! While he had thus reached the peak of knowledge of this town, peak of awareness, consciousness of this Strong town, wow be to his thorough absorption into its study – to the point of almost losing himself as we said above – he forgot his original state of Oneness, and needless to say, his promise to return to it to stake his claim.

    He may well have remained lost in it for ever were his King-Father, knowing his plight, not to sent his messenger by the name of Time to gently pick him up during his sleep or perhaps during one of his losing fits so to say, to catapult him into the next town, the Weaktown (Here a Buddha gets enlightenment). From where because he could see the boundaries of the state of Oneness once again, he could come to remember it again. And of course, his promise to return to it to stake his claim.

    Needless to add, from there onwards it was again a smooth journey for him. All he had to do was to shed his so-called knowledge/consciousness of the previous town and only keep his attention now fixed on the state of Oneness soon to be reached.

    So that is that dear reader! Our usual knowledge, usual consciousness is like the knowledge of only the towns. In this we can be no different from computers. It is only the consciousness of the original state of Oneness, from which we began and to which we are bound to return, which can and will give it its meaning.

    This is consciousness-as-such, this is consciousness of Oneness or rather Oneness itself!

    In this book we will remain mainly concerned with this consciousness.
    Needless to add from this perspective the cycle goes on and on and so the Dance never stops though in a certain phase it seems to be so.

    Hope something of it sticks.

  22. behkna mgr dheere dheere
    khona ahista se
    jab yad aae toh soch lena
    hum aaenge milne kbi chupke se

  23. Why in third force phase species man feels cut off from Nature/natural flow and again why he again begins to sense the existence of Oneness is as per the behavior of the forces and their carriers. Same goes for other two forces. Really at the end of the day their is nothing beyond the pale of four basic forces or interactions as to their behavior. All our actions and even of the whole universe/Shiva’s dance are finally reducible to them. Which is why Lao, Ramana, Nanak all would say what will happen will happen.

  24. O omens, O dreams.

    Thy brain is the residence of thy dreams, dreams which are manufactured by the subconscious occurred by the unconscious of me.

    So powerful of them that they can make you feel something that you hadn’t felt or might never feel In the future.

    Are the hallucination which could make you swim like a shrimp in an clear ocean of ‘VIBGYOR‘even if you never had a bathe before,
    could be a chimera pushing you to be god,
    a specter nightmares your life,
    a reverie in a busy day providing you the liberty to fly
    or a wraith giving you an immense extent of peculiar and brutally strange malady and paroxysm by which you can touch death or awake to life.

    O omens, O dreams.

  25. Hoping this story inspires someone to make an animated film for kids. Besides being absolutely captivated and mesmerized by the visuals they will also absorbs the most fundamental law of nature at a crucial age.

  26. ever since the mankind walked its first step on this earth carrying intelligence on its shoulders, it has been in the pursuit of the answer to one question – What is the meaning of Life ?

    Have we found it ?
    To me the answer to above question still remains answered.
    So, what has been the result of this pursuit of thousands of years ?
    Religions ! Some would say.
    Science ! Others would say !
    But instead of giving us simple answers they have further entangled us in a web of complexities.

    However there is an interesting concept of “Karm” – Action, in Indian School of thought.
    While we live we must perform our Karm, with due diligence !
    To apply it to ourselves who are sitting here,
    it means weather at Home, office or anywhere else, we ought to perform our duties to the best of our abilities.
    You will find when we do this at the end of the day everyday, we will find our life has a meaning.
    Even if someday some philosopher comes along and says, “Life has no meaning”, you can turn towards that person and say, “at least I am trying to make it meaningful “

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