Heath Ledger and Four Feathers

This letter from Justin just came in and it is so moving that I had to put it on the blog. Thank you, Justin.

I am a 24 Army vet, I did 3 years in the infantry. Sorry it took many years but I have seen your movie The Four Feathers. Words cannot describe what I feel about it. Simply wow. I just wanted to let you know you did a hell-of-a job on this movie. I lost all my emotions during my time serving in the infantry, but this movie took me outta that dry spell. The part where they were running in the desert after he got out of the prison with his friend by the help of Abu, when they were being chased I jumped outta my seat and ran with then until they got away. Unreal. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and hope to catch another one of your films soon, I’m sure they’re close to if not better than this one.
Most Sincerely,
Justin Levitt

3 thoughts on “Heath Ledger and Four Feathers

  1. Waiting still from deep jungles,and himalayan high,after the songs of Rhodendron bloom. I shall serch “Heat ledger and four feather. we are not priviledge enough. but have watched masoon more than ten times when i was in standard ten. the film was screened publcly in a football field,miao,a place in arunachal famous for namdhapha national park. I am lovita morang proud to in film world whatever small way,for more than ten years,since my late teenage. But have to make effort to get through good cinema. Hope to find heat ledger and four feather soon.

  2. I completely agree with Justin regarding his comments about The Four Feathers. This was a beautiful piece of filming throughout .The perfect actors for the roles,beautiful locations perfect for the story which grabs you from the start. I was drawn into the film to the extent that I was unaware of my surroundings whilst watching. Utterly absorbing and enthralling. What a gifted filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is. I would go so far as to say honestly if asked this would be the most memorable film ive ever seen . Excellent HIGHLY recommended must see !

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