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  1. Hello Sir!

    I am a Producing Film and TV MA graduate from Uk and a Chartered Accountant. You have always been an inspiration to me and I really admire your work. I would love to work with you sometime on any of your projects if possible. Would it be fine if I could just send you over my CV? It will mean a lot to me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  2. Dear sir/madam,
    I want to discuss about Marathi Movie project with you. I want to make a Marathi movie under your banner, it would be very kindful for me, if you are interested. You first listen to my story than decide to make a movie or not.
    I am waiting for your positive reply. And if you are interested or Not than please give me a reply. I hope you will give a positive reply from your sight.
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Pushkar Bisht. I am from India. I study philosophy & write poetry.

    I strongly believe in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Quote “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books”.

    It’s a great privilege & honour for me to share a little piece of mine with a wise person.

    It will give me a great pleasure if you share your views on my creativity.

    Nothing is more beautiful than humanity..

    Those who are deeply lost in serving humanity
    Nothing is more beautiful than humanity for them…….

    It has its own sweet flavour and fragrance to the end,
    That drifts upto the sky without any weight……
    And fills the world with wonderful colours…….
    Then the world smiles to say, thank you…. Oh dear to serve me

    They know the value, how each human being is pure
    They take birth and die for it,
    And never feel what they have lost here……

    What I have felt and observed so far
    I find my purpose
    Not in my worldly-work….
    But a beautiful work of humanity lies before me
    That holds me in its lovely arms

    Almighty speaks…….
    Express your thanks to me not in the words
    But through the service to the humanity
    And this thanks won’t go waste….I promise to you, my dear

    I helped a sick man by taking to a doctor…..
    What I got a blessing from him in return
    And I felt nothing is more beautiful than humanity.
    Oh I felt it is the best and above all the things….
    And my heart & soul says “Nothing is more beautiful than humanity…..

    Tears of joy come in my eyes, who comes to me to wipe? ?
    How can my lord see me in all tears?
    He leaves the heaven……
    And wipe my tears and hugs me by saying…I feel proud of you to serve the humanity
    I speak to him, I did what you have taught me throughout my life, ,
    Nothing is more beautiful than humanity in this life……

    You Can Change The World With A Smile

    on your face
    does wonders
    and changes
    the lives of others
    who weep,
    who die with pain,
    & who do not smile.

    If you believe
    you can change the whole
    with a ‘smile’
    not with logics

    Millions hope for nothing,
    even if they live,
    there is no reason
    why they leave
    but they all live with a smile

    If you wish to give,
    give with a touch of smile
    not with regrets
    and see
    The whole world smiles
    and thanks to you
    for making it cheerful
    & peaceful

    Pushkar Bisht

  4. Dear sir,
    I am Tejas Patel, based in Sydney. I am a huge fan of films, I have seen most of the great films. I feel fascinated by looking them over and over again. When I was in my college I wanted to be a director, and still today I am 35 years old and some how this passion is still in my heart. I am a huge fan of your films and I like the films of Martin Scorsese the most. I want to be a director. But I am not sure where to begin so if you can please give me some ideas to start up I will be highly obliged.

    Please kindly reply as this is very important for me and my family.
    Kind regards
    Tejas Patel

  5. NAmaste!
    Is there any way possible to purchase a DVD of “Bollywood: the greatest love story ever told”? I have been scourign the web to find a way to purchase this and it is nowhere to be found! Thanks in advance!

  6. There is a great depth in your writing. It is so very joyous to read it, Your seeking for truth.
    Thank you – your existence brings great happiness to your fellow beings.

  7. Hi Shekhar:
    Padma and I are going to be in Mumbai on the 28th of March. Would like to say hello. Are you in town? My India contact is 099109 97213.
    Regards, Vipin

  8. शेखर कपूर साब, प्रधानमंत्री मालीकेमे आपकी अदाकारी इतनी अच्ची थी कि कह नाही सकता हून. आप एक पहिले देर्जेके कलाकार हो.

  9. The Original Thriller/Action Adventure Movie Series installments of a trilogy will be deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. The screenplay originated from my desire to create a modern version of the series of the 1500s and 1700s. The movie series can be an entertainment franchise, based on the historical fact and fantasy adventures. It is a big-budget film series 100-150 million dollars range for each installment movie series of a trilogy. And R rated movie series.

    The concept of Elizabeth first installment of the trilogy’s central theme and all of the other important ideas in the script are interpreted through the context of the original works of Rakesh Naidu. So basically we have two movies of yours Elizabeth is a 1998 written by Michael Hirst and Elizabeth: The Golden Age the screenplay was written by William Nicholson and Michael Hirst, as guidelines WHAT NOT TO DO while writing the first installment of the trilogy. And I need your help writing the first installment of the trilogy.

  10. Hello

    This is Taj, again. Now, i feel i should give a brief about me. 24 years old vagabond boy, born in 1991 in shriganganagar rajasthan, JNU, New Delhi, university degree dropped out in 2012. from passed three years traveling in india at different levels and worlds, alone to gain the control over the public consciousness.

    I am about to settle down in both Mumbai and LA in order to start kingship. Taj is coming with whole new kingdom in order to take charge and responsibility over the time. Taj is trained to enter into cinema by the divine authorities and different gurus.

    When i knew in Delhi that i have to enter into cinema to show the unseen. I started looking for this. Then the immortals and other divine powers took me to focus only to the project paani.. I started chasing only and only you and your consciousness.. I came to meet at your sheetal apartment office but you said “baad me”. Then i joined Barry John’s and actors prepares in Mumbai to understand the current rhythm of the business of movie making.

    I started contacting you by comments, tweets, emails and in office but it didn’t work.. I don’t think you can understand how much painful and almost impossible to come out of the governmental shell to be a VIP. I am dieing each moment.

    I passed through many revelations, intuitions, miracles and then enlightenment. I cant be in lines to get a role or cant follow the others. I only believe in to take different and unique roads, only then i can create the new. Taj is coming with whole new kingdom and endless money. I have bundle of scripts on which i have to work in lead. Shriganesh ll be with Paani project. My choice doesn’t matter. The divine power and authorities which give me work, pays for only that. I have storage of scripts to lead and already filled up with all future scripts.

    From that intuition, i received Paani script which i would like to share with you. Here goes….PAANI SCRIPT.

    jis tarah se samay chal raha he us hisaab se bhavishaya me esa samaya aayega ki paani par sirf corporate world ka adhikar ho jayega. talab or nadiya sadti or sukhti chali jayegi or corporate kachre se gandi hoti chali jayegi. is bhavishya ki ghatna ko rokne ke liye abhi se kaam karna hoga jisme is movie ka kafi yogdaan rahega.

    to kahani ka set hoga bhavishya almost 2050 ka time jaha technology or gadgets or zayada honge, janta ko esi chip ke zariye control kiya jayega jisse ki international dadagiri waale countries public ko har samaya trace kar sake. jo sab aaj start ho chuka he security ke naam pe. kahani yun jati he ki mahadev ke do bhakt rakshas or dev he. rakshas sirf kaam se bhakti karte he or dev nihsawart. rakshas bahut bhad gaye he dharti par or zamin yaani girls yaani land par zayadatar rakshaso ka kabza ho chupa he. rakshaso ke haath me hone se kabhi un girls ne sachchi muhabbat mahsus nahi ki he. or saari girls, ladies are being owned by devils shawartis. saari power yaani shiv ki shakti yaani paani yaani bijli yaani electicity yaani souls yaani white light sukhti ja rahi he unke atyacharo se.

    nadiya naale talab ya to unke yaani corporatism ki wajah se sukh chuke he ya zamino par zahar chhidak diya gaya he ya corporate kachre se nadiya naale dariya gande kare ja chuke he.

    in sab me ek boy ko chuna jata he jo ki mahadev se muhammad tak ka hi rup he. jo ki ek lower city se paida huwa he almost like a slummy one. jo kuch bada karna chahta he jisme aag he. jo logo ke liye apni jaan bhi dene ko taiyaar rahta he almost masiha type. wo bache khuche devo se milta he or wo use apna mahdev ya muhammad maante he or is yudh me saath dete he. government or private dono ke atyacharo se wo sadak par aata he. uski basti me aag laga di jati he jisse uske ghar or ghar waale khatam ho jate he. wo anath ho jata he.

    haa haa … ek main point ye he ki wo ek gori chitti ke payaar me pad jata he jise wo apni awargi ke dauran dekta he. uske baad se hi uski life disaster se disaster hoti jaati he. wo har chiz me fail hota jaata he. sab chhaud kar wo in sab chizo ka jawab khojne nikalta he aakir ye sab kyo? kyo ? why ? why? during this journey har koi usse muh fer leta he uske relatives apne paraye etc etc.

    ab jab uska dil tutta he means epic scene the main one. tab zamin se paani phut ta he jo ki zalimo ko utha ke phek deta he. purush(shankar) apni prakriti(parvati) ki raksha ke liye us lower city boy me aa baste he. jese ki kedarnath dham ko utha ke phekaa gya just like that jese Kashmir or Himalayan range me hui zamini halchal etc. is scene ke saath hi wo wapas laut ta he to meet that girl in higher city. ab uska struggle period start hota he. ab action scene esa hoga jisme do chize simultaneous chalengi ek to ladki ko villains se chhudana or yudh ka scene jaha mahadev baithe he or dev or danav lad rahe he. mahadev ka rup wo lower city boy devo ki taraf se danavo ke head se yaani corporate don se lad raha he. isme lower city boy ki death ho jati he or mahadev jo ki ab tak baithe the uth kar aa kar use jivit karte he. villain use mara samajh kar paani me phek jaate he. kintu ko aakar rakshaso ke head ko khatam kar higher city girl se bayah rachata he.

    girl ko wo lower city le aata he. isi ke saath khushiyaa means paani bhi aa jata he. jo ki zamin ke muhabbat ko mahsus karne se uska ros rom khil jata he. paani zamin se fut fut kar bahar aane lagta he sukhe dariya talab kuye phir se bhar jaate he. hell turns into heavan. or gande paani ki nadiya naale paani ke aakasmic flow se saaf ho jaate he. the extreme water flow. this is the miracle which a true love brings.

    This is what i feel, should be the Paani’s script. I ll try to understand your version. I am sorry i don’t know how to write a script. I just tried to tell you whatever i did.. I can only show case whatever i have faced or gone through.. Taj lived this script, so can easily perform. And again, you ll not able to make this project without me in the lead cast. I don’t know why so. I am helpless. You must try and understand the need of hour and era. Try to reply and fix meeting whenever you are free.

    Waiting……………Love. Love and more love…….

    Love, Care and Blessings.

    Taj Khan


  11. Hi Mr Kapoor!

    I am a writer and an academic living near Washington D.C. . I had taught at Delhi University for nearly 20 years, and now teach in the Univ of Maryland system.
    I wonder if you would be interested in making a film out of any of my two novels, one of which was nominated for the Commonwealth award.
    My first novel, THE TWIST OF TRUTH, is a historical cum philosophical novel on the Khalistan movement that has never been filmed or put into fiction.

    My second novel, A HUMAN SILICON CHIP, is based on the life of my first cousin, Sabeer Bhatia [of Hotmail fame] and explores sibling rivalry betwen two brothers, one of who is cast along the lines of my cousin and the other a bit like myself as he chooses liberal arts.
    I would be very interested if you can read any of my novels [available in India] and consider adapting them as films. I can talk to you about the possibility on the phone.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Nishi Chawla

  12. Hello sir,
    I am a big admirer of your last tv series “Pradhanmantri”.
    I would like to know that are you planning to write a book on the data you compliled for the show. It would be a very good if such is done as there are still many things about our country which we wanted to know in very detail. Also I know that writing history of about 80 years is not that easy but since you have all data and one of the best team of India, so This would go smooth and fast.
    Please inform us if there are some developments on this.
    Thank you.

  13. Dear Shekhar,
    It feels nice ,when a public figure or a leader of public thought responds to lay citizenry…
    It puts you in league of some great creative minds ,who are down to earth.
    Ashutosh Dimri
    Gurgaon, Haryana,India

  14. Hello sir i wanna ask u a question for my book….
    Actually one of my book chapter will be about Queen Elezabith I …so i wanna ask u a simple questions …Is the event that happens between Queen Elezabith and Don Guerau de spes in your movie (golden age) is real??and did she really quited him? And the dialogue between them,is it real??
    I really appreciate if you answer me
    Its so important to know the answers soon
    Thank you

  15. Dear Shekhar,

    I know you’re a follower of Sadhguru. So am I. I’ve seen many of your conversations with him.

    I want to make a suggestion to you. Why don’t you start a TV show that tells amusing spiritual tales of ancient times. You use your vivid imagination and creativity to broadcast, picture them.

    For example, the story of svetaketu, who was sent by his father back to the guru after he had come home of several years of study. We have so many amusing tales like this, which will benefit the viewer and draw them closer to spirituality in a fun and amusing way.

    Such attempt was made by Chinmaya Mission in 2012 when they made a TV series called, “Upanishad Ganga.” I truly enjoyed watching it.

    Maybe we can use this medium to tell our tales to the western world. Who knows? Let me know what you think about it.

    Great lover of your work.

  16. Namastey shekhar ji,
    Sir i want acting in your next movie paani, if is possible please kindly inform me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  17. Dear Shekhar,

    Let me start by saying that I am one of your avid fan, thanks to your brilliant cinema making in movies like Elizabeth and Bandit Queen.

    I recently saw that you had been or are in the process of holding auditions for your new upcoming movie Paani. As an aspiring actress, it is my ultimate dream to have the opportunity to begin my career with an accomplished director as yourself.

    I am complete unaware of what stage the movie is in so if there are any chances of any upcoming auditions, I would love to attend and send you more information about myself.

    I wish you all the best!

    Best Regards,

    Masha Roy

  18. Dear Sir,

    It is a matter of great pleasure and honor for us to invite you to E-Summit, the annual
    Entrepreneurial event organized by the E-cell, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India.
    E-Summit is an annual flagship event of IIT Kanpur effectuated with the intention to foster entrepreneurial
    initiatives and activities in the campus to accomplish IIT Kanpur’s mandate of nurturing India’s future
    technopreneurs. Globally E-Summit promises to be one of India’s biggest entrepreneurial platforms for the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about
    entrepreneurship. It brings them all to a common ground to engage in plenary, strategic and tactical breakout sessions with the common aim of promoting the entrepreneurship spirit. Sharing of entrepreneurship endeavour and experiences, discussion of ideas and opportunities will be a profuse learning experience for the active leaders of entrepreneurship in the savant community who can then disperse these ideas further.
    With this idea, E-cell, IIT Kanpur aims to inculcate the spirit entrepreneurship among the students and
    participants of the festival by spreading life-changing ideas to huge audiences. We invite the speakers of the
    day to talk about their experiences. We wish to invite you as a keynote speaker to hear you and your Story.
    The event is scheduled to be held from August 28th–30th, 2015 at IIT Kanpur. The audience
    of your talk shall comprise of students from different departments of science and engineering,
    Professors of IIT Kanpur as well as our guests at E-Summit.

    IIT Kanpur has been a host to some of the renowned personalities in the world including the likes Of Preeti Shenoy ( Best-selling author of “Life is what you make it” and “It happens for a reason”) Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam (Former President of India), Dr Stephen Wolfram (CEO, Wolfram Research), Meera Sanyal ( Ex.CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland), Piyush Agrawal ( Founding CEO of Aurus Network) among many others.
    We sincerely look forward to have you as one of our distinguished guests.

  19. Dear Shekhar sir
    I am Amit Kumar from Delhi. I want to request you to please watch my solo performance based on the story of Shri Satyajit Ray. I am waiting for your feedbacks.

    The link is in website blank.

  20. The conversation between Don Guerau Des Spes and Elizabeth is an interpretation of history though she did ask him to leave .. shekhar

  21. Hi

    What do we do if we think we have a script that you might be interested in?


  22. Pranaam!
    I have a suggestion – Add your “Lessons Of Life” and “Lessons on Love” on your blog.
    I am having a very good collection (more than 1300) of your “Lessons Of Life”. Thanks Shekhar ji for sharing such beautiful, meaningful and valuable thoughts. Regards

  23. Dear Sir ,

    With due respect I would like to suggest you that just think about making your film PAANI in 2-D or 3-D animation format.

  24. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapur,

    I am a Hungarian fan of your made. My name is Balázs Kalmanovits. I would be really happy if you could send me your photo wiht your signaure by mail.

    Best Wishes

    My address:

    Balázs Kalmanovits
    2000 Szentendre
    Rózsakert 2. fsz. 3.

  25. Hello
    I’m so excited to find you will be directing the Tigers Curse, I would love to audition for kelsey’s role or other female roles. If possible, please send me info to my email .

    Thank you for your time
    Jennifer Gallo

  26. Hello Sir,

    I have written a short story based on the background of Kunan Poshpora Incident, “which happened in Kashmir about 25 years ago and was one of the most embarrassing moments in Indian Army history. I would like to have my story read by your company. I’m not a professional writer, but when I came across reading about this incident, it moved me so much that I was compelled to write a story on it. You can contact me on Thank you for taking time to read this email.


    Dipam Shah
    Scranton, PA, USA

  27. Respected Sir,
    Iam an fresher chartered Accountant, a sikh belong to Indore city I wanted to meet Mr shekhar Kapur its my pleasure if he met wirh me

  28. Hello Shekar Sir,

    I have written story about kunan poshpara incident. The point I’m trying to make through this story is that it is foreign powers that are benefiting from the domestic fights in India between rebel groups in Kashmir and Indian government. I would like to have story read by you or your team and get honest feedback. Is there a way I can send you my synopsis of the story? Thank you for reading this message.

  29. Dear Shekhar Kapoor ,
    I am author of First Lady President writing to you from Jaipur, India.This is a book which made Obama the president of USA back in 2008.I am not making this claim for myself. It had been claimed by a political analyst of Washington DC bak in 2010.This news was a subject of media discussion here in Rajasthan, and Gujarat in India. I am giving you the necessary links– Indian as well USA links.



    US media links:



    On the basis of this book I have taken part in two US presidential elections–2004 and 2008 as an independent observer.In Obama’s election I was there for 6 months attending the convention of both the parties in which Obama and McCain were nominated as the candidates.Here is the evidence.

    My english writing capability had been appreciated by Mr Shashi Tharoor who reviewed my first book on Churchill (For which I had had personal compliments of five US presidents and five British PMs and which had also been reviewed by chairman of Churchill Center, Washington -Mr Richard Langworth back in the year 2000 in their journal Finest Hour acknowledging me to be the only person of India who had written two books on Churchill).

    Mr Tharoor had invited me to UNO back in 2004 because of this(see the photo in the gallery link above).

    My literary capability has also been acknowledged by a UK based literary agent who happens to be the only western professional in the field who read my book First Lady President from beginning to end.Here is his report.
    From: Robin Wade
    Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 4:02 PM
    Subject: RE: Submission : First Lady President by INDER DAN RATNU
    To: inder dan ratnu

    Dear Inder,

    Many thanks for your patience while I got to this. I’ve just finished reading FIRST LADY PRESIDENT and I’m really sorry to say that I concluded it just isn’t one for us. I think you’ve developed a really imaginative, intricate and convincing plot, and you draw believable characters. Overall it is certainly an impressive achievement and in terms of the actual prose and dialogue, I’m sure it’s eminently publishable. Unfortunately there’s just something about US politics that leaves me completely cold, and to be honest I don’t see this story appealing to mainstream UK publishers, which is our marketplace as a UK agency. Given that it is completely US-oriented, my advice is that you really need to find a agent/US publisher first of all. Once a book is a success in its natural home market, overseas publishers will look on it much more favourably.

    Of course my conclusion is entirely a matter of personal taste and judgement so please feel free simply to disagree with me and approach other UK agents. I urge you to keep sending it out as it stands to other agents (to as many as you can find, and concurrently – but don’t admit to doing this or some won’t bother to reply). I believe you can find a searchable list of UKand US agents who accept email submissions I should just add that your submission letter with its accompanying material is really excellent, and certainly deserves to do the trick.

    I was genuinely pleased to have the opportunity to read your work, for which thanks, and I’m only sorry we won’t be working together. I sincerely wish you every success with your writing in the future.
    Kind regards
    Wade & Doherty Literary Agency Ltd
    33 Cormorant Lodge
    Thomas More Street
    London E1W 1AU

    Tel. 020 7488 4171
    Fax. 020 7488 4172
    Mob. 07768 348 338

    I understand YOU are a talented film producer.It is my guess that a film made on First Lady President being released at around the presidential election date (first week of Nov ,2016),now that Hillary Clinton is re-contesting , can be an outright hit at box office all over the world since US presidential election is a world event now in the age of internet.I suggest you make the movie on this theme.The time is short ,yet I believe it is not too late.It is a great film adventure.It will make its own history.It will capture the imagination of american people outrightly because of the mix of fiction with the facts.

    It will add further feather to your hat.You can definitely compete in Hollywood by taking cheaper(less costly) actors.For lead role there is an actress who has already played Hillary Clinton in a political serial in USA as her features resemble Hillary.From Bollywood if any one could fit into it , it is Madhuri Dixit, with right make up.

    If you want a hard copy of my book just order it at :

    However , if you want a soft copy I can send it to you through email attachment in word file.

    Just in case ,you are not interested , you are free to forward it to anyone whom you personally know and you think he /she could be interested in this project.

    Best regards.
    Inder Dan Ratnu

    Email :
    Phone : 0141-2350626
    Mobile : 08741023327

  30. Hi,
    Saw Deepak mention you were looking for ideas about a new project, The Real Reality. I’m the writer of Dream Theory. After 30 years a UCLA trained ED physician, 25 years of marriage, 3 great kids, many years of mediatation, and several OOBES, this is my personal experience of reality. 

    Excerpt from Dream Theory:
    “Dream Theory (DT) says all of reality is the same as our dreams. Unlike other theories which use analogies and metaphors to describe reality, DT is a homology of reality.

    The theory naturally answers the basic questions of who, why, and what we are as well as the creation of our universe. Because we are all familiar with dreaming DT makes it easy to understand how reality exists and works. DT is a non dual theory which reveals all consciousness as part of a single larger Awareness we call the One.

    In the same way when we dream and create the illusion of a separate and personal identity and universe to have experiences, we here are the “individualized” (finite) consciousness of the One dreamer experiencing Itself. DT says our personal dreams are but fractal iterations of a larger conscious system.

    DT says if I could enter your dream and told your “dream you”, you were dreaming you would not believe me. Further, if I told your “dream you”, you were really the dreamer of you in your dream and every thing in it, you would think me crazy. DT says that is how reality is. There is One dreamer which creates you and every thing in this reality.

    If I could enter your “reality” here and tell your waking self, you are really part of a larger dream? You would not believe me. Further, if I could enter your reality here and tell you, you and every thing here are not only part of a larger dreamer but you are fundamentally of that dreamer you would call me crazy. But this is how reality is.

    In the same way in your dreams you are both the you and every thing in your dream and the dreamer, in this reality you are really a self aware part of the One’s dream and of the One dreamer simultaneously. You, every one else, and every thing else are both in the dream of life and part of the One dreamer. Dream Theory is the non duality of reality and how One Awareness experiences and explores Itself.”

    What is Dream Theory?
    The “Species” of Dreaming
    What is Dreaming?
    What Is Lucid Dreaming?
    EEGs and fMRIs of Dreaming
    Why Do We Dream?
    The Scientific Method and Dreaming
    Who am I? What am I? Why am I?
    Why is This Reality Like This?
    Why are We Here?
    Experience vs. Learning in the One
    “Who” is the One?
    Love in the One
    Acceptance in the One
    Is There Evolution and Entropy in the One?
    What is Reincarnation in Dream Theory?
    Does Size Matter?
    What is Pain and Suffering?
    What is Evil?
    What Happens in Suicide?
    Is There Justice in the One?
    Is Awareness a Right or a Privilege?

  31. Thank you for the contact. I will send it soon.

    The story is about Sir Thomas Roe, the first English ambassador to India (in early 17th century). I found the juxtaposition of Shakespeare’s England and Mughal India too delicious to ignore. At that time, the Mughals were fabulously rich and the English were provincial in comparison. In fact the Indians looked down upon the English, who realised they needed to send a ‘Man of Quality’ to India to change England’s image and negotiate a trade deal. However, manoeuvring through the Mughal court was easier said than done.

    I will send it to Beth Swofford at Creative Artists Agency 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

  32. Dear Sir,

    Presenting a book based on action and adventure.

    “YODHA – Dawn Of The Warrior”

    Three kingdoms. Two allies. One enemy. Three priests. A young prince and a princess in love. A warrior. A teacher with wisdom like nothing before. Yodha – The Dawn of the Warrior is a tale of love, betrayal, conspiracy, war and a quest for the truth. Two kingdoms have brokered a rather strong sense of peace to unite them – but all of a sudden, a seed of conspiracy is sown, and the peace between the nations is shaken up. A challenge to save love and a fight for supremacy. Will there be dawn of a new warrior, a new Yodha?

    The book can be bought from the following sellers :

  33. Sir would like to see your new Short film Iftar, i have seen the IMDB link but about technical specification there is nothing if you have any website for this film where can find more on it it can be helpful , are you going to release it on internet or ?

    Best regards

  34. Dear Sir,
    I am very interested in learning more about your film Paani. Is there a Web site for the film? Will the film be released with English subtitles?

    Thank you.



  35. Dear Mr Kapur,

    I heard that you will be writing and directing a series about the legendary Cleopatra. I would like to audition. Am quite desperate to, actually..
    I believe Cleopatra to be one of the strongest female roles an actress can play – up there with Lady Macbeth and Joan of Arc. She is strong and independent and with an incredible combination of intelligence, charm and beauty. It would be a great challenge to play her, I’m sure, but I believe I could rise to it and bring a fresh take to a young Cleopatra.

    Please believe me when I say I would never usually approach an audition for a part like this, but I was reading your blog and the following really resonated with me; when you spoke of creativity and the people who succeed in their creative pursuits you said;

    ‘They will take the next step forward .. not knowing what will happen .. if they fall they will still take the next step forward .. how else will they learn to walk ? They are not afraid to explore the unknown ..’

    I felt this was a sign I should take a risk with you. A creative who’s work I truly admire.

    If you would like to know anything else or for any more information, please get in touch.

    Thank you,

    From somebody’s prodigy (I just don’t know who yet!),

    Amelie Owen

  36. Hi Shekhar,

    I am a Welsh born Actress of Egyptian and Jordanian descent. I came across the deadline article about the search for a new Cleopatra and I believe that if ever a role was right for me than this is.

    Ok so I’m an unknown Actress from Wales…why take the chance in auditioning me?! Well for starters I am of Egyptian descent but more exciting than that what I have to offer is unseen fresh talent filled to the brim of passion and readiness with bags of spark to connect to on screen. It’s a risk of course to audition an unknown but it’s a risk worth taking as my potential grows in every casting and role plus I have a fire within that has been instilled in me from childhood; to always fight for every opportunity even when a no is expected.

    I would relish the opportunity to audition for this role to you so open the door and let me show you what I can do.

    For more information then check out my wordpress at or email me at

    I look forward to hearing from you

    XoXo The Welsh Exotic

  37. Dear Mr. Kapur,
    I read rumours online that you are about to make another film, and that too on Cleopatra. Is that so? If yes, how very exciting! I look forward to your understanding of Cleopatra, and also to affinities in character that you may find with your early project on Elizabeth. Is there something common between these female rulers that intrigues you? I also wonder if any part of your depiction, if there is one that is, would be drawn from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra? I recently saw the film version with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh and was mesmerized by Leigh’s brilliance. What tense, nervous brilliant energy racing through her performance. She is a genius through and through.
    With all good wishes,
    Bihani Sarkar

  38. Good Day Shekhar

    My name is Malie Thekiso, I am a South African-born and bred actress living and working in NYC.

    As a huge fan of your compelling works I would like to extend an invite to a show I will be in.

    It will be at The Manhattan Repertory Theatre (303 W 42nd St #3, New York, NY 10036) on the 2nd and 4th of September ’15 at 9pm.

    More details can be found if you follow the link to my Backstage profile provided above.

    Thank you for your time,


  39. Good day Mister Kapur!

    My hope is that this email reaches you in health and happiness!

    This weekend I was looking for some insight from Deepak Chopra by the use of his youtube channel. I was attracted to a clip titled ‘The Real Reality’ and so I clicked on it! I was delighted by his belief on this topic as well as that I was thrilled to hear about a potential TV-series which will be inspired by this same topic. As I am an actress this especially interests me. Me and some of my friends who are also working in this industry have been contemplating the need for new, aspiring and groundbreaking realities in filmmaking. With the evolution of human consciousness I am certain that we are heading towards a future of individual and collective growth wherein the media will and have to mirror this wholesome way of living. And I personally, am so excited and grateful for the rise of these kind of creative projects as these bring fertile ground for a new way of acting as well!

    I therefore wish you all the best with your future projects!

    And if you are ever in need for an actress of my kind (see website link) Then please feel free to contact me at anytime!

    Best regards,

    Bowy Goudkamp

  40. Dear Sir,

    I have recently read that you are working on a TV series about CLEOPATRA with slingshot global media.
    As an Independent screenwriter and Airm-chair historian, one of my life’s intentions is to tell the story of CLEOPATRA with the breath and scope of the 1960s film, using the modern day technology we are gifted with. To tell her legacy from the beginning of her family’s Dynasty after the death of ALEXANDER THE GREAT, through the wars and her childhood to her death with her lover in 30 BC. It would an honor to talk to you and possible work together on this project, to one day film in and around Egypt together. While I am not Egyptian, my mother has raised me on Egyptian history and love of it’s culture and people – including CLEOPATRA. To have to wait to make my own take on the project would be a very long time but to at least write this series with you would be an honor.

    I look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you,

  41. Hello Shekharji,
    Always been a fan ! But now am mesmerized by your thought process.. just saw an old video of Isha yogic center… I have been into theater and classical dance and compose my own ideas…Please go through my link in the website section. I will be happy to share, work together and learn from you. Thanks Dolly (live in chicago)

  42. Hi Shekhar.
    I wish to write you an email. Can you please share your email with me (if you like i.e.). Reason : Creative ! Thanks.

  43. Dear Sir,
    At first , with all due regards , I cannot begin to tell you just how fortunate I feel to be able to interact with you.
    I am an international freshman student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and am studying Journalism, Economics and Business Administration. I follow your blog and am deeply intrigued by your views on a variety of issues. I intend to work on a series of interactions focused on the theme of Global Indians.
    I request you to grant me the opportunity to have a one to one interaction with you. I would be highly grateful if you could take some time out of your busy schedule to entertain my request.
    I would be highly grateful if you accept my request.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Warm Regards,
    Vibhor Kedia

  44. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    I’m very happy to discover your world and the way you see life… Thank you for sharing.

    I heard you are looking, for a new tv-series, for Cleopatra’s part – which I had the pleasure to play in an ARTE channel (France) docu-fiction. I thought you would be maybe interested in having a look on my work as an actress regarding this part!? I’d be so delighted to have a chance to audition for you. Here are some pics of the part:
    And here is my fiction showreel:

    I wish you all the best Life is planning for you! I’m sure it’s a lot, as I see you are already “synched” with its absolutely perfect flow…

    You can also discover a bit more about me and my inner world here: “What do I stand for?”:

    Simply, here and now,

    Laëtitia EÏDO

  45. Dear Sir,

    IIT-BHU is organising the flagship edition of its Film and Media Festival from 2nd to 4th of October.
    It is a one of its kind, all-students’ – Film and Media Festival open to Schools and Colleges.

    In India the education system is very rigid and aspirants of Film and Media are usually looked down upon. We want to not only break that taboo but also open the eyes of the people to the ocean of opportunities the field holds.
    Our vision is to empower the aspirants and feed the curious.
    In the process, we are also addressing prevalent social issues in the country and all over the world – Education & Awareness.

    Sir, we would love to have you over for the event as a Patron Speaker and share with us your experiences and insights on making such soulful cinema that is an intersection of art, myth and activism.

    If you could kindly revert we can work out the dynamics of the same!

    Best regards
    IIT-BHU Family

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