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  1. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    My name is Helen Davis and I am an author with a forthcoming novel about Cleopatra. It is an alternate history in which the world is changed by her and Marc Antony’s victory at Actium. I am looking forward to your series about her and greatly enjoyed your films about Elizabeth I.

  2. To
    Respected director
    I am a concept artist and film storyboard artist attaching my website. If given a chance I will offer my services to ur creative process.i earlier also worked with late director and my mentor Jag Mundhra sir for Bhawander’.
    thanking you

  3. Do you have anything to do with the casting of Cleopatra? I have read Stacey Shiff’s novel so many times and believe only someone committed to do such an incredible person justice should play her. She wasn’t just some sex symbol, she was one of the most cunning minds in history. I feel I could do her justice, and I am around the age she was when she became pharaoh with her brother.

  4. Dear Shekhar,

    I feel guilty when I look at this blog… so many people pushing things on to you, and in all honesty, I am doing the same… Oh dear!!
    I sent the script to Beth at CAA. Please let me know if you have received it. You will quickly realise why I sent it to you. At a time when the Mughals ruled India and Shakespeare ruled the English stage, a small group of English merchants established a company that they hoped could set up permanent roots in India. They needed to impress Indians who had significantly more power and wealth than the English who, at that time, were provincial in comparison.
    The script is based on historical research (I have a PhD). Anyway, please let me know if Beth has received and forwarded the script. Thank you

  5. Dear Sir,

    It is a matter of great pleasure and honor for us to invite you to our annual sports and cultural festival Riviera’16. Riviera is an international cultural and sports festival of VIT University, Vellore. This year theme of the fest is “Unmask the Mask” with an intention to let the students to overcome their stage fear to showcase the talent. we would be highly obiliged if you confirm your presence. The fest is scheduled to be held from 4th Feb to 7th Feb with Pre-Riviera events starting from 30th Jan.
    Riviera has witnessed many eminent artistes and personalities such as Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghosal, Vishal Dadlani, K Shrikanth, Arjun Kapoor to name the few and you being their will be great for us and would also encourage the aspiring flim makers of our Institute.

    Thanking You
    Sourav Singh

  6. Dear Shekhar,

    I have been a strong admirer of all your work but most importantly your writings and your twitter which I follow closely.Thank you for every single word of wisdom as it spreads lot of love and re-affirms our belief in the meaningful existence.

    I have a great great desire to work with you in your upcoming ventures.Am not sure what would be the way to go about it and how to audition.

    Please guide.

    Warm regards.

  7. Shekher sir,

    Being honest i have no acting experience….never done movies in my life..I was a banker…..But as you are PARKHI to pick n polish talent in Bolly and Holly..As u find Nirmal Pandey Sir in Bandit Queen as VIKRAM MALLAH and Politely exploit his acting and get extract same as MANOJ VAJPYEE sir in SATYA as Bhikhho Mahatrey By Ram gopal verma….But you only praised personally BHIKKHO bhai role in review as before Satya Bhikhho bhai had done role in BAndit Queen..

    I may beat acting OF robert de niro in Heat and Al pachino act in The recruit..As Mr Pachino said in Recruit by Saying He has scary eye of judgement..Same perception i have in my mind for your work Sir..

    Gamble on me ..I m certain will break the ice with tounge pressure..

    Adios Sir..

  8. Hello Shekhar, I watched the Heath ledger film four feathers the other day and enjoyed the film as a whole. However I am disappointed to see that in the scene of the Mahrdi attack ion the British square you had the union flag flying upside down. I am surprised as in other scenes it was correct. I am sure you know that the diagonal white cross and the diagonal Red Cross hold have the thicker white part above the red closest to the flag pole or standard to which the flag is attached. If this is not the case then the flag is upside down, it is not symmetrical. Please google if you do not understand or email me and I will send a photo. It is a shame that this attention to detail is missed in a fine film, and such a shame Heath Kedger left us at such a young age. regards Rob Ridgway

  9. We would like to invite you to participate in Lucknow Literature Carnival this year. The event is organised by Lucknow Expressions in association with The Times of India and UP Govt. Please check our website for more details and please suggest how can we discuss it with you.

  10. Hello Shekhar Sir…. I just want to talk to you and write you a mail… Which you can read…kindly provide me your mail id…. and you must have got my mail id through here only..ryte Sir?
    Please sir reply… Really oblige…Thanks..Waiting….

  11. Hi,

    How may I touch base, if I would like to be considered for casting in your projects?


  12. Hi Mr. Kapur,

    My name’s Gabrielle, I’m a young model (17 years old) from the agency b Models Management (Canada) and I’ve been an extra in the upcoming X-Men. My biggest dream is to be in the show-business, been an actress, mostly.
    I want to know if you’ll do audition for any movies you’re going to make, like Tiger’s Curse, for example ? It will be really amazing for me to try it.
    If it’s necessary, I will do the travel.

    Thanks, hopefully I will have some news from you soon.

    Have a nice day!

    Gabrielle C.

  13. Hello shekhar sir….I have been working in film industry from last five years. works as assitant director, production controller, executive producer etc. , but i write film stories also, i have written one beautifull creative subject based on true incidents, i want to share this subject with you as i know that you can do justice with this concept,i need your views on that story, plz show me the way to send it you


  14. Dear Shekhar

    Got an email back from Beth Swofford who told me to send the script to Spencer Baumgarten at CAA which I have duly done. Once again I would appreciate it if you could contact Spencer and perhaps give him a heads-up to allow ‘Queen’s Victoria’s Maharajah’ to be forwarded to you as I am wary of the unsolicited scripts closed door policy that gatekeepers are forced to otherwise automatically adopt.

    kind regards


  15. Dear Shekhar,

    had written to you earlier but have’nt received any response.Am based in London and am hugely interested to work with you.

    Pls. let me know if there is any chance at all to get connected with you ?

    Warmest regards,


  16. Shekhr sir i’m an actor,director,theatre artist at freelance.’i’m ur big fan.bandit queen,masoom,elizBeath is all tym my fev.m waiting ur project pani

  17. Sir Shekhar Kapur

    We at INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA, Dubai are exploring for a motivational speaking session of yours in the month of Feb. How can we connect with you?

  18. It gives me immense pleasure to write to you. Myself Mane Mkrtchyan. I’m from Armenia. I’m a Hindi scholar (PhD) in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. It was such a great surprise for me to know that you’re going to make a film about the Armenian Genocide. Armenian people would be always grateful to you.

    The purpose for which I’m writing to You is very important. As you know Sir, the centenary of the Armenian genocide approaches in April 2015. In the world today, India has an important position and creating an opinion within this part of the world would definitely help Armenia to raise its voice more effectively. As you are aware, Hindi is the third largest spoken language of the world and anything published in Hindi is ought to get wide attention.

    Therefore, for the very first time we’re going to publish a Book on Armenian Genocide in Hindi by one of the most reputed publishing houses in India. Though I’m translating the material (poems, travelogues, stories)in Hindi from Armenian, over-all guidance and supervision is being provided by the eminent poet and writer Mrs. Suman Keshari Agrawal. And we’re going to launch this book in both countries, India and Armenia.

    I hope we can establish our collaboration on this project. For that we would like to meet you, if possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Warm Regards, Mane

    Dear Shekhar Kapur,

    It is an absolute pleasure connecting with you in the physical! I have had a recent integration process with Goddess Bhumi/Gaia/Kali and your videos/interviews helped me understand a lot about my incarnation and I thank you.

    My Secret Mentor who I have been working with for some time told me I am now ready to put myself out in public.

    This game of ascension has been quite interesting as I am mostly guided in the inner world and my physical mentor is a guide to nudge, hint or be my emergency contact. Recently I was taken on an inner journey through 6 heavens and anointed in many ways. Now Alisha Lalji is integrated with Mother Earth Gaia.

    I have had revelations about India being first and I am ready to get out there as I have been training, detoxing, downloading, integrating and going through a lot of physical challenges with this incarnation.

    This game is all about empowerment so I am using the tools I have to reach my awakening codes (the ones I know I will be working with or have a mission with)……and of course you aren’t as easy as looking up a number in a phone directory and just calling. So I hope and know this message will reach its destination.

    This is a time/sensitive matter as I am ready in the now to go to India, but live in Canada. I will email you with the contact information I have, but incase that message doesn’t get to you, I hope this will.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the work you and your team have done and are doing for the upliftment of humanity. I have setup a template on Humanity 411 youtube with my ascension process along with those who have inspired my journey.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    Much Love!

    Alisha Lalji/Goddess Bhumi

    P.S. I have also contacted Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as we will be working together too 🙂

  20. Shareeram yadavaapnoti yacchaapyutkraamateeshwarah;
    Griheetwaitaani samyaati vaayurgandhaanivaashayaat.

    Shrotram chakshuh sparshanam cha rasanam ghraanameva cha;
    Adhishthaaya manashchaayam vishayaanupasevate.

    Utkraamantam sthitam vaapi bhunjaanam vaa gunaanvitam;
    Vimoodhaa naanupashyanti pashyanti jnaanachakshushah.

  21. Dear Shekhar,

    I don’t like sending these emails as everyone seems to be asking you for something and I am worried that I am doing the same… almost. You will recall that you advised me to send a script to Beth at CAA. I am just writing to see if you received it.

    To remind you, the story is set at a time when the Mughals ruled India and Shakespeare ruled the English stage. A small group of English merchants wanted to solidify trade with India, but the Indians looked down upon the English. The merchants needed to send a ‘man of quality’ to India to change this image. This is the story of that man’s attempt to change the image of the English and gain a trading pact with the emperor Jahangir.

    The story is well researched (I have a PhD). Please let me know if you have received the script.

    Thank you


  22. Dear Shekhar,

    I am a half Turkish/English actress who trained at LAMDA and would very much like to send you my showreel with regards to a project I heard you are making a pilot for next year. What would be the best email to use?

    Many thanks

    Jaleh Alp

  23. I would love to work with you. I am currently based in Mumbai. Where should I mail you my Resume for Assistant Director.


  24. Hello Shekhar,

    I have met you at TIE in silicon valley and at various events. I Liked your aura and personality. I would like to introduce you to our new 3D virtual reality video and hopefully you and we would work on it together.
    I live and work in SFO I can come down to los angeles and see you as well. I assure you your time will not be wasted.


  25. Hello Sir,


    I am Surbhi Bordia from Indore.

    I am writing to you in regards to ‘Dust’, an Indo-German feature film, a student debut to be shot in M.P, on which I am working as an assistant director.

    In order to build an early audience base and to raise additional financing, we are going to run a crowd-funding campaign for our film from next week onwards for one month. We’d be very happy if you could help and suggest about our campaign to increase our outreach.

    Join us on Facebook:

    If you find our project interesting I would like to mail you the details.

    I look forward to hearing from you about the same.

  26. Sir,

    You must be getting thousands of such requests and am unsure if this one will get noticed ( had written earlier also).Admire you hugely for your work and you as a person.What would be the process if I want to work with you ( not just as an actor but to just be part of your team).Will wait for the response.


  27. sir,
    since its been a long wait for your much awaited movie Paani i write ths comment coz For the role of lead as i am as thin as required and sir le lo pllzzzz

  28. sir,
    i am the student of media are my ideal person in my life.sir i want to work with you. please sir guide me and suggest me.i am very much interested in directing and advertising .please sir help me.and guide me.
    Thank you sir.

  29. sir,
    This is pradeep kumar student of ec engineering at gwalior. This
    email is sent to you to let you know that i love writing scripts but
    as i belong to a middle class family and i cant risk my future
    struggling in Mumbai for an Bright future and success. Just because i
    afraid of failure, so i request you sir just to read once the stories
    i have written. I will send you my full script once you put your
    interest in it.

    So my first story is that an guy(abhay) who was abandoned/almost
    killed by his family(includes his brother,mother and uncle), and
    before killing him his family also told him that how they killed his 7
    month pregnant wife because she refused to sighn property papers, but
    at the very moment they were toturing abhay his pa came into room and
    starts shouting and screaming help help help than a bullet is shot and
    she layed down on the ground dead than after and they thrown him away
    in river but somehow he survived and went to mountains to live a life
    free of all society and household issues, to live a life where there
    are no brothers and relatives who can betray you. but living in
    mountain was not so easy so tried hard to make him so tough to face
    his new life but there he came to know that his wife and son are alive
    and are being facing a lot of torture and scolding from his family so
    he decided to kill all those people who tried to kill them and his
    wife, those people who betrayed him just because of property so went
    back to city killed his brother mother and uncle but there his servant
    told him that your wife is missing from the day you were missing and
    your family was trying so hard to find you and your wife but they
    never get a clue and you killed your own family your loving ones than
    abahy starts whipping like child and ask his servant that how you know
    all this than his servant told him that he was out for shopping and
    there he received an call from an unknown lady and she told him to
    stop you before its too late because main culprit of all this mess was
    someone else and she also told me to tell you that you will get your
    all answer’s by tracing her mobile no. and here it is her mobile no.
    from which i received the call go and find the culprit and kill him
    than abhay went to the address where the phone was last active and
    when he reached there what he that lady was his own …………. and
    than she told him why she did all this to him.

    sir if like the concept than please allow me to tell you full story
    that which lady was she and why she did all this. the whole story was
    really interesting and you will definitely like it so please sir give
    me chance prove my talent.
    my other stories little outlining are-

    one is about an guy who was mentally and physically unstable and he
    faced a lot of problems till he succeeds in inventing an syrum which
    can cure dna of an mentally unstable children below age group of ten.
    his syrum can cure the unnecessary changes in dna and can make the
    children’s totally normal.

    and one is about indo china war on an area which is than restricted
    and sealed to stop entering by both governments . but Indian
    intelligence gave an report that some government officials of china
    are infiltrating into the borders illegally and setting up troops to
    get control of that area but the problem is that china government
    doesn’t know about it and India cannot blame them for this because
    this was whole planning of those Chinese officials who hates India and
    want full control over the area so they Indian officials decided to
    send some most skilled and killer squad to sent in the restricted area
    secretly and kill all those troopers but unfortunately even after
    mission was success full none of the Indian returned because all were
    dead in cold war and two of them who survived were gone somewhere in
    peace without informing Indian government.

    and there are lot more so sir please give me chance to make my career
    in script writing i have a lot of fresh and different ideas.

    yours faithfully
    pradeep kumar.
    rjit college bsf academy
    tekanpur gwalior m.p

  30. R/Sir,
    We are the student group of B.V.Bhoomaraddi college of engineering and technology, Hubballi (Karnataka) which is a premiere engineering college in north Karnataka and one of the top five engineering colleges in the whole of Karnataka. It was established in 1947 and has gained recognition in curricular as well as co-curricular activities since then. Our college has 12 undergraduate and 8 graduate programs offered to about 6000 students.BVBCET has now emerged KLE Technological University which is one of its kind in the whole of Karnataka. Every year we conduct a national level technical fest named ‘PLEIADES’ which was first started in 2007. This fest attracts many people from all walks of life as well as students from premier engineering colleges.. We would be delighted to have your lecture at this PLEIADES which would be conducted on 31st March,1st and 2nd of April, 2016. I request you to please let me know the details in this regard.

    Thanking you

  31. Respected Sir,
    Greetings from TEDxIITKharagpur. We are thrilled to invite you as speaker in the fourth edition of TEDxIITKharagpur on 5th March 2016. Your work as a leading artist in world cinema is very much admired in our campus.
    Looking forward to a favorable response.

  32. Dear Sir,
    We are having a course called Shankara’s Thoughts in BITS-Pilani (Hyderabad Campus) where by we teach our students a very beautiful work of Adi Shankaracharya’s called Vivekachudamani which deals with Advaita philosophy.
    We as educators, are trying to make spirituality more application based for our students whereby they can incorporate the same in their real lives too. If would be a very enriching experience for our students if you could kindly give consent for a Skpye discussion on the topic Spirituality and Creativity.

    Your name was proposed by my husband Mr. Vinai Sankunni who had met you in Jaipur for a conference called Streaks where you had engrossed them on experiences of Paani.

    Looking forward to your response…
    With warm regards,
    Dr. Maya Vinai
    BITS-Pilani (Hyderabad campus)

  33. Dear Shekhar sir,

    We met you came for the WPP Stream organised in Jaipur, am still mesmerised by the humility & knowledge you possess. My wife Maya works with BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus in the humanities department. The students of BITS & faculty have asked me to contact me on their behalf, if you could give them a skype interview at your convenience, these students have varied interest from cinematography to spirituality.

    If you could give us some dates, we can try to coordinate with all the 3 campus to get into telepresence and conduct the interview, so that we could get a wider reach.

    I would earnestly request you to accept our request, you would be a positive inspiration for the students.

    Thanks, Vinai

  34. Hello Mr.Kapur,

    This is Pradeep with you. I am an NRI media markerting professional working in the Sultanate of Oman. I am also a passionate writer (lyrics, articles, short stories, script etc).

    I have completed a script for an animation film in English catering to a worldwide market and with good potential in multilingual formats as well. The story is set in the 6th century BC and has The Buddha as one if the central characters. The script also offers excellent scope for visual imagery and grandeur. The subject is also very relevant in today’s age of mindless violence and intolerance.

    I want to showcase my script to any reputed film maker or production house who would be able to do justice to it it in terms of production, marketing and distribution. In this regard, I would like to solicit your interest in my script as a film maker. I would be happy to E mail you the same for your evaluation.
    If your evaluation is favorable, it would be an honor and privilege to associate with you.

    Looking forward,

    Pradeep Govind

  35. Esteemed Mr. Kapur,
    I am an LA based screenwriter, author, focused on historical fiction. I consider you to be ‘the gold-standard’ of directors of period film; I cannot even count how many times I have watched Elizabeth, The Golden Age. Every time I am thrille again and again by the visuals, pacing, the marvelous restraint balanced with opulence. Of course, it did not hurt that you cast it to perfection.

    I have a TV miniseries I have been developing from a series of 5 books [I optioned] that travel from Inquisition Spain to Mexico, France, England and end in India. The idea is to produce 5 seasons of 8-12 shows per season I have a pilot script and pitch for this. It would be a dream to get your thoughts on this.

    I also am working on a script that could be phenomenal for you and your muse and fellow magician Cate Blanchett.
    “Diane, The True Queen of Chenonceau” about the enduring love affair between 35 year old Diane de Poitier and the 15 years younger King of France Henri II.
    Both can be seen on my website, just in case you should want to know more…
    and if you are ever in LA I should love to meet you.

    In great admiration,
    I am because you inspire me…

    Judi Jordan

  36. I am the author of two Gujarati books namely ‘Sambandho no Sarvalo’ and ‘Pradushan ne Padkar’.
    At present, I have published the book –
    ‘WATER IS LIFE, WATER IS DEATH! Subject to Research…’
    WATER, the most important element for not only human beings but also for all living organisms on the earth.
    Our ancient scriptures say that our body is made of 5 basic elements. They are earth, water, air, fire and sky/space and even science says that our body is made of more than 70 % water. We all know that life is only where there is water. So I can say water matters…We must consume water to live. But, we should drink it judiciously. As all the thing have two sides, water is so. Water is also harmful to us when excessive or deficient. We are introduced with only positive sides of water till now but the book has managed the negative side. Our water drinking habit has turned excessive and extreme at present. As excess is always harmful so is water drinking. We drink water round the hours but the book limits it. It says to drink in appropriate quantity during day time and not to drink at night at all. It says water turns harmful at night which is proved logically and scientifically. Furthermore, most of our bodily systems are at rest at night so more water at night disturbs the systems and so to health. I have included ancient scriptures, religion, human body and its systems, circadian rhythm, chromotherapy etc. It suggests to maintain health by managing water drinking habits considering the time and place with one’s own physique and environment.
    The book is useful for all as water is most important for us.
    The book says
    How much to drink…
    When to drink…
    When to not drink…
    What can be caused by excess…
    What can be caused by less…
    Manage fluid in your body and maintain better health…
    For book, contact…
    Mahesh Chauhan

  37. Dear Sir

    I write to invite you as a Keynote speaker to the event “Mindful Leadership Summit” on 14-15 September in New Delhi India.

    This is a well established event from US, which has been attended by over 1000 people over the last 2 years. We now bring it to India, with the passion and dedication to working at the cross-sections of Spirituality/awareness and Leadership.

    Having followed your illustrious career and been a fan for long of your Creative , vulnerable yet powerful personality, I am very keen to have you as a speaker for the event.

    We have several International speakers for the event, who are an authority on the subject. With multiple books to their credit, they will bring some profound insights to the event.

    Kindly share some contact information where I can connect with you to share more details and discuss further.

    Warm Regards

    Marut Bhardwaj

  38. Dear sir, Would like to meet you when you come to India next. Anything scheduled? How will I come to know of your arrival in India? Rgds, Sur

  39. Dear Shekhar ‘masoom’ sir.
    I have been an ardent fan of your work since ‘Masoom’ days and perceive the film as an outcome of your innocent personality.
    Present alarming drought situation in different parts of India reminds me of your apt project “PAANI”. Is it still on?
    I have a story about celebrating the journey of soul wherein everyone joining the last rites yatraa of a hindu person to the cremation ground on bank of river Ganges rejoice . But eventually , the parched basin of Maa Ganga brings gloom on everyones’ face including that of demise soul on salvation journey.
    Is it worth making a riveting script?

  40. Dear Shekhar,
    As a volunteer translator for ETW France (Amma’s NGO), I was wondering whether you would like to integrate French subtitles into your documentary “The science of compassion”?
    Thanks for your interest, kind regards,

  41. Hi Shekhar,

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for the culture you created on the Four Feathers film. I made life long friends working on it for you. It remains one of the best experiences of my life so far. I still can’t believe Heath is gone though. What a great bloke.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. I hope life is treating you well.

    All the best,


  42. Greetings for the day, Shekhar ji 🙂

    I’m a chess professional from India and occasionally try my hand at writing

    My novella will be published my Readomania in the month of June. The book is in phase of developmental editing. We are almost ready.

    Will you be able to read my novella and write a line or two about it? It has sixty pages. The book will appeal more to writers and bibliophiles. The publisher has categorized it under YA Fiction.

    A quote from you will help the book very much. Do let me know if you can do it and I will send the pdf document.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message


  43. Most Respected Sir, I m trying to do an candle march in dehradun, for save water. But u know sir I am alone. If I give this responsibility to political leaders then they will target and want to grab there vote bank. Here the people who is only target there personal aspects only, they really dont have time or thinking for society and poor people they will not help me in this matter. so I need your help sir. I m 32 years old working with news paper in response department. Sir I know your very busy and u cant come to attend the Program but I want people who will join this event without any personal aspects.
    Sir, this is my request to you that please guide me for this.
    Thanking you,

  44. Respected sir,

    How about making world think about, how a golden bird(INDIA) lost it title? …when the whole global countries arrived at its door step?
    How a single nation-area-same thinking people where diveded in more than 400 countries and united by external forces to be one?
    Why we are known as snake charmers but not as the originator of whole educational system? Why Alexander-the great, lost at the gate of INDIA? WHO ARE THE NINE UNKOWN MEN? What acually our mythology spaeks about sex, women empowerment, and various mild causes…what todays INDIA is lost in superstitious, fear of god, true power of selfless?..

    Well I am always there, with the materials.

  45. Dear Shekhar Kapur,

    I’m a British Screenwriter from the UK. I have three completed spec scripts. Genres include, Romantic Comedy, Comedy/Crime/Heist, Suspense/Drama and A British Asian comedy.

    A few of my shorts are currently with producers.
    I can be found on Linkedin at:

    Would it possible to send you two of my most recent script or the loglines and synopsis?

    Sorry for any inconvenience in sending through this link, I could not find any official contact details and thank you so much for your time.

    Divia M

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