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  1. Hi Shekhar
    I have tweeted you couple of times requesting you a postal address where I can send you a book. The book is on Veda and intepretation of the veda. Could you be please kind enough to share your address on my email id?

  2. The most important thing I read about Heath Ledger were your words: ” His soul had already left his body”. Well, you are right. We don’t die, only our body dies. Our life is only a journey and then we go Home. It is not a “godbye” but a “see you later”.

    A big hug.

  3. Dear Mr. Kapoor,


    I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to my firm Simply Life India Speakers Bureau. Simply life is India’s leading Global Speakers Bureau, representing leading authorities in management, leadership, employee relations, marketing, sales and other popular business topics.

    For one of our Client event in mid September, 12 – 14th, 2014, in Colombo we were keen to explore inviting you to deliver a Key note address.

    In case you are keen to take up this assignment , request you to please revert with your availability, fee and other considerations.


  4. I am keenly interested and highly motivated in the field of lyrics. I aspire to make a career in the field of lyrics and story writing. I have a written a song for your upcoming movie “Paani” based on the story description given on the website.

    Could you please advise me if I can send the lyrics through email or can I visit your office personally.

    Request you to provide me an opportunity. Thank you and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am from Pune. My age is 30 years & have a story that states a real life of a drunkard known to me. Its touching & i request your time for this material to set a great example to the society through cinema. The Middle Class Life is what would be the title.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiran Samant
    Cell – 9096402696

  6. Hello Shekhar,

    This is Garima Goswami, Assistant Editor at DARPAN Magazine, a leading South Asian lifestyle publication based out of Vancouver, Canada, that has been in the industry since 2004.

    For the past four years DARPAN magazine has been hosting the extravagant ‘Extraordinary Achievement Awards’ and will mark its 5th year this year in a lavish setting in the presence of extraordinary individuals.

    In this significant year that marks our 5th anniversary, we would like to invite you as our GUEST OF HONOUR and bestow you with DARPAN’s ‘International Sensation’ Award in honour of your extraordinary achievements.

    In the past distinguished personalities including – Dr. Narinder Kapany, American-based physicist, who is credited with creating fibre optics leading to the invention of the Internet; Narayanan Krishnan, humanitarian and CNN Top 10 Hero 2010; and Suneet Singh Tuli, technology entrepreneur and humanitarian – have graced the awards night with their presence.

    We would take care of your travel and accommodation expenses and look forward to hearing from at the earliest. DARPAN hopes to have the pleasure of having you as our GUEST OF HONOUR at the Extraordinary Achievement Awards 2014.

    I can send you a formal invitation with other significant details, if you provide us with an email address.

    Garima Goswami

  7. Dear Sir,

    I might have written to you before about this. If so, please forgive me. One of my favorite movies of all time is Elizabeth. I wonder if you have read Katherine by Anya Seton. Based on your brilliant portrayal of the life of Elizabeth, I believe you would be able to bring the love story of Katherine and John of Gaunt to life like no other. Their story, which spanned decades, affected British royal history through the present day. It is an epic story, and I would not want it to be wasted as a TV series. Someone is going to discover it one day and I would hope it would be you.

  8. Hi Shekhar Kapur,

    I’ve finished writing an original Hollywood English Feature Film script; It’s not as ambitious as my other original writing projects are(budget $120 million+), so I have decided to contact you. And make a film out of an Indian & Hollywood studio. I know if I have an idea, no one will want to go through it. But if I persist, people will go through it.

    Nothing is fixed in stone. As you are aware, it takes a lot of creativity to navigate through certain business situations and relationships in the market place. And this business is no different…I have what it takes…I am offering new ideas, solutions and creative methods vital not only to stay ahead of the competition, but also to encourage sustainable and profitable growth. I like to have an initial dialogue with you about an entertainment Crime Drama Feature Film here in New York City. Rest I’ll leave it unto you and make the story come to life.

    I can’t submit original expensive English scripts(budget range over $120 million+) to any of the Indian directors. Why we lack the talent to handle expensive projects? I have to do my own thing in an unusual setting which provides adventure. Creating a value proposition is a part of business strategy. Satisfying global audiences is the source of sustainable value creation. I learned what I learned from my working on Wall St, and wanted to WRITE BIGGER FILMS. I’ve finished writing it. It’s so ambitious so I decided to contact Indian directors/movie making personalities. And make a film out of a Indian studios(as a distributor for the film) that has all the costume rentals and facilities but I COULDN’T FIND ANY. I know if I have an expensive original idea, Indian directors and technical staff should have the capacity to go through it.

    I really appreciate you contacting me.

  9. Respected Sir ,

    We are group of students from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh . We are making a documentary on “Overpopulation” and we would like to film your views.

    It would be an honour if you could spare us some time from your busy schedule.

    Yours sincerely
    Sneha Chandra

  10. Dear Shekhar ji,

    I wrote to you in early 2011. I write again with the same request. Would you please be willing to grant me an audio interview over Skype?

    This will be for a website I am developing that features interviews with people I find interesting. If you agree, I’ll send you the list of questions ahead of time so you not only have time to think of the answers but also you would have the right to cross out a question or ask me to include any other issue you might want to talk about.


  11. Hello Shekhar Ji,

    It is our pleasure to invite you to the First ever Film and Literature Festival – The Gurgaon International Film & Literature Festival to be held in Gurgaon from 11th to 15th February 2015. It is an attempt to provide creative minds a platform to showcase their creativity. We would be humbled to have you as a guest of honor at the inaugural edition of Gurgaon International Film and Literature Festival.

    In our endeavor to establish a world class festival dedicated to talent and quality, guidance and blessings of a senior professional like you would be extremely welcome especially as your work and personality are synonymous with good, thought provoking cinema. And since we hold you in high esteem, we seek your assistance to build GIFLIF into a platform devoted to applauding outstanding skills and hope you shall oblige us with your consent at the earliest.

    Please note that while details of the festival are being worked out, we do wish to emphasise that we would be happy to have the benefit of your counsel at any stage so as to make GIFLIF a world class forum of excellence for film and literary fraternity.

    Awaiting a positive reply, our prayers to Lord Almighty to bestow the very best of health, happiness and prosperity upon you and your loved ones.

    Karan Kukreja [ (Mech.) _ IIT Roorkee]
    Director – Corporate Communication

  12. MASOOM is a film I have watched at least 50 times and each time it moves me.
    It was a film way ahead if it’s time.
    It subtle emotions and the many unsaid and said things find resonance in every circle in life.
    I have written a book and used many of the situations in the film.
    Jugal….so sad his career never took off.
    Mini…..I think it was due to her that my love for kids quadrupled.
    You just want to reach out and hug her and to think she has her own daughter.Truly life is beautiful if you look at it through a certain prism.
    God give us so much … is incumbent upon us to find us what sustains us.
    Thanks Shekurji.

    Richard Gere became your fan afterwards – I was your fan long before!

  13. Dear Sir,

    I’ve always wanted to be an actor and i am very excited to contact to Mr. Shekhar Kapur with my load of questions about his work.

    Kindly let me know, his Email id or contact no. so that i can sidle up to the hitching post with a hope to grub out my image as a treasure.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours

  14. Dear Sir,

    It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to our event Cita – De – La Prerana, which is part of NITIE(National Institute of Industrial Engineering), Mumbai’s annual management conclave Avartan.

    Cita-de-la-Prerana is a unique event at Avartan that breaks away from the management jargons and case competitions to present a platform that fosters the ability to think outside the box, to think different!

    Achievers from all walks of life who have taken the road not often taken, share stories and experiences about the challenges that they faced, how they overcame them, and how it feels to finally meet with success.

    Last year, we had the honour of hosting National Award winning director, and screenwriter Nagesh Kukunoor, and Indian Television producer and quiz show host Siddharth Basu. Over the years luminaries like Mr. Rajat Kapoor, Mr. Prahlad Kakkar, Mr. Boman Irani, Mr. Anurag Kashyap, Ms Gul Panag, and Ms Nandita Das have graced the event.

    We take this opportunity to invite you as our guest for this year’s Cita-de-la Prerana. The event is scheduled to be held on 14th October, 2014 at 6 pm.

    The students of NITIE are thrilled at the prospect of gaining valuable life lessons from your rich and diverse experiences, and look forward to welcoming you to God’s own campus (as NITIE is fondly known).

    I would like to seek a personal audience with you to further discuss and explain the details of the event if needed.

    Looking forward to having your esteemed presence at NITIE.

    Below is the link to the Avartan website:

    Thanks and regards,
    Sayantan Choudhury
    Coordinator | Prerana Management Group
    Management Batch of 2013-15 | NITIE, Mumbai
    Cell phone: +91 – 8879357780

  15. I had seen a tv show of your’s, where in the story is shows a a “YAKSH” met a man and man asked him for one wish, which he receives in guarantee subject to he lose one of the thing he love the most….. something like…. i have forgotten the name of the tv serial. I request you to please tell me the name of the serial and where can i get the same video for to watch this.

  16. Hi
    I had read your tweet “I knew absolutely nothing of film making when I made Masoom. Not even an assistant or film school. That did not stop me @smritiirani”. I mentioned your tweet because i need your help. I am in the same situation right now as u tweeted as yours while making Masoom. Sir I have idea for movie but i don’t know how to write a script. It is just idea and even i don’t know it is worth to be converted into movie or just scrap thought. So i need your help to identify my idea as good one or not possible to make movie on that or need improvement or anything else as your suggestion.

    Sir if you really want to help me than give me your email so i can send you story.

  17. Hi S Kapoor.,
    I used to be great fan of urs…Mr.Shekhar Kapoor…regarding ur talent of making good films…[ in which ur style of direction – which personally to me is unique & true & whatever u try to project ur creativity in front of the world via the medium of cinema…touches the hearts of people….!] ..I m talking about my experience & my family’s experience- who always enjoyed ur creative work- & the way u projects TRUTH..-‘Bandit Queen’
    –was superb..!..But since you presented & Anchored that programe-‘Pradhanmantri’–& in that episode … of Operation-Bluestar…-U let me down -!!.You made me rethink –that how cum- a decent,creative-art director ,gentleman sort of person…. can pluck his nose in controversial-religious issues.-!?!!…& even if u presented that programme..the way from the very start of that documantary …till last…in that 45-50 minutes…the way you ” ‘spoke bloody LIES'” disturbing…??!!!…, Mr.Shekhar at the 1st place you should be ashamed of urself in presenting a documentary — in which u not only spoke 100% LIES..but totally bended-‘n’ changed the facts..!..I can understand u cant speak truth-just truth..because , 1stly u r anchoring such a programme…in which whatever may b the facts..u will only & only glamourise…- Indira Gandhi & people of majority religion of India….
    & way u are – speaking-about Sikhs & addresing about our greatReligious leader {-Sant Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale”}…-Terrorist-Atankvaad-Seperatists…etc.etc..! is totally ridiclious & cunning..The way u r without any proof – projecting that-{ Sant Bhinmdrawale } & Fanatic Sikhs were demanding Khalistan…-??WHAT-WHAT r u talking about…seems either u have no clue about what u r saying..either all that is delibrate attempt to defameSikhs & our geniune demands of{ ‘Greater Autonomy to Punjab-River water issues-recognising Sikh’s Personal Law in India & India just holding national issues -etc etc } as always.! [Sant Bhindrawale] never ever asked for Khalistan-& only & only advocated for – full regulation of -ANANDPUR RESOLUTION…so why u people – tries to give Sikhs bad name.
    & what this Kuldeep Nayaar -talking about —Big liar- he is…that -{ Sant Ji was given money by cheap politicians like Kamalnaath , Sant-ji was creation of Sanjay-Zail Singh etc…what is this non-sense..from where all this is coming from….??} but yes this was true that Indira-& Congress govt. though they never ever met SANT_JI..but they tried to make such environment to show that -SANT-JI was there creation..-!!
    & Liars like Kuldeep Nayar -they met SANT_JI …may have with other journalists ..but the way what he was saying was -crap….& what that idiot Satish Jacob was saying was utter nonsense…-If SANT_JI has to start gurreilla war with govt. of India..then he may never have-had made bunkers at AKAL-THAKHAT sahib & fought with coward Indian army-like a Tiger…just 80-85 Sikhs vs 2 army division[9 division & 15 artelliery division plus few battalions of CRP-BSF etc…in other words …60-80,000 army-para-military troops vs just 80-85 Sikhs..that too for 6 odd days..! & army’s claims-83 soldiers of army died & 450 militants! Bastards..liars… around 700-850 army soldiers killed & similar no. of coward army troops injured by Sikh warriors who were just 40 inside Akaal Takhat under SANT-JI’s leadership & rest 40-45 Sikhs
    around other parts of complex..! & after -SANT-JI & his fellow SIKH warriors got ‘SHAHEED’ defending our holiest Shrine…ur coward Indian army -dogs …killed unarmed pilgrim Sikhs to justify to the world that see how many terrorists were hidden inside…otherwise it will be very demoralising for Coward Indian army that how cum army’s that many troops killed in action…thats why ..Sikhs were killed in cold blood.& such day of religious festival was chosen for action.!
    As per ur question of -STupid Indians that -how cum religious place was fortified..-? So u stupid Shekhar Kapoor – u should know ..Sikh history before u start barking on us…[Sri Akaal Takhat sahib is our political centre-Theo-political base]..We Sikhs are -SAINT_SOLDIERS-!!-not terrorists..u idiot Coward Hindus-!
    It was 1st Jathedaar of this same Taksaal Baba Deep Singh Jis – Sikh troops just 250 yrs ago during ..1760-61’s when Ahmed Shah Abdalis troops after defeating Marathas& other rajput kingdoms allied with Marathas at the battle of Panipat -when Abdalis troops…abducted 30,000 Maratha-Rajput-Hindu women & large amounts of Indian wealth …& no one from ur Hindus dared to stop -Abdali[tera Fuffarr-bhenchod Shekhar]…then Baba Deep Singhs..warrior Sikhs attacked ..Abdalis troops & got released abducted hindu-women & even Indian wealth…!!…Then we Sikhs were not terrorists…-When Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib sacrificed his life to save Hindu race as whole from tryant Mughals..Then Sikhs were saviors..not terrorists..
    When during Indian independence movement struggle we Sikhs inspite of our 2% population among u 82% coward Hindus..We laid 72% of our lives to get India independent..then we were not terrorists.!??
    & when at last -that too on ur Bastard Hindu leaders [like Gandhi-Patel-Nehru’s] lies that after Indian Independence …Sikhs will get federal set-up where Sikhs can sense freedom of their religion & culture..]
    but after Independence – instead of fulfllying ur promises..u Bastard Race of Coward Hindus..backed out shamelessly…off ur promioses..& when we demanded…our rights..rather made us politically weak by slicing out Punjab into 3 smaller parts…& taking out our Sikh speaking areas in Haryana-Himachal-etc..controlled our natural resorces-our river funded anti-Sikh dera-vaad like -Nirankaari’s-Sirsa wala-etc & made Sikhs fight & conducting operation Bluestar on us.& then defaming us by making such false documantries even 30 yrs after…SHAME SHAME

  18. Dear Shekhar–
    I’ve been using Four Feathers in my Honors English, Literature, and Film classes for many many years. I’ve seen the film at least 25 times. Today, we were viewing it in my honors class, and I decided that I must write to tell you how amazing I think your movie is. When I was watching it today, I was more moved than ever–and that’s really saying something. This has happened with no other movie ever. Once, I’ve viewed a movie a few times, I need to move on and teach another. But not yours. Everything resonates in it–and the students have always loved it and written great analytical essays on it (I teach in 2 year college in Pennsylvania). We also love all the special features that you’ve provided; it helps the students enormously to hear directly from you about your subtle intentions throughout the film. Each time my co-teacher and I use your film, we vow to write to you, but then get bogged down in other college responsibilities. So today–after many years–is the day to tell you how brilliant we think you are. Thank you for all of the wonderful films that you’ve made over the years. Really, we love them all.

  19. Dear Shekhar Ji,

    I am great admirer of your work and your contribution towards Cinema. Sir, I am an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar and Dev Anand. I have written two books on Kishore Da (1. Gata Rahe Mera Dil – Kishore Kumar & 2. Versatile Genius – Kishore Kumar). These books were published in 2002 and 2011 respectively. Presently I am writing a book on Dev Anand Saab. I interviewed him 3 times and I also interviewed Mr. Suneil Anand, Waheeda Rehaman, Prem Chopra, Amit Khanna, Gopal Das Niraj, Anandji, Ameen Sayani etc. I also want your opinion about your uncle Dev Anand. I have also prepared a family tree with the help of Dev Saab & Suneil Anand but it is incomplete such as your father’s name etc. I am releasing this book on 7 December, 2014 at Delhi so kindly support me and give me your valuable feedback. If possible, kindly send me your personal email ID.

    Kindly reply at the earliest.

    With Regards,

    Kamal Dhiman

  20. Hi sir
    I’m a model and professional golfer.
    I’m big fan of yours.
    I’ll be very grateful to you if you find me worthy of any opportunity.
    I have a complete portfolio. May I request you for your email address.

  21. Dear Sir,
    I am a filmmaker and would like to assist you and learn a lot from you.
    Thanks and please let me know where I can contact and coordinate.
    Keshav Raina

  22. Dear Mr. Kapur, I have a question. A few years ago I stumbled upon the trailer from your Bollywood documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” it looked very promising and I would love to see it.

    I am a dutch guy and am a big fan of the whole bollywood culture from dance, movies, music.. Also I have a great collection with rare books, magazines and special edition dvd’s, from Lagaan, and also Bombay Dreams dvd but I’m missing your documentary there. I searched the whole internet to buy the movie or watch it online somehow, but I could not find anything. Which I find strange, it looks like a very great docu with awesome reviews and from a western point of view.

    Is it possible that I can buy a dvd or file (mp4 or something from you) or are you still planning to release it in a few years? I hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I work at a post production company in Amsterdam, so I know a lot about the film/commercial business 🙂 But my dream/new life challenge is to work in Mumbai somehow, in the film industry there. I hope to see you there in a couple of years.

    Best regards,
    Peter van Rij

  23. फाउंटेन का पानी

    ये फाउंटेन का पानी देख रहे हो
    ये कितना शांत बैठा है
    खुद ही पूरक है खुद का
    न कोई बाहर से पानी आता है
    न जाता है
    खुद ही घूम -घूम कर
    और ऊँची ऊँची बौछारें बनाकर
    सभी को लुभाता है i
    जाने इसे क्या चाहिए
    इससे हमें लुभाने की ज़रूरत क्या है
    क्या इसे पता नहीं की हमारा जीना इसके बिना मुमकिन ही नहीं
    ये कोई महबूब को दिया वादा नहीं बल्कि असलियत है
    तो ये हमें रिझाता क्यों है जबकि ये तो हमारी ज़रूरत है
    बल्कि रिझाना तो हमें इसे चाहिए ..
    नहीं ?
    शायद ये डर गया है देखकर हमारे सफ़ेद collar को
    जिसके गुमान और व्यापार ने इसी के वजूद पर एक हश्या सा लगा दिया है
    इसे क्रोधित मत करो
    अभी तक जितने आपने कोहराम सुने है
    इसके गुस्से का एक नमूना भर है

    ये पूजा में भी काम आता है
    और आखिरी समय में गंगा बन कर जिसके मुह लग जाये
    उसे मोक्ष दिलाता है
    रिझाने की बारी शायद अब हमारी है
    ये फाउंटेन के पानी को रोक दो
    मुझे उत्तराखंड याद आता है

    – CA सौरभ अरोड़ा

  24. Hello Mr. Kaptur, I heard you were directing the new Tiger’s Curse movie and I was wondering if this was true? Also, if so when would the movie come out?

  25. Dear Sir ,

    Greetings of the Day !!

    I am an associate of IIM Lucknow , a mechanical engineering graduate and recently made my entrepreneurial debut. its a unique start up for which I am looking investor , if you are interested and provide me a chance to present it before you – I will be greatful – it’s a pioneership initiative.

    looking forward to hear from you !!


  26. This is Abhishek Raj costume designer would like to work for your project as costume stylist. looking for positive reply from your side.

  27. Dear Shekhar,

    Apologies to hide my identity but I wanted to reach out to you.

    May i know your email ID where i can discuss with you the topic i want to.


  28. Hello Shekhar Sir,

    I am writing in search for support for my plans to hold another Bollywood production except it’ll be told through songs. I would like your input and direction if possible. Await your response.

    J Ahmed
    London, UK

  29. Hello Sir.

    I am Imran Khan. I am looking for some opportunity as an assistant director. I want to assist u and learn much things from u. I have 6 years experience. I done some music videos for T SERIES also. Please just give me one chance that i describe myself. Take care Sir.

    Thank you
    Imran Khan

  30. Would it be possible to make a direct request for the Julie Plec movie script you are working with?

  31. Would it be possible to make a direct request for the Julie Plec movie script you are currently working with?

  32. Hello Sr. Kapur
    We, Tiger’s Curse fans, are excited for the film’s release and we are confident with their work. Know that, you have our full support. We are already your fans.
    All the best! Kisses and hugs from Brazilian fans…

  33. I am Abhimanyu Joon, grandson of Colonel Baljit Singh (1965 War Veteran). From the point of view of qualification I am a Master of Engineering (M Tech) and a National Level award winning essay writer ( Currently I am holding the position of Assistant Professor in an engineering college in my home town.

    Sir, the Indian film industry is renowned world over for its wide range of feature films based on a variety of issues. But as far as war films are concerned their number is countable and only a few individuals have been pioneering this direction. One such subject is relating to the lesser known 1965 Indo-pak war (which formed the basis of 1971 war), on which hardly any noticeable project has been undertaken. Since the people of India consider films not just as a source of entertainment but also as a media of sharing information so it seems to be reasonable if a movie is made on this war as most of the present generation hardly knows about it while the fact is this war drew international attention for the events pre-war and the one that happened after the ceasefire.

    Since 2013, I had the opportunity to share this subject with a couple of renowned film directors who are known to develop big budget projects such as Mr. J P Dutta (director of Border, Refugee & LOC Kargil), Mr. Ashutosh Gowarikar (director of Lagaan, Swadesh & Jodha-Akbar), Mr. Mani Shankar (director of ‘16 December’ & Tango Charlie), Mr. Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra ( director of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag & Rang De Basanti), Mr. Shoojit Sircar (director of Madras Café) to name a few among the long list. As well as I made an attempt to reach out to well known production houses such as ‘Yashraj’ (run by Mr. Aditya Chopra s/o Late Mr. Yash Chopra) and ‘BSK entertainment’ (run by Mr. Boney Kapoor) but most of them did not respond while some of them turned down the offer to take the project for a reason better known to them, creating a lot of disappointment.

    I also came in touch with Mr. Vikramjit Roy (GM – Film Production) of the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) to seek his guidance with regard to the approach required for getting the project going and upon his advice got communicated with Mr. Shyam Benegal (a veteran of Indian film industry) for further discussing the avenues available but nothing materialized.

    Sir, I believe that for Indian film industry that has the capability, which has been proved every now and then with regard to the development of high cost projects nearing 100 crore mark. It seems bizarre to come across such a rigid state of affairs. As the film industry in the recent past has come up with many dedicative projects where the sense of gratitude towards a group of people was given more importance than the factors such as ‘cost-to-the company’, expenditure and box office response.

    Sir, 2015 will be the 50th year commemorating the success of Indian Armed Forces 1965 Indo-pak war. If a feature film is developed on this war then it will be a tribute from the Indian film industry for all those military veterans of the mighty Indian Armed forces, who are beyond doubt the true but unsung heroes; who gave their sweat and blood for safe guarding the hard earned independence of our nation from external aggression but have remained behind the curtain of obscurity. Next year will trigger a nation wide celebration in a scattered manner with regard to the above mentioned cause and on the other hand the Indian Air Force has already begun its preparation by collecting all the air warriors across the country that had fought the air battle in 1965.

    Sir, the below mentioned text is the plot based on an actual incident of 1965 Indo-pak war concerning the role of Indian Army’s one the oldest military regiment (3rd battalion of The MADRAS Regiment) and that of its men during the conflict. I hope that you will receive it warmly and come across several enthralling facts that would convince you in favor of getting a feature film developed a on this incident.

    The incident goes like this on 1st September 1965 the Pakistani forces made a surprise attack on the state of Jammu & Kashmir, particularly targeting ‘Chamb-Jaurain’ sector that was close to the town of ‘Akhnoor’ located on Chenab river.

    During those days there was only one road that connected Jammu with other places like, Naushera, Rajauri, Poonch, Uri, Baramula, Kupwara and Kargil, which further led to high altitude locations. Akhnoor was considered to be a sensitive area by Pakistani military commanders since the bridge that was constructed on Chenab river at Akhnoor was important for Indian Military Force, from logistic point of view. If this bridge was annihilated or had Akhnoor been captured there was no alternative road link left for Indian armed forces to link- up with their formations ahead of Jammu.

    The second attack came almost simultaneously on the state of Punjab just few days after that was spear headed by Pakistani 1st armoured division (tanks) followed by infantry, at ‘Khemkaran’. These two attacks were like two prongs that blocked the area north of Akhnoor in J&K and south of Khemkaran in Punjab. The Indian counter-attack which was carried out by tank columns in Punjab was halted by advancing Pakistani armour and the infantry units that attempted to breakthrough tank formations and capture ‘Lahore’ came to a sudden stop due to the ‘BRB canal’ also known as ‘Ichhogil canal’, due to destruction of bridges by Pakistani defense lines.

    So, it became necessary to breach into Pakistan to relieve the pressure on Kashmir and Punjab fronts. The only spot from where a successful counter-attack could be launched was the stretch from Pathankot (in Punjab) to Sambha (in J&K); a stretch of just about 100-150 kilometers. The 6th Mountain Division which consisted of 69th Infantry brigade led by Lieutenant Colonel Katariya that included 3rd Madras, 4th Madras & 9th Kumon battalions was moved from Indo-china border in Uttaranchal to Ambala and then to Pathankot. In order to plug the final gap the Pakistani air force bombarded the Indian Air force base at Pathankot where the supplies of 69th infantry brigade were gathered. So the ‘harbor point’ was shifted to Sambha and the counter attack was launched on 7th September 1965 by 3rd Madras infantry battalion led by then Lieutenant Colonel B K Bhattachrya (Major General B K Bhattachrya), whose second-in-command was Major N A Nair on a Pakistani bordering town named ‘Maharjke’ just few kilometers across the border.

    The battalion consisted of 4 infantry companies namely A, B, C, D. ‘A’ company was led by then Captain M S Oberoi (Brigadier M S Oberoi) and the second-in-command was then 2nd Lieutenant Baljit Singh (Colonlel Baljit Singh) whose task was to capture the town along with ‘B’ company led by Major Piyush Chaudhary (died in 1965 operation during artillery shelling) and the second-in-command was 2nd Lieutenant K S Dalal (Colonel K S Dalal). The town was taken hold off by late evening after much expected effort but the price paid was in terms of dead soilders and injured 2nd Lieutenant L Thanzauva (Colonel L Thanzauva). The capture of Maharjke squeezed the Pakistani machinery from between, which helped in relieving the pressure from Akhnoor and Khemkaran. The 3rd Madras did not stop at this point and went ahead to secure around 20 villages where Pakistani militia had gathered for counter-attack as well as captured places like Phogwal, Phillora, and led a siege on Sialkot deep inside Pakistani Punjab. The result of this effort was Pakistani forces were left isolated in North as well as South and had to re-group themselves at a place called ‘Chiwanda’.

    But the irony was the 3rd Madras battalion was awarded the ‘Punjab War Theatre’ battle honor (acknowledgement of contribution during war) much later after the war ended due to red tapeism. Its young officers who undertook maximum patrols and made close encounters with enemy forces were perhaps not honored justifiably. Nor were commanders considered for their leadership qualities. With the passing time this battalion and its ‘actual’ officers were forgotten and 1965 war was mainly remembered as encounter of ‘Tanks’. Even today hardly anyone knows about this operation. It was only after a 3 part article was published in the ‘net edition’ ( of Indian defense review; which by now has gone into archives, that few people from India’s entire population which has become more closer to 130 crore, came to know about this story.

    Sir, I am forwarding the links of the literature for your reference.

    Sir, I hope that you would have enjoyed going through the passage and I look forward to hear from you in this regard.

    If you wish I could arrange for your meeting with the veterans of the 3rd Madras battalion so that it might prove helpful for further research.

    Sir, I would like to clarify that I am not a script writer neither I intend to be one as I don’t know anything about script writing. Nor I intend to direct the movie; all I am trying to do is present a subject with associated research material that is relating a true incident so that it becomes easy for you to develop the feature film.

    Sir, since I am writing to you with a lot of hope, so I wait eagerly to hear a favorable response from your end with regard to the development of a feature film sighting the role of 3rd Madras regiment in 1965 war.

    Thanking you.

    Abhimanyu Joon

    Address: Om Vihar Bungalows, House No. D-1, Opposite Navug Parivar, Bakrol-Lamvell Road, Vallabh Vidyangar, District Anand, Gujarat

    Contact No.(s) : – 02692-297394 / 09909817268

  34. Dear Sir.,

    i am a huge fan of u…im just for your upcoming film PAANI to watch. Your films are just fab and inspirational movies., A small request from my side…i am having a script of True love story. this story we can’t say this is a love story, but it is.. Only i can say one thing that is …A love story that ends & breaks with love only, without having any objection to both lovers. This script is based on only feelings of love & family. If you are looking for any scripts or interested to read the script. Please reply on my personal e mail… Looking forward a positive response from your side. Have a great day sir., Tckr.. Allah Hafeez…

    Syed Shabbir

  35. Hello Sir,
    My name is Tejas Dave form udaipur(Raj). I am a theatre artist. I am just waiting for your coming film Paani.I know some thing about Paani story & definitely it will be great film.
    Thank You

    Tejas Dave

  36. ( gravity)

    respected sir,
    We are working on same idea(same frequency of mind)

    idea-“Mahatama Gandhi rebirth in present time,and new Gandhi solve the social problem.” Same like (walk to freedom & Elizabeth-3)

    intention – story/film are the best teacher.


  37. Dear Shekharji,
    Will you be in New Delhi during the New Delhi International Book Fair 14 Feb to 22 feb 2015. Would like to meet you. If you are not around how do I get in touch with you.Regards, Colonel S K Suresh (Retired).

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