Open Thread : what is the Ego ?

The ego can be defined in many ways, both positive and negative. In a spiritual way it is negative, but it is also my ego that pushes me into the spiritual path to try and destroy it. It is the creative ego that provokes an artist to create art, yet the whole creative process then is to try and sublimate that ego into art. Ego seems such a double edged sword. Even when you first fall in love, it is your ego that provked you to either say or not say ‘I loveyou”. Even the love for one’s own country is the ego sublimated to the honour of the nation. Or is it ? What is the EGO ? Lets hear form everyone and have a healthy constructive debate. Shekhar

81 thoughts on “Open Thread : what is the Ego ?

  1. The poems emerged , while I was working on a chapter – EGO , for my new book. The moot question was , what is ego? Is ego my identity ? Who am I ? While going deeper on the subject, I realised that there is a far more powerful force , part of me , working inside me , working on my body and mind . Is it real “ego”? Since its unknown force – I named it “you” . The following poems are to explore “I” and “you” … read it, enjoy it and give me your feedback
    Introduction to “I”
    By Praveen Verma
    Let me introduce “I”
    I believe – I am very talented
    I am very special
    I am blessed one
    I am successful
    I deserve to be successful
    I want to be famous now
    But I know
    I am very weak
    I am very lazy
    I am lucky
    I don’t deserve this
    I still want more
    I am a liar
    I am a manipulator
    I only love myself
    Also I am not alone
    There are many “I” like me
    All the “I” feel they are special
    We ,I, are living on you
    “I” use your power
    I show it as my power
    I know this is false
    Now I know , “I” am an illusion
    I am a false creation
    I should go away
    You take over
    I want to retire
    I want to rest
    I want to observe
    I want to die ….
    Who am “I”???????
    By Praveen Verma
    When born “I” was no where
    Then my parents , Gave me my name
    “I” was born
    “I” clung to the name
    My name became “I”
    You were lost
    I started finding my own place in the society
    I started competing for my place
    I was told , if I have to win I have to work hard
    I studied hard , as much as I could
    I won sometimes
    I lost many times
    I graduated
    I fought in my carrier
    I won sometimes
    I lost many times
    I married
    I was happy sometimes
    I was sad many times
    I earned more money than I deserved
    I like my money sometimes
    I hate it many times ; when it gives me stress
    Now here “I” am socially successful but still not happy
    Now you came and shocked me by saying
    “I” am not “I”
    “YOU” are the real “I”
    “YOU” have broken my dreams
    Where do “I” go now?
    “I” have lost ownership of my body and mind
    “I” am homeless …..
    … until You and I become one

  2. When one says that “I am not having an ego” Even then he is reflecting his ego of being modest.

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  8. it is said in many books ego exists because of ‘Agyan’, i think, if someone says ego is agayn there is nothing wrong in it

  9. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  10. hi shekhar
    i’ve recently started reading your blog…………so don’t mind if i am singing the old tunes………….. you may have forgotten the issue………….but i think i should write what i feel……….
    see….until and unless we read any of so called spiritual books or hear or so called god-men…..we are not going to know that there is an entity …….which is called …..EGO
    you can easily find ‘this entity’ in books or in the words of preachers…..but it is very difficult to find when you look inside you……because it has no physical existence….
    “gyan-yogis” says ….it is nothing but a pseudo-entity…….means actually it is not but it only appears to be present…… ..but it is not…………we can understand it in this way …….if you eat something it gets digested………but YOU are not causing digestion ……….just a system is working by itself…but you can think that ‘you are digesting the food’….or contrarily you may think that “you are very weak… so you are not able to digest the food” … can think that you are taking breath….you are inhaling and exhaling……..but when you sleep or become unconscious……the process goes on……YOU are not required…….on the larger scale we can visualise the whole creation …A GRAND SYSTEM…which is working intelligently by itself…but we can think that we are causing ‘some of the events’ in the whole creation..and fortunately nobody will blame us for this kind of thinking……..
    like a stone may think that it is breaking a glass……but thankfully any thinking stone is yet to be discovered………
    EGO is a power of “identification” which ‘consciousness’ uses to identify itself or feel or experience……EGO is a boundary ,a limit by which consciousness expresses itself in the eyes of itself….like if you don’t create a limit,a boundary on your body you can’t identify your hand.your legs or any other organ from your rest of the body ………….”because unity is inexpressible”……even to itself…….so EGO is just one of the power or attributes of consciousness…so it can’t be termed as good or bad EGO because afterall its just a lable or mark from is all about …”point of view’..that you see your body as a whole or a collection of various organs……..reality will be the same………so how can an entity be termed as good or bad ……which not in the existence …
    when we start to believe this labeling as the actual thing or reality which was used for the convenience only…..then the real trouble begins… can take a practical eg. that we remove label of nations ………the all problems of war will come to an end…….because the nations are nothing but just a label……….in unity there is earth only….in this eg. we can think earth as reality and nations as labels……but we tend to forget the reality…..and focus on a pseudo entity ……which is nothing but just a label which was created just for the convenience…..
    same is true for your name….sex….form…..etc……these are nothing but just labels……..but we tend to think that we are male/female…..handsome/ugly…shekhar/vishal..
    now come to pevious discusion…….that the universe is an intelligent system which is working itself….but we assume that we are the DOER ……… just for the cognition of events we cut ourself or limit…from the rest of universe…….so that we can feel……….. actually we can’t cut ourself from reality ever…….but sometimes this boundary appears to be very rigid …..and we feel that we have a solid EGO and it is very difficult to break and become one with raelity….it is just because of habit…..nothing else…………. that we become used to see this creation as collection of individuals.
    vishal mumbai

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  16. We are not born with our different parts or ego states. We make them as we live. Our ego states are formed when we do something over and over again. This ‘over and over again’ learning creates a physical neural pathway in the brain that has its own level of emotion, abilities, and experience of living.

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  19. I would like too take some time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

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  22. Hi all
    The name’s Dennis, though most people call me ‘Freaky’. 😛 I’m in my “teens” and kinda lost in the world at the moment…however, I’ve found the hippie “culture” and discovered that it fits me very well…I’m not trying to fit into it, it just kind of fitted onto me.
    I have lots of questions, which hopefully some of the older and wiser people on this board will be able to help answer.
    Here’s to hoping this board will be able to help me discover more of myself and fuel my beliefs.
    Peace out.

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