Open Thread : what is the Ego ?

The ego can be defined in many ways, both positive and negative. In a spiritual way it is negative, but it is also my ego that pushes me into the spiritual path to try and destroy it. It is the creative ego that provokes an artist to create art, yet the whole creative process then is to try and sublimate that ego into art. Ego seems such a double edged sword. Even when you first fall in love, it is your ego that provked you to either say or not say ‘I loveyou”. Even the love for one’s own country is the ego sublimated to the honour of the nation. Or is it ? What is the EGO ? Lets hear form everyone and have a healthy constructive debate. Shekhar

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  1. Shekhar , What a fantastic job with the blog ! You are Great ! The most creative multi-faceted personality , one of the greatest thinkers of modern age !
    So many women swoon for your company , O Cupid among men ! O Shekhar , your many talents are admirable ! And Yet , inspite of your many talents you are Also Humble , no pride at all !
    All, bow to the one and only – Shekhar Kapur !
    CUT – back to reality :
    If the above praise made you swell in pride Shekhar , we have a problem. If there was not a slight change in your mind when you read the above , there is either a problem with your self esteem or you are rooted in spirit ! We will sort this out in a bit.
    But , Hey Shekhar , for all your accomplishments , you are such a Dumbass Big Ego living off borrowed merit ! Whoever said you are a Good Director Shekhar ?- the guy must be smoking weed ! what a bloody disgrace !
    All , Boo the forgettable – Shekhar Kaput !
    CUT – back to reality :
    Did the above make you feel annoyed and hurt ? – even angry? – If yes, you could be a normal person with acceptable levels of self esteem , but , you could be not rooted in spirit ! we’ll sort that out in a bit too !
    CUT – back to the ‘real’ reality :
    Welcome to the Spiritual World , everybody !
    In the spiritual world , the true nature of creation the place of ego in it is understood – it is a transcendental knowledge . It includes knowldege of the many different kinds of Egos.
    It is not a knowledge to be shared on a Blog like this ! But what can be said is : Ego is a Friend or Enemy depending on oneself ! – it can be both !

  2. dude…
    remember the train station sequence in MATRIX?
    the sequence where NEO is trapped on a station and meets a Hindu family…
    i am having a feeling of that here…we had the discuss on EGO earlier…
    you want it to happen again…
    positive ego…driving force for the creativity…
    much more clarity…
    is it so hard to drop the clarity too?
    is it so hard to stop seeing ourselves from other’s point of views?

  3. perhaps it is the part of our thinking which we have not yet learned to control?
    if it is the ego that drives us to DO, in some instances, then it may very well be the untamed energy that pushes us?
    good question, in any case
    what is it? or is it just part of our imagination that is accessed when looking for reason or rhyme to describe overindulgence?
    lots of question marks here…sorry, my ego had no part in this…hehehe

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    Ego is one of the central characteristic of our being and I tend to define ego as Internal and External i.e. what we think of ourselves in our own eyes (internal) and External (how we want people to behave with us/perceive us).
    Internal ego can be a source of great motivation i.e. you think of yourself as a genius, then you are confident about doing anything in the world. It also can make us a bit stubborn (or persistent in positive terms), if faced with a difficult path. At the same time a high internal ego can often lead us to disregard the sentiments of other people as we are very self-absorbed. However, I must introduce a very controversial point here from the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh – “The person who is self-centered is the most loving of all.” When I first read it I thought this can’t be true, then I did some research and here is my explanation. The person who loves himself is very focused on his/her goals and aspirations and does not easily get distracted by external forces – at the same time he loves the fact that others also love themselves (rather than calling them selfish, he admires their self-love). Secondly, just like he does not focus on the flaws in himself, he also ignores the flaws of others i.e. mostly tries to see positives in others, hence the love and respect for others.
    What I mean by external ago is a combination of the position you have achieved in life, your age, your knowledge, experiences and character. This all leads to a certain belief (EGO) that we need to be treated in a certain way. People need to respect me – if I go to my long time restaurant I must get the best seat. If I am a successful person in any field, then I must be respected and talked to in a certain way. I should be able to take liberties with my longtime friends or other successful people (which others can’t), just because my ego deserves it. You expect certain things which are above the norm, and that becomes your reality.
    The truth is that internal ego has a repercussion on our external expectations. If we do not think much of ourselves, then we won’t expect any special treatment or respect from others. This is a thin line, as thinking too low of yourself can lead to self-pity and total loss of confidence. There is a saying that ‘if you do not think much of yourself, no one will think much of you’ – so a healthy amount of ego is definitely in order. Also, there is a saying that ego grows with age, so we naturally expect younger people to pay us respect, and when this does not happen our ego is hurt.
    I was living alone in a great hotel suite for the whole of 2001 in Australia, and I was feeling quite lonely on a high salary and everything paid by the client. One day I went to a book store, and got the book ‘The Art of Happiness’ by Dalai Lama, and read it twice. It really helped me a lot, and I often go back to it and read excerpts, which makes me feel great. In the first half of 2003, living in another luxurious hotel alone in South Africa I felt a similar thing, but this time Dalai Lama was there to keep me happy and fulfilled (plus the cricket world cup 03 was on, and I saw many matches in Cape Town).
    What I have learnt is that to succeed we must mix EGO with compassion i.e. to not be perturbed when even a small thing goes out of order, or is not according to our expectations. A healthy ego mixed with compassion and flexibility according to me is a great recipe for happiness.
    Himanshu – New York

  5. Iam frm the Freudian school therefore I believe ‘ego’ is the mediator between ‘id'(libidinal drives), supr ego(moral self) and ‘reality’. Ego uses defense mechanism to satisfy the ‘id’ and ‘super ego’ while constantly assessing ‘reality’. I believe the defense mechanisms arise basically from low self esteem which is a manifestation of fear. But that is a completely different research area 🙂
    To a certain extent ego does drive creativity. But in the particular case where it does, it only points out to conscious insecurity and vulnerability. Alas, ego is not a bad thing to be destroyed altogether either.

  6. This is a very complex subject. So I will have to comment on only aspect of ego: how you percieve life, nature, everything about the world we are living in – and not touch upon spiritual aspects of ego (which will concern God). This is more tangible, and easier to talk about and there will be less controversy hopefully, since once you start relating ego to God, a lot of other opinons about God will dominate the discussion.
    The non-duality problem with ego is that it clouds how you observe. Since we percieve ourselves as individuals, we’d like to color our observations with what we know about through our experiences. It can be radically different from another’s perspective – who has his/her own experiences to cloud their observations.
    The notion of non-duality (with respect to Ego), is to eliminate that coloring. Instead of being a partial observer, how can one be part – sorry whole – of what one observes? It is not really possible through purely intellectual means, because our brains are clouded by our experiences.
    So the goal is to escape this cage and become a part of what we observe, so that we don’t have to ‘observe’ anymore.
    Since intellect comes in the way here – it’s a real obstacle – most preach that you need to find some other way of approaching this problem. Usually the word ‘enlightenment’ is used to explain that. Therefore the paths to enlightenment are typically shutting out thought, meditating, waiting for the revelation, maybe divine intervention (and again I’m alluding to God here which is unfortunately not avoidable).
    The real problem is not however that. The real question, that can be answered by intellect or faith (which is a product of intellect) is “do you believe that you can transcend the ego?” If you don’t it’s ok. If you do, then unfortunately no prescribed path will actually lead you there – because by the very act of choosing a path you have used intellect which is the problem to begin with, according to this definition.
    Therefore one constantly questions, until you get a question you cannot answer and you realize that it cannot be answered by any one else for you, and neither can you by your own intellect.
    Then you may – if there is such a thing as enlightenment – stumble into it. The problem is you cannot really trust anyone else who has claimed to be enlightened so far, that’s just your conclusion based on reading about them. So paradoxically, you sit back and you hope that after you have eliminated all questions, a realization will dawn on you.

  7. Ego is a mask over reality. When the ego is absent there is no doer, there is only a symphony of actions.
    All who think of themselves as some ‘one’ and not as some ‘thing’ are an ego.
    Being some ‘thing’ is very powerful, it releases you from the bondage of identities and establishes you as just a link in the vast symphony of actions and interactions.
    The process of becoming ‘something’ from ‘someone’ however makes one loose his/her mind, which is exactly what needs to happen, but it is the most difficult rite of passage that anyone will ever know.

  8. Kishore, Your post is very interesting.
    Do you know anyone in recent history who according to you has achieved enlightenment and how?
    2 interesting quotes about Ego:
    Like the sun’s rays that cause the seed to stir within its husk, love’s radiant energy penetrates the facade of the false self, calling forth resources hidden deep within us. Its warmth wakes up the life inside us, making us want to uncurl, to give birth, to grow and reach for the light. It calls on us to break out of our shell, the personality-husk surrounding the seed potential of all that we could be. The purpose of a seed husk is to protect the tender life within until the time and conditions are right for it to burst forth. Our personality structure serves a similar function. It provides a semblance of security, as a kind of compensation for the loss of our larger being. But when love’s warming rays start to wake us up, our ego-shell becomes a barrier restricting our expansion. As the germ of life swells within us, we feel our imprisonment more acutely…..The brighter love’s radiance, the darker the shadows we encounter; the more we feel life stirring within us, the more we also feel our dead spots; the more conscious we become, the more clearly we see where we remain unconscious. None of this need dishearten us. For in facing our darkness, we bring to light forgotten parts of our being. In recognizing exactly where we have been unconscious, we become more conscious. And in seeing and feeling the ways we’ve gone dead, we start to revive and kindle our desire to live more expansively.
    John Welwood
    Source: Love and Awakening : Discovering the Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship
    “Transcending the ego” thus actually means to transcend but include the ego in a deeper and higher embrace, first in the soul or deeper psychic, then with the Witness or primordial Self, then with each previous stage taken up, enfolded, included, and embraced in the radiance of One Taste. And that means we do not “get rid” of the small ego, but rahter, we inhabit it fully, live it with verve, use it as the necessary vehicle through which higher truths are communicated. Soul and Spirit include body, emotions, and mind; they do not erase them.
    Ken Wilber
    Source: The Essential Ken Wilber: An Introductory Reader.

  9. For some, ego is conscience …with which we try to be honest with ourselves. Funny… today ego is used as the lack of conscience. Interesting is this history of words.
    Though irrelevant this is something I found searching for the etymology of EGO:
    “In the book of Egoism it is written, Possession without obligation to the object possessed approaches felicity.” [George Meredith, “The Egoist” (1879) ]
    And for some, ego is selfishness – yeah selfishness…only care about ME ME ME! We all are selfish…I want …I want … I want…all the time. But if this “I want” is understood and then the “I want” of another person is understood…then may be selfishness isn’t as bad. And still Ego remains a positive thing…may be they were right…Aham Brahmasmi!
    Ego is God (the eternal one!)
    I wonder if the EGO is the supreme bond between each human, but because different people perceive it differently (then compare each perception), and it looks different! No wonder there are so many practices to reach God, no wonder there are so many religions, and yet…if these are the roads…may be ego is the destination…may be the destination needs complete rediscovery all the time (time is a damned funny unit!)

  10. here’s another view,
    the ego being the part of our Being that rests solely on the thoughts of just “me ness or I ness”, meaning when an act is carried out the doer believes whatever has transpired was due to the inclusive efforts of oneself regardless of how many others participated…taken, it is something that was viewed in the thoughts of the beholder as something that will bring attention from others.
    i believe it is important to revisit such a topic, if not just for the play of it, also, new ideas or perspectives can shed a deeper or lighter understanding of the subject…not a wrong or right, beacuse who really knows anyway?

  11. Dear shekhar sir
    can i assist you? This is the first question that stright came to my mind when i decided to write.sorry here i can’t help expressing this long standing desire of mine.I know this is undue.even i know i don’t possess any required skillset that’s desireable to be a film maker.still i can’t affort to get rid of this penchant of mine to become a film maker. I am quite optimistic that one day i will seeking your favour is quite natural.
    sorry for being little blatant. in any case this is a overstatement of mine to transform myself to a filmmaker who is standing on ground zero and dreaming to kiss the sky.
    well… EGO is a natural phenomenon anyone one can hardly control. it’s not who you are and its what you are. Its ego that constitutes and shows the world your personality.there is a saying.. actions speaks more than words. anyone from your action can figure out whats stops you and what moves you.action is just a reflection of ones ego. I for one have a tremendous understanding of the above. ego is vast like a sea. its difficult to explain and that which can’t be explained is intersting.
    i think…to my knowledge ‘any force that stops you act or prompt you act is EGO’.

  12. “When everything’s made to be broken…I just want you to know who I am”….is that ego? Is that ego with a big “E” ? or “Mere zindagi kisi aur ki, mere naam ka koi aur hain/mere aks hain sar-e-aeena/Bas aeena koi aur hain”…is that ego again denouncing itself? Do we have the answer…did you feel great for having the answer…did you feel embarassed for not having it…so, our success and failure our joy and sorrow …did they all look so seamlessly woven becoz of this little devil…?

  13. Himanshu
    First, the quotes are interesting. Ken Wilber is using those phrases such as ‘One Taste’ and arbitratily capitalized words such as ‘Witness’ which are too hard for me to fathom. Maybe he already has assumptions (or even revelations) about what those are. I unfortunately have no ‘faith’ so it is difficult to digest his approach when you don’t have ‘faith’.
    John Welwood’s writings are always interesting though.
    You ask a difficult question, considering what I just wrote in my first comment. Even if one is enlightened – how will some one else know? There is no halo around the head, it might just be folklore & over-eager disciples who made up much more than they really experienced, we may or may not trust the person when he claims he is even if we can experience him first hand, there are all these questions.. I haven’t come across, either in terms of familiarity with the writings or in terms of actual interaction in person of anyone I would consider enlightened. That is not my Ego at work, it is just that I did not feel compelled so far to trust they are enlightened.
    However – there are few folks who I think were on the right track, I don’t want to name specific names since it may turn this thread ugly instead of being constructive, but the traits I have begun to trust as being part of a person who is enlightened or on the path to enlightenment are:
    1. No self-aggrandizement or pointing to one-self and inviting people to pray to them and considering them as God. That seriously undermines non-duality – if one is singling out oneself as being more blessed than others, than clearly that being is not enlightened any more than I am.
    2. No acceptance of blind faith.
    3. No re-interpretation of what has been said in some scriptures or some other source to put across their point. This is probably the kind of person I trust the least.
    4. A positive, humanistic approach to answering questions.
    I am also looking for a person who says ‘I don’t know’ to a question. I believe ‘enlightened’ does not mean you know everything, but you have come to be aware of what exactly humans can know and what they cannot. I don’t know that. Clearly I’m not enlightened, and not even on the path to that.

  14. I found this very interesting article on Ego. Hope you like it.
    Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. Many people have so much trouble achieving success simply because they can’t get out of their own way! This is especially true when it comes to a person’s ego. An out of control ego can create obstacles to your own personal success and stunt the success of others who look to you for guidance in both your careers and at home.
    The idea of leaving ego out of leadership is one that has been embraced for thousands of years by great minds. Lau Tzu once said, “The truly wise are content to be last. They are, therefore, first. They are indifferent to themselves. They are, therefore, self-confident.” And in the words of Coltvos, “The one who overcomes egotism rids themselves of the most stubborn obstacle that blocks the way to all true greatness and all true happiness.”
    No matter how successful you become, staying humble helps you keep growing and sensing opportunity. But keeping the ego in check takes work. It has had years of being in control and will not give its control up so easily. The following five exercises will help you to keep you ego under control, so that you, not your ego, can become the master of your own destiny:
    1. Learn to meditate. Many people have compared the behavior of the ego to that of an excited monkey. If you’ve ever watched an excited monkey at the zoo, you’ll see him chatter incessantly while he jumps from tree to tree, much the same as the ego chatters incessantly while he jumps from thought to thought. Meditating quiets the ego.
    No need to join an ashram. Simply close your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes once a day. Breathe slowly. Clear your mind. The point is to center yourself long enough to get in touch with the part of you that’s not driven by the haphazard chattering of the ego. Take that monkey off your back and look at him for the undisciplined maniac that he is!
    2. Relinquish control for a day. Try not to control your life for a
    day. OK, so it might have to be on a weekend. But open yourself up to whatever happens. Be aware of the lessons and be aware of the opportunities. There are many of each in a day, most of which escape the average person because people are so busy trying to create reality that reality passes them by.
    3. Do what you fear. Fear is the ego’s way of keeping you in check. If you had no fear, the ego would have no power. Whether it’s talking in front of a group of people, applying for a challenging job or climbing a mountain, get out there and do things you’re scared to do. It’s guaranteed to humble you.
    4. Be passive to what annoys you. Try to relax and let the irritation go by. Doing so will short-circuit your ego, which often tries to be in charge of everything.
    Say, for example, you’re stuck in traffic or in a line at the grocery store. All the huffing and puffing in the world’s not going to change that. A better tactic? Remove yourself from being the object of the traffic jam and the long line to being an observer. For a moment, sit there and observe, in awe and amazement, everybody and everything that is occurring around you. Then insert yourself back into the middle of all that is happening, and your experience will change. You may even begin to enjoy the annoyance and the chaos.
    5. Make changes in your daily routine. Whether it’s cutting out sugar, starting an exercise program or waking up a few hours earlier, making tangible changes in your everyday life leads to inner changes, too. Remember- if you want to change your life, you have to first change your life!
    -Written by Vincent M. Roazzi, the best-selling and award-winning author of
    Himanshu – NY

  15. Kishore ,
    How to identify someone as enlightened or not – what do you mean by enlightenment ?
    where did you first hear the phrase? do you really think there is such a thing called ‘ enlightenment’?
    we are continually enlightened by many experiences – so everyone is enlightened – some more than others , simple coz they are ancient souls – they can see beyond what you or i see.
    to think what we see in this world – bound between the jaws of our judgement , as the only truth – is as myopic as the scienitsts of speculation.
    before judging , or even speculating – we ought to ponder if we are worthy enuff to ponder – we know nothing of the structure of this creation , our bodies , nor how it all works – even if we speculate where shall we start ?
    enlightenment by itself is subjective – and no one can judge , except by actions of a person or their words ( it takes a lot of enlightenment to know the true intention of someone’s words )
    – so effectively its an uncertainity problem:
    you need enlightenmeent to know if someone is enlightened – and till then accepting that you are frog in your lil well , is the best approach – that way you are at least open minded when the truth , if at all , dons on you !

  16. “ID”
    (by Heather McHugh)
    Did I? Is it?
    Hit below the belt, the ego
    doesn’t know the difference,
    KO, OK, ego can’t
    identify its problem, can’t
    identify itself. O cogito,
    it says, O sum,
    And then, in its cape,
    freed from the pay phone, who
    says “I have come,” and in the name
    of whom? Somebody’s
    living in here, deep inside, but still
    the elevator’s stuck, the clock
    is slow, the news is yellow
    in the hallway stack. The ego’s
    middle name is mud. There’s trouble in 4A and now
    there’s trouble in 2B; the plumbing
    leaks, a hole in the head, and tell me
    how did all this happen?
    Is the super dead?

  17. Himanshu,
    Thanks for posting the quotes from Tzu and Roazzi – good ones in a long time for me!
    Dont you think, for all that borrowed knowledge of positioning the ego , when it really comes to us it is not knowledge alone that helps us ?
    Desire for something doesnt ensure its attainment ! nor does knowledge – it is the ability to be able to practice it – now thats a complex thing !! – it is Karma Yoga effectively.
    Leadership is never learnt by book , some people could be trained to be good leaders , but , the charm of natural leaders cannot be duplicated – or you’d be a fox painting stripes to impersonate a tiger – and everyone can tell.
    I think a proud person trying to be humble shows , also a humble person trying to be proud for a cause – no one can duplicate genius and get away with it – which is why its best to acknowledge natural leadrs when we encounter them – now thats a real teest for the Ego !

  18. sometime back, I posted about the same. appreciate your comments.
    today my yahoo page’s Horoscopes section showed this: “It’s time to elevate your sense of self, dear Virgo. You are just as good as anyone else, so why don’t you believe it? The problem is that you are very sensitive about having an ego. Even though you are aware that we all have egos, you try to punish yourself for its existence! This is a noble endeavour, but this kind of zealous behaviour doesn’t do you or anyone else any good. You’ll never be perfect, and neither will anyone else. So what are you worrying about?”
    that triggered an question.. is Ego means self-awareness? Osho, Ayn Rand, Aristotle all have there version/interruption and here’s what I take – EGO is just a useful fiction. Use it, but don’t be deceived by it. ego as an extension of Consciousness has accepted to cooperate and knows that it is Consciousness in manifestation, a ‘working’ and ‘creative’ and ‘expressive’ part of Consciousness in the world of duality.
    Ego is like religion, it’s all about what you do with it. keeping it restrained by humility, integrity, is good (ego without restraint = danger). I have seen some those with huge egos balanced by the right restraints can be very charismatic. Ego isn’t really good or bad; it depends on how you use it. Your drive to achieve shouldn’t just come from thinking you’re the best in the world it can also come from a desire to constantly improve yourself. Funny thing is it is hard to see when your ego is controlling you in an irrational matter, you just kind of have to keep broadening your knowledge and in time you will see (some sooner than others).
    Ego (a sense of self and self-worth. Pride in what you do) is Good but Egotism(inflated sense of one’s worth) is Bad.
    An ego is completely necessary, as without it you run the risk of losing the desire for self-preservation, as well as self-improvement. The trick is not to get absorbed in it, and be able to see yourself not only in relation and comparison to others, but also as a unique entity. This is why it is possible to be best without necessarily being first – Iam the best I can be, regardless of how I measure up to others.

    “work and karma” Actions with full intensity,conviction and true passion about something or anything can kill all the ego in us.I think when one is passionate and fully devoted to a cause and creation,..This truth in itself kills all the ego in us. Ego does not last anymore now, ..when we are not worried about the fruit of it(so called hard work).But now we rather fill with joy and start enjoying the “Karma” in it self.when our creativity and passion reaches to that level and truth..Ego dissapears by it self and we start enjoying the every bit of our work and surroundings regadless of any result or fruit.
    sanjay malhotra NJ

  20. Rudra,
    The post where Roazzi mentions mentions 5 ways to keep our ego under check is his way to control the fact that we should not stand in the way of our own success. The term natural leaders can be attributed to people to whom the qualities of leading come naturally. I think it may have something to do with their early development and experiences, but most of it is self-development and discipline. Desire for anything is the first step towards attaining it -that’s how we set our goals and stay focused. The charm of good leaders has also been practised and fine tuned over time, based on what has worked for them. Therfore, when you see a great natural leader you are seeing a fine-tuned, self-developed and refined person, rather than someone who was just born with all these qualities.
    Take Care,

  21. Request to everyone…
    please take out few moments and visit site…
    read recent article on HOLISTIC RELATIVITY by D.K> Mathai… ( i have a doubt the guy is writing a thesis and is going to apply for PHD… if he has one…double PHD…god knows)
    its a series of articles, where the poor soul D.K. Mathai ( no offense…the guy seems so big in stature that he wont mind me saying this…) is trying hard to COLLECT the perfect answer.
    in his efforts he has stumbled upon few great facts… and the recent article is about Synchronisity…!!!
    all the mind fuck is collected in that article… but it is the best collection of a logical mind!!!
    MIND MIND MIND… fuck it…!!!
    please do read it!!!…
    if you get bored in the middle…fuck it…you are not missing much…!!!…
    why cant these buggers understand the differnce between eating a cake and thinking about it? (Science is all thinking…oops…no offense again…i am sounding like a fanatic here…hmm…)
    take care…tata…kedar…

  22. Kedar,
    I understand your anguish – it is about the insufficience of speculative science.
    Modern science is no different from one of the forms of argumentative debate of ancient india – the ‘vitanda vada’ – arguments for the sake of argumeent alone without an attempt to arrive or knoww the truth !
    I am a research scientist myself and yet i say this – modern material science is speculative and imperfect !

  23. Ego! I remember my father telling me when I was a kid that all the problems in life is when you start thinking about everything in terms of “I, Me, Myself”. And he told me that once we let go off the “Ego”, we’ll start appreciating life and actually living it. And, naturally, I put together the formula “Ego = I, Me, Myself”.
    Spirituality says that ego is undesirable. True, but it never says that you should never have had any ego.

  24. shekar…. EGO is not creative art. It ends up becoming PRIDE in thenegative sense. When we first fall in love its not our ego is it our love for that person makes us say” i love you”. It can never be ego.It is of course not our ego that brings in honour. Ego is negative it does lead us in to do things which we would never do but end up doing for others that is our ego. I strongly feel that ego can never be positive.We end up becoming to proud of our selves maybe our creativity what ever you name it.

  25. Nandini…
    yes…EGO is never positive…
    but the beautiful trick of the mind is that it comes wearing mask of positiveness. and once we are able to spot these subtle games…life is fun!

  26. y r we afraid of death? Is it because we love life. I dont think. I think its because of ego…that is ..fear of losing our self. Most of us believe in life after death. but there is something inside us that tells us that life after death would not be the same. Probably the soul loses its ‘self’ and becomes a part of the universal soul. May be instead of rejoicing the union, we actually fear losing our self. That to me is ego.
    Evil inspires us in many ways. Evil is also necessary. (Needs a lot of thinking..this topic…some other time) 🙂

  27. Kedar …. i do agree with you ,but i feel we never do that there might be few who are able to spot it. i dont agre with pankaj believe in the present birth why do we have think about our next. EGO is we as humans have it now

  28. nandini,
    I was looking for some insights about the true nature of “ego”..i find it intresting how the non ego inside me landed me onto this site..The only way one can “spot it”is by being still and silent.All have the ability to it..but..only when the time is right..when the ego has made you go through all the needed experinces to help you see what you are not.
    There is an ego personality-the external your name, your title, your life..
    the experinces you have gone through as your personality is the non ego..
    i read somewhere sometime ago..i am sorry i don’t know who said it…
    we are not human beings looking for a spiritual experience..we are spiritual beings looking for a human experince…
    we are not failure,hate or hunger etc…we just want to experience it and teh ego helps us achieve that..

  29. hmmm , rashika , maybe more correct to say , we are spiritual beings , who are ‘condemned’ to go thru the mortal experience ?

  30. Just to make myself clearer….by life after death I meant life of the soul and not rebirth. Rashika very properly sums up…”we are not human beings looking for a spiritual experience..we are spiritual beings looking for a human experince…” – I dont know where u got that from …but very interestingly put.

  31. :0)
    yes…your ego personality is condemned to go through that experience..cause thats how it sees it..the non ego is just to excited abt experincing “rudra”..

  32. I have written the letters of my name in small fonts. Am I humble? I assume So. I wear the thought.
    Ghamand, Garv, Swarthi, Abhimaan, Maan, Ahamkaar, Ashmita, Aham, SwabhiMaan.
    Are these words same or they different?
    Our Grammer is very weak. Associtations of the words with our feeling are too very very weak. So if we go on explaining it with our understanding words we may be very poor explaining EGO.
    We cannot communicate what we mean. Thats why there are no words to explain many things.
    EGO, Self Esteem, Pride, Selfishness in English..
    We wear it. Its like a cloth. We remember it by wearing it always. If we forget one ….we wear another.
    Ash Abhiman Jaye jani Bhore….
    Main Sevak Raghupati pati more.
    A rambhakta praying in a literature called Ram Charit Manas. He is asking god/God that he should be given a power so that he should not forget the EGO of being a servent of Ram.
    These are glasses. Thru which, we see, behave and live.
    They may distort the view or they may show the path.
    Its wearing. We wear the neckless called “I”.
    We wear the jewel called conciousness. We wear. Its our power to wear. Its Wearing. If we can wear. We can unwear it to. All.
    Unwearing should be easy. And Should be in our control. We should not be biased wearing or unwearing it.
    Thats the power. The the powerful Us. With or without EGO.
    Ajopi sanna vyayaatam bhuta nami swaropisan Prakruti Swamdhisthayah sambhwami yuge yuge..
    Every time when he comes to life he just wear it by his choice Krishna says in Geeta.
    Why??? I am completely confused and not very sure. No words to say.
    He can wear and unwear any time and remain unbiased it seems.
    Quite Objective he is and so BOLD in what he is saying. If he is just a character who is the script writer????!!!!
    So whatever all of you here are saying is all true.
    But let me know if you come across some one who walk the talk??? You can wear and unwear…..
    You wear as you have made the rule and stay abide by it. You unwear as you are above the rule and you bring a perspective.

  33. Ego is a trick your mind plays in you. The deeper to go into your heart to seek it, the deeper it sinks… At the bottom of it, it is “nothingness.”

  34. Dear Shekhar,
    Human beings created words and ended up falling in love with them, hating them, and being confused by them. ‘Ego’ is one such word that stands like a sword over the creator’s head.
    Ego, in its true self, is the belief that one is seperate from the universe.
    Your condition, Shekhar, like all those who find their creative gateway, their unique contribution to life, is not one of Ego, but a dogged pursuit to validate your life’s purpose.
    To further explain this I quote Matisse,
    ‘The artist has but one idea. He is born with it and spends a lifetime developing it and making it breathe. I basically work without theory. I am aware only of the forces I use, and I move along the course of the picture’s creation, pushed by an idea that I come to know only gradually as it develops.’
    Thus, you see, it is impossible for an artist or creative person to be divorced from their environment. Everything passes through you and becomes you. Which is why you are able to create. So ‘your’ universe is like an amoeba, all absorbing. And Ego doesn’t absorb, it blocks. Thus, what you experience is not Ego, but the process of humbling creation. Because if it was Ego, you would not be able to create.

  35. To use your line “But it is also my ego that pushes me into the spiritual path to try and destroy it” — Isnt it but natural that destruction must precede creation and/or vice-versa?
    Is it thus strange that we pursue, flirt with, romance ego to achieve a state – mental/spiritual – to destroy ego itself?
    It must happen because for all new creation, some of the old must be destroyed. It might be complete annihilation or incremental change of the ‘past’. But the ‘need for change’ is irreversible. This is evolution – mental/spiritual/intellectual.
    Ego thus is an instigator, a motivation, a consequence, an ally or an enemy.
    It is a source of energy which we use to alter either our surroundings or our understanding of the same. Maybe both.
    Circumstances are a continuum and thus ego is a self-feeding, self-sustaining force. To harness it is upto us, our circumstances and our understanding and appreciation of the same.
    Ego is a stimulus; circumstances, and our understanding of the same also play their role to generate a response.
    The slowest in a race must perish for the species to emerge faster, fitter and more tuned for survival. Is it thus strange that we keep flirting with our conciousness and ego to induge in the destruction/creation cycle to emerge stronger as a species. Maybe it is not good for the individual. Maybe it is. But as a race we become smarter. As a race we are more attuned to survive.

  36. I have till now only considered the ego as something that blocks our path and that of others around us and causes disharmony.
    But if one considers the all encompassing meaning of the ego as “I” then for all purposes we are situated in the ego!
    I see a lot of goodness around me so ego certainly creates a lot of positive things too.
    On lines similar to what Himanshu mentioned, too much ego can lead to arrogance. Too little of it can make one vulnerable. The right levels of ego used positively creates goodness.
    Meditation is a way to become aware of the ego, to see it for what it is. But once we speak or think we return back to ego. So I don’t think one can be ‘liberated’ of ego while living.
    In any case, if the universe gives everything one can want, who would want nothingness?!

  37. EGO – Enemy of God in Origin
    Positive Ego or a negative Ego both are destroyers of the potential of being God. EGO is creation of mind and it is the mind again that justifies its creation by saying that a part of it is still good and helpful. If there is no EGO there will not exist one who will be able to differentiate a positive from negative. Only God will be there and all that will happen through that God will be masterpieces of creativity.
    Imagine a being without EGO…..what a burden has just come off my shoulder….wow…who am I? All of us see the glimpse of this but we snap back into our unconsciousness and live miserably as we know no different. Some of us question but if we really understood what we were questioning we would have understood our misery!

  38. Ego is the image which we have of ourself.Image is constructed by inspiration,conditioned by people,and mainly fear which urges us not to be nobody,so we create image where we have security.We always think to become something,we have to be something.So we create a image required to achieve that thing.
    The nature of thought which is obsessed with end functions in pattern of ego.

  39. Knowing that you exist and attaching importance to it is what is ego in my opinion

  40. The ego is a mesh of personal thoughts, wishes,desires,feelings and ideas born of the inevitable prejudices of ones environs- places and people of birth and growing up; the earlier education imposed on impressionable minds -academic,moral,social,national and inernational.
    One needs to trancend it every once in a while to look at the bigger picture and understand where the ego fits in the super-ego.Or in Einstein’s words “know Gods thoughts/mind as She/He doesn’t play dice”. Then after gaining confidence that the ego is at the right place and on the right path with respect to the super-ego one can attend to it and even pamper it for short periods of time without disturbing the delicate bigger picture.
    Another way to look at it is to transcend ego for ever and constantly merge with the super-ego surrendering each and every personal activity to the bigger picture thus also in turn surrendering the ownership of the attention,respect and pampering you get from the bigger picture.
    The first is probably for the introvert-the artist,the musician, the writer,the idealist,the creater and the parent etc.-the loner.
    The second for the extrovert-the politician,the actor,the manager,the administrator and the grand parent etc.-the public man.

  41. Here is A very compelling explanation of what the ego is.(I’ve edited it somewhat) It is long, have patience. My question is: Why does the Self allow the ego to be created?
    Ego – The False Center
    From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho
    The first thing to be understood is what ego is. A child is born. A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. And when a child is born the first thing he becomes aware of is not himself; the first thing he becomes aware of is the other. It is natural, because the eyes open outwards, the hands touch others, the ears listen to others, the tongue tastes food and the nose smells the outside. All these senses open outwards.
    This is how a child grows. First he becomes aware of you, thou, other, and then by and by, in contrast to you, thou, he becomes aware of himself.
    This awareness is a reflected awareness. He is not aware of who he is. He is simply aware of the mother and what she thinks about him. If she smiles, if she appreciates the child, if she says, “You are beautiful,” if she hugs and kisses him, the child feels good about himself. Now an ego is born.
    Through appreciation, love, care, he feels he is good, he feels he is valuable, he feels he has some significance.
    A center is born.
    But this center is a reflected center. It is not his real being. He does not know who he is; he simply knows what others think about him. And this is the ego: the reflection, what others think. If nobody thinks that he is of any use, nobody appreciates him, nobody smiles, then too an ego is born: an ill ego; sad, rejected, like a wound; feeling inferior, worthless. This too is the ego. This too is a reflection.
    The ego is an accumulated phenomenon, a by-product of living with others. If a child lives totally alone, he will never come to grow an ego. But that is not going to help. He will remain like an animal. That doesn’t mean that he will come to know the real self, no.
    The real can be known only through the false, so the ego is a must. One has to pass through it. It is a discipline. The real can be known only through the illusion. You cannot know the truth directly. First you have to know that which is not true. First you have to encounter the untrue. Through that encounter you become capable of knowing the truth. If you know the false as the false, truth will dawn upon you.
    Ego is a need; it is a social need, it is a social by-product. The society means all that is around you – not you, but all that is around you. And everybody reflects. You will go to school and the teacher will reflect who you are. You will be in friendship with other children and they will reflect who you are. By and by, everybody is adding to your ego, and everybody is trying to modify it in such a way that you don’t become a problem to the society.
    They are not concerned with you.
    They are concerned with the society.
    Society is concerned with itself, and that’s how it should be.
    They are not concerned that you should become a self-knower.
    One man kills somebody – he is a murderer.
    The society creates an ego because the ego can be controlled and manipulated. The self can never be controlled or manipulated. Nobody has ever heard of the society controlling a self – not possible.
    And the child needs a center; the child is completely unaware of his own center. The society gives him a center and the child is by and by convinced that this is his center, the ego that society gives.
    A child comes back to his home – if he has come first in his class, the whole family is happy. You hug and kiss him, and you take the child on your shoulders and dance and you say, “What a beautiful child! You are a pride to us.” You are giving him an ego, a subtle ego. And if the child comes home dejected, unsuccessful, a failure – he couldn’t pass, or he has just been on the back bench – then nobody appreciates him and the child feels rejected. He will try harder next time, because the center feels shaken.
    It is not a direct experience.
    It is from others that you get the idea of who you are. They shape your center. This center is false, because you carry your real center. Nobody shapes it.
    You come with it.
    You are born with it.
    So you have two centers. One center you come with, which is given by existence itself. That is the self.
    Try to understand it as deeply as possible, …And unless you throw it (the ego)you will never be able to attain to the self. Because you are addicted to the center, you cannot move, and you cannot look at the self.
    And remember, there is going to be an interim period, an interval, when the ego will be shattered, when you will not know who you are, when you will not know where you are going, when all boundaries will melt.
    You will simply be confused, a chaos.
    Because of this chaos, you are afraid to lose the ego. But it has to be so. One has to pass through the chaos before one attains to the real center.
    And if you are daring, the period will be small.
    If you are afraid, and you again fall back to the ego, and you again start arranging it, then it can be very, very long; many lives can be wasted.
    One has to be daring, courageous.
    One has to take a step into the unknown.
    For a while all boundaries will be lost.
    For a while you will feel dizzy.
    For a while, you will feel very afraid and shaken, as if an earthquake has happened. But if you are courageous and you don’t go backwards, if you don’t fall back to the ego and you go on and on, there is a hidden center within you that you have been carrying for many lives.
    That is your soul, the self.
    Once you come near it, everything changes, everything settles again. But now this settling is not done by the society. Now everything becomes a cosmos, not a chaos; a new order arises.
    But this is no longer the order of the society – it is the very order of existence itself.
    It is what Buddha calls Dhamma, Lao Tzu calls Tao, Heraclitus calls Logos. It is not man-made. It is the VERY order of existence itself. Then everything is suddenly beautiful again, and for the first time really beautiful, because man-made things cannot be beautiful. At the most you can hide the ugliness of them, that’s all. You can decorate them, but they can never be beautiful.
    The real flower outside in the garden is eternal, but not permanent. And the eternal has its own way of being eternal. The way of the eternal is to be born again and again and to die. Through death it refreshes itself, rejuvenates itself.

    To us it appears that the flower has died – it never dies.
    It simply changes bodies, so it is ever fresh.
    It leaves the old body, it enters a new body. It flowers somewhere else; it goes on flowering.
    But we cannot see the continuity because the continuity is invisible. We see only one flower, another flower; we never see the continuity.
    It is the same flower which flowered yesterday.
    It is the same sun, but in a different garb.
    The ego has a certain quality – it is dead. It is a plastic thing. And it is very easy to get it, because others give it. You need not seek it, there is no search involved. That’s why unless you become a seeker after the unknown, you have not yet become an individual. You are just a part of the crowd. You are just a mob.
    When you don’t have a real center, how can you be an individual?
    The ego is not individual. Ego is a social phenomenon – it is society, its not you. But it gives you a function in the society, a hierarchy in the society. And if you remain satisfied with it, you will miss the whole opportunity of finding the self.
    And that’s why you are so miserable.
    With a plastic life, how can you be happy?
    With a false life, how can you be ecstatic and blissful? And then this ego creates many miseries, millions of them.
    You cannot see, because it is your own darkness. You are attuned to it.
    Have you ever noticed that all types of miseries enter through the ego? It cannot make you blissful; it can only make you miserable.
    Ego is hell.
    Whenever you suffer, just try to watch and analyze, and you will find, somewhere the ego is the cause of it. And the ego goes on finding causes to suffer.
    You are an egoist, as everyone is. Some are very gross, just on the surface, and they are not so difficult. Some are very subtle, deep down, and they are the real problems.
    This ego comes continuously in conflict with others because every ego is so unconfident about itself. Is has to be – it is a false thing. When you don’t have anything in your hand and you just think that something is there, then there will be a problem.
    If somebody says, “There is nothing,” immediately the fight will start, because you also feel that there is nothing. The other makes you aware of the fact.
    Ego is false, it is nothing.
    That you also know.
    How can you miss knowing it? It is impossible! A conscious being – how can he miss knowing that this ego is just false? And then others say that there is nothing – and whenever the others say that there is nothing they hit a wound, they say a truth – and nothing hits like the truth.
    You have to defend, because if you don’t defend, if you don’t become defensive, then where will you be?
    You will be lost.
    The identity will be broken.
    So you have to defend and fight – that is the clash.
    A man who attains to the self is never in any clash. Others may come and clash with him, but he is never in clash with anybody.
    It happened that one Zen master was passing through a street. A man came running and hit him hard. The master fell down. Then he got up and started to walk in the same direction in which he was going before, not even looking back.
    A disciple was with the master. He was simply shocked. He said, “Who is this man? What is this? If one lives in such a way, then anybody can come and kill you. And you have not even looked at that person, who he is, and why he did it.”
    The master said, “That is his problem, not mine.”
    You can clash with an enlightened man, but that is your problem, not his. And if you are hurt in that clash, that too is your own problem. He cannot hurt you. And it is like knocking against a wall – you will be hurt, but the wall has not hurt you.
    The ego is always looking for some trouble. Why? Because if nobody pays attention to you, the ego feels hungry.
    It lives on attention.
    So even if somebody is fighting and angry with you, that too is good because at least the attention is paid. If somebody loves, it is okay. If somebody is not loving you, then even anger will be good. At least the attention will come to you. But if nobody is paying any attention to you, nobody thinks that you are somebody important, significant, then how will you feed your ego?
    Other’s attention is needed.
    In millions of ways you attract the attention of others; you dress in a certain way, you try to look beautiful, you behave, you become very polite, you change. When you feel what type of situation is there, you immediately change so that people pay attention to you.
    This is a deep begging.
    A real beggar is one who asks for and demands attention. And a real emperor is one who lives in himself; he has a center of his own, he doesn’t depend on anybody else.
    Buddha sitting under his bodhi tree…if the whole world suddenly disappears, will it make any difference to Buddha? -none. It will not make any difference at all. If the whole world disappears, it will not make any difference because he has attained to the center.
    But you, if the wife escapes, divorces you, goes to somebody else, you are completely shattered – because she had been paying attention to you, caring, loving, moving around you, helping you to feel that you were somebody. Your whole empire is lost, you are simply shattered. You start thinking about suicide. Why? Why, if a wife leaves you, should you commit suicide? Why, if a husband leaves you, should you commit suicide? Because you don’t have any center of your own. The wife was giving you the center; the husband was giving you the center.
    This is how people exist. This is how people become dependent on others. It is a deep slavery. Ego HAS to be a slave. It depends on others. And only a person who has no ego is for the first time a master; he is no longer a slave. Try to understand this.
    And start looking for the ego – not in others, that is not your business, but in yourself. Whenever you feel miserable, immediately close you eyes and try to find out from where the misery is coming and you will always find it is the false center which has clashed with someone.
    You expected something, and it didn’t happen.
    You expected something, and just the contrary happened – your ego is shaken, you are in misery. Just look, whenever you are miserable, try to find out why.
    Causes are not outside you. The basic cause is within you – but you always look outside, you always ask:
    Who is making me miserable?
    Who is the cause of my anger?
    Who is the cause of my anguish?
    And if you look outside you will miss.
    Just close the eyes and always look within.
    The source of all misery, anger, anguish, is hidden in you, your ego.
    And if you find the source, it will be easy to move beyond it. If you can see that it is your own ego that gives you trouble, you will prefer to drop it – because nobody can carry the source of misery if he understands it.
    And remember, there is no need to drop the ego.
    You cannot drop it.
    If you try to drop it, you will attain to a certain subtle ego again which says, “I have become humble.”
    Don’t try to be humble. That’s again ego in hiding – but it’s not dead.
    Don’t try to be humble.
    Nobody can try humility, and nobody can create humility through any effort of his own – no. When the ego is no more, a humbleness comes to you. It is not a creation. It is a shadow of the real center.
    And a really humble man is neither humble nor egoistic.
    He is simply simple.
    He’s not even aware that he is humble.
    If you are aware that you are humble, the ego is there.
    Look at humble persons…. There are millions who think that they are very humble. They bow down very low, but watch them – they are the subtlest egoists. Now humility is their source of food. They say, “I am humble,” and then they look at you and they wait for you to appreciate them.
    “You are really humble,” they would like you to say. “In fact, you are the most humble man in the world; nobody is as humble as you are.” Then see the smile that comes on their faces.
    What is ego? Ego is a hierarchy that says, “No one is like me.” It can feed on humbleness – “Nobody is like me, I am the most humble man.”
    It happened once:
    A fakir, a beggar, was praying in a mosque, just early in the morning when it was still dark. It was a certain religious day for Mohammedians, and he was praying, and he was saying, “I am nobody. I am the poorest of the poor, the greatest sinner of sinners.”
    Suddenly there was one more person who was praying. He was the emperor of that country, and he was not aware that there was somebody else there who was praying – it was dark, and the emperor was also saying:
    “I am nobody. I am nothing. I am just empty, a beggar at our door.” When he heard that somebody else was saying the same thing, he said, “Stop! Who is trying to overtake me? Who are you? How dare you say before the emperor that you are nobody when he is saying that he is nobody?”
    This is how the ego goes. It is so subtle. Its ways are so subtle and cunning; you have to be very, very alert, only then will you see it. Don’t try to be humble. Just try to see that all misery, all anguish comes through it.
    Just watch! No need to drop it.
    You cannot drop it. Who will drop it? Then the DROPPER will become the ego. It always comes back.
    Whatsoever you do, stand out of it, and look and watch.
    Whatsoever you do – humbleness, humility, simplicity – nothing will help. Only one thing is possible, and that is just to watch and see that it is the source of all misery. Don’t say it. Don’t repeat it – WATCH. Because if I say it is the source of all misery and you repeat it, then it is useless. YOU have to come to that understanding. Whenever you are miserable, just close the eyes and don’t try to find some cause outside. Try to see from where this misery is coming.
    It is your own ego.
    If you continuously feel and understand, and the understanding that the ego is the cause becomes so deep-rooted, one day you will suddenly see that it has disappeared. Nobody drops it – nobody can drop it. You simply see; it has simply disappeared, because the very understanding that ego causes all misery becomes the dropping. THE VERY UNDERSTANDING IS THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE EGO.
    And you are so clever in seeing the ego in others. Anybody can see someone else’s ego. When it comes to your own, then the problem arises – because you don’t know the territory, you have never traveled on it.
    The whole path towards the divine, the ultimate, has to pass through this territory of the ego. The false has to be understood as false. The source of misery has to be understood as the source of misery – then it simply drops.
    When you know it is poison, it drops. When you know it is fire, it drops. When you know this is the hell, it drops.
    And then you never say, “I have dropped the ego.” Then you simply laugh at the whole thing, the joke that you were the creator of all misery.
    A mind that has no problems of its own can see through itself; that’s why it becomes capable of seeing through others.
    …It is difficult to see one’s own ego.
    It is very easy to see other’s egos. But that is not the point, you cannot help them.
    Try to see your own ego.
    Just watch it.
    Don’t be in a hurry to drop it, just watch it. The more you watch, the more capable you will become. Suddenly one day, you simply see that it has dropped. And when it drops by itself, only then does it drop. There is no other way. Prematurely you cannot drop it.
    It drops just like a dead leaf.
    The tree is not doing anything – just a breeze, a situation, and the dead leaf simply drops. The tree is not even aware that the dead leaf has dropped. It makes no noise, it makes no claim – nothing.
    The dead leaf simply drops and shatters on the ground, just like that.
    It settles into the ground, dies of its own accord. You have not done anything so you cannot claim that you have dropped it. You see that it has simply disappeared, and then the real center arises.
    And that real center is the soul, the self, the god, the truth, or whatsoever you want to call it.
    It is nameless, so all names are good.
    You can give it any name of your own liking.
    From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho

  42. Ego, Time Cycles 2012
    Ego is “I Am”. It is the faculty of the Mind. It is “self”. It is individuality that is real as well as unreal. It is the resistance factor that co-exists with life of humans. It is the veil separating humans from his inner self. It is the wall separating humans mind from comprehending the Reality of Nature and its Love. It is the cause for direction of time and death!!! It is the cause for Creation!!!! It is time itself!!!!
    Vedas describe it as God Eternal “Aham Bramhasi”. In order to understand this great secret we must understand the existence two “self”. The “outer self” originating from the outer mind and the “inner self” originating from inner mind. When the outer self exists in separation from the inner self [consciousness and inner spirit Guiding Life], it creates a time direction to death. It becomes the store house of dark energy. Outer self in fact is a link between the inner self and the body. All spiritual knowledge of the ancient people [today known by many religions] teaches us that “outer self” should have a period of connection with “inner self” alternating with its connection with the body. This is required to have a healthy life. This Truth is manifested in the knowledge of breath, day and night cycle and in all cycles. It is the basis of elaborate cultural practices which we fallow with out knowing its significance. The Vedas basically teaches the art of conquering the mind to connect to inner self, such that one perceives the Truth. It teaches the art of correcting the breath, art of meditation to silence the mind in order to communicate with the inner self and so on. Their whole knowledge and teachings directs humanity to self-realization.
    Absolute Truth however is beyond human comprehension by his mind. It is the realm of the Divine it is held behind a veil and law. It is transcendental. Only time will reveal it. This time will come only when the creation is in the brink of death and creator needs to intervene to give New Time [Life] and Initialize it.
    Now let me explain this through a simple figure of Trinity. Draw a triangle ABC. Draw a horizontal line separating the base points from the apex [bisecting BC and AC]. Here A becomes the soul or the realm of the heart, ‘B’ becomes the mind and ‘C’ the body. Since a veil exists the mind cannot perceive the soul or the Life giving reality. A direct relation however exists between the body and mind. The body feels that mind is controlling it, and the mind feels I am the controller and the body revolves around the mind.
    To understand the great design and truth, one simply needs to observe the functioning of life. Mind and body exist in two phases; the sleep and awakened phases. The soul/spirit in contrast does not sleep. It remains a silent watcher. It works to grow or repair to give life when the mind sleeps. It is silent when outer mind works but it gets awakened when the mind and body is disordered and death approaches it.
    Have you ever observed energy flow on earth? When the west awakes to sunlight and unwinds the east sleeps to darkness and acts as a sink for the energy and vice versa. When the west peaks with light, the seed of darkness is laid in it and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and the seed of light is placed in it. There is a perceiver or Controller in the system. The left and right are not only communicated in time, but also communicated instantaneously. This working of earth reflects the functioning of heart or a double pump.
    The day and night cycle forms the breath of the universe. As the sunlight gives light/heat and unwinds the system it is also displacing some heat and energy in a subtle manner and its being channeled to the opposite where it acts as winding energy. This winding in turn displaces some energy to the opposite. Imagine here a drill at work; a drill cannot move unless some matter is removed from the subject being drilled. This is a quantum process that is going in 8 quantum units of 3 and forms the two cycles of 12 units [day and night cycle]. This is designed by a superior mind with out any “intent” such that the system balances. Modern day problem of Global Warming has direct link to the break down of the above quantum day and night energy cycle and suffocation of universal breath!!
    The basic problem with modern man is that he believes only that what he sees from the outer senses. Thus he perceives all the problems as emerging form the outer world and sets out to conquer and corrupt it. Thus science thinks that energy for earth comes from the sun. In reality it is the product of human mind and his intent and “self”, drilling into nature. This forms the Karmic Law. What we give is what we receive. Here, there is individual and collective responsibility. The nature struggles against human actions redistributing the energy to maintain the balance, but there is a limit, beyond which she collapses. The source of all problems exists within us. With out knowing the truth we are causing the imbalance in the energy flow of universal system. By virtue of science we think we are acquiring Knowledge, but the result we are reaping is the opposite of what knowledge out to have brought us. Knowledge should have brought us peace, order, happiness, security, freedom Etc., but the world is witnessing the opposite. Is it not time to review the foundation of Science?
    The universe was created by the Creator for us to be live happily one with Him. Vedas in its core tells us it was created with Self-Sacrifice of the Creator and the essence of spiritual life is to maintain Dharma or Justice and Law. It forms the principle foundation of spirituality. Bible speaks that God created everything and then placed law not to eat from the tree at the center. The law was for the well being of the created world. It had a positive intent. In the second part of Bible it tells God made the self-sacrifice [The highest sacrifice] in the form of Jesus at Calvary in order to give Life to the world and He will return to lead every one to the Kingdom of God. What this could mean to the modern world.
    1] Where mankind is hoping to take control and determine the world by the intellectual power “I” manifesting as conquering motive and corruption?
    2] Where Gods warriors are itching for “Mother of all battles” and destruction by using the power it has gained by material science, in the name of Unseen God and Creator?
    Very clearly, the world is inching to self-destruction. Mind of man is always associated with “intent” or “self”. In the absence of whole Truth, it carries negativity and tends to break the law to accumulate. Human kind by design is incapable of perceiving and communicating with Truth or the Creator. [This aspect is dealt at the molecular level in the site – read article “Secret of Consciousness”]. He is created in His image. Any created thing in once own image should take a position to the left or the right of the Creator. Recall the one embryo dividing into two and then giving rise to the whole. Now how can one know Him who is moving eternally in pulsating manner simultaneously in two worlds? [Day and night and other over lapping time cycle]
    Just imagine your self pulsating at any one part of the time zone. Your pulse cannot have the same frequency as the whole that is pulsating. This only happens at death when the pulse and the soul dissolve into the Universal Spirit before diverging into one path. This is the reason why persons who had near death experiences, describes heaven and hell so beautifully. At death the soul passes the time zone and goes though the center to dissolve into to the spirit. Another path is the path of Yogis who detached from world of attachment and traveled beyond the body and mind to the realm of consciousness and tried to connect to the spirit. All these efforts takes human soul nearer to knowledge of the Spirit guiding it, but it cannot perceive the Truth of the Creator. The Revelation of Truth becomes the Choice of Creator. Other wise man would displace God. Thus, Lord Krishna had to give warrior Arjuna, the Divine Eye to see the Reality of His Image. Warrior Arjuna perceives this Truth as breathe that devourers’ everything and expels everything. It is then He agrees to wage the War of Dharma or Truth.
    The world is in the brink of a phase change. The Universal Quantum Wave is collapsing to initialize into a New Time Cycle or New Age [Golden Age]. A new pulse of the universe is going to take birth. Death cannot be end of a system. It is the new beginning. First law of thermodynamics forbids death. Death is a secret means of conquering the second law of thermodynamics, so that first law thermodynamics is protected. Death is Transformation. We are in the brink of a golden opportunity to Awaken to Truth, transform and be a participant in the New Time Cycle. Such phase change is predicted in ancient scriptures. The Mayan have predicted it be 2012, Vedas has have described it as transition from Kaliyuga to Dharma Yuga, the Bible speaks it as a entry in to the Kingdom God. Christian and Muslim spirituality is life in anticipation of this Change. More importantly the non linear science tells us that when the system is pushed to the critical disorder and death, a Great Attractor Emerges and the system Collapses around this Attractor State into New order. This Great Attractor is nothing but Truth or Light that Gives Life. Humanity needs to transform through this Truth in order to survive.
    I do not support any religion, for all religion is a bondage. I took to science basing my mind on my consciousness hoping to contribute something to humanity but revolted against it; for I saw many loop holes in modern science. I turned into a seeker of Truth from a point of freedom. The Gate Way to Truth opened when I submitted my mind and intellectuality, unconditionally to Superior Force and accepted mind death. A voice now called out me; search ME in the realm of heart and I was transformed. Here the “Science of Time” revealed it self to me in all its splendor. I began to see the beauty and living notes of Bible, Vedas, Koran and so on. I began to perceive the God in the smallest of the particle and the all the systems around me. I realized a new platform where science and spirituality can unite to bring order to the world that is endangered by both half-bred science and spirituality. No one who enters the Heaven will like to return to hell. But every one who enters heaven becomes duty bound to uphold light and spread light and open the gate way for others.
    It is this duty that has kept me tapping your mind relentlessly for the last 12 years against all odds over looking self. What I speak is what Exists, nothing New, I just consider my self a servant at His service, a prodigal son who returned Home.
    I understand that spirit is real so also is matter. Spirit has no independent existence without a body. Thus life struggles to conquer time and death, by breath, mitotic division and meiotic divisions. In the meiotic division and process that follows it builds a new body out of the old to rest and perpetuate in time cycles. Living nature should have similar secret to conquer nature and time.
    As an exercise, just imagine a world without human beings. World with only plant life, will be highly ordered. The world with plant and animal will be little disordered yet there won’t be any direction. Their existence does not disturb the day and night cycle and energy flow. The cycle is perfect and eternal. Imagine ourselves in the picture with a mind that seeks “self”, the cycle is no longer eternal; it gets a time direction and death and needs a re-creation. Science tells us 3/4th of the energy of the universe exists as dark energy and this ratio is a critical state of imbalance. It exists in our earth in our mind/body and is the cause driving us to disorder and destruction. This dark mass is the product of the mind and Ego of human race.
    As we submit to the Spiritual Force or God, in fact what collapses is our Ego and you are shedding the dark energy and transforming it into white energy. This is what we are all experiencing in the modern day spiritual revival. As long as it is done within the confines of community and religion, the Ego now rest within the community or religion. It only aggravates the problem, for the forces of darkness are joining hands. This is so evident in the modern world where the spiritual revival is building “God’s warriors” aiming for power and kicking for “Mother of all Battles” and destruction in the name of Unseen Creator. The only way out is Truth.
    As the Truth emerges, the ego of individual, community and nations collapses. In the knowledge of Living Light, everybody becomes self ordered, the law gets restored and every one fight to protect the law. Revelation of Truth gives a platform [Biophysical Reality] and a path for disordered mind of humanity to rest and take a direction to work on. Time goes on —-
    Rounding up this short article, this earth, the sun, planets, the stars and whole universal system was there, will be there eternally. It is not going to collapse in big bang, what collapses is the Ego of individual and collective Ego of humanity. There is evolution as well as involution. What evolves are the minds and Ego of humanity. The time direction leads to creation of one human being to the center, who is unique and takes the central position and thus is capable perceiving the whole as the whole perceives all. Imagine here a circle and fill it with small circles of uniform size, you will end in a one circle in the center, that has no pair or complementary pairs in space.
    Time ends with this central building block, to be conceived, to go into creation phase [in the womb of darkness] eventually leading to initialization [Birth]. Initialization occurs when Mind of God Reveals, showing his concern and Love and saves humanity from the brink of self destruction to be initialized again to Golden Age, Dharma Yuga or the Kingdom God. Here, in comparison, individual, collective ego of community and nations will collapse transforming the dark energy into white energy and becomes self-ordered.
    For more information go through short Blog articles on “Building blocks of Nature”, “Science of Time—-”, “Living Universe –”, and “Liberating Truth” at Blog site – htpp://
    Author believes there is evolution plan for the Creator. The modern world cannot come to order unless science is evolved to see the interrelationship and oneness and thus see the spiritual Truth of nature. This necessitated a review of foundation of science and reorientation of it into new foundation. The author has struggled at it within his limitations. Read article “Divine Secret” and explore the site “Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence”

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  45. Sometimes scriptures confused people about this whole Ego thing!
    Ego – lets take positives…
    Ego is also self esteem!
    I mean positive ego…
    one thing important is…all the scriptures leave one traditional basic mistake…all…and this is where the seeker will come to question the scriptures and if the teacher understands the seeker that he found out the mistake…the seeker is learning…
    So…i feel this ego thinG what Shekhar is telling us about double edge sword to my observation is nothing but FEAR MARKETING TOOL BY RELIGIONS and nothing else.
    and what about negative ego?
    yes it exist…when a man becomes victim of own imagination…
    when man does not want to see common sense…
    so its our call what to choose but more important is what not to choose

  46. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. (lack)
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
    He leadeth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul:
    He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’ sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
    Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
    Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

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