What can Obama change ?

It now seems clear that Obama will win the US electons. But unfortunately for him, he is the right man come too late. As the financial empire goes bankrupt, and the US becomes embroiled in a war against an enemy it neither can see, nor can it comprehend, Obama and McCain both keep saying they [...]

Tango in Buenos Aires .

First time I have been to this beautiful city. Here getting ready to shoot a short film. This is a picture I took getting high on Tequilla shots in a local Tango bar. It's quite fascinating. First came the people that want to learn the Tango. A few tourists but quite a few Argentinians too. [...]

I saw an ant

I saw an ant walking through the grass and I felt the breeze going past my cheek and I thought inside you , carry the courage of many lifetimes but do not believe it for you have not looked inside but if you do you will find an immensity so enormous that it will frighten [...]

a question

I asked you and you said 'you're too vague' of course i am i am afraid your answer would be finite leaving no room for hope for interpretation for dreaming for yearning for the search for myself in you an eternity lives between a yes and a no