Amidst the noise
and the screaming
in my head
I finally found
the whisper
of my joy

What can Obama change ?

It now seems clear that Obama will win the US electons. But unfortunately for him, he is the right man come too late. As the financial empire goes bankrupt, and the US becomes embroiled in a war against an enemy it neither can see, nor can it comprehend, Obama and McCain both keep saying they will do the same thing, just that they will do it better. No wonder. For there is little choice for the US but to fight a battle for survival in the next 2 years.
But Barrack Obama has an added problem. He has promised too much. He has promised to lead the US out of the current crisis back to the the ‘greatness’ of the yesteryears. He may not be saying that, but like Mandela, Barrack Obama inspires the confidence that everything will be fine.
But everything will not be fine…….,

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Tango in Buenos Aires .

First time I have been to this beautiful city. Here getting ready to shoot a short film. This is a picture I took getting high on Tequilla shots in a local Tango bar. It’s quite fascinating. First came the people that want to learn the Tango. A few tourists but quite a few Argentinians too. They got together in a group with two instructors and then all begin to dance ! Some compeltely new, but surprisingly many already quite adept at the dance. Teaching others.
Why do they dance ?

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Paani: The rise of the Beijing causes disaster in rural areas

As part of the script development for my next film Paani (water) I have made certain assumption, one of which is that rural ground water will be depleted to satisfy the needs of the mega ciites, causing famine in rural areas, leading in turn, to huge migrations to the Mega cities. Creating unsustainable Mega Cities. So the cycle goes on and Paani (the film) tells the story of one such Mega City (or part of it) where water has run out and the Water Wars have started. So here is something that someone sent me to support the research for Paani – it talks about the rural areas around Beijing going dry so that Beijing can drink water. But for how long ? Please read if you have the patience.
“Going thirsty so Beijing can drink
THE water level at Wangkuai Reservoir, one of the biggest in Hebei province, is close to an historic high—in a region gripped by drought. This has been achieved by hoarding the water. Local farmers say they have received none for two years. A hydroelectric plant by the huge dam is idle. Wangkuai is preparing for what officials call a “major political task”—channelling its water to Beijing, to help boost the city’s severely depleted supplies……

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water or stone ?

embrace your weakness
with humility
and flow
like water
not like stone
or a rock
that stands
in the false firmness
of it’s resolve
and ego

I saw an ant

I saw an ant
walking through the grass
and I felt the breeze
going past my cheek
and I thought
inside you ,
carry the courage
of many lifetimes
but do not believe it
for you have not looked inside
but if you do
you will find an immensity
so enormous
that it will frighten you
you thought you were
just a person
searching for a life
who are not even an individual
but far far more
so much more
that it is terrifying
for you are all
that is good and evil both
that ever existed
and will ever exist
and when u delve
into that immensity
the demons of your own mind
will leap out at you
their fire will threaten to burn you
they will snarl
and frighten you
terrify you
till u run back
into the world of logic
the world of comfort
and reason
where you will be able to define yourself
and confine yourself
to something you can measure
to some one you can measure
but your demons
are afraid too
afraid that you may confront them
afraid that you may find the courage
afraid that you may take them on
afraid that you may become fearless
afraid that you may walk past them
and see that they were the great illusion
of your own mind
a mind that is trying to swindle you
trying to fool you
trying to create a vast spell on you
to make you believe
that you are measurable
but when u walk past the demons
and laugh at them
and watch them melt away
you will explode into spirit
you will suddenly
in that instant see
the immensity that you are
and then
you will be the ant
and the breeze
and everything that was
and every thing that will be
in that one moment
will be eternal
as will be the ant
and the blade of grass
and the breeze
and the setting sun
6:39 AM

how unloved do you feel ?

“nobody loves me
and, least of all
are we so unloved by ourselves, that we do not consider ourselves worthy of others love ? So unloved by ourselves that we deflect and are suspicious of any hand that extends love ? And then hate, which is only a construct of a great feeling of self loathing.
And why did I have to write so much more, to explain the universality of the few words that I wrote first ?

from mind to every cell of consciousness

You have to be just a waiting, an intense waiting, with a great longing — almost like thirst, hunger, not a word …. It is like the experience of people who have sometimes got lost in a desert. At first, thirst is a word in their mind: “I am feeling thirsty and I am looking for water.” But as time goes on, and there is no sign of any oasis — and as far as the eyes can see, there is no possibility of finding water — the thirst goes on spreading all over the body.
From the mind, from just a word, `thirst’, it starts spreading to every cell and fiber of the body. Now it is no longer a word, it is an actual experience. Your every cell — and there are seven million cells in the body — is thirsty. Those cells don’t know words, they don’t know language, but they know that they need water; otherwise life is going to be finished.
It comes … it certainly comes. It has never delayed for a single moment. Once you are in the right tuning, it suddenly explodes in you, transforms you. The old man is dead and the new man has arrived.
thank you Sw Niravo for posting this and ur wonderful website

a question

I asked you
and you said
‘you’re too vague’
of course i am
i am afraid
your answer
would be finite
leaving no room
for hope
for interpretation
for dreaming
for yearning
for the search
for myself
in you
an eternity lives
between a yes
and a no


like a gentle breeze
your constant presence
where have the storms gone ?