Akira Kurosawa on film critics

Here is what one of the greatest film directors of all time said about film critics : "There is a famous haiku by Bashio : An old pond A frog jumps in - the sound of the water. People who read it and say “Well, of course if a frog jumps into the water, there’s [...]

The Art of Nautanki and Hindi films

Yes, the ART of Nautanki. This much abused word is actually a folk art form that has been prevalent in our culture for over a thousand years. And in most other cultures in Asia. A folk art form of the theatre. Usually performed by traveling troupes of actors, it comprised the telling of stories using [...]

Babel and Paradise Now

Babel is a work of absolute genius, but still stands, in my view, the second best film of last year. The best film is a unquestioningly a Palestinian film called 'Paradise Now', which was not even recognized by any of the awards announced. That is why awards such as the Oscars will always be suspect.. [...]

Paradise Now

Just when you had given up hope that the you will be able to see a film about the people that are written about as statistics by the Western Press, comes the brilliant film, Paradise Now .. It is a moving, incisive and bold and intelligent film about two Palestinian friends that are moved by [...]