Film Design in relationship to Film Narrative

Peter asked :we are concerned with and focused on the role of design in relation to narrative. Every great director is a genius with narrative, that's a given. This issue in relation to any filmmaker would be - what is their relationship to design, and to a cross-media discussion that might exclude conventional linear film [...]

Pankaj Parasher’s digital Art

Film maker Pankaj Parasher has always been obsessed by the use of new technology in the medium of cinema. He was scoring his films himself through pro-tools and his computers before we even knew they existed, and now intends to make movies and tell stories through Digital Art. Here is one of his digital paintings [...]

Gulal by Anurag Kashyap

Whether you agree with him or not, Anurag kashyap is one of the most compelling Directors in India. His innate rebellious natures transforms itself onto the screen so effectively that he is constantly challenging any preconceptions that you may have. Don't expect easy plots or 'armchair' cinema from him. His characters and nature of his [...]

7 Oscars for Slumdog millionaire

As the media frenzy behind the Oscars hots up, and the contenders are exhausted by the publicity, marketing, partying, and hype enforced upon them, it is good to sit back and take a clear picture of what is really going on behind the scenes and the incredible hype of the Oscars. First the contenders who [...]

Waltz with Bashir

Probably the best film this year. If the film was in English, it would be a serious contender for the Oscar. It left me moved and shattered at the same time. It is psychological, political and mythical at the same time. And about our modern day politics. It is animation, but it draws you so [...]

Rahman and the Oscars

I am really happy for A R Rahman. He is a musical genius, and deserves everything he has got. In fact I gave him the title "Mozart of Madras" and it caught on. But does the West really get his art and his genius ? I remember getting into an argument with Andrew Lloyd Webber [...]

Slum Dog Millionaire, time to celebrate

Lets get this right. Slumdog is an Indian film. So what if it the funds came from outside India. The funds for Bandit Queen came from the same source and it is considered an Indian film. The funds for Chandni Chowk to China came from Warner brothers, but it is considered an Indian film. So [...]