The Politics of Hatred

Once again the people of India, the ordinary citizen, has suffered the politics of hatred. Whether it be the 60 people killed in the awful bomb blasts in Gawhati, or the innocent people attacked and killed in the trains in Mumbai. How do the politicians who provoke such actions to further their own selfish political [...]

India is over the moon !

India launches it's first rocket to the moon and now joins the elite club of nations that have launched moon missions. Sitting in my hotel room in Buenos Aires watching TV, I could not help feeling a surge of pride. Because we have done this on our own with technology and parts developed mostly in [...]

What can Obama change ?

It now seems clear that Obama will win the US electons. But unfortunately for him, he is the right man come too late. As the financial empire goes bankrupt, and the US becomes embroiled in a war against an enemy it neither can see, nor can it comprehend, Obama and McCain both keep saying they [...]