Local internet magazine fights back as mainstream media goes for sensationalism

Hamari Awaaz (our voice) is an issue based video magazine I found ( or my assistant Anish Patel did) on the internet. I don’t know much about it, but I can feel the depth of commitment of the young people involved. Neither looking for fame, not for a lot of money, nor carried by the sensationalism that drives mainstream press and tv stations today. They are driven by commitment to a cause, and the way we can support them is by viraling the magazine as many times as possible.

The video magazine should be called Hamari Asli Awaaz ( our true voice). This issue is about water privatization in Mumbai, an issue explored in my film Paani.

10 thoughts on “Local internet magazine fights back as mainstream media goes for sensationalism

  1. Net is very strongly developing feature in INDIA, but we only use it for worst use… its like JINNY but we use it only for watching head lines and sending urgent mails 🙁 thats all !

    The Internet magazine is not popular here 🙁


  2. Problems existing but what required is awareness.
    The effort/idea/presentation is appreciated but a problem?
    Slow internet connections And reach is limited maybe or maybe only to those having net connections.
    A show through projector – possible?

  3. This is a great initiative coz when your very own people from the locality stand up! people tend to give attention on what the point is! Dharavi, Bandra east and many parts suffer the most. I had worked on a feature for a news channel realted to water crisis, they had some shocking stock footages.. will try uploading it on youtube.

  4. “…pipelines……infrastructure….complicated system…” — quoting problems seems endless. What kind of governance does it take to make solutions happen, bring water to drought-prone areas?


  5. ye shayad sach hi ho jayega ki agla vishwayudh paani ke kiye lada jayega.paani bahut hai magar na to uska vitaran sahi hai aur na uski shudhdhata par dhyan diya jaa raha hai.aise main jab baba ramdev kahte hain ki cold drink banane wali company kisi bhi condition par desh ke paani ka dohan kar rahi hai to kya galat hai.
    filhaal to aisa lagta hai ki desh aur janta ke baare main baat karna hi gunah ho gaya hai.
    aaj se dekhen team anna ke saath hum apne hoslon ko kahan tak pahuncha pate hain.

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