Is it a wonder that India’s roads are dangerous ?

Problem is that this looks like a lot of fun. And the problem is that it’s what I used to do when I was in college. On my lambretta as if even death could not touch me in the flush of youthful optimism and daring. What was it about us in those days ? What looks so foolish now, looked so daring and exciting then. Sometimes I wonder about my poor parents who used to get reports of my crazy antics on the Delhi roads. Always wondering if i would make it safely back from university everyday.

And I ? I loved the thrill of it. I still remember going down the wrong way on the ring road standing on my vulnerable little lambretta with my arms stretched wide. About to be crushed any second by an on coming bus or truck, daring death and accident.

Madness ? Stupidity ? Yes both. That’s one thing I will never ever let my daughter do, ride on someone else’s pillion. Because of the stupid things I got up to

This video was shot by Tara Bedi – budding film maker on the GT Highway between Delhi and Chandhigarh

10 thoughts on “Is it a wonder that India’s roads are dangerous ?

  1. This guy would do great if he joined something like The Cirque du Soleil or the Bollywood Stunts Community….but the highway is absolutely NOT the place for such antics, putting not only his only life in mortal danger but also all other innocent by-standards on the road that he manouvers around so ignorantly.

    What surprises me even more is that the person who shot this from her car doesn’t seem to be phased by what she is capturing, I can hear someone giving out a mobile number and an email address in the background. It can’t be a set up, can it? Surely, one would report such behaviour to the Traffic Police right away, at least I would have if I had witnessed it.

    I’m all for eccentric antics and stuff, he could have easily done these on a piece of private land or some sort of farm land with no passers by who could get hurt but not a national highway.

  2. You say that roads are dangerous, very true. I hate such people.
    But i also say roads in India are in danger. Now a days roads don’t withstand a single rain 🙁

  3. I agree with ES , on he joining some stunts group…
    I do believe such characters have more rush of ADRENALINE, which makes them do dangerous things, that help release the pressure in them…
    this could be used in a better manner
    Shucks seeing him out there every second i was wondering that a tractor, or some cow, goat, human will pop in from somewhere and he would break his nut
    No proper helmet either, our country still is way back on discipline and traffic sense…
    I am in awe of this character his energy, foolishness all as a package…
    But such things not really appreciated when folks r in danger, he himself is in danger and giving rise to others…
    Hey Hiya Shekhar, Hve a lovely evening

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