Water as a weapon in battle against terrorism ?

Rabid nationalism may yet drive a nation to wage war against another through blocking water resources. China could do it to India through damming the Brahmaputra. Turkey could do it in the Middle East, and it is common knowledge that whoever hold Goan Hights also controls the flow of Water.

But I am talking about many of the suggestion on my twitter account and blog. That starving Pakistan of water is a way to control terrorism that originates from there. I am afraid that is not and never should be an option. The worldwide war on terror is not against the people of a nation, the children of a nation, but against the terror outfits that exist or are protected by that State. Even of it was considered a strategic option in a state of war, it would be a stupid one.

For the terror outfits, the military and the high command will be the first to draw for themselves whatever water resources they may have. Leaving the ordinary powerless civilians, women and children dying of thirst. Thereby driving more of them into a frenzy of fundamentalism and war. Three days of watching your kids die of thirst will drive you to extremism, however non violent or liberal you may be. Within India we are watching killings everyday over mere buckets of water at wells.

Using water as a weapon of war is a to set a precedence from which there is no escape. Expect it to be used against yourselves too. Over 100 million people in India depend upon the water that flows down from the glaciers of Tibet.

Using water as a weapon is the surest way of inviting an all out nuclear war. For it leaves no other option.

11 thoughts on “Water as a weapon in battle against terrorism ?

  1. To deprive any community of its right to access natural water, is like depriving a person of his right to inhale oxygen. Remember all civil constructions have a useful shelf-life and a proper life. Typically its around 300 years, after which it gets silted, choked and useless of power generation. Rarely do we appreciate the rivers are free-flowing entities (like me) and they like to change course (unlike me). We are leaving a great puzzle for twenty-second century, how to resuscitate these dammed rivers.
    But we leave in a time, when most city-dwellers like from pay-cheque to pay-cheque and their conscience driven by trivial media and life-style magazines; The problems of 100-200 years from now, would strike no chord of resonance at all.
    How about Morality?! Obstructing the waters of a river to make economic & political profits is immoral. lets just leave it at that!

  2. Apart form Neighboring countries, Andhra pradesh all ready facing lot of problems due to illegal damns built on Godavari and the raise of the Damm heights. The outcome of these small issues will take time to metamorphose in to big issues, but it was a serious threat to harmony inside in our country…

  3. Absolutely not ! How can we block water – a natural resource, no matter what the excuse. We need to unite against terror by addressing the underlying issues and bring these angry people into the main stream, not by doing something which we have no right to do and something that can only trigger serious consequences.

  4. Sir,
    I fully agree with you. Blocking water is way too extreme a measure to take.
    I would like to sahre a link with you and would like you to watch the video on that link. it has been recently launched. It talks about water conflict between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the River Kaveri and it has been beautifully written and composed by the band called Swarathma(featuring the great Shubha Mudgal).

    Pyaasi is the name of the song. I’m sure you’ll like it.


    Take care.

  5. Provoking solution!!!
    Blocking water will start affecting firstly and strongly common people and then to the real people protecting the terror! Apart from ethics, it will drag common people in the WAR, for sure it would a bad reason to inflame the common people. Do you really think it is best solution? Rather, I believe this might bring the situation to a very critical point and can cause unseen consequences.

  6. OOOhhhhhhhhhhhh………..my God…………Just by hearing terrorism i am getting terrified………….To vanish terrorists from our country we certainly need some kind of articles………………..

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