Mumbai taxi driver talks about water problems in city

If you want to know the real truth, talk to the Taxi drivers. They live their lives on the streets and have their ears to the ground. I asked this Mumbai driver what he thought about the water issues , an here is a snippet from the conversation. Shot this on my flip cam

37 thoughts on “Mumbai taxi driver talks about water problems in city

  1. namastey shekhar ji
    yeh video dekh kar aam aadmi ki sirf ek hi mushkil ka pata lagta hai.
    par agar log apne charo taraf thoda sa dhayan laga kar dekhe, toh pata chalega ki aam aadmi sirf apni pareshaniyo aur mushkilo mein hi ji raha hai. bebasii ki zindagi ji rahe hai log.
    subah paani aaye na aaye kuch nahi maalum bas bebas hai.
    subah ke attey daal ka bhao shaam tak kitna badh jaye kuch nahi maalum par hum bebas hai.
    apne liye kuch achha hone ki umeed rakhte hai,ho ya na ho hum bebas hai.
    ghar se… nayi umeed, chehre par lekar nikaltey hai,par shaam ko jab laut tey hai to bas bebasi lekar.
    hum jee rahe hai.. kuch ke liye hausla ban kar aur kuch se hausla paa kar..
    aur yeh haal sirf mumbai ka nahi purre desh ka hai
    bas itna hi kehna chahunga ki…….
    shukriya apne aam aadmi ke dard ko samjha aur usse jan ne ki koshish ki……….
    kyunki humarey desh ki rajnitigyo ke paas abhi iss kaam ke liye fursat nahi hai

  2. You have touched the ground realities Sir.. First of all thank you for putting all these forth by your great great efforts and through all mediums. I am from North Delhi. But after seeing this not only me rather many like me are in much much better conditions as at least every day we get fresh drinking water and for other works to do.. But no doubt the heavy construction here and wastage (due to unawareness) is bringing the ground level down and more down.. Seeing the condition of metros like Delhi, Mumbai, etc etc it is very apparent that now it is seriously high time to act for this serious cause which will ultimately take toll of lives.. For this we all have come together first of all as a human being..

  3. thanks for the video. . . . How I always wished I could shoot those candid talks with strangers on the go, wisdom is everywhere and we just have to notice it n accept it . . . Here’s a small part of a blog Where i see there’s water that’s wasted from a water tank in bangalore . . . . n how life goes on around it.

    The coffee shop that I am sitting rite now is exactly opposite to jaynagar water tank. When I turn my head to the right and look diagonally, I see a huge propped cantilever pipe at the same level myself. Its an outlet pipe to refill the tanks to supply to the undersupplied areas around Jaynagar. Once the refilling is done and the truck is moved, You can see water trickling down the pipe, that should suffice the water requirement for a family of four for a day. Most of the times you see the water going waste, straight into the drainage but at times you can find the vendors collecting water for their routine chores. Passersby freshen up in the trickling water to beat the heat of on a sunny day. Though I am not sure on how many sunny days, water continues to trickle down. I wonder what they all would do when the water stops leaking???

    may be I’ll add a video or a few pics of the scene that I have to the post, thanks for the inspiration.

    Thank you.

  4. Aren’t you blowing it out of proportion quite a bit? Agreed these cabbies have good street knowledge, but they are quite prone to playing the under-priveleged victim all the time, and finger-pointing the upper classes. The water problem in Mumbai is not as rampant as you have been making it look. Haven’t the excess rains there this season provided good relief? And one of the main problems is the over-population by immigrants from other places (such as this cabbie) and lack of infrastructure to support this. As insensitive as this may sound, these people from villages come to cities like Mumbai without proper accomodation plans or any far-sight, they end up on the streets, and then complain about lack of facilities. It is no use to put the common people on a guilt trip.
    Why don’t you address those issues..go to the roots.

  5. “No one bothers to ask where the water will come from”

    That is because we do not have a habit of asking questions. Pointed questions. Critical thinking.
    To encourage critical thinking, we must reward critical thinking from a young age.

    This is one method that might work if done correctly:

    I am just doing my job of typing out ideas that I get in my head from looking here and there.
    Hence, *instant profits* or stock price climb cannot be guaranteed. 😉

  6. No one can beat you in reaching the depth of this subject in which even Taxi drivers unknowingly expressed their veiws.

  7. Well Said ‘Brahmastra’
    I will not blame the villagers running towards the city, they want to achieve their dreams in whatever manner, or reach out for resources, they are part of India and have authority to do so….
    Yes Illegal Immigration is causing more fluctautions in our difficulties!

  8. DQ,

    I am in absolute agreement that India belongs to everybody, especially the villagers. The thing is, in India, the real lower classes are quite established and accepted by society in their sub-human lifestyles of living on the street and so on. So, all these poor village immigrants come in, pitch a tent by the road, steal electricity lines and water from tankers etc (as seen above), and have a whole parallel society running. This should not be allowed at all for a multitude of reasons. A minimal contingency plan needs to be enforced for migrating to the cities. All this can only be done via the new ID system they are planning to implement along with residency laws.

    Maybe people need to start making movies that showcase solutions rather than just the problems.

  9. Shekhar, perhaps you will also like to read the following article…


    Repeat of devastation of Sindhu Valley Civilization

    By Umendra Dutt
    About two years ago my friend the famous singer Rabbi Shergill in one of his Punjabi article says “There is no doubt that it was just because of a major environmental change that the great civilization of Indus valley had completely vanished. The same reasons, in the same form are today existed before us. The only difference between the both situations is this that in those times it was a natural disaster but this time it is of man made”. Rabbi equated present situation of Punjab with Sindh valley which destroyed because of water scarcity.

    Rabbi concluded his article by saying ‘Sindh ghaatti aj fir maran nu tyaar hai’ which means Sindh valley is again prepared to die “Will this really happen?” I asked my co-passengers “Of course, it is a degrading environment and a dying civilization in Punjab; a whole community has been put to slow death” affirmed Dr Amar Singh Azad, my senior colleague in Kheti Virasat Mission. “It is a crime committed against humanity and nature by our own governments, that too in the name of Development”, I said, endorsing his observation. All of us were very upset and angry after visiting villages near Dhakansu drain and Ghaghar River in Patiala and Sangrur districts.
    This was our third visit to a river or drain area to educate ourselves on environmental toxicity and its multiple impacts. About eight years ago, I did a padayatra along the Jayanti River in Ropar district. I found several similarities between the disappearance of Jayanti and Ghaghar rivers. Both rivers have lost their relevance after society forgot and neglected the significance of these rivers. The river eco-system was ruined at both places by the developmental activities carried out by “modern society”. Our latest Yatra was a field visit to learn more on the crisis of water, environmental toxicity, condition of agriculture, biodiversity, the unfolding health crisis and the socio- economic fallout of this ecological disaster….

    Complete article already given by me on the thread regarding “Water Scarcity in Pakistan” or something like this.

  10. Once again well said ‘Brahmastra’
    I wonder why we accept the lower class to live like sub humans?
    Why can’t we look into the ‘root causes’ of these people doing this and eradicate that instead of imposing laws, just on them? Is there no law to impose higher class citizens to make them understand that the causes of these people undertaking such behaviour, may have reasons too?
    I agree they dwell in pity , but I feel the higher class too somewhere is they want pity too?
    look at the salary structures of these people? Medical conditions? Housing conditions? legal support? Safety? The very basics of them are not looked into!
    They need drivers, servants, chowkidars, peons,labourers etc, but the need of giving them support associated with todays life style and expenses, is not there?
    Do you feel that somewhere something is not correct?
    Yes I absolutely agree, that such behaviour is not acceptable as it is dangerous too for these very people the way they pitch tents up and go on…
    Yes laws here are needed to make sense….
    at the same time laws to look what is lacking on their side too
    everything cannot be one sided, it needs balance!
    Yes what you mention about immigrants seems to be a solution,
    We must make mistakes BUT ‘Better mistakes’
    Every new concept will have a new dimension of new errors/leakages associated with it…
    But a step ahead is always welcome!
    Psst Thank You for speaking tenderly to me…aw!!! kabhi kabhi aapki awaaz se daRR jaati hu lol…

  11. DQ,

    Well, the intention was not to make a pitch of higher vs lower classes. It was more about the immediate logical step to reduce the over-population in the metros, and that would require a certain degree of dispassion which could be misunderstood as “one-sidedness”. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, to introduce the balance, things have to go a lot deeper as i’ve posted in so many of my rants previously (such as the reinvention of the ancient Vedic society), but which seem to be completely idealistic and impractical at this point in time. All the wrong people are in power, and it would take a super-natural force to disturb that status quo.
    The divine intelligence that is running the show probably knows what is best for everybody – and that, frequently, is about getting people out of their comfort zones to evolve towards the highest.

  12. I left you a link on twitter on water terrorism in Pak’s Punjab -hp u read that.

    Bombay is receiving a healthy amount of rain thus far- but what colossal waste -despite all noise being created people being aware- other than natural ways of lakes being the central collection point, we in Bombay are unable to tap so much rain water! Such shameful waste:(

    Met some GOI people lately -they are so blase in their attitude towards water- its the least of their priority:(

    Heart feels heavy with such humongous tasks ahead

  13. Dear Brahmastra….
    I can certainly hear the pitch, that going to root causes of such problems is a solution..
    So I focused on one of the roots simple…
    one of the logical steps were to impose laws…so I focused on that too.
    Hmm U mention reinvention of vedic society, We have made a mess of our very basic freedom that ‘Gandhi’ and his people left for us, if we can even rectify 5 percent of our garbage, that would be a bonus!
    Wrong people are in power, because we chose to live in ‘mental slavery’ yet, and fought for freedom from the british raj and gave the reigns into ‘Goonda’ raj, and cry no one looks into the system, instead of standing for a solution we dwell in pity and blame the system.
    Who made the system of convenience?
    I worry of these divine powers that are hidden goonda’s LOL. They know what they want, it’s we fools who don’t know what we want! They dwell and flourish on our fortress of weaknesses, because we permit them to do so…
    If the British raj could be toppled why not our own system?
    And yes I realise many a times, the basic essence of India, the SPIRIT to fight in ‘UNITY’ for their own Rights, Laws is diminishing…
    LOL na! Jee na!
    Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya….wo kya hai na…
    When Your voice is high, my hyper active tuna brains goes to focus on pulling your leg eh heh!! Iss baat se darrr jaati hu! Mew mew!!
    Have a RocKIN day wid Pepsi Imao!!!

  14. Shekhar…
    Many ways to resolve water is being done…and yet folks of our country choose to be oblivious of the consequences….
    WE need to instill how to save resources…like water, electricty etc, in ‘School children’ itself, they are the citizens of India, who will make a difference, carry the awarenss back home too…so mass awareness, change of attiitude, RESPONSIBILITY is instilled in them from childhood itself. The problem is going to go higher, so they must be prepared to do the needful.
    Comics based on conservation, tv programmmes based on conservation of all orders….for children, make it a happier method to grasp and learn things instead of pushing books and only books down their gullets!!!
    Have a Grt day….

  15. DQ,

    You need to work on yourself first, then the solutions will become clear. The biggest problem in India, and the world, is that of pseudo-democracy. All these confused people who have lost the sattva/clarity in their minds are allowed to vote and voice their opinions, people who can’t even put 2 and 2 mentioned, India needs a super-natural force to put it back in order.

  16. ‘Brahmastra’
    Jee, I do agree once again to the facts that you have pointed out…
    But at the same time I know this will never happen…
    Those who can put 2 and 2 together, usually make laws of convenience,
    We were humans with animal instincts, but today we have royally become ‘animals’ with human instincts!

  17. The only super natural force that i can see that can bring the world to change is
    HYPNOTISING the public through
    Saas bahu serial
    bay watch
    eh heh

  18. As according to your blog and you interviewed a taxi driver about water shortage and according to bbc news in convocation of whistling woods international you told you miss documentaries film to be directed by you and according to your blog i think you are looking forward to make film called “panni” sir i am a fresher as i have not graduated as yet i have but lots of idea to work on this film as i had worked as an assistant director/researcher /fixer in a independent documentary called “prisms of light” and associated with study on Ganges which focuses pollution factor on Ganges and especially gangotri as you know gaumukh glacier of Ganges is descending back as its now 3 km..and lots of research work i have on it like Ganges pollution in Kanpur ;Patna ;Varanasi and most important is bhopal polluted water due to Bhopal gas tragedy ( you can see the menace of water shortage .and we can take vox pop of MR Raajkumar Keswani;and mr (Satinath Sarangi) sir please if possible give me a chance to work with you as i am intensively dedicated to film making as i love to use film making a Nobel cause as you are doing..sir please ….sorry to use face book to communicate professionally.please reply email address is ( i would even love to work as a porter
    in this project ..

    warmest regards
    Dipesh chandra.

  19. Great thing you are doing……………….Keep on giving awareness to these type of things……………good luck……………..

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  24. Sir…. just gone through your excellent article on the ownership and conservation of water! Truly inspired and moved by your thoughts. I am working and filming the life and situation of children living on street and remote areas of Jaipur city… just discussed and shared the concern on water problem with young children…. they have much to say about this problem ….

  25. I do accept as true with all of the concepts you have presented on your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for novices. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  26. hello….can anyone help me with my topic: note any five problems of,1)taxi or auto rickshaw driver 2)farmer 3)owner of a retail grocery shop 4)dairy farming………..please reply as soon as possible
    thank you

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