India’s shameful Legacy

The legacy that left 1 million dead and 10 million displaced from their ancestral homes. The partition of India.The folowing comment from Abdul Munim is such resonance on the day we are remembering Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi :
I am a Muslim for 1400 years….
A Punjabi for 2500 years…
A Pakistani only for 55 years…
I am an Indian since last 3300 years…
Where should my loyalties lie?
With Islam?Punjab?PAKISTAN? Or INDIA?
Partition is India’s legacy of shame, a wound that never heals, an event so scarring that it will never truly be removed until every Hindu and Muslim accepts it as a “COLLECTIVE FAILURE” and a “COLLECTIVE SHAME”….

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  1. Shekhar Bhai and all other avid readers of this blog…
    Wishing you all Happy Deepavali…and for Gujju behen and bhai … saal mubarak

  2. Any of those works that brahmastra mentions, when they find an anchor in you, they burn your world down. You will know if they speak to you. You will know in a way so sure that you are ready to let go. Every other question until now, every other search until now,will drop off. The profound simplicity of it hits home.
    Who is there to receive the blow though?
    Where is home?
    When you are not – , what are you?

  3. Deepak R,
    One of the most profound explanations by the sages is that the fire of self-inquiry is like the stick used to stir the funeral will burn everything, and finally destroy itself.
    And as UG Krishnamurti has termed it – and I can second that from experience – once this intermediate stage takes a grip on you and what some may label as kundalini awakening, it is nothing short of a “calamity”. But, extremely ripe souls such as Lord Rama can probably get realized by simply hearing of it from a guru.

  4. Rudra,
    For the sake of convenience, I hope what you say comes true. India has been taken prisoner several times, steadily depriving it of its treasure trove of ancient wisdom, cultural and material richness bringing it to the state of poverty and inferiority complex of today. There have been positive aspects to this as well, primarily related to the integration of a single country which has recently begun to realize the greatness within. This would have been accentuated if a nationalist/Hindutva party such as BJP was voted back in, but..
    It remains to be seen if the self-indulgence, naivetť and pseudo-secularist nature of the leaders and masses of the society – the primary factors of the previous imprisonments of India and the fall of Nepal to the maoists – will present the Chinese/Pakistani an opportunity to enslave these pseudos once again. Heck, they’ll at least learn a couple of more languages.

  5. Rudra,
    What you say about Obama may be fractionally true. But he does seem to be the only leader in a long time who seems to be quite intelligent, well-intended and aggressively pushing for change. They gave him the Nobel to obviously incentivize him to continue with his liberal, peace-making agenda.
    But he really needs to watch out for the Islamic fundamentalists and Chinese commis. Unless you are God, you may not be able to make peace with a wolf and convince him to eat grass.

  6. true brahmastra. For the one in whom this fire is burning however how does it help to know it is only meant for the ‘extremely ripe’ soul. That too is an idea afterall. A mere thought. If one chooses to believe it with suffecient attention, it becomes another element in the smokescreen of our perceived reality. There is enough of structure and knowledge already cluttering one’s space anyways.
    Nisargadatta Maharaj, emphasized on a simple method to deal with the mind which wants throw all these concepts at you. If you can’t allow for self-inquiry to take its place in your being, allow for the faith in your Guru to be the guide. Earnestness in either case is what sees one through.After all, one sees, that the seeker and that which is being seeked is all happening within oneSelf. Is it not?

  7. And Deepak R,
    The actual process is quite simple to grasp..extremely extremely simple. While you are reading this post, simply take a few seconds and switch the attention to yourself, the one who is reading..not the body, but the “I”. That obvious “I” feeling cannot be’s in every being. This is your gateway to the ultimate Self. You have to latch on to that “I” feeling with all your might whenever you can, and that’s it..everything else will start happening..that’s the whole freaking secret of this god damned thing.

  8. brahmastra, you are talking to an age old convert :-)( not that I like to use that word). I have been breathing this simple and obvious key for long now.But there you go. Having experienced it personally, I can only so whole heartedly recommend this to anyone else who finds themselves attracted and ready for it.

  9. Partition was shameful but what have we done since then? With such brain power, talented and hardworking people we are still no where. America probably has a history thatís about 300 yrs old but look what they have done with their country. The corruption in our country is so bloody high that it supersedes everything else! How do you explain that politician have assets that increase 100% every year (at least the ones they are supposed to declare during election time) does no one question that? There is no party that does anything for the people – itís only the people themselves that fight for their daily survival. This apathy has to end and I really wish it would be sooner than later. The divide between haves and have nots is so wide that I wonder if the chasm could ever be made narrow? I have lived half my life abroad and half in India and I feel so sad that we can do so much more with ourselves because there is so much potential but people are just trying to survive daily, forget having ambitions. There is no accountability what so ever and thatís the problem, the court takes forever to decide anything – more than half the laws are archaic. This in my opinion is more shameful than anything else – in this day and age we are blindfolded and continue to remain so.

  10. Deepak R, sounds good. Have you had any physical or other prominent experiences or has there been an evident progression? I had another post before the previous one which seems to have been lost or censored..i’m sure i didn’t use any profanity in it ūüôā

  11. brahmastra, yes on both grounds. Though I find it is this aspect of the journey which seems to draw undue attention for many. While such experiences as you would know are possibly one of many side effects of the journey , they inadvertently end up as milestones to validate progress. Very happy to catch up with you on this at

  12. brahmastra..
    I agree with you that Hindutva is the need of this hour, you got me wrong in understanding..I posted that article ( to show how a western (a Jew author)thinks or had come up with Ramayan. Having said that one should accept that the Ramayan that was shown on TV was not totally genuine, afterall there are about 100 of Ramayan in Asia. Even Ramanand Sagar said that he took portions from Tamil, Malyalam, Bali version of Ramayan at times..
    But it’s our greatness to accept and debate a constructive thought, we’re not an abrahmic faith where the Book is only right thought..
    :: thanks Shivani Singh for u’re acknowledgments..

  13. I belive its a blame game, and a particular society is blamed at all times for missapproriation. The worst part is the common section of the society has to churn through and the elitte enjoy the delicasie of the blood soaked food…………who ate ahd who is hungry is a history.

  14. We totally forgot to help Shekhar Kapur answer abdul munim’s question; it is a juvenilistic question to the core, I wonder how old this person is?!
    His order of preference should be:

  15. Shekhar Sir,
    I want to Thank you posting Abdul’s Thoughts, The Confidence you have shown in him by posting his thoughts is just great.
    He needed that badly.

    Thanks again sir.


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