World Habitat Day

Liza Peiffer, On behalf of Habitat for Humanity writes in to inform about the World Habitat Day on October 05, 2009 as chosen by United Nations.
World Habitat Day is a day for everyone to stand up and let it be known that affordable, adequate housing should be a priority everywhere.
What can you do for the World Habitat Day?
Advocate, Educate & Donate. For more information, photos and videos, you can visit

4 thoughts on “World Habitat Day

  1. Great Effort for a Great Cause
    Yes Everyone should play a role
    >>World Habitat Day is a day for everyone to stand up and let it be known that affordable, adequate housing should be a priority everywhere.
    Whole World is at cross road and needs a lot of care

  2. Glimpse of Future
    See! We donít have to worry about water shortage. When we run out of water here on the earth, we can go to the moon for water.
    Deep Space Naan
    Aasif Mandvi is proud to report that India discovered water on the moon, while America provided the tech support.
    Sean Hannity defends California farmers affected by the drought. Aasif Mandvi reports on Indiaís moon discovery, and Ron Paul believes only small government can provide personal liberty.
    It is true.. it is going to happen in the year 2050Ö Year : 2050 Place : Two Americans at IBM, USA. Currency Conversion Rate: Rs.1 = $1000
    Alex : Hi John, you didnít come yesterday to office?
    John : Yeah, I was in Indian Embassy for stamping.
    Alex: Oh really, what happened, I heard that nowadays it has become very strict.
    John : Yeah, but I managed to get it.
    Watch and Enjoy the Glimpses

  3. If only this message could reach to our richest tycoon Mukesh Ambani and other brethren in list , his under the construction sweet home is going to cost $1 billion covering 49000 sqft of land contrary to Narayan Murthi and his family who too leads the lime light of fame and riches but with a difference, they have an extra richness of simplicity in possession ! As Ambaniís has clothed the mass of India with affordable textile the house can very well take up this philanthropy activity for humanity !

  4. If you agree please sign.
    I have received this email from a friend and I have signed.
    ‘Hi Everyone!
    As you all know, our ‘intelligent’ level-headed educated politicians want to build a giant Shivaji Statue in the middle of
    the bay off Marine Drive. This is a completely outrageous thought and what is even more outrageous is that this monument
    has got permission to be built. It is baffling to think of the lengths to which politicians will go for votes.
    Please find below a link to a petition started off by Mr. Vishal Dadlani (well known musician and music director).
    Please sign this petition and also forward the link to as many people as you know.
    This atrocity needs to be stopped. Our city can not be used as a pawn in their political games.
    Not only will this statue be a waste of money (from our pockets) and time, but also a very serious environmental issue.
    Thank You for supporting this cause.’

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