Isha and Disneyland, what a contrast !

Having spent a fascinating week of yoga, meditation and ayurveda at Isha ( Sadhguru’s fabulous centre), which I need to write in more detail about, I flew off to Hong Kong with my 9 year old daughter the day I finished at Isha. A greater contrast I could not have !
In any case for those of you contemplating going to learn yoga more seriously, and provided your golas are highe than just being healthy, I have one suggestion. Do it now. I am amazed I did not do it before. There may be many places in India to do Yoga, and each one of us is destined to go where we do, I went to Isha at the invitation of Sadhguru, and am hooked. There was not a single morning or evening session of Yoga that I did not hope would get cancelled, but then there was not a single session that I did not come out a different nd more compassionate human being. Yoga, if done with goals that are higher than health, is a life changing experience. I know most of you have done it already and am probably preaching to the converted, but for me this was a first. I am going back.
And Disneyland ? If anyone plans to come here, a warning. There is not that much in Disneyland to do. Kaveri and I finished the whole theme park in one straight 9 hour session. Thankfully the next day I explored Hong Kong through the eyes of a none year old. That was beautiful.
The real pleasure for kids though (and for adults too) is Ocean Park. If you are here, do not forget to atke your kids there. The rides are better (read frightening), and there is a wonderful accent on the sea, it’s beautiful life and how we must preserve it’s beauty.
And they do NOT sell you blonde american fairy princesses as a concept of beauty like Disney does. How do they get away with that ?

11 thoughts on “Isha and Disneyland, what a contrast !

  1. I was waiting to hear the rare moments and eventful time with your daughter.
    Great to hear you enjoyed Yoga.
    Since doing Yoga I’ve noticed immense improvement for my wife’ health and emotions …
    A friend ours also had miracelous results since doing YOGA.
    Disney, a dream they sell.
    Seaworld, is the life they sell
    YOGA is the world, life
    Yoga is Ancient Indian Science for happy, long, healthy life

  2. Sir ji, any interesting idea about the movie? One imp question. Did u ever thought about the India’s role in this world. We would like to know your opinion about it.

  3. Yoga? just a couple of weeks ago, one of my Massage Therapists and guru was telling me that he thinks I should do Bikram Yoga…then on Friday, as posted in the Zen column, I attended a healing and meditation sound gathering…in a sacred circle with Shaman, Wendy Luckey. After the ceremonies had come to a close…around 11:30pm…a few of us headed downtown Toronto to experience what we thought was going to be some famous African Drummers performing at a club…huh? club after sacred circle? talk about contrast!!! But strangely enough, there was something very spiritual about the whole experience. Turned out the drummers were not there but we played for a bit in a room that was away from the dancing and drinking…then, we headed for the dance floor…me in my shalwar (indian dress from head to toe)in slippers, looking a little bit like a dancing dervish…hmmmm, yes! lots of people were starring, but you know what I realised, no matter where you are, as long as your intentions are of pure heart…there is some kind of magic that happens. The company I went with had everything to do with it!!!We were all flying on some special cloud!
    So Shekhar, I have long felt some kind of connection with you and your experiences, even though we are far away from each other and have not really sat down and had a conversation in person, but still…I have not done yoga either. Perhaps its time! Aside from this post, there have been so many in the past years when after reading your writings, I somehow had some experience that related to what you were doing.
    Ah, the universal connections!!!
    om shanti shanti shanti

  4. Finally!! I am so happy for you! May you know joy and bliss…and as Sadhguru says “the tears of joy”.
    I just wish every human being allows this to happen to them – It is life changing.For those who wish good health and those who are ‘seeking’- they will certainly not be disappointed. I have learnt to fall in love with life itself….effortlessly…
    Psst…still waiting for the post about your conversation with Sadhguru in Venice…..
    Shekhar a piece of (unasked for) advice.Dont stop with this program. Consider doing their advanced programs.It will blow you away.

  5. mr kapur, i was in HongKong the week before it was returned to china and it was the most peaceful transition i have seen. it is a beautiful city and it is great to know that disneyland and oceanworld have not lost their charm. please visit disneyworld in japan- i am sure your daughter will enjoy it too!
    ps: on TV saw some doctor promote “facial yoga” to ensure we look like 20-year olds when we approach our 50s. will someone inform victoria principal that she has been promoting “indian face yoga” for the past 25 years?

  6. Having been an avid follower of your blog and ofcourse your creative works, I must say that I was truly fortunate to see you this evening at the J.W.Mariott in Mumbai. I just wanted to drop by and say a heart-felt thank you for taking your time to say Hello! I was a bit tounge tied and I apologize if I was clumsy.
    However I must admit that your kindness truly touched my heart and taught me a lesson in humility in the face of recognition and fame. Your simplicity and
    I am on a trip to India visiting my Grandparents as of now. I reside in Toronto and will be starting Medical School in January. Your blog has let people from my generation actually learn a thing or two about perseption and facts of life and I sincerely thank you for the same. I write a little blog myself and have learnt that writing as an expression of thought is a really wonderful world.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us,
    You are truly making a difference,
    Warm regards,

  7. yoga – what is a higher goal shekhar?
    who is saying it is higher? does the one who says it has a higher goal experience life from a lower place? is such a higher goal which draws compassion from us momentarily the one to chase? do we chase another fleeting experience in an attempt to freeze it forever?
    did you meet the one who experienced and reported this?did you find the yogi?

  8. Respected MR. shekhar kapur,
    There is a fascinating book called mystic’s musings about sadhguru published by wisdom tree. I request you to read it. words cannot describe the scale and enormity of his achievement for the sake of humanity.I hope one day the world will realize and use the dhyanalinga and the isha inner engineering techniques.

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