Voice of an Angel : Kavita Baliga

If you listen to A R Rahman score from my short film Passage, you will hear the most extraordinary angelic voice singing an Aria and touch upon the highest and purest operatic notes. The voice belongs to a young Californian girl of Indian descent, who wrote the following letter to me. Kavita is a member of our blogging community, and is happy with this letter reaching out.
Thank you for the opportunity to sing in your film and at the premiere.
I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and have since been living an “every day could be your last” kind of lifestyle. When I was ill, I told myself I would take every opportunity that came my way, regardless of fear, or self doubt. And I’ve kept my word now, for 4 years. And as the offers increasingly start coming in, my fear of death is slowly subsiding. And as I walk along the narrow, dark path of life that I have led thus far, I am slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And how immensely fulfilling and ironic that my first major international gig is based on a film about self-realization, development into adulthood, and overcoming life’s hurdles.
Thank You.

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  1. Hey Shekhar , i would like to thank u on behalf of Kavita for making her life so fulfilling .
    Great job man … I wish more people start thinking like you and give opportunities to fresh talent regardless of their background ,disabilities etc …
    Keep it up !

  2. I am in the Himalayas and tonight when I sit out under the stars there will be a prayer on my lips for you dear Kavitha.Know that you are loved.

  3. Dear Kavita, Dear Shekhar,
    Thank you for sharing this letter. It is so stirring and inspiring to read you, Kavita.
    May the universe continue giving you wonderful reasons to feel fulfilled and to delight the ears of those privileged of listening to you.

  4. Wish you the best Kavita
    Stick around and think positive…
    Life is a reality and I’ve seen The miracles
    Most recently been part of it …
    From 1% no hope to 100 % Life …
    Live the Life to fullest
    Be part and keep doing the good, your lovely heart feels for…
    We wish and Pray for you
    Special thanks to the prayers from Himalayas, The Godly place (Thank You nimi khanna)

  5. With due respect to Kavita, need to express just a thought:
    You live as routine…
    You breath as routine..
    One day you come across such inspiring story and it stirs your soul and makes you feel inferior, you get excited and restless.
    Next day you become normal…
    Shekhar, why does this feeling lasts only till we hear another story? Why can’t we immerse this feeling in our soul forever and really live life with the thought “every day could be your last”. After all that will help you to get over all your inhibitions.

  6. A beautiful voice indeed.
    The high notes moved me to tears.
    Kavita, Wishing you wellness and happiness.

  7. Kavita, Yr letter to Shekhar moved me n touched me.Bravo ! I wish you wellness and all the goodluck n happiness.

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    As TEDxChennai organizer, I happened to meet Kavita at TEDxChennai and believe me she was one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. Her speech was too moving and her rendition of Laughing Aria was spectacular. You must be there to believe. A person diagnosed with Throat cancer, undergone chemo, now singing the Laughing Aria. I’ve no words to describe the feelings. She really has the voice of an Angel. Believe me, you must watch her video on http://www.tedxchennai.com once it becomes available online.

  9. few days back I saw Passage and liked it. It is a very good short film but very less has been written on Passage. Don’t know why but such a beautiful film has been ignored by film critics and writers.
    Today while searching for any material written on Passage I got to read an interesting article on it. And thought to share the link
    [Passage : Shekhar Kapurs film respects every single audience –
    Passage is not a conventional film in an ordinary sense but it does not produce any acatalepsy at all, rather it is so open to interpretation that different audiences may draw different conclusions from whole or parts of the film.]

  10. Celestial voice Kavita. God bless you for letting us enjoy such a beautiful song in your voic

  11. I learn western music under Kavita at A R Rahman’s conservatory, and I absolutely agree with you. Her voice is simply divine, and I’m lucky to sing under her tutelage! C’est magnifique!!!
    RM x

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