Death of a Chief Minister

Everyone mourns the untimely death of Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh, Rajashekhara Reddy in a helicopter crash. But the related Media reports (if true) of Congress party workers scouring the state for recent deaths from natural causes , and trying to report them as ‘suicides’ out of grief for the passing away of the Chief Minister are disgusting. Is there no limit to what politics and politicians in our country will stoop to ?
Imagine party workers going to the relatives grieving for the death of their loved ones, and offering them money, or even threatening them into giving false statements that the death ‘was caused by suicide out of grief over the Chief Minister’s death’. What other sickness exists in the mind of a political leader that can even think of this, and then order the party workers to carry this out ? Of course I am assuming that Media reports are true and not just ‘paid for’ by a rival political party. Don’t know where the morals of Indian Media lie anymore either.
Sorry about putting this in the blog – after I promised this would be a blog about uplifting thoughts for a while, but could not get this out of my mind. I care about my country and these things disturb me, as I am sure it does all citizens of our country.

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  1. oh please he was the CM of Andhra Pradesh not karnataka !
    and yes strange are the ways of politics.
    May be having a high score of sympathy deaths would in some way benefit some one aiming for power. enough said.

  2. Hello sir,he from Andhra Pradesh in your blog you have mentioned him as chief minister of Karnataka please correct the mistake.At the time grief lets not make any assumptions. Its to media which is hyping the deaths…….its unfortunate lets not hype them.Family of suffered person nows the reality lets not hype them.

  3. Hello sir, wake up!
    Rajashekhar Reddy was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and not Karnataka.

  4. sorry everyone, of course Mr Reddy was CM of Andhra Pradesh, not Karnataka as I wrote mistakenly ! shekhar

  5. Don’t know about the deaths or who made it up or whether they are real. What ever that might be, YSR had a huge impact on Andhra and his death ofcourse caused much grief in Andhra people. My father and mother who are from a middle class family have hardly ever into politics or into any political discussion. But I was told that my mom cried and fell sick due to the untimely death of YSR and father since then bought a huge poster of YSR and hanged it in the main hall with a garland. He says YSR has increased his retirement salary by Rs 10000 per month and so now he doesn’t have to depend on anyone, including me who is now in US. They think of him as second Gandhi in their lives. If this is feeling of an average Andhra family with no political background, I can imagine the sentiments of people in real public.
    Tendency in me says that it’s all BS and YSR was no different from other politicians, but the reality is that he is treated like God by atleast some sections of people in Andhra. So I won’t be surprised if actually people with weak heart did commit suicide. Living in West, I won’t be able to understand the Indian sentiments. But as an Indian, I can understand that India is land of mystic and anything could be possible with or without reason!

  6. Hey Shekhar,
    Really cant understand how these thoughts have made a difference in you caring about your country or disturbing you in anysense. Most of the deaths are from lower middle class strata.. n i believe 5000Rs will make a difference to them n also pensions and other things will add lot of value to their lives ( if the reports about the made up things are true)…. Coming to the perspective of the people who do it….
    They have to exaggerate YSR’s death grief so that the high command who stays 100’s of miles away and still has the last say has to hear it loud and clear…. They have to know YSR’s worth in the lives of a plebian andhrite…. n to continue the work of YSR with out any hindrance most of the andhrites today believe can be done only thru his son Jagan (May be this perception changes once he takes the CM’s office)..
    This is current state of mind and I personally cant see any loss to any person to disturb you….

  7. Not to speak ill of the dead – but he was not as well respected as the media is now making him to be. The AP government is corrupt through and through, just like most other state governments in India. Just that AP has a lot more money to play with and so the stakes are higher and the corruption is very well organized. To the extent there are branches in the bureaucracy which set the rates for bribes upfront, it’s managed really well, as though it was written in the constitution. The informal bribery rule book is more well enforced than real constitutional law 🙂 The suicides were either natural deaths reported as suicides, or suicides committed after the payment was made. One get really cynical about this – but the best way to live in India is to completely ignore politics. It will depress you no end. I shun all newspapers when I visit India.

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