5 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Excellent location.
    I dream of an angel crying & running towards The ship – Interval.
    And I dream of an angel waving & running towards The city – The End.
    Or vice-versa.
    Good Luck !!!

  2. yes kedar, strange isn’t it ? Three of these cruise shps would come in everyday and disgorge a thousand (s) tourist tat would lay siege to venice for a few hours and then leave for the next destination, and when I first saw this ship move, it seemed like a sci fi movie in which the ship was crashing into the city – so I quickly took a picture

  3. Yes … It arrived … And You are on Board safe
    The Good Ship Stupid…
    But the New York venue has let us go one better, since it is right on the river…
    Hope you will be at
    Global Premiere preparations 1 – New York
    Sep 21, 2009
    The Age of Stupid

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