Prince Dance Group wins India’s Got Talent !

Congratulations to them for their incredible act, commitment, choreography, versatility and sheer will to fight all odds and come out on top. I can now admit without prejudice that they were, from the time that I first saw them on the first phase of shooting in Kolkatta, my favourite act.
Many other acts came over time through the auditions and semi finals etc, that I grew to love. Some performed better in the semi finals and auditions, others outclassed themselves in the finals. But none were so visually stunning, so aesthetic, so zen like and transcendent. So confident in their own art of formations, that did not feel the need for constant energetic movements that most other acts fell in the trap of.
I thought others were great too. I thought that three acts completely stood out in the finals. Sneha and Richard completely surpassed my expectations and did a flawless and a world class Salsa act. Rohan and Group with their Hip Hop dance pulled off an incredibly difficult group choreography with such amazing precision that they could teach the Gansta Groups in the streets of New York a thing or two. And of course the ever green Alsam Langa Group that brought age old Rajasthani folk tradition with more energy and passion to a song made famous by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
But I think the Prince Dance group had won the hearts of the Indian people even before the finals. There was something so emotional and completely Indian about their acts, but on par with the best international traditions of modern group choreography that made us all proud to be Indian. And to know that some of the participants of this group were brick kiln labourers, who normally come to our attention more because we read stories about how this class is completely exploited by the Kiln owners, and earn bare subsistence wages.
Then there were others. Like Rajesh Amrale with his devotion, skill and mastery over the Mall-khamb form of traditional Indian Gymnastics. So beautiful and fluid did he make it seem that it made Olympic Gymnastics feel simplitics.
And I could go on. Little Viren, India’s mini Micheal Jackson, the little Super Star as Sonali kept calling him affectionately, won the hearts of all us judges. But when it came to a tussle between the Rajasthani Aslam Langa group and Viren, I was the only one that voted for Viren, the other two judges ruled more by their heads then their emotions made perhaps the right choice. Both were excellent.
I’m going to miss the show, but on to other exciting adventures now. Lets see what the moment brings.

85 thoughts on “Prince Dance Group wins India’s Got Talent !

  1. Dear shekhar,
    the show was simply superb. The best of reality shows we had till date. More because it was so natural from the hosts to the judges and the core of the show-the participants, all were so natural and real, no scripted drama like the other reality shows. I believe this show had the best TRP, dispoving the need for a scripted drama for higher TRPs. Surely the Illuminati, Viren, Vaishnavi patil and The rajasthani group were all my favourites, but there can be only one winner!
    When will we get to see shekhar kapur again? It seems like this show ended too soon, would miss your presence as well.
    Prayers, love and peace

  2. As they say “The best may win”…that’s what happened…truly an world class act that was innately Indian. We can’t override the emotional & social factor as well…they winning sends out a strong message to rest of India.

  3. Hi Shekharji,
    No doubt a great experience for all Indians in the finale of IGT. The natural expressions from the judges will always remember in the minds of people apart from the performances by some great patricipants.

  4. Sir,
    I don’t know this whether I should mention here. At the cost of embarrassing you I cant hold back myself but on this Ganesh Chaturthi Day I want to take this liberty also since the show has now ended.
    Howsoever many times I have seen you in the show I can see the SHIVA shakti in your eyes, by which I mean BHOLE BABA and if all was in your control you would have given away everything to everybody.
    I don’t expect any confession from you, whatever has been revealed on screen must be enough for people to know you better.
    You are a best kept secret (sacred) energy not for mass consumption.
    Vinod Agarwal – Hell bent on Emotional Devotional BlackMail.Blame it on the Season. LOL

  5. hi shekharji,
    i just wanted to say that you were a fabulous judge on India’s got talent…
    I am in love with your modest and humble attitude…
    kudos to you and the other judges and the show!!!
    I’ve got a new perspective to seeing things by simply improvising your attitude towards things!!
    keep the good work going!!

  6. Hello Shekharji..
    first of all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u.. 🙂
    so, As u said, the show.. all the acts.. made me proud of being an indian. especially some acts, some performances sent that spike of goosebumps through my body.. when i forgot to blink seeing those charming acts.. felt so good to see those wonderful, talented people entertain us all with the best the god had given them.
    and then used to be you 3 judges giving your likes or dislikes about the performance. you know sir, after seeing something, sometimes, u r in 2 minds. ki acha hai ya nai.. per on the show i had three minds.. lol.. and u 3 gave some best judgements all that i, or any other viewers would have thought.
    aur ji tussi to great ho. Hail mugambo!! 🙂
    have been a big fan of u and ur movies. with all repect, just wanted to say that u r a child at heart and a ROCKSTAR!! sirji will love to meet you someday. hope i get not one but several chances to meet you.

  7. Aw! shekhar…I must say this could be unbelievable….I dont watch tv…once in a while only BBC…Or CNN
    But I saw ‘Before the Rains’
    British Raj…
    Shows how tender a woman is finally…risks away her entire self….and the man ….helpless he is but….he saves himself….but then what would that life be? A living dead perhaps….
    The movie held so much….simply find art films…one of ‘THE’ kinds…
    Hey have a rockin day

  8. hi dude…
    Prince dance group was amazing…i voted for them…lol…just couldnt hold back…they were not only good but best…i was amazed to see the visualization power of the choreographer…it was pure, it was original, it was innocent, it was scintillating…best among the best…
    Rohan and group were good too and ofcourse salsa and langha group…but Prince were the best…
    and u were marvelous…even Ayushman and Nikhil were too good…nikhil was like big brother letting younger one do more mischief…their chemistry was fantastic…
    sonali and kiranji were at their usual best…bold, beautiful and intelligent…cool…
    the show rocked… TV was not boring after a long time…
    i am going to miss it for sure…
    please dont refuse to judge if they approach you for season 2…

  9. Shekhar ji,
    I am settled in Canada. We do nt get direct live feed for the IGT. Still from the words of mouth, managed to hear about the show and followed it on youtube and other websites that host the videos. I think this is the best of the shows presently on air from India. The Prince Dance Group has done it what we people can never ever dream of. They deserved to be the winner. I showed their performances to my Canadian friends here. And all of us were so stunned and speechless with it. It gave me a chance to be proud of my country, once again, and to solidify my faith in Indian culture and the unity in all kinds of diversities. Thanks to you, Sonali and Kirron ji for being the judges of the show. Best wishes.

  10. Hi Shekhar Ji,
    You are an amazing human being. You are innocent, intellectual,simple. Though I don’t get much of time to watch television but IGT is the show which I have been following from the beginning. This is the show which has provided the platform to all the talented people from all feilds to showcase their talent to the world. Prince Dance Group offcourse was my favourite. Thought all the finalists were exceptionaly talented but PDG has something special in their performances. I have never seen such an act in my life. It was truly creative and innovative. I would love to see them performing internationally in future. Sonli and Kiranji were wonderfull. Their true comments on each performace was amazing. Ayushman and Nikhil were great too. I would love to see season two of IGT with the exact same crew members including judges , anchors….

  11. hmmmmmmmmm
    Shekhar ji
    it’s me abdul from surat
    i saw this Talent befor on boogie woogie
    any ways after public vote they win means they r have hunner and they got.
    Best of luck for season 2

  12. if any other than
    the prince group
    the aslam langa group
    the lokmanya tilak group
    has won the award it would have been a shame to indian tradition and the show and to the indian.
    Forgive me for saying that. but the fact is all other acts were evolved. had a pre example in other forms that they had to best. so the fight was not about better talent but about who has paractised the hardest.
    but these three groups, they had to imaginate, and then perform.
    have any body ever thought of the synchronised formation of the dashavtar in such spellbounding form. i would say no. and the last part of their act in which they all show the ten forms at once was godly great. i dont think anybody could have imagined that.
    has any body ever thought of listening any folk songs and music which could throw u in a state of hypnosis.
    has any one thought of such brillian yoga formations.
    In all other acts there was an anticipation and prediction of what would happen next.The challenge was to best the previous act.

  13. Dear Sir
    The statement You made one of the episode Quoting ” Main America main performnace dekha, Russia main dekha… but the talent i have seen here today main garv se kehe sakta hoon ki main ek Hindustani Hoon” I just love that, i proude of you three sonaliji, Kiranji & You were fabulous during the entire shows.Above to all the talent shown by all the partipant are just oustanding.Yes i am happy , my state team prince group has won the title. same time sir, i am just reminding you what ever the commitment you have made during the show to all the paritipant please do it for them.That would be really make all the difference for thire life. i would love to see you once again in this kind of reality show where there is no cheating, no drama ,no partialty only things lies is “TALENT”. Which you all three wounderful judges were finding out from past couple of days.Thank You

  14. Hello Sir,
    I don’t call any famous or big person as sir not even to 3 of my bosses; I called you sir because I got so much respect for you in my heart because of your reaction of prince dance group semi-finals act.
    You cried after that act so do I and my dad. I respect my dad very much because he is a true Indian and I felt that thing in you as well.
    About prince dance group I felt they will win when I saw their act in semi-finals, this was the only time when I voted for any one via mobile in my entire life. I didn’t got the chance to watch finals due to my accident but I am going to watch this on youtube in next few minute.
    About winning of prince dance group it was fantastic and deserved victory, and they made it too. I always wish they get more success.
    For you and other 2 judges thanks for giving us this much great show.
    AP Dubey

  15. Thanks Shekhar for being so modest and wonderful during the show and judging the participants..The state of Orissa has never found a reason to celebrate before. The state has been alwez known for more bad reasons and natural calamities dan any good reason.This will show a path to many to go beyond impossible.

  16. You are so innocent and humane!!! Shekhhar Sir, I think these kids especially the Prince group should participate in the Common wealth games ceremony. I hope, you can do something so that these people can get to perform at the inaugural ceremony of CW hames in Delhi.

  17. Sekhar Sir,
    Sir, I had not ever seen this type of reality show. Everything was perfect in that show. We the people of Orissa, Bhubaneswar. My heartist congratulation to U Sir. Now after this famous show I am the great fan of U.
    With regards

  18. Sekharji,
    Congratulations !!!
    Sir, We the people of Orissa, Bhubaneswar with heartist congratulation to U.

  19. sir u r a great person ..u made the whole country cry when u cried in the semis…….u r gem of a person… u rock….prince group has made all of us proud….it has showed tht people of orissa are so talented and a group of labourers have won the hearts of million……..

  20. Hi Shekhar Ji,
    IGT was the Best reality show i have ever seen, It was the first time i voted for any TV Show, yeh i voted for Prince dance group and for Rakesh Amrale (His dedication and love for Mal Khamb was amaging and his act was international and mesmerizing). Prince Dances Semifinal act has just won indian hearts and the show at that time, I thought they might not produce similar act in final, but they proved me wronge. Hope, they do achive great success in future.
    You three judges were so natural, impartial and so much involved in it. It was naturalness, impartialness of you three made this show such a grand success.
    People saw IGT first in anticipation of just another hypocratic talent show but once they saw the talent and judges direct dil se comments, they fell in love with the show.
    You three judges reminded beautiful days of “Meri awaz suno”, “SaReGaMa” like tv shows where judges were like true Gurus. Now a days judges and their dramas just piss me off.
    Last but not the least Aayushmaan and Nikhil were great too.
    IGT won indian hearts with its naturality, hope it doesn’t change in Season2, waiting for it.

  21. Dear Mr. Kapur,
    I am Richard’s mother and have followed Ms. Bendre’s, Ms. Kher’s and your comments on every act. I believe every performer worked hard to achieve a dream – a goal .. be it the prize or just being part of a national platform.
    I do believe that the Prince group were greatly deserving and had the complete backing of their state. I am happy that they won the prize money – which will go a long way in the support of their families. Richard himself said: “Mum, they were the most deserving of the prize”.
    Which is why, I am glad to read your comment on Richard’s and Sneha’s performance – as being a flawless and a world-class act. Thank you for this – as it is greatly heartening to the effort and dedication that went into its preparation.
    My thanks to Ms. Bendre for her fulsome and vocal appreciation and Ms. Kher for her expressive face and eyes revealing a heartfelt appreciation of their work.
    What else can I say? It was a show with great talent, high emotional content, sound judging.
    I am a proud mother – just happy that though Richard and Sneha did not win – they danced with soul, spirit and grace – they danced as winners do! And, you saw that.
    Not sure whether you will read this – should you do so – know that Richard, Sneha and I thank you.
    Diana Tholoor
    Chrysallis Performance Arts Centre for the Challenged, Bangalore
    (integrating children with and without challenges nationwide)

  22. One of fav part of the show was where you asked a guy to just leave the stage politely explaining and understanding how this entire experience will effect his life later he stood acting foolish trying to immitate Akhshay kumar. It shows the depth of character that you posses. Instead of letting him make fool of himself and increasing TRP, you just asked him to stop and leave, knowing how this exp will effect him when he relects back on it later.

  23. Hi shekhar !!
    I cant believe that im writing u.
    I love the way u simplify things over an act.
    So happy to see u. Do come back wid Indias got talent-2 !!

  24. Dear Sir,
    You have been really fantastic on the show. Your comments and appreciations to participants would surely propel them to take a big leap ahead. As a true Indian you could never hide your emotions while praising the most talented and deserving prince dance group. YOu wouldn;t know what kind of positve impact you would left on those bunch of boys who are primarily from the very deprived section of our society. I hope you wouldn’t consider your job is over with this show end and you will take the representaiton of our Indian culture in this form to international forums.
    Wishing you all the best sir.

  25. Must have been so difficult to judge.
    The Rajasthani troupe and that eight year old had my heart.
    There was controlled energy in the Prince Grp Act.
    Can’t you have two number 1’s?

  26. Dear Sir,
    I like you as person…I like your style and the way you are expressing your views…I am sure everyone got the same feeling as you…I am from Berhampur,orissa presently in USA….can you please spare sometime and visit the place berhampur where these people belongs and practice their dance.It will be surely an inspiration to our Majdoor in orissa and INDIA.
    Salute you…

  27. Hello Shekarji,
    Youa re simply superb…You are so sensitive, you are so intelligent and unbiased in your judgement…and thats what I liked all about when you sat there as a judge…And you said once”This is a world class beating act” Yes…I was mesmerised with this prince dance group..from day 1. I voted for prince dance group may be so many times….and the little angel vaishnavi patil..but she is extremely talented..Nevertheless she is still small and she will have lots of chances going forward…
    Kiranji had told in semi finals “Agar upar bhagwan hain to aap yeh indias got talent jeetoge”
    Shekharji if at all you meet them again do convey one message that they have to not stop …This talent has to go worldwide…..

  28. Shekhar,
    I am from Orissa. I saw the Prince group performance and I saw you too. I have no words to congratulate you. True Indian you are. True artist you are.

  29. Shekhar,
    My wife and children wish to tell you that you rightly added the word “Mazdoor” to the golden slogan of Sashtriji: Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan. Great Shekhar spirit!

  30. Shekhar ji
    Prince dance group truly deserved the top position !
    I agree with all the decisions taken by you. those were just perfect decision.
    Thanks for coming on this show. we had opportunity to know you more. Else my earlier picture of you was someone who has migrated to Better place -US(hollowood and who doesnt feel like coming to india etc etc ). Your presence in show has removed all those misconceptions about you . then as a person I came to know a lot about you, you are emotional(Iam too), your likes dislikes etc and infact now I find you far more nicer person. God bless u
    Great work from other judges as well- Kiron ji and sonali ji !
    would love to see you more !
    Sonu kumar !

  31. Dear Shekhar ji,
    Loved ur feelings and ur thoughts, not only during the show but even now when u make us all flow wth ur heartful words.
    I am frm orissa, loved prince dance group, sent thm sms (god knows how many !) 🙂
    But loved smthing more—-once u had tears in ur eyes, and u had explained ur not emotional, but passionate !! loved tht line ! yes, feelings and emotions turn heavenly whn thy r coupled wth passion.
    All the best to u sir ! let the passion nvr die down

  32. Shekhar, have you written to the Olympics committee for inclusion of Malkhamb as you grandly promised to the participant on camera???

  33. The best reality show on Indian television, and the best set of judges ever!
    Loved all three of you, the contestants were amazing, I hope you all come back for the next season and we Indians have an opportunity to see all the great hidden talents within.
    Everyone deserved to win, but Prince dance group were most creative, innovative and mesmerizing, I pray that they go places from now on.

  34. Didn’t have a chance to catch the finale in its entirety, but did see the Prince Dance Group’s performance…congratulations, I’m sure the award and recognition will go longer miles for their betterment!
    Just from personal interactions with people from the eastern/N.E. states, I always felt a sense of unity & solidarity amongst its people that is seldom seen in other parts of the country, and it showed in the manner the state wholeheartedly supported the Prince Dance Group. The people from these states also have a set of spiritual values and culture so intrinsically embedded and deep-rooted in their psyche, be it the labor class, the social elites or those in between…and the Prince Dance Group’s imagination (which translated into performance, that too without any formal training) certainly reflected that.
    Re: the Viren vs. Aslam Khan Langa group tussle, doesn’t seem like the nodes of comparison are really anything tangibly describable or rationalizable, because the appeal of their art seems to be in the difference between appealing to the tangible vs. the intangible senses. From having seen them in the earlier round, Langa’s music has an ethereal texture and quality…and any one letting their music subsume them cannot help getting on their feet and going into a dance trance. Ruled not by my head or five senses, I see the Aslam Khan Langa Group’s talent in a very very special place of art (and heart!).
    Dancing seems to be in Viren’s DNA. He reminds me of some of the L’il Champs from the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ show — all the boys and girls from the current 2009 season are terrific musical angels. In a special place though is Yatharth Rastogi, from Varanasi — seems like a galactic star just got dislodged from its orbit and dropped down. And even in that dropping it chose to drop to a sacred place on the earth plane. Fondly called ‘Banarasi Romeo’, his voice modulation attempting to mimic the original singer, yet retaining his signature delivery style, is truly amazing. And so are Abhigyan Das from Duliajan, Assam, with an endearing yet larger-than-life musical capability & versatility contained in a little body. And Swarit Shukl, the ‘Indori Ustaad’, with his providential ability for music notation at such a tender age. And the l’il anchors – Afsha (the ‘bak-bak’ doll) and Dhairya who are constantly adorably chiding each other, overflow with a cuteness factor, never failing to give you the laughs. A true delight to watch! It’s amazing to see the genuine comraderie and bonding that’s happened amongst these kids…with their sheer energy, and unbounded spirit they transform the performance space and set into one giant party place! Hope they retain the same sense of untainted comraderie with their professional peers as they get groomed into and grow into what could potentially be musical professions.
    If you are looking to get a break in your ‘TV viewing time’ (if you have one), from pulp fiction media, endlessly recycled news, self-aggrandizing talk shows or mindless soaps, AND appreciate music in its varied forms, I’d suggest Zee’s L’il Champs as a strong contending option (if you are not already hooked on to it). Those who don’t have access to the channel, may check them out on YouTube. These champs are real ‘taare zameen par’ (stars on earth), dazzling with their musical brilliance. Hidden pearls discovered, and they sure have me hooked now!
    Before I get accused of being an online promoter for this show (that I’m not even remotely connected with, except as a new & loyal member of the audience), I’ll gracefully sign off…:-)

  35. Hi shekhar jee..
    This is the best reality show that I have ever seen ..Wah..prince dance group, you made every indian proud with your innovativeness. You proved that talent not only exists in cities and towns but also in poor villages..
    Wah..Prince group..wah!!!
    I want to give a reward to prince dance group..How can I do that?
    I live in US.

  36. Mr Kapoor,
    I think Krishna group was the best by far… Mentioning name of little Viren also touched my heart. I really adore you sir and we are really privileged to see you on TV.
    I hope in your busy schedule you will defenetly get some spare time for next season India got Talent but with this one thing more Sir, that you were always innovative whether in movie or as an anchor, can we have our own indigenous reality show of similar kind, because it still reminds me that we are copying west . .if any person can do this, then its you only; Sir

  37. Hello Shekharji,
    I am really impressed with this programmed named Indis’s got talent. I liked all the finalist. Especially the winner prince dance group and the rope malkhambh. I appreciate their creativity. We are really proud that we have such talents in our country. The Judges were true to their heart.

  38. Hello Shekharji,
    This is C.A.Satyajit Padhye, Ventriloquist & Puppeter.Sir, first of all thank you so much for appreciation of my performance and my art form.It was so nice meeting you that day.Sir, I m also a Chartered Accountant like you, but I really do this art of Ventriloquism & Puppetry with lots of passion and dedication.Hope to work with you some day.If you get time from your busy schedule do visit our website We have more than 2000 puppets in our collection and we custom design the puppet as per the requirement.

  39. sir i am into events kindly send me the contact details of all the of the India’s got talent finalist so that in can start giving them work for their benefit.

  40. Dear Mr. Shakhar sir
    I normally do not watch TV, especially reality shows as they are very little on reality.
    But India Got Talent (IGT) is a complete different. I first saw the show on youtube, refereed by friend. From that day keep track of the show. Its simply amazing.
    All the participants are real, truly deserving candidate and natural like baby’s smile.
    Among them Prince Dance Group is top class, best, awesome and truly depicting Indian. All the 3 performances are better than their previous ones. The Indian Flag Act on 15th Aug brought tears to my eyes, and think so for the rest of India.
    I am really proud to be an Indian, and more happy that my state (Orissa) dance group own it. Still feels their act was beyond regionalism and simply world class act.
    Satya Sidharta

  41. Dear Mr. Shekar Kapoor,
    it was really nice programme. and won the best.
    one thing I noticed in your face a real Patriotic Indian.
    keep it up
    with best regards
    jose southil

  42. Respected sir,
    i am very much impressed with your judgement on IGT reality show after saregamapa i think this one is the best reality show i have ever seen.Now a days all reality shows are only bukbas….As a chartered accountant ur judgement is really perfect.With u me too has cried on semifinalday. i think u people again will judge the show. best wsihes and prayer for u sir.sir me too a CA student so please bless me…1st step to CA written by my beloved teacher Pattaviram describes u in 1st please i know a little abt u.thanks again.

  43. For first time, I saw their act on Youtube and was totally mesmerized by it. Their independence day act made me emotional and in years,tears swelled in my eyes… it was too emotionally, I guess everyone including you became emotional.. They are having true spirits.. looks like after having all the material wealth.. I still have broken spirit.. they are amazing, they are beautiful.. they are simple.. God Bless them…

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