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Many of you might have faced the problem of logging to the blog in the past two days. It so happened that a malicious code was injected into a few pages of the blog and Google bots marked this site on their watch list. Readers who have been using Firefox or Chrome would have received messages in their browser warning them not to enter the site, the reason being these browsers and Google follow a common list and hence it showed at these places. The site has been quarantined thereafter and precautions taken that this issue does not happen again.
Apologies to all of the readers who faced the problem. You can now visit, read, participate and interact with Shekhar Kapur as you used to. It’s heartening to see so many insightful discussions happening over here. You can write at admin (at) if you face any problems or have any queries.

4 thoughts on “Message from the Webmaster

  1. Yep Shekhar and his dedicated team….
    There was this problem….but ironically my blog too would not open due to this reason….it was showing private again and again lol
    maybe ur virus came in mah comp too argh!!
    Glad to be back

  2. AREeeeeeeeeeeeeH
    Where r my two previous comments….i did see it early???
    HEYYYYYYYYYYY ‘admin’ I did not shove that virus hereeeeeeeeee
    DUNNNNNnnnn remove mah comments…
    Maar dalungi??????????/
    Shekharrrrrrrrr Kaha hoOOOOOOOOOOO?
    Sunayi diya kya????????

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