Google removes korean malware alert from popular Blogs in India

Thankfully Google has removed the red alert from some of India’s popular blogsites including our own. I do not totally understand it, but apparently there was an attempt through a Korean website to attack some popular Blogs in India. What they gained from this I am not sure, but if you tried to access through Internet Explorer, there was no such warning and our Bog was clear as always. Sorry about the inconvenience and it is back to business as usual. Shekhar

9 thoughts on “Google removes korean malware alert from popular Blogs in India

  1. Glad its back to business as usual. Thanks, Google, for the website crawling/malware detection services to site owners and thanks Firefox/Chrome for flagging potential malware attack to alert users. As I understand it, Google’s service is open-sourced and available to all browser developers, but one can guess who chooses not to use it 🙂
    Internet Explorer allowed clear access to the site despite the korean [malware] ‘kaminey’ docked in there to ensnare visitors’ digital space as well. Hmmm…wonder if MS truly cares about its customers in this MS vs. Google feud?

  2. These computer viruses are on the rise, and quite a few are traced back to China. These things can be dormantly existant on your machine, and could even be used as remote controls to takeover the machine.

  3. hahaha… yes i faced the problem…
    computer viruses is a big problem every where in the world…
    what they benefit from it?
    well i guess…information theft is a big thing for many years now…
    but by attacking open popular web sites they achieve mass unrest…also its like training program for them…ok this virus works…now next level…that kind of thing…
    but main reason to attack popular sites is to create UNREST…!
    and believe me its not that hard to do it…any teen age kid with basic knowledge of computer and networking can create basic viruses…
    and the problem is that its not boring….its fun…they think its creative…and it is creative…but dark…devilish…
    Hannibal and Joker are few but they are there…!

  4. I did wonder whats wrong with Shekhar’s website-this cant be happening.
    Thanks for the explanation,
    Have a good evening.
    AV/Abhinav Vats

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