What is the identity that is India ?

Sitting in a coffee shop at Vienna airport waiting for my flight to Innsbruck. , using fast free internet (why cant we have that all over India ?). The airport is full of Indians. Going to Milan and Frankfurt mostly. This is the time of the textile fairs, so its wonderful to meet all the young entrepreneurs from all over India.
The question that plagues many of us is, what is the force that binds India ? Before independence it was always empires that fought and brought this sprawling diverse continent under one leadership. But there was so many divisive factions, cultures, languages, political and social systems that the umpires ultimately broke apart not only through foreign conquests, but mostly because the internal divisions always helped the new conqueror. We say that the British were great at the ‘divide and rule’ policy – but in saying that we actually hide truth. We Indians are so divisive that it is easy to divide and rule us. Not the other way round. Is internal divisiveness our fundamental nature, and Indian nature ? I don’t think so. I believe it is that we are such a disparate people that divisions are easy to come by. India is always threatening to break at the seams, politically, or through religion, or through cast or race, or even language. Should India hold together (as I think it should), then what would/could hold it together ? Remember taht divisions in India can never just be resolved through geographical separation into states. For example the rise of the political power of the lower caste through Mayawati is not a geographical, issue. Caste politics are spread through our nation, or we would have to divide our nation once again through the upheavals that happened in partition.
So what is the idea that is India ?

1. An idea
An idea that a majority if Indians would believe in. Independence was such an idea. Gandhi took that idea and created history for a nation and himself. I doubt that the phenomena of Mahatma Gandhi would have occurred without being able to light the fire of Independence as an idea. And out of that idea a nation was born.
So what is that fundamental idea that everybody could believe and partake in ? Is democracy ?
2. Democracy.
For the first time the will of the people brought a nation together under one roof. Not an external conqueror. India was really born as a nation after that. However the form of democracy in India has totally corrupted itself, and has made India much more divided, with politicians encouraging divisions and hatred, even creating fear to create vote banks to keep themselves in power. And even though our Constitution forbids that by law, divisive politics are more the norm than exceptions.
Remember though that allowing more and more political divisions is not an answer. There will be always some more divisions, some more separatist movements.
3. A common Judiciary ?
Again we have failed here. A common, fair and swift system of judiciary would have created the faith of our people in Nationhood, but it is quite the opposite now. people have no faith in the Judiciary. And given the sheer lack of will and logistics within the judiciary itself, this does not seem a possibility in the near future
4. A common national leader
Yes, this is what we do need. A new leader that everyone trusted and was led by, and had faith in (Like Obama in the US) would help fire the imagination of a Nationhood and bring all the people together. How do we find this person ? I have argued before that it is highly unlikey this person would come out of the political system. He or she would have accepted, and become part of the inherrent corruption of the system by the time they achieve national status.
But we should look for one, certainly.
5. Economic progress, for all
Yes of course. This is our one chance. Hope creates bonds. The hope of a better life withing and not without the nation of India. The idea of Indian corporations that create branches all over India with people that benefit from that being from all over the country. Certainly the IT business did that. IT professionals are Indians first and Hindu and Muslim, Marathi or Tamil, or Gujarati later.
So obviously a growing professional class holds India together ?
6. Broadband
I have always argued that access to good broadband and the internet will truly unlock the potential of India. Help reduce the rural urban divide, give our citizens the right to information and keep them away from misinformation of divisive politics. harmonize education and free the minds f our young people.
I could go one. But lets get down and think.
What is the idea that is India ?

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  1. Not everyone can be a politician and being just a voter is not enough but that does not mean we ignore our own voice that can play a role in the conversations that will shape India. It has been underestimated or the domain of media or powerbrokers, but the Internet is changing that. The impact is negligible right now but 5 years later – who knows.
    It is this conversation that might just help us get that new leader out in the open.
    P.S: The post is truncated at the bottom.

  2. India is to the global culture as a system what spiritual heart (heart chakra) is to us individuals. So it is a sort of melting pot in which finally many separate cultural streams in the form of separate schools of thought merge at the end of certain historical cycles (and actually take off at the beginning of the next cycle, such as Buddhism took off from here at the beginning of this AD cycle to name only one).
    Anyways, but since merging involves the end of ego/identity many fight/ramble on to keep the illusion/seed of it to perhaps eventually succeed at the beginning of the new cycle in the form of more evolved thought systems/culture.

  3. Just after I posted my first message I came upon the following lines by Vivekananada, delivered at The World Conference of Religions at Chicago, which seem to support my message:
    I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and nations of the earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny. I am proud to belong to the religion which has sheltered and is still fostering the remnant of the grand Zoroastrian nation. I will quote to you, brethren, a few lines from a hymn which I remember to have repeated from my earliest boyhood, which is every day repeated by millions of human beings: “As the different streams having their sources in different places all mingle their water in the sea, sources in different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to Thee.”

  4. for me India is a sentiment that i feel when i see Indian’s doing good, emotions that makes me cry when i see them suffering and bond that has motivated to pledge to go back and work again in my own mother land.
    India is my identity, the soul purpose of my being misture of good, bad and ugley and i accept it all.

  5. It is Ramayana and Mahabharata that unite India – irrespective of colour, culture , language , dress , cousine.
    Ramayana and Mahabharata are ther DNA of India – they will never go away even if the country is nuked.
    When people break away from this DNA , they break away from the nation – as history has proved. Alomost all insurgency movements are fostered by forces opposed to Ramayana and Mahabharata.
    These include Islamists , who broke thousands of temples and converted millions. The godless communists whose bastard children are the Naxalites and Maoists. In the Northeast ,we have a Christian Militancy.
    India is together because of our DNA – Ramayana and Mahabharata. If we get our spirit and laws inline with them , India will shine again,or else , we will only see a steady decline till we re-invent ‘Dharma’ and call it other names like ‘ Corporate ethics’, ‘clean politics’, ‘ meritocracy’ or just ‘ cultural nationalism’ !
    Let us get back to ‘Dharma’ and install it as the guiding principle of our national life.

  6. INDIA is not the land , the rivers , the mountains and the monuments……..it’s a thought process that is unmatched at any level of civilization……what people see as diversity…refeclts the freedoom.. this concepts gives to its peaople to have distinct beliefs ,thoughts and still be one at some level…INDIA is the people who value human love above all……this is INDIA…

  7. Watching re-runs of ‘Bharat ek Khoj’ on youtube recently, the very first episode has Nehru pondering the same question..he is at a meeting in the rural heartlands of India, where he comes into the meeting to the sounds of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, and he asks the crowd..’ Who is bharat mata..? Have you seen her ? ‘
    It is a little long-winded for today’s generation, but you may like what you see…

  8. The common history of the people, across a few centuries. The shared DNA.
    The do’s and dont’s that don’t have to be taught to a newborn.
    Our comfort with ambiguity. Our comfort with jugaad.

  9. Shekhar, by reinforcing the disparate nature of our people you have polarised your observation a little too heavily in the direction of differences. A land which is as old as ours has quite a few unmissable strong undercurrents of commonality running through these differences for ages. Across the land they bind us and loosely define the ‘Indian pysche’:
    1. Hierarchical World:
    We Indians innately are a hierarchical society within which it is extremely important for an individual to be ‘somebody’. The master slave relationship exists at all levels in varying degrees and flavours. ‘Maid servant’ is still a commonly used term with little sign of derogatory western judgment attached to it. Both the ‘maid’ and her employer’ is absolutely comfortable with this top-down relationship. It is more vital for us to be a ‘someone’, a need to be attached within a social role. This pressure to be in a socially recognised slot within the hierarchy is probably equal to higher than the pressure to be seen as wealthy.
    2. Family : For most Indians their families come first and the community,country and everything else after. As a member of the family especially a male you protect and acquire resources for ‘your’ family first at the cost of much else. This value is the single largest reason why we are morally fine to breed a culture of favours and bribery. Our families normally have a large authoritarian figure head and his role one of being a benefactor is also to inspire a sense of reverence from the young. Our obligatory duty towards family honour is at the cost of individual expression. No wonder arranged marriages draw gasps only from the western mind.Inspite of the westernization of urban areas, the vast majority is intrinsically functioning within this code.
    2. Caste system:
    You have already hinted at the caste politics which while being the reason for deep divisions and oppressions. In a strange way this has strengthened the hierarchical demography. A large section of the Indian masses do not see beyond the confines of caste let alone religion.
    3. The great Hindu-Muslim ‘composite divide’: Yes there is a unique composite sub-culture that exists between Hindus and Muslims. Both untrusting of each other, living with their pet perceptions being passed on blindly for ages. The Hindus perceiving the Muslims to be of rabid, expansionist and aggressive disposition with extreme brotherhood tendencies within themselves. While the Muslim thinking of himself as the oppressed in a country with Hindu majority who have denied a better life to the Muslims. Inspite of which they find themselves enjoying a middle ground so unique to the sub-continent.
    4. Knowledge and Education:
    Apart from the Chinese there is hardly any other culture which places as much focus on knowledge and education as we do. We do it out of need as well as out of a deep reverence for learning and
    the learned. Our formal education though largely western in structure and approach is heavily Indian influenced in content and fuelled by that great cultural focus to be ‘knowledgeable’. Amidst all the present day chaos and confusion we could easily miss noticing that – we are building what will probably come to be known as a great ‘knowledge society’.
    5.A hungry nation in great hurry:
    Yes Indians are in too much of a hurry, to jump the queue, to get their seat, to get their movie ticket, to get ahead. There is a common voracious appetite to be in a better state, better place.It is a hunger bordering on paranoia which fuels the humongous young and growing middle class. They are all blinded by that common aspiration and all of them meet up on the same highway every day of their life ,
    competing with all they have to go beyond what used to be a struggle to survive a few decades ago. This great sub-continental hunger is unmatched and will fuel the ever changing shape of our psyche.
    6. War, virtues and mythology:
    A lot of Hindus live to perpetuate a self image of a benevolence, valour and being a largely peaceful lot. Believing all war and struggle has been largely come through centuries of invasion from the Muslims and English. They seem to forget to acknowledge how the defining mythology like Ramayan and Mahabharat while extolling Vedic values are cantered around the bloodiest and fiercest of wars. How they reflect the inner struggle, strife, hate and division, prejudice so commonly prevalent in the modern day Hindu as well.
    Surely the list might go on including things like our unparalleled love of food ,colour, bollywood, television amongst others. But the most striking thing in my opinion is all that divides is also that binds us. There is simply no other country which manages diamteric opposites and contradiction like we do. That to me defines our ‘Indianess’.

  10. Sir,
    It does need a deep introspection of who and what and where we are today in INDIA.
    Identity and Idea India is of a faith and belief.
    It can be governance, mentoring or GOD.
    It can be trust, sacrifice and tolerance (minus Politics – since they have expolited these emotions).
    It can be not eyeing on other’s territories, properties and wealth of all kinds.
    It can be recognising exclusive talent and making a HERO out of nobody.
    It can be an UNDERDOG in an Emerging Global Market.
    IDEA INDIA is not about Language, Caste, Region (these can be qualifications for Jobs and Census, research) its still about the ROTI, KAPADA, MAKAN or the new thing BIJLI, SADAK , PAANI.!!
    All the brain drain happening and the NRI’s who were born looking out for these SIX Basic things. Who ever gives these to people they migrate and serve any land as their own HOMELAND.
    Vinod Agarwal – Read the MAHABHARATA, SRIMAD BHAGVAD, VALMIKI RAMAYANA and TULSIKRUT RAMAYAN very early in life from the Sanskrit/Hindi translations.

  11. Travelling around, one gets to know only a bit about foreign lands..mostly the glam and superficial stuff. To actually understand how other lands function, you need to live there and assimilate. Once you do that in any country other than India, and if your intellect permits, sooner or later it will dawn on you that India – as a product of the older vedic society – is the most advanced land on earth..and Indians, mostly upper caste Hindus, are genetically superior humans. Well, this actually just means that they are older souls.
    Independence was just an eventuality of circumstances..it cannot be credited to any individuals with all the undue romanticism. Indians are really not all that divisive as compared to others in the world. In fact, it is the other way around. At the root levels, unity consciousness is quite high among Indians. But to maintain a balance in the world so far, the circumstances of India have prevented the people from rising to their actual potential. If India had the same infrastructure as some of these ‘developed’ countries, there would simply be no competition.
    The identity of India is begging to be reinvented with a resurgence of the ancient ways. Broadband internet is useful as long as the person using it has his priorities right..otherwise it can be just as harmful. If you are indeed trying to better the society, you need to address the root values of individuals.
    For a truly ascended society, the consiousness needs to be injected that we are not the body, along with the reality of unity in diversity and harmonious existence with nature. Nothing can do this better than the higher teachings of Hinduism. The solution is staring India in the face..but the glam-bound intellects cannot see it.

  12. They say education and knowledge go hand in hand. India today, continues to live in its villages where there is severe lack of education. No infrastructure to be gentle or equal with the girl child. Be it cases in Noida or to this date sati prevailing and consuming young widows.
    All the above comments are well stated points of views and most relevant too. To me the underlying commonality of India is its people verve for arguments. Not discussions but arguments. Indians are inherently argumentative by nature. We argue with or without any relevance:)
    I have been ponderous of how and what keeps our nation moving. I don’t mean to sound callous or insensitive to our large population, however despite the state wars, corruption, terrorism, bursting at the seams population, age old caste n religion wars, battles over rivers and waters, differentiation everywhr- foreign interferences, mishaps, we still seem to be chugging ahead. Am not sure what keeps us glued together? Are we really glued together?!

  13. Brahmastra’s insight into Indian idea is welcome. It is not just that the solution stares in the face of India , but that the solution was given , found and lived by India from the very beginning.
    Indian children though, seem to behave like fire flies cought in the glare of sound , colour and bluster of language ‘erudition’- especially english.
    SHekhar’s questions reveal Indian intelligensia’s inability to see the truth clearly – All of Shekhar’s questions are entirely material. In one of my previous posts , I had written that the stakes have to be clearly understood – which secular and so-called progressive Indians miss.
    As for the materially developed countries, they are not even close to understanding their own stake in co-existance , having drunk the heady wine of ‘Darwinian Survival’ – they will rather keep the world at the animal level – meaning fighting meaningless wars for percieved ‘ survival’.
    The stake is the future of the planet and that Vedic India has the solutions which will help the earth heal, if we allow it to shine. After all ,there is more to human existance than ‘material’ , ‘economic’ , ‘secular’ and ‘sensual’ wellbeing.

  14. Someone should speak for Mr Ramalinga Raju
    When big corporations all over the world fail , economies flatten and general masses loose jobs we start questioning anything and everything and big bosses like Madoff and our own Ramalinga Raju are found to be culprit . Looking at them from realms of modern thinking where all rules and human conduct is confined to papers and legal frameworks we feel they are culprits but putting on our old spects ( not so old maybe 10-15 years back ) and analysing atleast the cherubic faced Raju and exhausted Madoff we feel they cant be wrong doers.
    When big film stars and dirty politicians break law almost evry day and are totally oblivious and ignorant to modern world documented rules and mumbo-jumbo they escape very easily and lead a very lavish and fulsilling life , but when rules are broken ( mostly unkowingly and also becuase the modern workd rules are so confusing and overlapping ) by hard working people like Mr. Raju who apart from building his corporation from a very early age would have lead a very saintly life gets this back in return .
    Does this teach us that the people who set out challenging paths for them and who really want to do general good of entire society always end up like Rajus and Madoffs and people who dont study hard in schools , follow their heart ( mostly for their selfishness ) always get all the pleasures of this world money , accolades , girls ?
    I am no way related to Raju or work in Satyam but i know the employees of this company are happier than many other Indian companies who confine themselves to the strict framework of corporate conduct and the employees end up being slaves of system , their bosses , western world and at last slaves of their slavish habits.
    May someone show humanity the right way ahead !!!

  15. India tops among funds in Swiss banks held by foreigners. Not US, not Russia, it is India.
    With cheap labor, exploitation of the poor is easy in India. Yes, unionized labor has some power in states like W.Bengal, but since rest-of-India also has plenty of cheap labor, companies prefer to locate outside W. Bengal.
    So, in response to Shekhar’s question, one identity of India in corruption. It is accross state-boundaries.
    In the USA, Obama has said he will increase income-taxes of people who earn more than $250,000 per year. I think India needs to follow his lead and tax monied Indians some more, then use this tax money to fight corruption, and increase guaranteed jobs/welfare for the poor, which Sonia Gandhi does in her constituency.
    In other words, another identity of India is a country that needs to take care of it’s poor.
    India does have a whimsical Monsoon who decides whether Indians will harvest their crops or not. This is unlike some Western countries who are blessed with plenty of water. For feeding a huge population, crops are a priority, hence irrigation Projects/canal-building should be given high-priority.
    India has a fantastic written script called Devnagiri. The definition of literate means a person who can write and read. In Devnagiri, what-you-write-is-what-you-speak. This is unlike English, where “to” is “two” but “go” is not “guu” (Quoting an Amitabh Bachan dialog). So, if youths from the cities undertook a 1 week camp, to teach devnagiri script to 10-50 year olds in villages, they would make a very large population of India LITERATE. Actually, Devanagiri’s Power comes from the fact that it has 48-52 characters plus annuncaitions (matras). This is unlike English which has only 26 alphabets. So it should be fairly easy to make “Angutha chaaps” a history.
    Every society, Western or Indian, can be improved, so let’s focus on improving India.
    As for divisiveness, you can divide any country, for eg. Shia-Sunnis (Iraq), Protestant-catholic (Ireland), North-South (war in the USA); beard vs clean-shaven (Ivan the terrible in Russia), etc.
    Trust in God!

  16. Hi Friends,
    In the light of our tragedy in Mumbai,I have been researching the basis of the most active brand of terrorism in India.
    To my utter mindblowing amazement I stumbled upon Faithfreedom.org which contains many well-researched and scholarly articles and debates on the above subject.
    India and the world at large can ignore these helpful voices at its own peril.
    Like myself, I am sure it would be enlightening for many about historical and contemporary truths which are not discussed in public in India due to denial or intellectual dishonesty.

  17. Dear RajuK,
    It would be interesting if you could elaborate how you reconcile you first and last lines.
    Somehow God doesn’t seem to strike down the Swiss banks with lightening.

  18. I think “Unity in ever-expanding and ever-evolving diversity” identifies India.
    And what Deepak says I find interesting except the fact that negatives were mentioned too elaborately but positives wound up hurrily in the last para.
    What Brahm and Rudra say is also interestng but they seem to be fixated in a time wrap.Guys dont you think that the great Vedic age has now gotto evolve into something modern,something new age.I agree with you about the greatness of the vedic age but you dont expect people to sit around fire pouring ghee and chanting prescribed mantras in the 21st Century, do you?
    I mean look at quantum physics they scientists already agree that mind has a role to play over matter.that we get what we pray for.And yes “survival of the fittest” is the west’s undoing but then they are the ones who acknowledge what Deepak Chopra has to say.
    And I dont think we are not the body ultimatly we are the body as well as the soul.Shiva is as ineffective without Shakti as Shakti is dangerous without Shiva.
    Maybe this century or lets spread our latitude by saying this millenium would see a beautiful dynamic balance between our bodies and our souls;the west and the east.
    I love the freedom and faith that Bhagwat Geeta gives me but I also love the various material comforts that the west/science has provided for me.I mean alright that I feel eternal joy and bliss in my heart when I read the Upanishads or Gita but I’m sure my cable TV,my AC,my fridge,my car,my computor and mobile phone too make my day beautiful.
    Don’t you think?

  19. I think “Unity in ever-expanding and ever-evolving diversity” identifies India.
    And what Deepak says I find interesting except the fact that negatives were mentioned too elaborately but positives wound up hurrily in the last para.
    What Brahm and Rudra say is also interestng but they seem to be fixated in a time warp.Guys dont you think that the great Vedic age has now gotto evolve into something modern,something new age.I agree with you about the greatness of the vedic age but you dont expect people to sit around fire pouring ghee and chanting prescribed mantras in the 21st Century, do you?
    I mean look at quantum physics they scientists already agree that mind has a role to play over matter.that we get what we pray for.And yes “survival of the fittest” is the west’s undoing but then they are the ones who acknowledge what Deepak Chopra has to say.
    And I dont think we are not the body ultimatly we are the body as well as the soul.Shiva is as ineffective without Shakti as Shakti is dangerous without Shiva.
    Maybe this century or lets spread our latitude by saying this millenium would see a beautiful dynamic balance between our bodies and our souls;the west and the east.
    I love the freedom and faith that Bhagwat Geeta gives me but I also love the various material comforts that the west/science has provided for me.I mean alright that I feel eternal joy and bliss in my heart when I read the Upanishads or Gita but I’m sure my cable TV,my AC,my fridge,my car,my computor and mobile phone too make my day beautiful.
    Don’t you think?

  20. harpreet,
    If one thinks that the greatness of the vedic age was confined to sitting around fire pouring ghee and stuff, then it is that person who is fixated in a sort of a ‘limited intellect’ warp.
    You may be unaware of the many Shastras of the Vedic age which have since been out of common access. The objective scientific wisdom in them is exponentially superior to any modern-day scientific crap.
    The ‘we are not the body’ awareness is meant to detach the growing material fixation of the youth. You do not know what you are takling about regarding Shiva/shakti..just some jargon you may have picked up somewhere. Your entire perspective and analysis of east/west is amateur at its best, and it is not as simplistic as the west gave us AC, and the east gave us bliss.
    Yes, what India needs is a fine balance that adapts to contemporary ways and harmony with nature. For that the intelligence has to probably go beyond the complacent box of known science.

  21. Hi harpreet, regarding your #18, why, two lines stand fully reconciled!
    The first tells about a fact.
    The last is just our chakra philosophy in disguise. And we know chakra grinds surely though grinds slowly – rab de ghar der hai andher nahin.

  22. Regarding #19, well said! We ARE the body as well as the soul.
    This reminds me of a zen saying: “Before studying zen mountains are mountains rivers are rivers; while we are studying zen mountains are no longer mountains rivers are no longer rivers; after we have completed the study of zen mountains are once again mountains rivers once again rivers.”
    That is to say, first we see (or think ourselves to be) only bodies, then we see only spirits and then when our knowledge stands consummated we see both as one.

  23. Harpreet, positives and negatives are a matter of opinion and perception. It is understandable why you would think the negatives are elaborated. However I think my observations are just that – traits that are unquestionably and objectively smelling ‘Indian’. Depending on the context and setting and our view of the world these traits bring about the positive or negative aspects of ‘the India experience’. For eg: Power of family acts as the best social glue and individual support structure, while it also contributes to one of biggest the banes of our society in public life – corruption.

  24. India tops among funds in Swiss banks held by foreigners. Not US, not Russia, it is India.

    Trust in God!
    In #18 above, Harpreet requested I reconcile aforementioned two lines. Harb explained better than I can in #22 by saying – “rab de ghar der hai andher nahin”.
    Maybe the “andhera” may not be wiped out in my lifetime, but we must make a start. By saying “Trust in God” I was inherently acknowledging that the task seems overwhelming. Yes, the task seems overwhelming, but “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!”
    On another note, this good-versus-evil fight maybe perpetual, as we have seen in history. Phir subha Hogi, phir raat hogi and so on. Society has to be ever-vigilant. Overall, I beleive if one is with evil then night-after-night that person may not sleep peacefully, but there are some who disagree. Between “Trust in evil” and “Trust in God”, I pick “Trust in God”. In fact, I beleive it is quite possible to eliminate evil from society. In fact, I dream about a Ram-Rajya world where population control will be the only issue. In that society, there will be people volunteering to give up their lives to accomodate the young ones. The only enemy remaining will be the natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons, which are God’s way to control the population. But, many a times, I don’t feel I am strong enough to live in this pure society that I am dreaming about. I know, I have taken my share of shortcuts in life. If nobody could ever find out, will I take a short-cut? Don’t know. As Jesus said, “He who has never sinned, is allowed to throw the first stone on this (fallen) woman”, and not a single stone was thrown.
    Thanks Harpreet and Harb. Nice to see that besides Shekhar, there are people like you who read and chew and digest and question on this blog.

  25. Hi RajK, thank you.
    Dont worry about short-cuts!
    Better to have been there and done it and left it than to never have been there but always dreaming of it, as most who have not been there usually do.
    And no problem even if yet there, for I know eventually one will go beyond though it may take time…lol thanks to already mentioned chakra!
    Saint Farida was saying even in his old age “Gunhin bharia mein phiran lok kehan darvesh (I am full of sins but people call me a saint/Darvesh.)

  26. I think the only thing that binds the India of today is the contemporary Indian History of the past 300 years. Otherwise this is a very diverse country with out any bonding factor. I think the Freedom struggle brought the India (politically) of today together. But quite sadly the generation that fought the freedom struggle is gone and we now the new generation will have to very quickly discover something that will bond them together. Our economy (our economic system provides equal opportunities for prosperity) can be a binding factor.

  27. Referring to “even creating fear to create vote banks to keep themselves in power,” as a student of Indian history let me say what I wrote in regard to Swiss ban on minarets.
    “Being masters of deceit and deception, the islamic extremists are in denial of centuries of crimes all over the world. This is the type of criminal settlers who have created no-go zones in parts of Europe and Asia even for the cops – especially in France and India. How many are extremists among muslims? Almost all – directly or indirectly they all support the “ummah” – islamic brotherhood – that criminally separates believers and un-believers – bigotry at the worst.
    The result is that there is neither democracy – majority HIndu rule – nor “secularism” in INdia.
    I am glad islamofascism has been curtailed to some degree, by Swiss voting. The danger and threats posed by political islam is not clear to the foolish and ignorant in the world of infidels who are forced to pay billions as “infidel tax” (prescribed in Koran or as “protection money” to mafia types ) to afghans, pakistanis, somalis, sudanese, and other militant extremists in spite of the fact these violent radicals are savagely attacking the Western forces, Thais, Indians, Filipinos, etc frequently and widely, in spite of the fact Thais, Indians, Filipinos, etc give them excessive privileges, tolerance and generosity; this despite the fact that the islamic extremists physically and verbally abuse the people of the host culture where ever they settle as racists; and keep obscenely demanding more and more w/o giving anything in return. Glad the Swiss acted with prudence!
    The islamic intolerance, prejudice and injustice meted out to infidels is minor; their barbaric violence on a global scale – is the major issue. The anti-infidel extremists dont view their citizenship seriously; they test you till they get more and more. They never accept responsibility for their illegal activities such as social, economic and political crimes – such as rape, robbery, rioting. They have NEVER paid any compensation to the victims of terrorism (or savage rioting) or to their families – so far. Glad the Swiss acted with prudence!
    Cops are rendered useless by mobs as is usually true in India when
    Islamic mobs storm police stations or they are over powered by savagely
    violent youths. Then, citizenry have no voice or say. This is the sort of riot that is common in India. Riots in India for
    * Saddam’s hanging in Iraq
    * Reverend Falwell’s foul remarks in USA
    * Cartoon in Denmark
    seem oddly out of place in distant India since these outside events have
    absolutely no connection to any Indian or India. Yet they all took place
    and Hindu shops were looted and hundreds of Hindus got killed in zillions of riots. For one building in ruins and lying unused called Babri mosque, more than 2000 were killed when that was regained by people of the native indigent culture of 9500 year old historic ties to that site. Glad the Swiss acted with prudence!
    I bet the islamic settlers can walk on water where ever they go as
    unwelcome migrants. They can have you kill your own parent, as they have done it in India more than once – head of the opposition party Mr Mahajan got killed by his own son due to his nexus with islamic criminals. Same happened when Prince of nepal killed most of his family memebers through his girlfriend’s connection to islamic criminals.
    They have gotten money (are still getting donaitons and investments galore) for exporting crimes all around the world; examples are Dubai and Pakistan.
    Perfect example to be warned about is India. India is currently being over-run by the savagely violent islamic settlers who are virtually ruling it by perpetuating colonialism long after 1947, year of India’s so-called Independence. The bollywood movies often negatively brainwash the secular public; the colonial regime denies basic rights to the citizens; jobs and education are based on religion based quota that favors the violent islamic extremists, etc. etc. Glad the Swiss acted with prudence!
    Example of Dubai is revealing – there some of the worst human rights violations have taken place in this decade; there workers passports have been snatched, their wages have been denied for several months, their living and working conditions have been like pig sty, etc.; there criminals of all hues have been in nexus to plot every violent attack on both the West and East including 9-11 at NYC, Bombay serial blasts, etc. Funding Dubai has been foolish as well; funding such xenophobic hate crimes in Dubai and Pakistan based on hateful ideology is not wise. I am glad the Swiss acted with prudence!
    Now you realize how the islamic savages dumped on you, grow to be the demons that they are.”

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