Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol: Whats common amongst them ?

and Helmet Newton, Marc Chagal, Brian Eno, Alexandra McQueen ? They have all done installations or sculpture/art pieces for the Swarovski museum in Wattens near Innsbruck in Austria. It is now the second most visited place in all of Austria. And now I have been asked to do an intstallation there. It is not only an honour, but also promises to be a very humbling experience. The installation is based on a short film called “Paasage” (which used to be called 3 Graces) that I just completed, and which I wrote about when I went to film in Argentina. Swarovski funded that film.
I am doing this in collaboration with my good friend David Adjaye, who is one of the most innovative and celebrated young modern architects in the world. Pray for me, that through humility I may access a universal creativity that would allow me to do something worthy of being there.

13 thoughts on “Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol: Whats common amongst them ?

  1. Best wishes, good luck and blessings that your project will be a success! You always sound like you tap into the universe so I don’t think you have to worry about that just be your self!

  2. Good luck, i am so jealous of your life, your brain and creativity. please pass me some.
    i lived in gujarat for 15-16 yrs you never came and when you are in my karam bhumi i am in usa . is there any chance you coming to usa or back to india during diwali.
    meeting you is my life’s biggest wish
    all the best

  3. That’s wonderful Shekhar! Heartiest congratulations.
    I had taken a dream vacation to the Tirolean alps a couple of years back. Back then this museum was a ‘tucked away’ wonder. We were quite delighted to discover it. It is certainly an honour that one of us shall take their creativity in there.
    We look forward eagerly to seeing the final product. For those who haven’t visited the Tirolean alps a visit to the Sound of Music country has an added attraction now!
    All the best!
    Warm Regards

  4. Adajaye is brilliant! His buildings and design philosphies are wonderful. Great mind to collaborate with.
    What kind of installation will it be? Is it a client dictated theme or so you have free rein?
    Please do fill us in on the design process as it happens.
    I am terribly excited for you to do this.

  5. How much you receive is how much you believe!
    welcome back after your trip to Gujarat-Kutch
    and wishing you all the best, may you tap again the unknown realm of creativity in this project and come up with a body of work which will actually surprise yourself so that you know your potential better is prayer of yours truly

  6. By asking for prayer you have already received it.
    Just remember it and then begin your work and leave the rest to the Greater You.

  7. Would love to see Paasages/3 Graces..
    When, and how.. Is it possible to see the film?..
    Just so curious and interesded…
    Tjingeling from:
    The Makeup Artist:
    Annika Stödberg, Sweden

  8. Hi Shekhar, I picked up the teaser for Passage here
    and it surely creates an appetite (I mean I would watch any of your creations any time). But as an immediate instinctive reaction, it creates great deal of curiosity. Makes me expect a evocative story of sensitive human relationships and dynamics that play against the backdrop of another event. Lots of estrogen in there too. And offcourse the beautiful Julia Stiles.
    Is the background music ARR ? Seems very unlike him if so.

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