Innsbruck : room with a view

Love the mountains and feel spiritually lifted when I come back to them And I breathe easy out of the claustrophobia of the city. Innsbruck is particularly beautiful. Right now is the skiing season so I am told the town is full, but I am a few miles away in a place called Wattens where t is really quite and peaceful.

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  1. Perhaps “You receive only what you are” should be added to the already existing wise saying “You percievie only what you are.”

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    I hope you are having a wonderful time in Wattens, the home of Swarovski. In New york they are the main sponsors of the crystal star that sits on top of the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center each year and I have always loved the brand. If you get a chance please do ski as it is so much fun. I tried it once in Edmonton Canada and was great.
    Best Regards,

  3. knowing You, PURE AND SURE RECOMMENDATION: there are these villages above innsbruck which u can travel by local smal train – i don’t remember the name. i can tell u how to go ther.
    there is some mini toy type train that starts from innsbruck(not from the main station) – somewhere else from within innsbruck. it is an experience to travel on it hoping from one village to another with very small beutiful stations…and experience the wonders of the nature.
    u can stay with the people of these mountain villages – they allow to stay with them on paid basis. its an experience of its own kind.
    great – i have been able to find a card of one of the village lady. she has a wonderful cozy place that u can opt to stay.
    haus alpenblick,
    fam. braunhofer – innsbruck strabe, 11 A-6162 Mutters, Tirol, Telephone – ++43 (0) 512-548071

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful stay in Austria.
    Kind regards,

  5. Dear Shekharji (the fastest traveller!)
    You love the mountains and feel spiritually lifted. Sir, many times we travel to see particular place and feel lifted. In those moments, one forget our own language and our being fully appreciates towering rock formulation or just the sheer peaceful magnitude. It has happend with me many times on hill stations and my partner just looks at me amazed but I cannot explain the feeling in words.
    Is this the language of our soul? Or does it have psychological feelings which we cannot explain it…by psychological I mean our inner ambitions…as people who see mountains or are at sea have different favourites you know…some people I know prefer to be at sea-shore…while others love mountains as holiday destinations. But what is amazing is either sea or mountains they feel the presence of something supreme in the silence or wilderness of nature…
    What is this…feeling according to you?

  6. Back to the memory, I was very much excited about your project “Time Machine”, unfortunately it is shelved. can’t u revive it with fresh cast.
    I’ve deep faith in your visualisation and creativity, just want to see on screen.

  7. i also would recommend you to go to lake fuschel(if i rem. the name right)…its a lonely crustal clear lake with wonderful surroundings with a small habitat. this place is some 40 minutes from salzburg by bus.

  8. Respected Sir,
    I had been going through your expressions through your blog since quite some time.
    Sir, I have written a script for a 3 minute awareness campaign on Global Warming. Given an opportunity, I am confident that I will be able to direct this film under your
    kind guidance. According to me, this 3 minute film has the potential to be screened in all the cinema halls and television channels.
    I solemnly request you to kindly allow me to converse with you in this context. I assure you that five minutes of your precious life would be enough for me.
    Thanking You in anticipation.
    Yours truly,
    Krishna Sai Vutukuri

  9. Hi Shekhar
    Trust you are enjoying the wonders of Austria.
    In case you are still there and have time, please see the HEINRICH HARRER MUSEUM which is in a small village called Huettenberg.
    Heinrich Harrer was the famous Austrian mountaineer who met the current Dalai Lama when he was just a boy in Tibet during the 1940s before he escaped to India. Harrer was probably the first Westerner the young Dalai Lama met. As you know, Harrer’s memoirs “Seven Years in Tibet” inspired the Brad Pitt movie. Brad Pitt played the role of Harrer.
    I met Harrer back in 1999 when I visited Austria and it was sheer coincidence that I saw the movie one weekend at an open air screening. And then with a good friend we drove down to Huettenberg to see the museum. As the road winds up the mountains, you see these massive Buddha paintings on the mountainside! You feel you are in Dharamsala or someplace in Himachal, only here you have sleek Porsches and BMWs whizzing by under the mystical gaze of the Buddha!
    They have also recreated a pilgrim walkway with those big round bells that you turn as the monks do in Tibet.
    The museum also has a recreation of the throne room of the Dalai Lama as it was back in Tibet before the Chinese destroyed everything.
    It was one of my life’s great moments to spend an afternoon chatting with Harrer in his home and I recorded our interview, excerpts of which I used in a short presentation film I made called THE CONNECTMENT EXPERIENCE (more info on
    His classic line to me was “Even today, not many people are aware of the Tibet situation. But now people may know because Brad Pitt is more famous than the Dalai Lama..” !
    I went with my parents and our Austrian friend Claudia Hoffmeister. Claudia had an old aunt and when we told her we were meeting Harrer she sprang up like a young teenager! She wanted to meet Harrer all her life since, like most girls in Austria, she too had a crush on Harrer in his prime! So she was the first to be up and ready the morning we all drove to Huettenberg. I introduced Harrer to Aunty Hetta and said she always had a crush on him and Harrer (alongwith his wife!) had a good laugh…
    Harrer passed away a couple years ago – he was well in his late 90s. Did you know he shared his birthday with the Dalai Lama? Sometimes, the both of them would celebrate it together when the Dalai Lama would visit him in Austria…
    Hope you can see the museum…
    Oh yeah, another interesting story… There is a small town in Austria called Spielberg… And yes, there is some connection with the man himself… That’s another story too about the weekend I visited Spielberg 😉

  10. Looks tranquil. Am sure it is too:)
    For us living in bustling gigantic metropolis’s like aamchi mumbai there is no escaping the wonderful air one is surrounded by, the ease with which the cabbies n the truckwalas spit freely on the roads not to forget pee on public property without battling an eyelid.
    Have a good stay thr:)
    Look fwd to seeing you back in Bombay soon!:)

  11. A hill behind my school,
    An ant hill on the Hill,
    a serpent underneath,
    where do ants go after snake takes there home?
    I wonder when I was child…
    Now I know ants again built it some where else…
    But can we be ants…
    Difference between Chaplin and Hitler was hat,
    Up on us we have a topi…
    dont talk about roti,
    Let me sleep between traffic songs,
    between plastic covers,
    till I am 40 and city will throw me,
    To the moon,
    may be we will start dumping garbage there,
    after some time ,
    May be we all will feel like Adam,
    Paradise lost….

  12. Shekar,
    I have a request:
    I request all the influential people of the media and show biz like you, to come up and take the due advantage of their capability and communicate to the world about the grave atrocities acts of barbarism done by the Israeli army on the civilian population of Palestine.
    Shekar its time to help the millions in pain.
    I spoke to a photo journalist friend, Sameh Habeeb who stays in Gaza (, and he requested me to ask people to voice their opposition.
    Shekar, I really request you to please talk on this issue. It needs your attention.
    Best Regards

  13. i am in reflective mode looking around me and who are creative and followed their call/purpose/path.
    wounding when will it happen to me or will it ever?????
    shekhar how you did it, i know it is journey not destination but where to begin????//

  14. Hi Shekhar, I’m so excited you got to see Austria! I lived there for 20 years before immigrating to Australia. I love both countries and fortunately I can still enjoy them both as I visit Austria at least once a year. I love the mountains! I highly recommend visiting the Salzkammergut (about 20 min North of Salzburg) – it is stunningly beautiful with lots of lakes and mountains. I guess you’ve probably left Austria by now but maybe on your next trip?
    There’s something I’d like to ask you: Do you know if Heath ever visited Austria? I’d love to know…

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