Girls beaten up in a Mangalore restaurant

It is well known that men who become the moral police for women are sexually immature and insecure about themselves. It is a condition that arises mostly from the environment they are brought up in, dominated by or taught to disrespect the other sex. It is a condition that if not checked, can lead to rape. And in societies where a woman’s sexuality is considered immoral, rape almost becomes an accepted form of humiliation and punishment. But it arises not from a moral perspective, but a far deeper, darker insecurity of their own ‘maleness’ and a need to dominate and humiliate the other sex in order to give themselves feelings of self worth.
The young men that beat up the girls in Mangalore are a slur on their religion and completely screwed up inside. They represent a danger to society, and should be locked up. As do the young men that raped the girls in Noida, the most horrendous part of which was the way the village elders blamed the girls for the act.
It was ultimately what I explored in Bandit Queen, where Phoolan Devi was gang raped for the audacity to become a leader of a gang and trying to stand up to men. Both as a woman and low caste.

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  1. the issue of gender discrimination fits in 100% in the events in mangalore.
    braving allegations of proselytisation, i refer to a story in the Bible – ‘cos that’s the only book of values that I can speak of with some degree of authority.
    Christ comes upon a woman of illrepute being chased to be stoned as per hebraic law. seeing Christ, the moral policemen of the community(men, no doubt) ask christ if they are right in stoning her to death. both ‘yes’ and ‘no; would have incriminated Christ. yes ‘cos it would be against his teaching of nonviolence. ‘no’ as it’d be againd Mosaic laws. Christ ( a geat feminist he was) replied thus: whoever has no sin can cast the first stone.
    needless to say, no one could.
    A question to our present day custodians of society’s morality – whoever they might be, whatever religion they profess- Are you totally and completely above blame? if not, mend your ways first.
    feminisation of brutalilty reflects the perverted chauvinism of the scums of the earth.
    and they use religion as the fig leaf.
    i dont understand how anyone can even remotely justify this barbaric act.

  2. Goodness me…reading a few comments on this post has made me realize that I live in a Pseudo world man. When I saw the Mangalore incident on TV, I kind of let it go as hooliganism and related it to crime and that murder & hit & runs happen in the society. But people actually siding with the hooligans is beyond my realm of thought. Mr. Bhramastra let me just say..
    I enjoy my wine and the music and the fact that I can let my hair down while enjoying myself in a pub.
    And should you and the so called moral police come and try to teach me morals after a hard days work…God save you! and no I dont think I need anyone to help me out or as a woman need any help from the so called society…Just never lived in it!

  3. If females want to be respected,they should respect men first.There is no such thing as gender equality,men will always be superior to women physically and intellectually.I agree those cowards who beat up those innocent girls deserve the worst punishment.I wonder what all those sissies(who call themselves guys) in the bar were doing when all this happened,it must have been entertainment for those faggots!
    If I was there at the time,I would have risked myself for the safety of those women.Now,though these females undermine the authority of their men and disrespect men and think they are better than us.Eventhough,we men protect our women with our lives,all of a sudden all these ungrateful dumb bitches take advantage of it and even try to physically assault us because they think men are committing a crime for being too masculine.You pathetic lowly females want our love and respect,then show us some fuckin respect and gratitude.Without men,all you bitches would be useless.I am talking about strong ,real men who love and respect their women as long as their women treat them with respect and gratitude.I think if any woman tries to disrespect a man or physically provoke him,don’t hesitate to smack that ho!Suck it you dumb disrespectin sluts!

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  5. in our society it seem to some men that the ultimate to tame or humiliate a woman, is attacking her sexuality, either verbally, physically, and rape is the extreme form.
    its there own insecurity to accept the other gender that they demean themselves to such levels.

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