Shekhar Kapur is an Animal Abuser

Check this out. it’s really funny

10 thoughts on “Shekhar Kapur is an Animal Abuser

  1. This post gives an opportunity to debate whether non-vegetarianism is at the root of many problems related to humanity.
    As Gandhiji once said”You are what you eat”.Could it be that by moderating general mass global diet towards vegetarianism many of our problems regarding violence,aggression,lust and greed would find solutions from within.

  2. Hello Mr Kapur,
    Glad you liked it, and thank you for not suing me.
    You can directly embed the comic in your blog, the html codes are there at the site. I mean, if you want. Otherwise just linking it is fine.
    My 2 year old niece is a big fan of lakdi ki kathi, and does not eat till that song is playing on youtube. Since there’s only one computer, I have to make the supreme sacrifice. That’s where my troubles with lakdi ki kathi started.
    Thank you again for the link, and non-legal-action.
    – Saad Akhtar
    Creator – Fly, You Fools!

  3. Thats funny!
    This is not exactly connected to your post, but just remembered somehting.
    On last Sunday, I was at Nariman Point, incase you know the spot where all Ghodawala and kids rides are placed in the evening near the restaurant ‘Status’.
    I was there with my 2 years old niece, as she wanted to go horse riding.
    The Muncipality People came, so I had to take my niece off the ride and you might be aware of the chaos in such situation.
    Those muncipality people starting beating those poor ridewallahs with their sticks. Most of them looked so young like teenagers. How brutal and god isnt Nariman Point suppose to be THE commerical centre of our country??

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