Heath Ledger and Four Feathers

Dear Shekhar –
It is a month and two days since he has past. This is the night of the Academy Awards and he is still very much on my mind. I somehow got linked to your site partly because of my discovery of your movie The Four Feathers which I will come back to. I really resonate with the sentiments expressed by TG in post number 10. I too, an ordinary American middle-aged business woman, have been dumbfounded by how affected I have been by Heath Ledger’s passing. I’m a very practical person, yes with a love of movies, but I’m not at an impressionable age and not prone to movie start infatuation or worship.
So it has been very mysterious and strange to me why I have been so impacted, indeed, actually experiencing grief – my heart, as thousands of others, goes out to his family and loved ones. Every night I have prayed for his soul’s safe journey. To try and understand the why of this grief over a person I have never known, I have gone and watched his movies. I had seen A Knight’s Tale, The Patriot, Monsters Ball and Brokeback Mountain and believed him to be one of the few young actors who was truly on the path to acting greatness. But, I am principally writing this to you to tell you that The Four Feathers was a revelation. I believe it to be my now favorite Ledger movie (and now I have seen all of them except the ones not yet released). It is not a perfect movie (few are) but I think it is an incredibly under valued movie maybe partly due to when it was released post 9/11. I know this might be blasphemy to some but I like this movie more than Lawrence of Arabia. The actors were wonderful. Besides Heath in the starring role — Wes Bentley and the wonderful Djimon Hounsou. After seeing all of Heath Ledger’s roles, what stays in my mind is the pivotal scene in the desert. The first time I saw this film I broke down and cried after this scene. I watched the entire film again a couple of days ago. Watching this scene again, I realized that Ledger was not becoming great, he was great and I am thankful his body of work exists. This scene goes way beyond the organic basic need to survive against all odds to a place that is born from total physical and spiritual anguish. The roar that Heath brings up from somewhere deep, deep down to conquer his assailant is raw primal power and expresses a language of soul that can not be adequately articulated.
Shekhar, you mentioned that you will write more about Heath and I hope you do. I want to read more about Heath not for celebrity sensationalism but to continue to celebrate the greatness of the actor and to celebrate his body of work. So tonight, in the spirit of the movies and awards, I will raise a glass to heaven to Heath and also to you Shekhar and give my own little award to The Four Feathers.
Thank you, Sheri.

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    Hope you are well and thanks a lot Shari for you wonderful and heartfelt post. Often the passing of someone we like or appreciate is not felt until a little time has passed as we stay in denial for little bit, and then we realize that that person is truly gone. Watching the Oscars this morning I felt the same thing in the in the “In Memoriam” section where they show all the wonderful artists we lost in the last year. Almost everyone was old and most of their work was in black and white and in 40s 50s and 60s and suddenly Heath ledger appeared in smiling color photographs at the end and it really shook me – like he did not belong there, like his name was added right at the end in the montage and he was still acting in it – it did not seem real, but it was real. I remember him sitting in the bottom right of the Kodak Theater exactly 2 years back right next to the “Crash” team as both groups were hopeful of Best Picture. I remember Ang Lee constantly trying to tell Heath that he deserved the best actor award but Philip Seymour Hoffman was just so good in Capote, so Heath went to every award function with a nomination and Philip got the award everywhere. I could feel the pain he might have felt after such a great performance in “Brokeback” and how much that would have propelled him to do even better work.
    I am sure Shekhar spent some really valuable and memorable moments with him in the last few years that he would cherish forever, and like this quote says, “Life is a vapor. Since that is true, live it in such a way that you leave a positive vapor trail for others to see.” Gary V. Carter
    I think Heath did that with his work and that’s what all of us should aspire to do as well.

  2. Shari saw your post and it resonated so loudly with me. I am a middle aged lawyer in Sydney who still has a Google Alert for any news about Heath Ledger. Everyday I think: “this is silly I should unsubscribe to that alert – I didn’t know him so why am I so affected and interested. Aren’t I contributing to the disgraceful behaviour of the paparazzi by continuing my interest in him?” But I leave it on and I check it everyday – hence I saw your comment. I too have watched all the movies again and love the Four Feathers. You may be right that its lack of box office success was its release daye. One night I watched Brokeback Mountain from the last scene backwards – it is also an amazing performance. He came across as such an beautiful soul and I always saw those uncomfortable interviews as painful discomfort – never arrogance as the press liked to describe it. I love the fact that he would always write a letter of apology after a difficult interview. I also went and looked and found every drug that was in his system in my home – left overs from various illnesses of different members of my family including anti anxiety drugs prescribed during period of mourning for my dad a few years ago. It can happen all too easily without intention. I am very anti the way these drugs are subscribed as the human spirit is remarkable and can endure and conquer – it takes so muh longer to do so if masked by these types of pills – which are all too easily prescribed. I just thought I would post this comment so you know you are not alone. I have for years felt that as we humans are tribal by nature our society is breaking down because we are living in smaller and smaller tribes in bigger and bigger caves. People watch reality TV because they feel part of something – a tribe of some sort I think that is also why there is this great interest in celebrity. We need to be aware of it and I think the net actually helps to repair the divide – it is the next Pangea. I really hope there is an after life and Heath is well and happy and settled there able to keep a watchful eye over his loved ones especially little Matilda. It is a sad loss and I have fingers crossed that he will win a post humous Oscar next year for his Joker role – as a mark of respect for his amazing talent.

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Didn’t know Heath Ledger personally, neither I have any work relations with him..He was just an actor for me…But as an actor I can understand and look into those eyes and feel that how beautiful and true soul he was and his all efforts were so truthful…Relations, work stress, competition and manipulations and want to be someone else…is not an easy task…I know where ever Heath is, He is having a great time. Totally and absolutely free…We all are still with you Heath and miss you..Last night they showed your picture in Oscars…Did you see that!
    I hope you are having a great time….While We are still suffering.

  4. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one still struggling with his passing and why it is so incredibly significant to me. Only the best of men could touch so many so deeply without them even being aware of it. Below are some writings that have come to me recently.
    Mourning you still…
    Why do I feel such pain?
    Why must I ache so,
    For the presence of a man
    I was hardly aware of in life?
    What am I to learn?
    What will finally release me?
    When will I be allowed to
    Rejoice in your life and passing?
    In the knowledge that your spirit is free and unfettered?
    There are no words left, only yearnings
    Why? What? When?
    You honored us with your presence
    And enriched the world with your spirit
    To have such a soul walk among us
    Ah, what a gift you are
    You left us quietly, as was your way
    Still the Earth shifted as your soul whispered past
    And our hearts broke
    Though we knew not why
    A great mourning arose
    For we did not pay attention
    Precious time slipped by
    And the final curtain fell too soon
    So much more you could’ve taught us
    If only we’d have listened
    Still you gave all that you had
    So deeply cherished is each gift
    Farewell my friend,
    May peace be with you
    Perhaps the lucky, will glimpse you again
    Or hear your laugh upon the wind

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Shekhar, I’ve heard you speak (at the Melbourne Film Festival) about the studio’s interference with the Four Feathers – that they wanted it to be more of a ‘boy’s own adventure’ type pic. For me, it is close to being a perfect film as a powerful journey of Heath’s character. His performance in the film, and your directing, are more than deserving of many accolades and awards.
    Thank you again for making some space here for us to share in our sense of loss.

  6. My favorite Heath movie is Two Hands and indeed, Heath wasn’t becoming great… he WAS great. I was watching for a sign of amateurism in that movie, the film itself being low budget and having an amateuristic feel to it, but even back then, in Two Hands, 6 years before Brokeback Mountain, the ‘Hollywood star to be’ was completely visible.. ready.. as if his talent arrived on earth and delivered itself without past or future, without needing time to progress. he wasn’t going to get better, time applies to mortal things and perhaps not talent.

  7. My sentiments echo many of the others here .. I have been travelling for the past month and haven’t had the chance to read much .. but thoughts of Heath Ledger and his passing keep coming back to me .. like he was someone I knew personally.
    His performance in Brokeback Mountain and Monster’s Ball have stayed with me and flashes come back every now and then … it’s inexplicable … like someone else has expressed here .. not like I am an impressionable teenager or celebrity obsessed fan … but his death is something I think about. Even now.
    I hope you write more about him too … and that you’re doing better. Hugs.

  8. Hello Shekhar,
    I am also glad I still get the Google Alerts or I would have not come accross this site….
    I also read your story about Heath and thought it was the best of all I have read……Like the others I of course did not know Heath personally but stangely felt close to him. I am 65 and know about not being star struck like a teenager but I think he was one of the best actors I have watched. The Four Feathers is in my top 3 favorite movies of Heath’s…….I have watched all of his movies, including the Roar series, and I also own all of his work that is available… The thing I noticed in them all was the respect he seemed to have for people that did not look like part of the script. I say that because I also noticed the same thing during interviews,etc….He seemed so tired in some of his photos in the end and I know it was because he always put everything he had in his movies…….I could also tell he was a great father and loved it…..Matilda was all the world to him and I hope she never has to see all the bad things that some of the media is putting out because I do not believe any of it………Like some of the others who posted here, for some reason I felt like I knew him, but do not in any way believe that I actually do, but yet for some reason I still can not believe he is gone….I don’t understand why I have these feelings of deep sadness as though he was a family member or close friend of mine personally…….I still have flashbacks when I see or hear cetain things that remind me of something he had said or done…I know I will not only miss him but also the great work he still would have done….He was the best and I will forever miss him…..Linda

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    Greetings from Kanagawa, Japan.
    I owe tremendous thanks to you, for releasing your film: The Four Feathers, because it was the reason I first noticed the late actor: Heath Andrew Ledger. …Even after the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain performance, I believe without doubt, that The Four Feathers had been his very best work. I thank you most, however, for the way you have interpreted the story, and the way you have decided to tell it. I am an American-educated Japanese national. I many ways, I have come from a nation that has a truly horrific history albeit a beautiful one. I have the unique background and in a position to feel something profoundly ‘in common’ with your point of view. I loved the first ‘Elizabeth’ as well, because it focused on her as a person with a soul, on a road to discover herself and her destiny. That was quite an eye-opener, as well.
    Please keep making movies. Please keep telling more stories. You and your work are extremely valuable, and will remain in people’s hearts and minds for a long, long time. On personal note, The Four Feathers has left a permanent footprint in my soul.
    So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
    *The following is what I wrote on Rolling Stone Magazine commentary:
    It has stunned me, really surprised me, just how hollow I have felt in the wake of his death. …I never met him, but it is amazing just learning about how others describe him, because he was nearly exactly the kind of person I had imagined him to be. Of course, his reputations and the stories from all around the world continue to add layer after layer to the picture I have of him inside my head. They, in turn, make me realize how complex and beautiful he really was in life.
    It has been rather uneasy and at the same time eely to listen to Heath Ledger talk about ‘feeling good’about dying, now that he had Matilda Rose. He reportedly used to talk about what he wanted people to do after his death, and that he had a feeling he won’t live long. Great ones often sense their impending death. And these great ones shine twice as bright as any other stars before they leave us to mourn for their deaths. I cannot help but feel that the death of Heath Ledger had been one of those.

  10. Dear Shekhar Kapur,
    I want to thank you so much for hosting a site where like minded individuals can express their thoughts and commune.
    I also wanted to thank you for making Four Feathers. I believe it is a spectacular movie and is one of my favorite Heath Ledger films. I own it and have seen it at least 10 times. Not only is it beautifully shot, but I also connected with the moral message of the story. The visual metaphors you used were superb. Your movies are always so visually stunning.
    I am a huge Heath Ledger fan and I appreciate all the work he has done and I believe he delivered a truly outstanding and amazing performance in Four Feathers. I was sadden that this project did not receive the critical acclaim and recognition it deserved. I want you to know that your beautiful film touched my heart and the hearts of many others.
    When Heath Ledger passed on to the astral world, if you will, I like thousands of others, was devastated. Although I never had the honor or pleasure of meeting him, I knew he was/is a beautiful soul full of light and I miss his presence on the earth.
    Heath Ledger touched my life in that I feel he inspired me to begin to write screenplays. Last Christmas, I finished writing a script that I purposely wrote for you to direct and for Heath Ledger to star in. The day he passed, I felt like my dream had ended. I no longer wanted to sell the script as it was for Heath and him alone.
    During the past few weeks, while mediating, I keep getting the same message; “Continue on with your dream.” I feel not only Heath’s blessing but his prompting to continue on with my dream. Granted, it maybe wishful thinking, but I always try to follow my intuition and trust divine whisperings.
    I understand that you had also written a script for Heath and were waiting for him to mature into the role. I am truly sorry that you were not able to fulfill your dream. From the little I know of the script, it sounds like a great movie and one Heath would have been perfect in. I hope you feel inspired to make the movie as it sounds like one many people would enjoy.
    My script is called Summer in India. It is a romantic drama that takes place in India and touches on the current water and farming crisis. I would love to share the script with you if you were interested. I started to develop the script two years ago. The story started to weave itself in my mind. Although I was resistant to write, I kept getting the message to do so.
    As a wife and a mother as well as a full time teacher who teaches inner city children with special in needs, I had little time and energy to write while working. Therefore, I only wrote on my vacations.
    Please forgive me for contacting you here at your site. I do not know any other way to contact you, as I am a new screenwriter and do not yet have agent. I have a fond appreciation of India and have always wanted to go there. My parents currently live in Gurgaon, New Delhi. They have been disciples of Yogananda for the last 30 years.
    Whatever the outcome, I wish you peace, happiness and success in all of your endeavors. Please feel free to contact me at my email address.

  11. Dear Shekhar,
    Thank you for hosting this site. Heath was truly special, for he seemed to possess this aura that no other celebrity seems to convey. Even though I had never met him, when he passed, I felt as though I had lost a close friend, and I grieve for him still. I own nearly all of his work, and even in his younger years, you could tell that he was one in a million, or I should actually say, one in 6 billion. He was so down to earth and genuine, and you could not help but to fall in love with him, just by looking into his eyes. I am actually six weeks older than Heath, and its hard to imagine someone so young, talented, and full of life dying, but I have faith that his soul still exists, and he is happy, safe, and free, and that he is watching over all those whom he loved-and who also loved him. I don’t think he knew what an impact he had on this world, and I would just like to thank him for sharing his gift with all of us. Heath, I will carry you in my heart forever.
    Forever yours,

  12. Dear Shekhar,
    I am glad to find your website which I will take some time to look through (how I miss my childhood too and the old days).
    The Four Feathers is truly a beautiful and powerful film. I have seen it 3x, once years ago and now 2x again, prompted by the passing of Heath Ledger. It is hard to put into words but watching it spiritual truths come through and the heart is awakened. And the beauty of Heath baring his soul in the role of Harry brought tears to my eyes. You and Heath and cast and crew have given us a story of selfless love for all time and how? THROUGH YOUR OWN SELFLESS LOVE! You and Heath are two old, noble souls and it is all in God’s will, of course, and you two will probably meet again but not as Heath and Shekhar! But surely as friends. I close now with a quote from my Master, Meher Baba’s “Discourses”: The things of beauty can become the source of purity, happiness and inspiration; the works of art can ennoble and raise the consciousness of people; the attainments of science can redeem humanity from unnecessary suffering and handicaps; and political action can be instrumental in establishing a real brotherhood of humanity. The life of the spirit does not consist in turning away from worldly spheres of existence, but in reclaiming them for the divine purpose which is to bring love, peace, happiness, beauty and spiritual perfection within the reach of everyone.” Heath is ever in my prayers and why shouldn’t I pray for you too, Shekharji? Keep dreaming on film, don’t hand in your resignation yet! Namaskars. Thank you.

  13. I am currently in the process of writing a biography on the life of Heath Ledger. I would certainly love to include interviews with or information from those who knew Heath best. This is not going to be a fan-type of book, although there will be chapters devoted to the fans. It definitely will not be a gossip-type book. This will be a tribute to Heath. If you are interested, Mr. Kapur, in being a part of this, you can contact me at the above e-mail address – coramdeo_intheeyesofGod@yahoo.com.
    Thank you for your brilliant works!
    Kandy Crosby-Hastings
    http://heathledgerbook.bravehost.com, http://passionateaboutwriting.blogspot.com/

  14. Dear Shekhar,
    As I sit here and go through your wonderful site I cant help but go over your wonderful body of work and hope for more to come. One that especially stands out of course is Four Feathers. Yours being one of the best adaptations to be honest. The music used, the imagery, settings everything just seemed to fit right. Mainly Heath Ledgers acting abilities and portrayal of Harry. I read about some of the times you two spent on set together and of course Heaths determination of acting as well as his passion for good stories and characters. I, and I’m sure everyone else would love to hear some more stories about the two of you. On the set off the set and even years later, projects you two talked about. I apologize if I sound greedy but I am very curious to know right now. I need closure of sorts. It is very unsettling to me to know everyday that this premature passing has happened.
    I cant help but spend time wishing that his passing isn’t true…I don’t want to believe it. I fight the urge to believe it. Then I awaken and know its true.
    I hate that such talent that we could have experienced is now gone…I believe his directing would be some of the greatest in the years to come. The little things that he did behind the camera we fantastic. Im even sure it would have been as great as the few things he did in front of the camera.
    Also a question I hear that his directorial debut was going to be The Queens Gambit for which he was also to act in. I have read this and was curious if you would know what role he would have taken in the book?
    I appreciate any information or anything else you might post up about him. He is very much missed and many are distraught about his passing as Im sure you are. He is in our hearts and his films of course will live on for many years to come.

  15. dear rayan, I dd not know too much about heath’s involvement in ‘queens gambit’ but I knwo he was very keen both to play and to direct a film on short life of Nick Drake, the musician. He identified with him and his search. Heath was on a search, a search beyond his years, which is what made him so attractive. I put it down to his being an old soul, a wise soul, but that was easy for me to understand as I am from the east. I understand your need for closure – I personally do nto look for closure – what never began can never end – all beginings and ends – even life – are an illusion of the mind, stay well and thank you for writing,

  16. Hello My Dear Shekhar,
    I saw Elizabeth, The Golden Age for the 1st time last night. Sorry for my delay. It was beautiful beautiful. Thank you for this creative effort that pleased my eyes and touched my heart. There was a moment when I was struck by the all people in the movie who had also worked with Heath Ledger — Abbie, Cate, Geoffrey, and of course, you.
    While we are 6 months on now, Heath remains in our thoughts — some of this because of the fervent promotion for the forthcoming movie The Dark Knight. But it is hard to let him leave our thoughts for other reasons. Reasons many of us struggle to understand. I re-read your post entitled “Heath Ledger did not commit suicide” and it brought me great comfort. again. It unsettled me greatly to think he might have been in emotional pain when he left us.
    As so many do, I was moved to write a few words to expel some grief. please bear with me as I share…
    That black dog followed you home
    that night.
    only this time,
    he snuck in the door
    and sat by your side as you called
    the lift,
    that last time to
    Floor Four
    He climbed in your bed
    to keep you warm,
    and stayed with you
    through the night
    when the long golden hallway
    had taken form,
    you followed him into the light.
    You meant not to go –
    but thought it a dream,
    that music behind the white door…
    nor could you resist
    Love’s infinite theme
    that last night
    on Floor Four
    -Carolyn Northrop, 2008
    Blessings and peace to all who miss him. Blessings and peace to his soul.

  17. Dear Shekhar
    I first found out about your website a couple of weeks ago and I was deeply touched by your heartfelt and eloquent comments and those of the posters. I have no idea why I didn’t think to check the Internet for information about you since it was your movie, The Four Feathers, which represented the first steps in a huge awakening in my life. Heath’s acting was simply mind-blowing, particularly considering his tender age when this movie was being filmed. When Heath was still alive, I didn’t even know The Four Feathers existed. It was released at a time in my life where I was simply so busy that I watched very few movies. I worked full-time while raising five children, one of whom required extra care due to severe brain injuries and subsequent epilepsy, the result of a car accident. Moments of stillness were almost non-existent for many years and I ended up feeling more and more disconnected. I was quite fearless in my younger years but this accident turned my life upside down and I became fearful and often lacked joy. I accepted the circumstances but the spark had disappeared in my life. Things have eased a fair bit over the last couple of years – I started to gain some freedom but i still felt empty. Then, on this fateful day six months ago, I found out about Heath’s death. I was shaken to the core. It didn’t make any sense logically as I didn’t know all that much about him and had never met him in person but I couldn’t help feel this way. I need to clarify that I’d never been a ‘fan’ of anyone in my life and i don’t really care much about the concept of celebrity or the shallow world of Hollywood. I felt sadness when Princess Diana and Steve Irwin died as they, too, touched many people’s hearts but nothing could prepare me for the intense grief I felt for Heath. I needed to somehow understand why I felt this way so my journey of discovery started. I researched many articles and interviews on the Internet and my appreciation for Heath grew tremendously. I had seen several of Heath’s movies before he died and really liked everyone of them so I decided to watch all the ones I hadn’t seen yet. I’ll never forget the night I watched The Four Feathers. I was mesmerized. This wonderful film touched me on such a deep level, words cannot express what I felt. It was like I got a glimpse of Heath’s soul and he held the answers to how I could find my way back to myself. I cried many tears – amongst them tears of joy. It was such a bittersweet experience. One the one hand i felt so happy because I could suddenly see a clear path for the first time in many years and I felt a profound connection, on the other hand I felt so devastated about his loss and the fact that I hadn’t recognized Heath’s tremendous qualities before he died. Since that day I have made many drastic changes in my life and I feel alive again. I’m back to my fearless old self. I feel so very grateful to Heath (and you) for having played such an important role in my life yet I yearn to experience so much more of his grace and wisdom. I am so very hungry to find more. I asked you this before in my post in the ‘Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight’ thread but I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if there is any chance to see The Four Feathers in its full five-hour glory. Every deleted scene seems like such a waste. I’ve been checking daily in the hope for a reply and it would make me very happy if you could find the time to respond.
    Hugs from downunder,

  18. thank you carolyn for your wonderful words
    – and rosa, the film is available on dvd – though I will check for deleted scenes – try and get the eurpean version and not the US one where the censor was really sensitive to sme of the politics of the scene,
    glad you have got your spirit back and keep in touch with this blog – we often talk about live and it’s changes,

  19. Shekhar, thank you so much for your prompt response – it was quite a surprise.
    I purchased the DVD in Australia and my version is 126 min long (I love all the special features on it, btw). I’ve checked the Internet for the European version, which was listed at 125 min in length. At just over 2 hours it’s still 3 hours short of the original 5 hours I read about in an article. Are there any versions longer than 125 minutes available on DVD? If so, could you please give me an idea where I could purchase one?
    I feel honoured to get the chance to directly communicate with you. I really appreciate your openness and generosity. Please do share more stories about Heath. It’s such a pleasure to hear more about him and pure delight when you share your personal experiences.
    Thanks again,

  20. Dear Shekhar
    I felt inspired this morning to express my appreciation of The Four Feathers in a more artistic way. I’ve spent the last thirteen hours working on this tribute as a thank you and a way of honouring your wonderful movie and Heath’s great performance in it. I also made it with the intent to sooth some of the many hearts that are still aching…
    I hope you’ll find joy in my creation…
    Warm Regards

  21. HI Shekhar; I am back online after being offline a few months for a major residence-move. I hope you are well, and working on a new project?
    It’s been wonderful reading all the sentiments about Heath, and his career. I saw the Four Feathers too, well before I knew whom Heath was; and loved the film!! Very under-rated in my view; not being in the film profession mind you; but, as an avid film-viewer.. it got a thumbs up from me.. two thumbs up!!
    I hear nothing but fantastic things from everyone whom saw Dark Knight thus far!! I have not seen it yet, as we are a really small town, and it’s not on video yet(soon I think??)
    What I heard was, Heath’s performance was Oscar-worthy; and that every actor in the film also did a fantastic job with their characters. Being as its one of the highest-grossing films of all time, I greatly anticipate watching it when it hits stores.
    I agree with Shari’s letter; which she express’s Heath would go on to acting-greatness; he was taken much too young, much too soon…
    always remembered.

  22. Dear Shekhar, I’ve just finished watching a Four Feathers tribute on youtube I thought was so brilliant, I just have to share it with you. I hope you don’t mind…
    Here’s a list of other fantastic Four Feathers tributes:
    I’ve felt creatively inspired like never before myself in the last couple of weeks and I’d like you to see my latest creation: http://au.youtube.com/user/springrose147.
    I have this overpowering urge to express and share my appreciation for this profound effect Heath’s had on my life as best as I can and no amount of time and effort is too much… I am hoping that I have in some way succeeded in helping other people become aware of Heath’s amazing attributes and I hope their souls will be touched like mine has been…

  23. Mr Kapur
    I wish to thank You for writing about Mr Ledger and about him as a man and the person he was.
    One night a couple of years ago I turned the tv on and I couldn’t find anything to watch…how I came across a film and decided to watch it even though it had already began at the time(I never watch a film unless from the actual beginning)that I don’t know.But this I know I have never seen a film that made me cry that much,and inspired me to fight for myself and that touched me so deep-the inner battle of the main character -with his greatest fears,his battle with life and for life,for friendship and honour…That night I first saw a young actor called Heath Ledger and I knew that he already is a great man and actor. That Film-The Four Feathers -would stay in my mind always-because of its great message:not to forget what the world has forgotten-the true values in a man’s life.It gave me strength and support for my battles because we all have them,it helped me in the way that I was not alone in my worries and fears.
    Thank You for the film-it is a master piece and thank you for writing about Heath -even though I never met him,which I deeply regret,I think that he was unique. A rare,young man but already a great one.He couldn’t act in his roles as Harry or Ennis if he wasn’t a great man of great value and character.There was energy about him in his roles,he was serious about his work and still he was so young.It looks like he wanted to connect to his audience through his roles,and that is why he was such a great actor in my opinion.
    I admire his work,he gave a piece of him in every film he starred in-he was a perfectionist, which is rare among young actors,he worked very hard.That is why people that like film miss him as a professional and even though we never met him we miss him as an open,honest,spontaneous and sincere young man with a beautiful friendly smile and magnificent deep voice.

  24. Mr Kapur,
    First and foremost, it was a great honour to have worked with you on The Four Feathers. I was the Wounded Captain in the tent scene (which never made it onto the final cut) – my audition took place in Gibraltar.
    I would like to know if you have any plans to release a Director’s cut of this movie because i have the script and think that it would be a shame if this did not happen.

  25. Heath was so young when he played Harry in “Four Feathers”. I watched in amazement at his ability to sink into the part as if he was Harry; as he does so well in all his movies.
    I was literally shocked to find out that this movie was not favored at the box office on its debut!! It’s funny that it was one of Heath’s favorite since it wasn’t a box office hit. But then I thought about it….he always liked to act for acting itself and not the glory it sometimes brings.
    His talent, smile and….well…he himself will be greatly missed. He had a special talent he brought to the screen and he was a true angel here on earth.

  26. Dear Shakherji,
    Its just a suggestion, Can you have a forun dedicated for your fans and general public so that they can share their ideas with you. Or if you already have one then let me know. I am desperate to share a script with you and hope you will definately like it.Its based on a fictional historic war with full of messages.

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