Renting out your body for sex – should it be legal ?

Notice I did not use the word prostitution. Somehow like suicide, it has a nasty and abhorrent ring to it. People kill themselves because for some reason they are unable to face life day to day. Whether the situation is real, or provoked by chemical imbalances in the brain, ( induced perhaps by medication), there is a compulsion and helplessness to it. I am sure there is a financial or other compulsion to selling your body for sex. Question we need to discuss is if that is inherently immoral, or more to the fact, illegal. Don’t get me wrong. The use of young children and the forced prostitution of girls/women is as abhorrent as rape, if not more. But if a man or a woman is consensually selling their body for sex, should that be illegal ? If so, then at what age ? And most importantly, would legalizing prostitution allow the state to have greater control over it ? Reduce the criminal activity that surrounds it, and vastly reduce the spread of aids by having licensing laws to control this trade. Like now in some European countries. Knowing that nowhere n the world has any country been able to eradicate or even control this trade ?

40 thoughts on “Renting out your body for sex – should it be legal ?

  1. Mr. Shekar,
    Whether we make it legal or not, this renting of sex has to be made more safer for the trader and the person who utilize the service! I strongly feel that more awareness has to created at all levels starting from School.
    Let people who try to be repugnant on a Trivial issue like this, think before they oppose Sex Education at School.

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    I think it should be totally legal just like in Australia. People make a big deal of sex and make it a big taboo and that’s why talk about it is condemned and it leads to lots of crimes in societies where it is oppressed. It should not be any different than buying any merchandize (maybe more like buying beer than buying bread) i.e. a minor vice in a funny way but no big deal, and over time the whole society will get sanitized and become more open – those who want to avail the rented commodity will and those who don’t won’t – no big deal. This whole talk to selling your soul etc. is all meaningless talk that reeks of the oppressive society we find in certain parts of the world (nobody owns the soul in the first place so there is nothing to sell – we are only here to experience). Yesterday Diablo Cody won the Oscar for original screenwriting and she was a stripper before writing Juno – we should applaud the openness of the American society that they will accept anyone from anywhere if they choose to attain glory and are willing to work towards it – and we talk so much about sex because it is not easily available and thus leads to all kinds of lewd behavior – it is not different from the hunger that a beggar has for food and we’ll not call him too immoral if he steals a small piece of bread. So now in modern India the time has come up to be open – it should be the choice of each individual. It is not something to be stopped and the trade flourishes in each country (even in the most oppressive regimes). I am sure it will lead to reduced organized crime as rackets will fade away coz it’ll be in the open and the women will not have to pay their middlemen plus greater openness will encourage great talk of safe sex and reduce the transmissions drastically. The wages will all be decided by supply and demand and the govt. can have some minimum wage/age concept like in the US, and like Australia make them register as workers of the trade so that anyone who is not registered can be fined. Problems can only be solved by bring them out in the open and talking out a solution rather than avoiding them, and I believe this one can be fixed.

  3. Every person has a right to do with his/her life and body what he/she wishes to do. Hence, if someone wants to sell his/her body for sex, I dont think anyone has a right to stop him/her from doing so.
    One needs to take the responsibility of the consequences of this act – be it emotional, physical or any other.
    The issue is forcing people into sex – rape or pushing girls into having sex is an issue and should be addressed by ensuring that there are no or minimal emotional and physical repercussions of the same. Maybe, having a community which provides mental and health services to young girls/women would be helpful.

  4. hi shekhar,
    ‘ vastly reduce the spread of aids by having licensing laws to control this trade ‘ seems realistic. it would definately make a difference.
    ‘ reduce the criminal activity that surrounds it ‘ i donno. carnal instincts are the most basic, and for people who indulge in this kind of business…….unrestrained ,wild behaviour could be a natural reflex action !

  5. Why shouldn’t? Let it be a profession like any other on the planet. After all it’s already…
    Agreed, nobody shouldn’t be forced into it…but people shouldn’t be denied a right to go for it willfully.
    Instead of exploiting the people in the profession, government should provide them a sense of security and help people who want to get out of it.
    Like Nana (anna Karina) of vivre sa vie, in fact aspirants should write applications to join the profession? Maybe a basic training would be a good idea..

  6. Hello Shekhar:
    Big fan of yours. More than that being an Indian just proud of you as film person. Your art has some kind of darkness to it which is enlightening and violating at the same time. Your works like Parinda left me with the same feeling like Satya, only difference yours was more disturbing. Not sure why but anyway that was not why I writing this. I would compliment you more on opportune moment.
    I came across your blog (its great to know and I will visit regularly) and was reading this post (only other one I read was about Suchitra’s picture exibition. Not sure how I got there)
    You bring out a very important point but you donot give out what you think of it? Esp your last statement leaves me thinking …
    “Knowing that nowhere n the world has any country been able to eradicate or even control this trade ?”
    I think you imply that this may one of the justifications for legalizing “renting/selling” bodies for sex.
    I would appreciate if you take time to comment about this. It means a lot coming from you. From where I see (and I may be wrong) it has sense of surrender to it and at the same time the post has lot of commercial spirit in it.
    No offense.

  7. In my opinion, renting one’s body by an adult should remain illegal, not as much for being immoral but because it stunts life, much like drug-abuse.
    When a minor is involved, all countries have stringent laws(?), because it amounts to child abuse. It is the responsibility of adults to guide children, not have sex with them.
    As for legalising prostitution in an effort to control it, in a place where the existing basic human rights laws are not working, seems a futile exercise. It may work in a place where human rights laws are working beforehand.

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    Absolutely! I think, as you rightly pointed out, the legalization of prostitution in India will be a giant step towards having some sense of control. Over human rights, disease spread and also of providing some safeguards to the rights of these workers . Exploitation will also be reduced. With the large amounts of corruption that happens for the cops to look the other way(bribes), the control of the pimps, goons etc. I think the practical outcome of this far outweighs the moral repurcussions. Just because we make it legal, doesnt mean people are going to start believing its right and acceptable and start making it a choice profession.
    I want to play devil’s advocate for one moment here. What could be the other side effects of this? Will more people be pulled into it, since its now safe and acceptable? Will more young women be pushed into it without any legal recourse if they want to break free from the vicious circle?
    I have thought abt this issue for a long time, so I think its wonderful that you are spreading the word, and getting an educated opinion about this topic. Thanks.

  9. In india Its [Renting out your body for sex] is legalized at the age of 18 for girls and 21 for boys .Just they have to get the licence called marriage certificate, they check your age only don’t check u know to drive or not.
    If you are dissatisfied with the current licence u can get another new one ,by selling the old one for the time being. Only some allows without selling old.
    The idea of Legalizing it looks good. And after IT,MBA it would be the boom for this job. People will be aspiring to get seats to IIK..[Indian Institute of Kamasastra]..There multi billion MNCs would be competing to recruit them with high salaries…
    Then one day 2 fathers meet,aye what ur daughter doing..She got into IIK.
    “Oh really”. She is talented and bright. My daughter is a junk how much rupees i spent to sent her coaching classes and all. Still she couldn’t get. It would have been easy for me to get a good groom for her , if she got into IIK. and a good job at MNC’s. Ay don’t worry there are lot of institutions all over you can get admission through payment seats .Just you have to spent a bit more but it worths..

  10. Dear Shekhar,
    I was very young when I saw you for the shooting of “Jaan Hazir Hai” in Poona. Your gait did confirm one thing that you were a serious guy and were matured in mind and thinking and your life so far, says it all.
    Fundamentally, I am aligned with the neocons and would refuse to support the business of prostitution. But, there is a truth in your post which indicates that if such a business is state supported, it can be made less dangerous.
    I live in Germany and it is perfectly legal for men and women to consort with each other by involving money as mode of payment to gratify.
    The Prostitutes pay taxes and get “Arbeitlosgeld” ( unemployment benefits ) and they are medically insured and maintain AIDS free and other illness free certificates ( hardly any assurance ). Sex related crimes are very less and pimps are normally never involved in the business.
    Government marked areas are denoted for such a trade and now they are even planning to make a brothel at the Frankfurt airport in the area of departures (imagine men telling their wives having missed a flight at the Frankfurt Airport). Dutch Government has gone many steps further and they have even legalised drugs and can be procured by the users from their authorised shops / kiosks – strictly for personal use. This programme is quite successful and so is Prostitution as it removes the additional risks for all the people involved.
    You said it right that there exists no society, now or ever, democratic, Islamic or communist that is devoid of this vice.
    Legalise it among the consenting adults however, I will never vote in the favour of it.

  11. i saw the program on NDTV… and i totally agree with Kiran Bedi… it is a paid rape!… well in 99% cases. 1% cases are willingly into it…those are the women who like to be with different men…i guess nymphomania is the name for it…
    but rest of it is simply paid rape!…
    but we cant stop it…
    we cant stop anything…so all we can do is as those are unknowingly walking on evil path…we can walk on good path…we can educate them… EDUCATION would be the biggest key of progress and development…and no educated woman would like to get into PAID RAPE business…
    i am not expert in this field of social science but i am sure those girls in European countries and Australia where this is legal must be having their own problems of ‘respect’ before and after getting into this business…
    this cant be a profession! but we cant stop it…we can only make people around us educated!
    in earlier days there were GANIKAS (Geisha) … they used to be companions…they were highly qualified and used to do poems…! lets have a society where if at all there should be , then there would be GANIKAS and not Prostitutes!
    its like Scotch or Tharaaaaa( Country liquorrrrrrrrrr)! drink is a drink!… poison is a poison… but if u r having it at least have the best of it!…

  12. Good Morning Shekhar…
    Read the above statements, a few struck out for me….
    We can live with an ostriche syndrome if we want, the lions will come and consume yet!!
    Should be legalised, monitored in a healthy manner, medical, taxes, legal support, all should be provided, like I mentioned before inbetween nerds will have no hand in this, because we make rigid rules and look down upon them, the trade is exploited more by these pimps etc..let these ladies have their rights in their own hands.
    Even men are being escorts etc in todays date, so I guess theres nothing one can do , but set saner level headed rules and support system. Accept them.
    Shekhar we have given this name Prostitutes and we have been taught it is a bad term, why do we follow it as a bad term? We choose to!!
    They could could take better names if they feel..Escorts!
    And talk of renting out bodies, tis their choice if they want who are we to decide their choice? Because you wont do it aint mean no one wants to!
    As Somewhere Kedar has mentioned paid rape, are we aware of all those asian married women who are into legal prostitution in the name of MARRIAGE, where they are not even paid for it? Their emotional trauma is as high as any other woman we call prostitute.
    The Geisha were intellectuals, who assisted in business ventures too, and had a husband, very highly looked upon, and had complete choice if she wanted to go further with her client physically, such level of dignity can never come back, as times have changed, and one cant expect all women to be of same category.
    In India there were courtesans, the royal family sent their children to learn etiquette from these ladies, it was something of honour, over a period of time one has made a complete racket of it. So we instead of abusing this need to give dignity and balance it.
    Talk of problems of respect!!! As mentioned by Kedar, Lets not bring shallow terms here in striking them below the belt, what respect can one talk of are we walking in their shoes??? Easier said than done!! We need to question our sense of respect before we question theirs!
    Those who are against it …see reality through a pigeon hole mind, we may not agree but then are we ready to support them in any other manner??? But use them and abuse them LOL!!!
    Who made rules for MORALITY and IMMORALITY?? When we do everything per convenience and bend break rules where we feel nice with, why should these rules be applied in a rigid manner on these ladies???
    Age above 18, Legal cards!! Young souls are forced in it, because we have not made a system, when we degrade them , and make rigid rules, insult them, the pimps, middle men, police, politicians, have gone a step further, they are basking in our short comings, and growing out of proportion!!!
    Those who have mocked on these ladies, and mentioned that they would be competing with other industries, well!! well!! Shows its our own fear and insecurity that degrades and insults them!!
    Are we ready to rise to their level??? They are above us!!! They call a spade a spade!! Face reality more than you or me!

  13. Dear Kedar,
    I have seen enough so called standard, high flying social women of high backgrounds, educated, who go around doing this, lets not categorise them!!They get away because no one will see them with such an eye!!
    Yes making them aware, educating them, medical, legal support, dignity, balanced support system could do a lot for them, Lets not talk of evil/sins here, go to their basic needs/frustrations you will realise we are more evil.
    The fathers the parents who sell/force their daughters to get married, without the daughters consent what would we call them?
    Talk of having the best, yep sure, if you can afford it aint mean all can!!
    Its the poor sector, who needs this support more, as they are the ones facing diseases, more frustrations and into this sector.
    Have a lovely day…

  14. is afterall called the oldest profession in the world. It exists in all societies, classes and race, so we may as well legalise it, if its with consent.
    In any case, education and awareness is so needed in this country. We need to bring about and spread awareness about sex and need for safety.

  15. Whether prostitution is moral or not is a different question. Ideally we shdnt have prostitution and there shd be eduacation for all and we shd all b saints and b satisfied with just one partner for life. But truth is far from idealism. Whether we legalise it or formulate harshest rules against it, truth is… it was always there and will always b there. Laws shd b made not for the idealist but for reality. Let us just think what is happening today in the absence of proper laws. It is illegal for all to get into prostitution so children as well as adults get into it since it is illegal for both. Also a large no of college girls are getting into it bcos in the absence of any proper meeting place colleges bcom the best bet to find the partner. Now if it is legalised then what happens. U can issue id cards so there is a stigma for life. So there is a discouragement r8 at the start. It will b difficult for children to get into it bcos other sex workers will b able to complain. Today no co-worker can complain as it is illegal for all. Then there will b no public nuisance as separate areas can b marked. It will help in controlling aids as u will know who is to b checked. Taxes can b collected so that a fund is created for the betterment of the workers and also their old age homes. Trafficking will not b needed as many wuld b willing to come to the profession out of choice. Quality of service will improve :)…sorry…But most importantly we will start recognising the sex workers as human beings and will give them some rights.
    the idealists are pointing out that sex trade is paid rape. well….imagine a situation. there is a 45 yr old man without a wife and with a huge sexual appetite. also he is half burnt such that it wud b impossible for him to find a girl who wuld love him. shd it b illegal for him to find a sex worker or for that matter is it even immoral.
    actually the problem is that we luk at sex with a taboo attached to it. why shd the hunger for food b any different from the hunger for sex. both are god given and not in an individuals control. just like when u steal then it is theft similarly when u force then it is rape. if the hunger of one person is affecting someone else formulate laws against it. But Plz dont do it for the satisfaction of ur personal idealist ego.

  16. Dear Shekhar,
    Great thought ….! Once we are over with it than we’ll think about “How to sell soul”..After all everything is about selling. LETS SELL EVERYTHING …”WATER” is your subject. Lets sell Air too….Then one day we will find a new thing which was never been sold before and that will be a new discovery. Body been sold since thousands years and its been a legal bussiness arround in many countries…Many countries are practicing it…But is Happiness lies in that…!Thats the question? Is selling anything can resolve the big questionmarks? If yes.. then let start selling whatever is nessacary to sell.
    Its out of my mind…Any how I ‘m still in shoot and creating a great character…Once its done then ….I ‘ll sell it to all, but will be free for everyone on this blog.
    Thanks for that insight Shekhar,

  17. Hi Sandeep Shilawat,
    Just to correct a small mistake in your post, Parinda was not directed by Shekhar. It was directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

  18. call me strange or stupid– like drugs; buying/selling is illegal but using is not, same way- renting body for sex can be legal but buying can be illegal. although it would change nothing(atleast almost nothing) but moves the responsibilities/owners to rightfully person.
    to be more really, i would think make it legal(licensed)/taxable and having good governance would help reduce in crime and would certainly help in war against AIDS.

  19. hi shekhar,
    but even while we call it ‘renting sex’ it does remain prostitution. and to call it a trade (though it is one, age old one at that) is just another crass reality. it is for me next to being a suicide bomber (the level of hate or helplessness is same). it’s a sad situation. being a woman i wonder about it all the time and only feel lucky. i don’t see a way out with or without the legalization.

  20. Dear Shekhar,
    I just came back from lunch at Shoppers Stop where I go often near Hyd airport and they have this nice food court with Plasma Screens that play cricket generally. I eat while listening to my Ipod. Today I was listening to the song “Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani” from Massom by Aarti Mukherjee for which she won the National Award, and I was thinking about you.
    Suddenly someone from the staff comes and changes the channel from Cricket to 9X, a new channel and it was showing commercials while I am listening to “Do Naina”. As soon as the commercials end Masoom starts playing, exactly at 2pm and I sit there smiling how we are connected. I didn’t remember that the film begins by paying homage to Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt. Also, they say that the two most difficult things to shoot at animals and children, and you took the risk of putting both together in the initial scenes – where Urmila and youngest daughter are playing with their cute dog and the small girl is frightened. I just got back to work and it’s 2:38 right now and the first thing I am doing is writing this post to you.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Best Regards,

  21. Navin:
    Thanks. Actually I meant Bandit Queen. I am not sure How I wrote Parinda? Come to think of it was also a dark film. Not as much disutrbing as bandit Queen though..

  22. However disturbing, selling your body for sex is a service. A service that perhaps fulfils a purpose. It fulfils a role within society. Let us not forget back in the older days, when morals were a lot stricter, men would turn to prostitutes or ‘easy women’ for sex until they got married. boys’ first sexual experience would often be with a woman like that. prostitutes in villages throughout the world played a fundamental role within their small societies and even be shown respect within that context. prostitution is now legal in most countries and it should stay like that since it has occured since the dawn of time and will always occur legally or ilegally as long as sex drive exists. we should protect the minors and make sure those who work are licensed and the US, a widely puritanical culture, not recognising it is only adding to the problem..

  23. I like your last post, Himanshu – we are all connected. I had a complete picture of you sitting there with your Ipod.
    In the old days men would go see the women in the brothels and pay them. And it was sacred prostitution. Now, in this age of materialism, it seems that nothing is sacred.
    Why isn’t sex sacred? Why isn’t all that we eat sacred? Perhaps things would become better if we all legalize it. But maybe not.
    It is our view of things that poisons us.

  24. Hi Metaphrome,
    Thanks for the note and my Ipod also has a very interesting story. Living in New York the last two years I decided I’ll never buy a Ipod as it is generally a hindrance to talking to new people – like on the road or the subway if I want to talk to a girl and she’s listening to the Ipod, I won’t disturb her.
    I go the Alliance Francaise in NY often and they play great classic as well as European films each Tuesday, so I got invited to the premiere of the movie ‘SICKO’ by Michael Moore last August. He was also there and it was a great screening and I dressed in my best black tie clothes.
    After the screening I was walking on 59th street towards Columbus Circle when I saw a big party happening on the top floor of Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. It looked so grand from the big glass windows that I just kept walking towards it. I reach the Time Warner Center and ask if I can buy a ticket to the party and they said that it is a Qatar Airlines party (they are launching a direct flight with a great first class to NY) and is about to end, so I just took the lift to the 5th floor, and they just welcome me with folded hands (mainly because I was really well dressed) and within minutes I am in the party – Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump are sitting in the first row and Diana Ross is performing – it is grand and within seconds someone hands me a glass of Champagne – it was all amazing and very fast. Diana Ross performed 3-4 songs in amazing outfits and the party ended after 30 min. They announced and each of the guests will get a gift on the way out (packed in classy golden foil and ribbon) and each one of us gets a IPOD Nano for free( I must have some connection with Qatar Airlines from some previous life.) So I owe Qatar airlines 250 dollars and I’ll definitely travel by them sometime soon (never been to Dubai so maybe there) and pay back for the amazing experience.
    So then I load my favorite songs in it and I really like it, and that’s how I was listening to “Do Naina Aur Ek Kahani.”
    I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.

  25. Yes, the US is a very Puritanical culture. Most of the Puritans (Pilgrims they liked to call themselves) were imported from England. They were rather, and still are, uptight about sex. Apparently they didn’t like the theatre either.
    I recognize the problem Liebestod, and I don’t have a problem with legalizing it in the US. In fact, it is legal in Nevada. And look at the culture over there. I have never been to Amsterdam, so I can’t compare.
    Sex itself isn’t the problem. Sex is a freeflowing act of energy. It’s the degradation behind it that bothers me. And why are we always assuming it’s mainly women who are prostitutes. There are male prostitutes. But apparently that is more taboo.

  26. hey dear Shekhar, here’s a straight question.
    In what way you feel this blog/community is of any help to you in person or the community at large in the ‘real’ sense of the world? or you never feel the need to poke in with this querry and just carry on…
    (actually there are much more layers to this question..i presume you will understand and be able to unfold all layers on what i mean by posing this question to you) Please try and be as elaborative as you can. love.

  27. A concern I have with most responses on this thread is that we wouldn’t want our bother or sister to take to prostitution, but we have no qualms about letting someone else do it.
    ‘love thy neighbour’ has a new meaning!

  28. Anything with adult consent that does’nt knowingly hurt another should be legal. Who are we to police others?
    Sex is a need, and prostitution can be looked at as a service provided. Everything else we associate with it is just our own inference/ conditioning/non familiarity or just a way of feeling greater than another.
    Would I want my friends, family, folks to indulge in this profession? Maybe not, but then I may belong to a different section of society. I am not a business person or an actor by profession either as I have no exposure or familiarity in those fields, probably because they are of a different section of society. There are always exceptions though.

  29. But what if our brother or sister decided to for whatever reason could we do anything? Would it be right for us to do anything if it’s simply based on our own opinions or personal morals? Whether it’s legal or not it will always be there, and always has, and people have always taken part as worker and client whether in secret or not. The stigma attached also only creates problems as opposed to helping them. I think it depends on how safe and regulated it is. Like with other things if you criminalize something who takes control? The criminal elements who have no regard for safety or the products or people they’re pedling. Similar to abortion. If you ban clinics that wouldn’t stop it, it would only force it into unsafe and underground environments very likely controlled by many different types looking only for their own gain. Torture and more is not unheard of. The same with alcohol or drugs. They are out there, you can’t hide from them, so you must become aware and understand the realities both negative and positive these things may hold. Knowledge is power. With the creation of legitimate places as well, the time and money spent on policing, arresting, sentencing, could be spent on apprehending the real criminals who kidnap and force innocent victims into this trade.

  30. Shekharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    ‘Shaking You’
    ‘Pouring water on your head’
    ‘Pulling that hair from your ears LOL’
    Shoving a thread up your nose..aa aahhhtishooo’

  31. Hi Shekhar,
    There are few more things to consider to keep imposition on sex trade.
    Isn’t banning trade of sex poaching into someone’s private life? Is it not imposition on personal choice or individual freedom?
    Isn’t forced buying of intellectual property a bigger crime than willing trade of sex?

  32. i realize that people are trying to make money, but seriously, if your one of those people who are having sex for money or selling yourself, i want to know why in the world would you want to do that to yourself. I know for a fact that anyone doing this could make something of their lives right now. I would ask myself why? why would you want to try to kill yourself by getting std’s or even getting murdered because there are so many insane and crazy people out there. It is to upsetting to write about so im done. and remember that you are so much better than that.

  33. sex is as natural and integral part of our body as eating drinking or breathing is. our species have diff organasims in diff sexes bcoz they are expected to mate and carry out their progeny. just as a labourer sells his body to make home for someone else wats wrong in in a sex worker using his body for someone else? infact if this profession is legalised the stigma attached with will go. moreover it will be useful for the sex workers as they wud b able to exercise their rights and upgrade their living standard.

  34. This is a very tough call. Most of the victims of sex work are women. If they enter freely into the work, okay. But 99% do not. What if it was reversed and we saw men so enslaved. NEVER!

  35. You brought up a very sensitive subject. I completely agree with you that any form of forced prostitution is abhorrent and unacceptable but I personally believe that those consensually selling their body for sex do their community a favour. I think it keeps people who are physically driven but socially incompetent from committing rape and sexual abuse (often out of frustration and inadequacy). When there is full consent involved with both parties, even though the loving, spiritual aspect of sex is missing, it may not be a wise choice but I don’t think it is one that causes harm. I also think seeking such services can be a refuge for some people who are lonely for whatever reasons or when they find themselves in a place where they cannot commit to a relationship (due to grief, for example). I believe human touch and intimacy is very important in life. In that context, I believe prostitution can be socially acceptable and I think it would therefore be necessary to legalise it. Note: I was sexually abused and raped as a teenager and I would feel less safe in a world where prostitution is illegal.

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  37. Hi,my very close friend had sex wit sex worker wit out condom 1 month before. im afraid of my health now. please suggest me immediadety wat should i do to b safe.

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    Have Children :No
    Annual Income:Rs.2,50,001 – 3,00,000
    If I have to write an essay about self this space is less. Overall, I am family oriented teetotaller guy. Humourous,fun loving person with strict belief in living life to fullest and taking all challenges in life as it comes. Searching for life partner is one of them. I seek a person with similar traits. She should be prof qlfd, family oriented and should know how to strike a work-life balance. Somethings are to be discovered rather discussed @ such public forums.
    Edit your partner profile
    Looking for: Looking for suitable and equally compatible match from a respectable,
    educated and cultured KHATRI family.
    She should be perfect blend of modern and traditional values for long lasting
    family bonding and relationship.
    High income preferred
    Edit your job details
    My Job: Have been in IT industry for 8 years now. Currently, working as Sr.Sys Engg for 2 yrs now in one of Top 10 MNCs deputed in Bangalore
    Edit your family details
    My Family:
    Although away from family still rooted to them and appreciate my partner to accept the same. Respect for them should be mutual and not be forced.
    Mother Tongue :Hindi/U.P./Awadhi/ Bhojpuri/Garhwali
    Caste:Hindu: Khatri
    Sub Caste / Surname :Kapoor
    Manglik :Don’t Know
    Date of Birth :Dec 12, 1979
    Country of Birth :India
    City of Birth :Bombay Tardeo, Maharashtra
    Time of Birth :01hrs:45mins
    Body Type :Average
    Education Level :Masters
    Highest Degree :MCA/PGDCA
    Educational Qualification :Graduated in Statistics. Thereafter have been with IT and to keep myself in this race did couple of PG Diplomas and Tech Certifications.
    Occupation:IT Software

  39. You might like to know that the European Commision has sent this:

    (providing 80% of funding or up to 250.000′- Euros. dead line is 31/8/10)
    and we are suggesting this course of action considering that non-European institutions might have European partners if interested.

    Between the Dutch and Swedish regulations for prostitution and the ignoring position of most countries, there seems to be an alternative for the inclusion, dignity and improvement of the oldest profession
    not to mention the state benefit derived from a fair practice.

    Most developed countries grant liberty of cult, therefore, turning brothels into temples or simply non-profit cultural associations devoted to the goddess would imply:

    * prostitutes become priestesses,
    * as non-profit cultural associations their taxes would be lower than if legalized as regular companies,
    * as non-profits, they could also apply for grants for education programs and other benefits for their employees,
    * the state would get social security and other taxes from them, thus, reducing unemployment,
    * mythological reconstructions of the cult to the goddess would stimulate international tourism not necessarily for prostitution but for associated practices like dancing, music, arts, architecture…
    * it should reduce white slavery and prostitution in the long term.

    In a way, my presentation at the IX Conference on Women’s Studies by Universidad Complutense de Madrid explains further the reasons behind this proposal,

    from our non-profit association, LiveScripts, we would commit to train and hire women at risk of social exclusion like single mothers, madure women and prostitutes as graphic designers, translators, etc…

    best wishes,

  40. Yes Shekhar,
    it shuould be legal. So many people sell them self for money. It is individual’s decision without harming & hurting any body. then why treat it as a crime. The matter should be reviewed at law ministry


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