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  1. I wont say it’s just the eyes. It’s more about the overall feeling. To rephrase your statement, life is how we feel it is. πŸ™‚

  2. life…like beauty……lies in the eyes of the beholder ?
    also some lives have the inner glow ( like beauty) and some use a lot of pancake ( ha ha ).
    life can be made easier if we people who hold individual pieces of the jigsaw ( of life ) are thoughtful enough to come forward with our own and quietly place them so as to allow the picture to get completed……..:)

  3. most of us ‘ behold ‘ life as it ‘unfolds’ isnt it?…….
    yet…….life has a ‘life’ of its own. there is a whole world out there and yet we are drawn to people, places, patterns……..which take us onto the next levels in our life while the rest of the planet is unaware of our passage through life and the world ! they touch other lives…….!
    and what do you behold…..shekhar ?

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    you have tossed out a challenge to us that is not as easy to meet as the shortness of this thought snippet might imply. Is it a coincidence that this comes in the aftermath of the 80th Academy Award dullness? The pall that lies over our unsteady times was not lifted enough by this extravaganza to create some lightness of being, and the films that had won reminded us of the dark and scary corners of our existence. Having said that can the eye of the beholder see something other eyes cannot behold? Certainly! There will always be people waking up in the morning, incongruously feeling happy as others are crushed by sadness and the burden of a life that feels so cumbersome and senseless to them.
    In an attempt to sum up my own life I had once written that I was constantly caught in an atmosphere of departure, while at the same time aching deeply for a final arrival. I went on to say that I had started so much and finished so little when there was promise of uncommonly lofty perspectives only to let them pass me by, carelessly, with an air of inevitability and stoicism, not grasping the meaning of losses and defeats, or better yet not wanting to grasp the meaning of missed opportunities, the terribly sad spectacle of a life unlived never far from my consciousness. Life, to be sure, is a cautionary tale, a narrative of yearnings unanswered, a vignette of pointlessness, a sketch of alienation, rather a string of short stories than a long and structured novel. Life is a road that could always have been traveled with greater purpose and solicitude. If we are fortunate enough we reach a stage in life when we can make choices that make us either veer away from an all too smooth and safely laid out road or just simply let us stay on it. There are incredibly harsh lives that are being lived with stubborn determination, undeterred by those unspeakable, compulsive repetitions, as though some day there would be redemption if only enough of those terrible days have been compiled. Other lives are warmed by the sun of success and happiness and yet often they are abruptly ended by suicide.
    Looking in from the outside on other lives does not afford us the same view the beholder has. Often our own view is obscured by the uncertainty of our answers to the eternal question to find purpose in our existence.
    Kind regards.

  5. Life is changing
    Life is happening
    Life is living
    Cherish the moments
    Appreciate every moment we get
    Thanks to life to happen And Let me be part of it
    Greatest contribution we can do to the LIFE (humanity), this world is by: “Let us leave this world a better place, more human than we received it.”
    Life will reward you for the contribution to living.

  6. Life and death are illusions. We exist in the supreme NOW. Separate the two and you fall into disease, or into a disturbed, separated puzzle.
    I don’t know.
    I study Zen, so words just confound me. Yet, it is my personal koan.
    For me, the simplest effect is more profound. I try to make images with words, but yes, the effect often does often fall flat like a pancake.
    I’m not exactly quiet either.

  7. Absolutely agree. Many problems in life could be solved if people stopped and realise this and the converse which is that ‘nothing in life has any inherent meaning only the meaning we give to it.’ And yet so many people run around making up meaning and perceived slights and grievances. If they stopped and accepted that if they view their lives as beautiful and special and started from an attitude of gratitude their lives would be beautiful

  8. congratulations on winning the oscar for best dress design for golden age πŸ™‚
    it will be a while before you appear coz the net is down :(…………?

  9. hi shekhar……..
    read the ‘ speaking tree ‘in toi today and it somehow seems to say something similar to what you are conveying…….
    in essence what is being said is…….’keep your face to the sun….and the shadows must fall behind.’ ( toi has used the term – ‘eastwards’ )

  10. Life lies in the eye of the beholder….
    we see more and at times choose to see less….
    at times make it larger than life, perhaps we linger in our illusions, making it larger….and in love we tend to choose to see less…as thats the spirit of love….
    Kaise hai Shekhar…hmmm…uhu kuch na bolungi bahut bolti hu..
    Take care…

  11. “Existence or World lies in the minds eye”
    “Life lies within;
    in the Self”
    “..and Living in the real sense of the world lies from there on..”

  12. absolutely…i am taken πŸ™‚
    we see life from our own colored glasses…how would it be at times i wonder..to remove them? is it possible? maybe not…no matter how hard i have worked on removing all conditionings..yet some creep up slowly and leaves me stupefied.

  13. congratulations on winning the Oscar for best dress design for golden age
    I have been a admirer of yours since few months….I love your philosophy..it has changed my way of thinking…I was always looking for something like this..
    God bless…

  14. Life is what you see, and what you want to see!! What we want to see will come to us, by the laws of attraction!!
    Life is like an Icecream!!!!

  15. i am not sure i even understand this. yes all things are as you see it, that is, how you interpret situations within your mind. thats why education is important. being educated and having a ‘wider view’ allows one to look down on themselves from above, to look at the bigger picture, or from someone else’s shoes… but what about the feelings? your mind might tell you that your life is great and that you shouldn’t complain, but what if you feel unhappy?? you cant fake feelings. or perhaps you can because sometimes you forget how happiness really feels, you think you are happy and its only until happiness really hits you that you laugh and truly mean it and realise u were just smiling before. life lies in the eye of the beholder yes, but that doesnt mean accept everything as it comes, if you dont like something change it! although the biggest lesson in life must be to learn how to deal with the things you cant change. perhaps this is where ‘life lies in the eye of the beholder’ is most useful for.
    ps: if your mind tells you you ought to be happy, should your feelings follow? perhaps achieving this would constitute you a wise person?

  16. infact ‘ life DOES lie in the eyes of the beholder ‘
    the eye with which you look at life or life generating individuals ( people who fuel your life with positive energy ) is what determines the ‘supply’ of that energy………
    if you are appreciative and thankful then a corresponding warmth from you will keep it going,
    whereas if you ‘ see less ‘ then miraculously the supply DOES RUN DRY !

  17. You are a hypocrite
    eyewash or blogwash (as in this case)dosent make you seem like a nicer guy or take away from the life you have led. beating around the bush will get you so far and no further
    rest in peace my friend, you are not fooling anybody

  18. just a thought…………
    it is dangerous to be hard……..on…….the 1 who keeps you soft ?!

  19. hi shekhar !
    your slumber is sooooooooooo infectious….!!
    Do wake me up when you rise and shine..:)??!!!!

  20. just a(nother) thought……..
    shekhar………is the ice so difficult to break that it never breaks at all……….?!
    are you sooooo pre occupied with YOUR concept and approach that you nullify ALL genuine efforts directed at you by ALL on this blog ?
    come on……..lets have a sneak peak at how you would go about it instead of us…..for a change πŸ™‚ ?
    smile and allow your thoughts to smile too πŸ™‚

  21. dear πŸ™‚ – i have been away for 3 days and so not on the blog ! am back now, shekhar

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  23. Would rather say ‘life lies in the mind of the beholder or the perceiver’

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