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A writer friend of mine was suddenly attacked by depression, and she traced it back to the time that she installed Wifi in her home/office. It may just be a combination of writer’s block and all the news about the health dangers of Wifi. But most of us now work in WiFi enviorments, our homes are wifi connected, and just look at your wifi reader on ur laptop and see how many other Wifi transmitters are leaking into your household. Now that whole cites are going to be Wifi or Wimax connected, how serious is the threat to our health ?

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  1. Ahh cmon, thats a load of bull. Just because you are spending more time on your computer doesn’t necessarily depresses you

  2. The unfortunate reality of living in the altered global landscape, characterized by technology-enabled lifestyles and greater global connectedness, is the altered health hazards that come along with it. Exposure to radiation from the many gadgets that have pervaded our living, moving, leisure and work spaces – microwaves, bluetooth enabled cars, mobile devices, laptops, wifi cafes, hotspots etc – is now an everyday reality. We are victims of invisible pollutants of our air space or “electro-magnetic smog”. http://www.independent.ie/health/case-studies/my-war-on-electrosmog-689592.html
    How dichotomous that while many of us worry about health hazards from advances in technology, there are many others in less privileged parts of the world who struggle to address basic health imbalances (such as malnutrition) and/or access to basic medical care which may very well be a good six-hours or more of a drive or walk from where they live. Yet the underlying philosophy causing health inequilibrium is unaltered: any interference with a *natural state* is sure to result in imbalances that manifest in detrimental/disruptive ways. Is it not just a difference between over-indulgence/ excessiveness, vs. depravation that causes the imbalance?

  3. Not to forget cellphones and other radio devices. The danger with such commercial technologies is that the health risk assessments are often minimal and unreliable. They will tell u that the health is affected but is almost negligible. So they are neither denying it nor accepting it.

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  5. We hear about exposure to electric ranges/microwaves leading to ailments. Spine/Neck and back problems relating to continous use of laptops (wrong posture) is well known. Oh and there is the CTS (carpal tunnel).
    The information overload doesn’t help either be it lead content in the soil/water or pollution.. Recycling of waste and fresh air helps just a bit.
    Unless proven, Wifi is the future and is convenient, a more reachable global world. As we advance, the health issues too advance,more research is done, hype created etc etc etc .
    There’s always a choice not to use or be around WiFi, maybe then, the remote rural areas would get the much needed attention!

  6. In my opinion, I believe it does cause a certain amount of depression. How can it not. Usually with the sensation of touch we have a tangible reaction and feeeling. Offering thoughts via a computer keyboard offers no immediate effect. The simple thought of ’cause and effect’ becomes empty. Also the notion has a boundary on our mental well-being.

  7. It would be nearly impossible to calculate the extent of damage radio devices cause to the brain and heart unless we have 20-30 years of exposure data. So at the present stage ‘no evidence of damage’ is similar to saying ‘we dont know’. From personal experience, I have a feeling that cellphones do have a major affect on health especially on our nervous system, on those who use the mobile for a long period. Anybody can try to feel the difference by keeping away from the cellphone for a few days. That would be a better way of ascertaining if they cause real damage than depending on scientific data available at the present stage.

  8. Aditarya,
    What Mr. Kapur asked for was effect of wifi, and the articles also discuss wifi. Wifi signals are a lot weaker than cell phone signals — think about the respective ranges they cover. (OK, Wimax is not there now, and most likely will not be there, wanna bet?).
    I have more confidence on scientists than you.. perhaps. I believe, if cell phone signals cause perceivable damage within days, there would have been some scientific results published already. Here are some papers denying the health hazards of cell phone signals. They are published in reputed journals, so I tend to believe them.
    Finally, about your first point, I am not scared of threats that I don’t know about yet. May be someday I’ll also be wearing a tin foil hat, who knows, it’s just a personal preference.

  9. Yes dash…thats r8…there is no need to be scared. Just no harm in being concerned i guess. Being affected is one thing and the technology available to measure the affect scientifically is another. I read the link that u have provided and almost every line suggest ‘we don’t know’. That is exactly what I was saying. Science doesn’t know because it does not have the tools yet. I am a huge fan of technology myself.

  10. Yes dash…thats r8…there is no need to be scared. Just no harm in being concerned i guess. Being affected is one thing and the technology available to measure the affect scientifically is another. I read the link that u have provided and almost every line suggest ‘we don’t know’. That is exactly what I was saying. Science doesn’t know because it does not have the tools yet. I am a huge fan of technology myself and I certainly dont mean stop using technology or start being scared of it.

  11. well Internet & the time spent on it surely takes a toll on our lives.it seems as if it is holding us to ransom, yet the power is irrestible.
    hey Shekhar keep reading about you in papers, making a film on global warming..kudos!
    with my PSychology background, i too thought of using it to good use, I have launched my website few days back, all packed with forum for discussion..hope u like it sir!
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    would appreciate if u cruise thru it. in fact, in the forum a thread on internet behavior is going on, ask ur friend to drop by & share thoughts
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  12. “how serious is the threat to our health ?”
    Even our bodies and minds are constantly evolving along with technology.We adapt.
    I am not saying evolution or adaptation is easy but that depression or other such effects only ensure that the person is really changing towards adaptation.
    And health I believe should not be taken as a constant.Its just like the stockmarkets-even a severe dip has its bouncebacks.But generally in the living-and-growing-and-aspiring-and-dilligent economies the general long term trend is only up.

  13. Hey,
    I’m doing a school Data Management assignment of the correlation on, how WI-FI or the usage of wireless internet affects the environment.
    I was just wondering can u explain then causes of wi-fi and who it affects the environment, the cycle that it takes to affect the environment( eg. where the radiation waves occur, and how much harm do they actually cause to humans as well. I also wanted to know is it more harmful than other knids of waves such as cellular waves and microwaves, and how much radiation does it actually give away….in statistic wise.

  14. how much positive crap people are writing here just because they are so naivistic stupid.
    i got very big sleeping problems from wireless network and cellphone radiation in norway it was totally impossible to sleep all nights.
    thank god i moved away

  15. My speakers are constantly making funny sounds when my wifi is connected so it is obviously my wifi causing it,also when my cellphone rings u hear a strange high pitch noise in my speakers not to mention every time my neighbors in this apartment building make a call or receive one,right before the cellphone rings I hear the noise I can even predict phone calls!I heard speaker interference is very very hazardous am I constantly next to a leaking microwave??(my speakers) Also I can hear music stations when i turn down my speakers and its creepy lol

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  19. hey! i’m a victim of wifi too and today, searchin’ on the web i found ur blog and i’m totally sure that this is true.. because since I installed wifi in my room, under my computer table, I’ve been suffering this kind of mental illness .. but not that bad.. but my behavior changed so much since I installed it. Now i’ll turn this shit off.. and I want, if is it possible, change my experiences with ur friend. my msn is xandbh@hotmail.com thx

  20. Hello,
    I think apart from its physical effect maximum time it happens that because of wifi we get connected anywhere leaving our other jobs aside we get tempted for FB and other surfing. The backlog of very important work and speedin deadlines give stress and anxiety. Again this disturbs our mind/brain and to complete the work becomes more tougher… I m suffering from same… today is my deadline and i got shekhar kapur on FB and now i m blogging on his site…really pathetic 🙁

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