6 thoughts on “Buddha

  1. The turbulence above
    in darkness submerged
    The stillness beneath
    with rays emerged
    So deafening the silence
    as breath abounds
    Yet in sound engulfed
    harmony surrounds

  2. Everybody,
    Surrendering yourself totally is the beginning of any battle. To prostrate yourself to a story is the beginning of telling it as a director. To prostrate yourself to a character is the beginning of acting out that character. To prostrate yourself to the gates of absolute chaos was maybe his journey towards harmony…But did he find it! Thats’s the question, and if he did, then why is there still chaos all over? I doubt if even Buddha had found the answer to his own question…THE WHOLE WORLD ACKNOWLEDGES HIM JUST BECAUSE HE TRIED TO FIND ANSWERS.So keep asking and keep finding the harmony is the way to spend aproximately 28000 days(76 years if we are lucky) of life is a life.

  3. shekhar, but why that harmony has to be a variable with respect to time?
    why it loses its character as one moves ahead on the scale of time
    and then there has to be another absolute chaos and another harmony. why?
    the quest, at times, results in utter restlessness , self doubt and then fear.
    why is it that there are instances when that fear becomes the motivating factor to move on?
    i guess i am in conflict with myself.

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