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  1. A very alluring trailor…simply grand, gloriously extravagant! Scale and grandeur of the the music is moving. Looking forward to seeing beyond…

  2. Shekhar
    Working title have released the trailer in extra large format where one can see the finer details of art. Anywayz cinematography looks majestic with candle lights and subtle/smooth camera movements, although these days one tends to use lot of steadicam/floating images to convey emotions, am i right?
    When can we expect trailer with ARR/craig’s background score? David’s score was beautiful in Elizabeth.

  3. dude…
    a visual treat for sure…amazing grandeur!!!
    but as far as the trailer is concerned, i think it is missing a beat!… i mean there are too many visuals and they neither go with the rhythm nor with the melody…
    i had a trailer of 300 on my laptop for several months (the film is boring…) … the trailer is amazing… the visuals and back ground score of the trailer are in perfect aesthetic synch…
    i mean, TGA trailer certainly shows a glimpse of the visual feast audience is going to get…but there is some problem in the trailer!!!
    pls see for yourself…

  4. I see/hear possibly an Oscar win for Blanchet?! She is a fave actress of mine; and I believe Shekhar; your brilliant directing of a brilliant actress, will garnesh you both a gold statue for TGA!!
    Her commanding voice is very “royal”..powerful and commanding. She pulls off the facade of her responsibility; hiding her fragility as a woman…very well.
    Bravo! Bravo! I have butterflies in my stomach, with anticipation for the coming realease in October!!

  5. I agree with you, North. Shekhar should definitely be nominated for the oscars as the best director and may he win!! I remember how with Elizabeth with 9 nominations including the best picture, he still was not nominated. I am going to cheer for him! Shekhar, it is amazing that you have managed to extract such a great performance by Cate. Cate is an amazing actress.

  6. Hello Radhika…I was crushed Elizabeth won nothing..how it was missed, is beyond my comprehension; many of us were shocked..and upset!!
    Cate is an amazing, very versatile actress; herself not given recognition due her talents. Maybe, hopefully TGA will provide Shekhar and Cate with a gold statue? I sure hope so too!!

  7. Moving trailer. Lots of shots of women’s heaving bosoms made me a bit sentimental.

  8. absolutely stunning. I have been fascinated with the Tudor family since elementary school (I’m heading off to college now), and found the first Elizabeth breathtaking. Cheers to you, Shekhar, and to Cate! I can’t wait!

  9. In the trailer there’s a huge crowd scene in the forecourt of a magnificently towered building with a mountain in the background. Where was this filmed? Doesn’t look like a UK location.

  10. Jonathan, the building actually is a collage of pictures and shots put together through visual effects to get a feeling of King Phillip’s palace. The Escorial. Shekhar

  11. Dear Shekhar; when you direct a film; do you hire a company with staff to do pictures, graphics, film covers, etc? Is it all in one company, like Dreamworks or something?
    I often wondered this; as it must take hundreds of staff to do hundreds of variuos tasks needing done…and then I’d think; how does Shekhar find so many people? lol

  12. North, almost everyone on a production is hired, unless those that work regularily for the production co or the studio, which normally is limited to the script developement people, the head of production and a chief producer. The rest of the ‘crew’ as we call them, including hired producers are independant people that go from film to film. Like myself. Shekhar

  13. Thankyou Shekhar, very gracious of you to answer my questions so attentively this past year.
    And, it still all sounds like a huge process to me; all leading to where I would love to ask at least one hundred questions from facination; but, will respect your time…(gentle smiles)and appreciate that which of it, you have indulged me already….
    OK, maybe ONE more quick question Shekhar? Do you watch your own films at their premieres? If this Q was asked already and I happened to miss it, I am sorry… lol

  14. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I’ve been waiting for the sequel since I saw “Elizabeth.”
    When will you be doing the NEXT sequel?

  15. I simply cannot wait to see this movie. I expect several Oscars here, Cate is amazing and the details are breathtaking: the ship flags, the textures, her armor, her dresses…. The trailer is incredible. I just wish I could be in England for the premiere, I am an international student and will be back in Peru by then 🙂
    Magnificent costumes!!! who is in charge of that!

  16. Cate looked so much more younger in the original Elizabeth and in this one you are showing the veins in her neck. My days of loving older women are over (since I am no longer in my teens) but I do admire you Sir for having the opportunity to do this. Mr. Kapur, what did you or your people do to deserve this honor? I just hope I am the proud father of several Elizabeths and maybe a some ten to twenty John Marlboroughs and Henry the VIII. I hope men and women have the honor to inspire their children with stories and to not merely be reconteurs but to be great themselves. How many of us would be able to serve God and an Elizabeth like the men who served Elizabeth I? What is our destiny and calling? Cranmer reminded me of the words of my father “about eagles soaring” (my father was quoting a poet: Iqbal) and made me very upset that I have uptil now been unable to “spread my wings” … Where did you get those lines Mr. Kapur? From Iqbal? How about the “they shall not pass” by Elizabeth? Where is Francis Drake? Where is the pin playing coolly and waiting for the tides to turn?

  17. ‘I too can command the wind sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare!’ – oh, what a great line, just great…i watched the trailer 3 times just to hear her say that:)

  18. Mr.Kapur I have just watched the second ‘Golden Age’ trailer and I can only say your hard work on this film has paid dividends.I saw nothing that I didn’t like.You have drawn out some beautiful performances from the actors,the costumes are stunning,the music is grand and more than fits the bill.This looks to be a spectacular film.The pace and beat of it left me wanting more.It was like opening a book,reading the preface and having to wait to turn the page.Thank you and all concerned in the production of this beautiful film.

  19. Dearest Shekhar,
    I am a great fan of movies, but i would like to let you know that Elizabeth (1998) was my most favorite film and I am eagerly anticipating the golden age. I just wanted to mention that I am now residing in London, and I think it is partly because I am passionate about its history especially the Elizabethan time.
    thank you.. I am a frequent visitor of your website.

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