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Studio’s these days will test films with audiences to judge their reactiosn. At the end of the movie the audiences are asked to rate aspects of the film via a very thorough and a very comprehensive questionaire. An analysis of which reveals a lot about how the film is percieved. By male or female audiences. By age groups. Or how they react to questions of pace, drama, relationships. How they reacted to each performance. While no one could say that the analysis is absolute, despite my doubts and apprehensions, I have to say that Studios have got it down to a pretty exact art ! Or perhaps I am just saying that because Golden Age tested very well. I wonder what I would have to say if it did not ? Perhaps I would have not put this entry on !

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  1. Shekhar,
    Great to hear about the test scores on “The Golden Age”!
    My question to you is this: How are these test scores when compared to the test screenings for “Elizabeth”? Are the scores for “Golden Age” better than what “Elizabeth” got in 1998?

  2. Dear Shekhar; it has been wonderful for me, to witness your production from your blog updates, and participation from your staff through this past year.
    Thankyou so much Shekhar… really, for taking us along on this ride; just tasting the essence of directing, through your dialogue and visual descriptions; allows us the capacity to let our imaginations sour “with you”, captivated by a story of a lone woman…. Elizabeth.
    I am so pleased the film has won a high rating!! Elizabeth was grande; and we fans of SK–can only anticipate a more grande 2nd installment of a timeless story of power, deception, love, betrayal…isolated loneliness–of a cold crown.
    Brings out the romantic in us all!!
    with loving kindness,

  3. congratulations for good test results!
    but why?
    what if test results are negative…does that mean they would ask the director to re shoot some part? or edit some part? etc.

  4. if the test results are poor ? yes, the studio will try and address the problems shown by the test results. Many many films do reshoot these days. If that does not lead to better results then the studio or whoever owns the film needs to make a call. Often they will not spend enough money to market the film aggressively. Shekhar

  5. Raiden, Elizabeth was my first film outside India and in a non Indian language. I was a babe in woods and did not even bother to look at the scores ! It was all alien and a bit strange to me. But I am told that Golden Age scores were a stronger than those of Elizabeth. shekhar

  6. well well well…amazing how we all spin on the same axis from lands stretching more than hundreds of miles away, yet the sound of connection reaches us like it’s breath is within the depths of us no more than an exhale and inhale!!! signs, messages, omens, whatever you want to call it!
    My trip back from a funeral in Florida, last week Wednesday…sitting next to me was a young man reading a book, on the title page was the the same image of the cross (same colour)depicted in the first scene of the trailer.
    Talk about drama and relationships?
    On that same flight, I ended up getting sick only to find myself back o the same airplane for the connecting flight to Toronto…then the drama began, 5 vomits later, oxygen tank, doctor on board tended to me, wheel chaired out to the airport platform, checked over by nurses, injected with gravol, recovered enough to walk and breathe on my own, made it to the baggage area only to find out my bag got left back in Montreal where the vomitting started.
    It may seem as though I went off topic here…and maybe I did. In any case, I think there was some connection, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this…I’m also thankful that I am alive to write about it.
    So, Shekhar…CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Moving piece of music, brovo to Craig and Rahman!
    Any scene in a a movie is deepened by the music that helps it to express the emotions not spoken by the actors.
    I am so looking forward to seeing this film. Do you know when the premiere is?
    Will you be coming to Toronto any time soon?

  7. Cinda.. golly; horrible experience for you; are you ok now? Did you get food poisoning on your journey? Deep condolences for your loss Cinda…

  8. Thanks North,
    I am better now and ready to get back on an airplane if needed.
    It was not food poisoning…more an accumulation of 3 nights of hardly any sleep, not eating well, the stresses of attending a funeral and being there for those who are in need. Then, sitting next tot he EXIT door on the plane (no window) and smelling some fumes from the engines upon start up time…then the connecting flight, the lady sitting next to me was wearing some strange smelling perfume…didn’t help at all. I wanted to remain in the washroom for the flight, and ended up there mostly because of the vomitting. The hostess who took care of me was quite caring and helpful…so was the doctor on board and the nurses who attended to me on arrival.
    Take Care North…luv you,

  9. Dear Cinda..traumatic experience in every way; so very happy you are well, and that God provided wonderful caring people to help you through!!
    A card(I made it) is stamped, and will be enroute to you tomorrow..for your bereavement…
    Always with you, luv to you and yours, from me and mine.. luv, North((Hugs))
    Hi Shekhar!! Luv to you and yours as well; from me and mine; all of which, we are ~SK~ and Elizabeth historical fans!!

  10. Dear North,
    I am very near 100% better now. I can fly again. Despite what happened, I always try to put into perspective the moment of it happening …embrace the hurt and pain, look for the lesson to learn something positive and fruitful for the next itme around, and then let it go to a place where it belongs… to the timeless healing universe.
    Can’t say all experiences happen to be resolved in the same frame or manner…this one did.
    Perhaps because I believed my life was about to end on that trip and it didn’t. Amazing what that thought can do for a person.
    Take Care sweetie,
    Thank you for your caring ways,
    Cinda loves you too!

  11. A friday good morning to you Shekhar!! It is spring here in Ontario, Canada; and yet, I open my curtains just now, to see flakes of snow coming down…
    Hi Cinda, so very glad you are feeling better; and I resonate with your perception of those moments. Indeed, when one is faced with possible death, and survive; it opens a whole new perspective about life, and the value every moment holds for us.
    Love and Blessings to ALL,

    Thank you dear friend for the wonderful touching card and the messages inside…always with you also.
    In peace and spirit,

  13. HaPpY MoThEr’S DaY Cinda!!
    So very happy you recieved my sympathy card; the messages inside are as special as the person receiving them….
    much love,
    North and the fam

  14. Dear Shekhar,
    Happy Mother’s Day to your daughter’s Mom, your mom and grandmother’s grands (in spirit)
    peace and love to you all,

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