Letting go !

Barring the final mix. Where all the elements of sound (effects, foley,music and dialogue tracks) are mixed together to give us the final sound in the theatre. And Barring what we call the DI, where the all the colours and the intensity of the film is ‘harmonized’ or even ‘deharmonized ‘ for a particular emotion or effect. Barring this, the film is over and I must now let go. Must not cling. Must see the film now have it’s own identity. A birth given. No longer mine. Now it belongs to you, the viewer. Shekhar

12 thoughts on “Letting go !

  1. Shekhar,
    Does that mean you are now onto next script?
    Still can’t understand this fixed date of oct 2007 release. Promotion for 6 months? That means film reels are stored for 6 months (not if totally digital). I mean, whats the real reason for this gestation period. Or you are way ahead of schedule? Could you give us some thoughts.

  2. great!!!!!!!!!!!
    congrats and best wishes!!!
    i promise you that i will buy a ticket and will watch the film… πŸ™‚
    take care…tata…kedar…

  3. After all the hard work.. as a reader of this diary – it is a relief to see the first trailer ..because It is one of the must powerful trailers I have seen for a while! Goose bumps don’t lie!
    Thanks again for the insight – especially last summer.

  4. Hi Shekhar πŸ™‚
    I was going to ask the same question that Brijesh asked, I hope u have an answer for that quuestion.
    Anyway, Iam really excited to watch the movie, Can’t wait till October, I bet that it will be as good as Elizabeth was (or better).
    Best wishes,

  5. brijesh, I guess we have to fit in with Universal’s release schedule. They have many other film in their pipeline. shekhar

  6. Dear Shekhar; thankyou for giving us the viewers this film…. we appreciate the hard work and dedication of our great directors; you have impeccable taste in film directing the classic story of Elizabeth–one of my favorite historicals of all time.. and so I thankyou very much!! : )
    When you let go of a production Shekhar–what is it like?
    When I design a commissioned design; and work on it a few months–when it is done; I admire it(sometimes can’t believe I made it lol ) and then, I let go somehow… it’s odd feeling; both one of accomplishment of reaching a goal; and one of “now what do I do?”
    with loving kindness– I bow in your direction with appreciation for your “direction”(wink.)

  7. Born out of so much passion, the baby is sure to blossom with greater hues and colors as it journeys on its path to turn over, crawl, walk and talk – into a brilliant body of wisdom, beauty and character for the world to adore. Though you let go, it is sure to return…to shower and share the glory and adulation earned in the course of its journey. To pay tribute, perhaps even before it turns one!

  8. Shekhar,
    Here’s some poetry from your expressions…
    Letting Go
    Barring the final
    Where all the elements
    Where all the colours
    and the intensity
    The film is over
    I must now
    let go…not cling
    See it’s own identity
    A birth no longer mine
    Now…it belongs
    to you.
    decoded poetry of Shekhar’s post above. no line or word is doubled back on…every word is consistent in the flow of reading forward only. a little tricky, but it works. hope you enjoy.
    In Spirit,

  9. most welcome, Shekhar…my pleasure
    Have a mysteriously joyful week,

  10. Great cast. Clive Owen is fantastic! I still believe that the movie should premiere in Manhattan:-).

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