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Recently I had a really upset fan write to me, who reacted adversely to a TV interview of mine on National TV. Where I said that I was far more comfortable with failure than I ever will be with success. He thought I was looking down upon those that are working hard and striving to succeed.


Juhu, that once was..

Every Sunday of free drinks and open house at Kabir and Protima’s Bedi’s house. Little babies called Pooja and Siddharth. Running around in diapers. Mahesh Bhatt preaching Godhead and Nirvana. Parvin Babi sitting in a corner smiling benignly, smoking whatever anyone smoked those days


Am I Male or Female ?

I am both. Male and female. Without my female self I am neither creative nor spiritual. Without my male self I am neither enterprising, nor active. I am not both man and woman. I am a man. But finally,I am now both male and female.


About Myself

At 22, was an accountant in London long before I dreamt of bieng a film-maker ..


A New Begining

Suddenly I became aware of the power of communication through the net. Through a Blog with my best friend Deepak Chopra. Do visit us at
So, I am now re-developing my website.
Since my primary focus is as a story teller and communicator, I would like to share stories, ideas and films that I am dreaming about. Some of them will get made, and some will remain dreams. But then who said that dreams were not valid on their own ?
And then ask people with courage to share their ideas and dreams. Why courage? Because it takes courage to know that our sense of individuality is a false manifestation of our ego. We are merely conduits of creativity that originate somewhere in the universe.
Gradually I would like to develop this site into sharing audio visuals with each other too.
Depending upon what you may be interested in, would you please click on any of the categories on the right. But be patient, I am coming to terms with this technology gradually.
Shekhar Kapur