Solitary Confinement

The mind looks to confine to measure to contextualize to give meaning to itself for the ego can exist only in finite possibilities needing to enclose itself in a part of the universe walled off from the rest of creation and from within that prison to show itself off yearning to be recognized, to be [...]

Why was I born ?

I looked for my true calling I looked for my true purpose what I am supposed to do on the planet why was I born ? and I asked the question deep inside me beyond logic, beyond thought, deep in the bowels of the space where I connect to the universe where I can be [...]

The end of Democracy in India ?

If only 40% of the eligible voting population in a country bothers to vote, then is the country truly democratic ? Whatever government comes to power, it has a mandate from less than half the people. It's truly a government by default. First the politicians and media have absolutely no right to blame the electorate. [...]

Confusing Indian elections

I find these elections confusing. I completely support all the NGO's that are making great efforts to et everyone to vote, and striving to provide details of the candidates at a click of an sms request on your cell phone. But what do the parties stand for ? The platform for everyone seems to be [...]