Hrithik Roshan and Paani

Which Director in his right mind would ever give up a chance to work with Hrithik Roshan ?

He has been one of the most exciting actors in Hindi Cinema for a long time.  And a huge star to boot.  Some years ago I predicted he would be the first Indian actor to hit Hollywood big time. Like I mean really, in the A list.  I am surprised that he has not done so. Maybe Hindi films keep him too busy. Maybe he will after the next Krish

And years ago, as I sat down to write Paani, I had one image in mind to play the male lead. Hrithik Roshan. The character I described in the script was completely Hrithik. His manner, his inner world, his conflicts .. were all Hrithik. I sat with AR Rahman and as we composed music together, I always would ask him to imagine Hrithik.

But then the years passed. I got involved with Hollywood. Other projects ensnared me away from the project that was my deepest passion .. Paani.  And as the years passed, and the script kept evolving.. changing.  And Hrithik changed too. He went from being a young man uncertain of himself, a young man looking for his identity in this world, with no understanding of the power, the rebellion inside him that would change his life…..

….to what Hrithik is today. The Super Hero. The man who is the protector, the man who can take on the world single handedly. The man who knows he can take on the world singlehandedly. Hrithik evolved into Krish.

And I realized I had left it too late…..

So while I lost the chance to cast Hrithik in Paani, I hope that he would still agree to be in one of my next films. In Hollywood probably.

For which Director in his right mind would ever give up the chance to work with Hrithik Roshan ?

37 thoughts on “Hrithik Roshan and Paani

  1. I’m very sad, after reading this.. when i came to know about the theme of your story, like u Hrithik came to m mind fr this role.. But i felt doubt abt your project.. will it became a evergreen hit.. or flop.. coz, I am a great Hrithik Roshan fan.. for me, his ever films r gr8.. But i want to see Hrithik as India’s best Actor.. He always do variety films.. But many gave him -ve impact.. KNPH to Fiza is a gr8 example..
    All other director’s except Rakesh Roshan & some, made him loser in boxoffice.. even Anurag Basu’s kites also.. I still dnt know y Kites became flop :/.. Only 3 actor came to bollywood wt evergreen succes Anupam Kher, Anil Kapor & Hrithik.. Bt i feel sad, when i thought abt Hrithik’s star value :'(..
    Bt Hrithik is not with the glory that he got frm KNPH..

    I’m sry sir..i respect ur idea, sorry, & what ever it is.. if u can plz ask Hrithik 1 more time abt this matter.. plz.. I wish to see a good team.. Even if it will become hit or not..
    Al t bst.. God bless you..
    -Abijith Sebastian

  2. we are see to hrithik as a super hero love u hrithik.panni is a world most flop film in the history.

  3. Deeply dissapointed with ur decision Mr.Shekhar Kapur this was one of the most anticipated movies of Hrithik Roshan that I was looking forward too. Hrithik Roshan is a brilliant actor and the world knows that and yes he is the only bollywood actor who can compete internationally and even play a superhero he has the facial features and the body language to do so having said that he is also one of the most versatile actors in the world. I feel that its a big loss for Paani to not have him reprise the lead role in it. My question to u is that why did it took so long for u to decide that u need to give up on Hrithik doing this film. The amount of years u took to make this film will definitely change any actor’s style and image now let’s just say Hrithik has nt changed its not a nice word to use he has evolved as an actor over the years and that’s the change in him. He is also one of most humble and genuine people who always spoken highly of you Mr.Shekhar Kapur. I seriously feel happy and relieved today that he is not a part of Paani as u actually used his name for so many years to get the attention for Paani. This is very bad publicity Mr.Kapur!!

  4. Hello sir, It would have been absolute pleasure to watch you both work together. Its our destiny. Lets hope, god has written a script involving Hrithik, you and me! Hrithik for your lead character and me as an audience! Lets hope for the best! 🙂

  5. It would be great to see you directing a Hollywood film with Hritik as the main lead. The only problem is, will Largely Racist America ever accept him? They are OK with Spanish, Mexican super hot actresses playing second fiddle to their Heroes or Jackie Chan doing his Karate stuff…Look at the hate the Miss America got yesterday.

    What are your thoughts? And do you think British Cinema is more inclusive?

  6. if hrithik have no problem to do this film then why you take this decision. And you know hrithik can do all type of role…. please change ur decesion adn cast hrithik as lead please please please

  7. definately a bad decision not to cast hrithik in paani….sushant is a talented actor but he is just two films old….he hasn’t acted in a serious film yet…both the films were commercial…and he isn’t a superstar yet….such a high budget film shouldn’t be on his shoulders…on the other hand hrithik is talented,good looking,a mind blowing actor nd one who gives his 500% to a movie….ur movie is not a masala Bollywood movie nd hrithik has acted in acting oriented movies like guzaarish and jodha akbar… he is a superstar……all the buzz abt paani generated only because hrithik was in the movie…all I can say is best of luck now

  8. And the winner is…. Please tell us which film of yours is he working in? I agree Hrithik is impressive, and the two of you together could work wonders!

  9. It’s not only a film,it’s a mission to be ACCOMPLISHED. My best wishes to Shekhar Sahab and Sushant. May allah give all the strength and passion and great energy to all the actors and crew members of PAANI,to make this MISSION, POSSIBLE. INSHALLAH 🙂

    Love and Respect
    Tarique Hassan.

  10. sir,
    i dont know what may be the main reason behind this.but its a very big loss 4 both.we dont want hrithik to do hollywd films and lost their,he is true indian gem and i assure u that one day this country will be proud of that time u will realise the worth of luck to ur film paani and i pray it will win oscar. I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN AND HRITHIKIAN.. JAI HIND

  11. A blog after six months just to talk about missing a chance to work with Hrithik. I hope Hrithik gets the message ..By the way loved reading – Wallahs of your life!!

  12. yes i agree to u but i don’t think that hrithik has changed so much that u can’t cast in PAANI ….when i heard the news first time from that time i dieing to see u guys together……don’t give up on original script and hrithik …..i have seen your movie …..please do it…and we know you are going to do it……please end what u have stared…… thank you

  13. this is awesome news. i want only hrithik to be part of paani n even if u wish for the next. 🙂 he is perfect. 🙂

  14. sir, ur very wrong of not casting him in that, everyone in the industry knows, he can play any roles, he has shown it throught in films, yes he is superhero too, but he has done all most all the roles in the industry. no one can even beat him in any role which he does. Paani is only for hrithik, it will not work in anyother actor, why u lost hope, u think he is less than some, he is doing only actions,,, nop, look at guxaaarish, etc he is the only actor who does everything. even if u take any other actor, whats the chance of him to get ur expectation, ur expectation will only be hirithik to fill. may be ur doind this for some other reason of some one else wish. Anyway,without hrithik will will not ork for sure. Its my bet. he is just perfect actor, not only action actor

  15. If the script is same, which you discussed over tweets .. This is a blessing in disguise.
    Paani does not need Superstar, it needs quality actors.. Like Nawaz, Irfan, Naseer, Om puri, Konkona
    For star power add Vidya Balan, Shahid Kapoor (must be easy)
    You can also cast Rahul Bose, Bheja fry guys for Uptown scenes..
    Pura casting maine kar diya..
    Now please do the movie..
    Love your movies, give us one more please

  16. Mr. Kapur, it would be truly amazing to see Hrithik Roshan in your next Hollywood venture! I look forward to seeing it happen!

  17. Dear Shekharji
    This is purely film maker’s decisions, and we all must respect his decision. Shekharji we r waiting anxiously 2 see your film.

  18. @shekharkapur Res Sir I am really sad because of your latest update of “PAANI”. This movie is not happening with Hrithik roshan. But he is the only one who can perform and give 100% effort for your character in holly wood. I am really sad Sir you know we all like to see one Indian actor make wonder all other actors from Hollywood you and Hrithik can do this. You can do this movie with this new actor but this is also will pass like any other movie in Hollywood. He is not going to be part of one Hollywood actor. Anyway I wish you all the best for your dream project “PAANI”. I am waiting for hear only one thing, the movie “PAANI” won for Oscar for best movie or any other category. I also hear one news that you are doing movie with Hrithik in your next holly wood project. We are really glad to hear this news.


  19. The reason for not casting Hrithik is something else, and i don’t think that Shekhar had much choice in this matter. I feel very disappointed that Hrithik is not part of Paani, but as we know that every film has it’s own destiny, and perhaps Shekhar has chosen to be a witness in the story of paani’s destiny.

  20. dear Sir, I’m writing for the French Armenian newspaper France Arménie and I had the chance to interview Sona Tatoyan in February and it was published. I’m in Mumbai in a few days, would you agree to make an interview with me on your project for 3 Apples fell from Heaven! Looking forward to your answer, my best regards Brigitte

  21. Sir, why don’t you make at least one film a year. The world needs good movies with soul, and I have always enjoyed your films a lot. And it’s sad that you could not do Buddha.

  22. It was really shocking news.we are thinking about paani with only one actor Hrithik not with other. so think about u r decision..hopeful for hrithik and you with paani.

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